Privacy Policy

The last update of this Privacy Policy is 10 Sep, 2022.
This Privacy Policy covers the operations of Spylix website, herein referred to as “Our Website” and the company. It details the collection of user data and the processes involved.

How We Use Your User Data

We don’t require you to provide any personal data to access our website. But when you purchase our software and install it on your devices, you may be required to enter some user information. The payment method you use to purchase the program may provide us with personal information that may include your name, address, email ID, credit card details and other payment-related information. Your payment method may also provide personal details to the payment process which is not available to our website.

You will receive a welcome email after payment is processed and we have received confirmation of the same. The email will contain your login verification and the password that you will need to access your account on our website.

Please note that additional information may be required from you at any time. We often request additional information to provide additional features that are meant to enhance your user experience. Failing to provide any requested information may therefore limit your user experience.

Our main priority is the safety of any personal data that you may provide and we do not share your personal data with any third-parties without your explicit permission. All information that you enter on our website is password-protected and it is your responsibility to use a strong and unique password to protect your account.

You should also take the necessary measure to protect your account whenever you access our website from shared computers by always signing out after every visit. This will prevent your personal data falling into the wrong hands. The creation and use of your login information is solely your responsibility.

We may share third-party offers with you via email. Please note that you can opt-out of these marketing emails at any time and each marketing email will provide explicit instructions on how to opt-out of future emails.

The Control and Use of Other Personal Data

Demographic data including age, sex, level of education, family size, annual income and more that we collect from you may only be shared with third-parties anonymously.

Any links that you follow from our website may obtain personal information from you. It is your sole responsibility to find out their privacy policy before providing them with any personal data.

Any information that you provide on our website is encrypted in various ways and we ensure that our encryption process meet the industry standards to ensure your utmost privacy.

We may use third-party security tools to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal data. In the event that any data is stored on our website, we employ the best in firewalls to limit access to this data and confine such access to authorized individuals only. The data is only decrypted when you access your account using your login information.


Here at Spylix, we go above and beyond to ensure your data is well-protected. For extra security of your transactions and other information, we use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt any detail you provide during registration.

This extra-layered security does so by scrambling your provided data from your device well before we receive it.

The data you enter is stored on our servers but inaccessible as long as you are active. It is because, from a commercial standpoint, we take every necessary action to protect your data safe from anyone except you!

Moreover, you have the right and authority to modify or remove your personal information whenever you deem necessary.

Legal Disclosure

In the event of legal processes such as litigation or to comply with a warrant or subpoena, Spylix may share your personal data with law enforcement. This situation may arise in response to beach or contract, legal disputes or instances of fraud.

Your personal data may also become available to a third-party in the event that we choose to sell or transfer the business to a third-party as part of a merger or sale.

You retain the right to modify or delete any of your personal information on our website. You also retain the right to reject any updates to this privacy policy at any time or refuse further use of our services.

Legal Age

All users of the services we offer are required to be at least 18 years of age. By purchasing our software or using our services, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. Our services cannot be extended to minors and it is your responsibility to prevent any minors in your household from accessing our website.

You must also provide us with the necessary permissions to collect your child’s personal information if you intend to use Spylix for parental control purpose. If you use our website together with parental control program, you are required to notify us so we can provide information on how we process personal data from minors. Personal data from minors will not be shared with third-parties.

This privacy policy is subject to the common law in your jurisdiction as well as under international law.

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