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Cheaterbuster AI Reviews – Does It Really Help Catch a Cheater?

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Cheating is the biggest act of betrayal in a marriage or intimate relationship. However, some people rashly accuse their partners of cheating based on some signs or suspicion, which isn’t a wise approach at all.

Confronting the cheater should only be done when you have solid evidence of their action. Moreover, there are several platforms online that claim to help you catch the cheater in the act, including Cheaterbuster AI.

Is it really that good?

We have explored everything related to this platform in one of the most detailed Cheaterbuster AI reviews you will find on the internet. Read on!

Cheaterbuster AI reviews

Part 1: What is Cheaterbuster AI?

Launched in 2016 by a group of friends, Cheaterbuster AI is an online tool that is dedicated to assisting you in finding out whether your significant other is a cheater or not.

It finds profiles that match closely to the person you are looking for on dating platforms like Tinder. It started as a simple search engine, but it has adapted AI recognition technology to accurately find the cheater, and its claim of accuracy is 97%.

Part 2: How Does Cheaterbuster AI Work?

It is a web-based platform, and there is no need to download any app or software on your device. You only need to enter your partner or spouse’s basic details, such as first name, age, and gender, to start the search.

However, AI technology can come into play if you provide their photo(s), but it is your call. If you are worried about data privacy, then do not share any more info that you don’t need to.

Based on the information provided, Cheaterbuster AI will narrow down its search and provide you with the details once you have paid.

Part 3: The Key Features of Cheaterbuster AI

Cheaterbuster has evolved from a random search engine to a facial recognition tool to catch cheaters on popular dating sites like Tinder. As discussed earlier, it claims an accuracy of 97%.

The advanced facial recognition works when you provide photos of your spouse or partner(files are not stored). The platform next cross-references all the images with Tinder profiles to find the exact match or closest to it.

The data analysis feature then cross-checks the age and name provided to filter out the fake or irrelevant profiles from the search results. You can only enter the city where the target person resides to start the search. However, the more precise the address is, the narrower the search is on Cheaterbuster AI.

Part 4: How to Use Cheater Buster AI to Catch a Cheater?

Cheaterbuster AI claims to provide real-time and past results by searching through millions of profiles on Tinder to determine whether your spouse or partner is an active user or not.

Here is how it works!

Step 1: Visit the website, and on the information panel, provide the first name of your partner. Share their age and choose the gender, i.e., Male or Female. Tap the Next Step button.

Step 2: Enter their precise address, or just share the city they reside in on Cheaterbuster AI. You can choose their home and work details or the addresses of places they frequently visit.

Click on Next Step.

Share your spouse’s address details

Step 3: In this phase, the newly embedded AI tech comes into play. Cheaterbuster’s facial recognition can narrow down the search for you. You only need to upload their photo to the website.

Though the photos are not stored on the website, you can skip this step if concerned about privacy. Click Next Step.

Share your spouse’s photo

Step 4: Now, create an account by sharing your email address and entering a password. Once done, click the See Search Results tab.

Create an account on Cheaterbuster AI

Step 5: The platform will share profiles that match the information you provided. However, the results will be blurred out, and if you wish to view them, click Proceed With Search. Finally, pay for the service by clicking Purchase, and you will be able to view the results clearly.

Pay for Cheaterbuster AI

Part 5: Cheaterbuster AI’s Cost

The pricing of Cheaterbuster AI is based on how many times you wish to search for your spouse’s profile on Tinder. You can select the amount of searches, and there’s no limit to the number of searches you can buy.

The pricing plan is as follows!

  • 1 Search ($17.99 + Tax)
  • 2 Searches ($29.99 + Tax)
  • 3 Searches ($34.99 + Tax)

You can pay via PayPal, Google Play, or your credit card.

Part 6: The Pros and Cons of Cheaterbuster

Here, we have highlighted the positives and negatives of Cheaterbuster AI. Go through them and determine whether this platform is a suitable fit for you to catch your cheating spouse or not.


  • It is a fairly secure platform.
  • Its AI facial recognition tool is quite accurate.


  • Paying about $18 for a single search result is way too expensive. There are much cheaper and better alternatives available. It is too expensive!
  • The site is way too one-dimensional. It only shares results collected from Tinder. Nowadays, there are several dating sites that have reached the popularity heights of Tinder, such as Bumble and more.
  • It doesn’t have a notable presence on review sites like Trustpilot.
  • There is no Cheaterbuster AI app.

Part 7: Cheaterbuster AI Reviews You Can’t Miss

There are next to no Cheaterbuster reviews on Trustpilot. One user has given it a 3.2 rating.

Here is what they had to say!

It isn’t accurate! – Brian Skjoldborg, DK

“It does not take the correct address or area, but I have asked for it in a completely different place. I can’t be allowed to use the ones I’ve bought, but just refer me to buy new ones.”

There is a long Cheaterbuster AI Reddit thread where users have shown concern about how this platform is able to find the profiles since Tinder is a private platform and pledges to safely keep user data.

One user pointed this out!

“When signing up for Tinder, you agree with Tinder’s privacy policy (whether you read it or not). You don’t agree to Cheaterbuster’s policy!”

There were also talks about dating sites like Tinder getting their data taken by companies like Cheaterbuster AI to make money.

Another user complained about the following!

“Cheaterbuster has not been updated recently and may not work, but there are services like SocialCatfish that are better and can get you a specific person on Tinder.”

Part 8: FAQs About Cheaterbuster AI

Are you curious about how Cheaterbuster AI works and whether it is a legitimate platform? We have answered all questions here in this FAQ section.

8.1 How long does Cheaterbuster take?

Once you enter the required information, provide the target person’s photo for facial recognition, and also pay for the service, it only takes a few minutes for Cheaterbuster to share the results with high accuracy.

8.2 Is Cheaterbuster legit

Yes, Cheaterbuster AI is legit. However, there is a concern about how it works and collects private information from Tinder. There is a growing suspicion that they purchase user data from these dating apps.

8.3 Is Cheaterbuster free?


The free Cheaterbuster AI version doesn’t exist. Sign-up doesn’t cost anything, but you will be required to purchase the service to view the search results.

8.4 How reliable is Cheaterbuster?

Per the website, the Cheaterbuster AI tool can offer 97-99% accuracy.

8.5 Does Cheaterbuster actually work?

Sometimes Yes and sometimes no. You can follow the installation guide mentioned here to learn how it works and to better utilize its features.

Part 9: Cheaterbuster’s Free Alternative – Spylix Cheating Catch App

Cheaterbuster AI only offers results from Tinder, which is insufficient to determine whether your spouse is cheating. You can not check who they have interacted with and how active they are on the platform. They probably had made a profile on Tinder before meeting you. So, you can not accuse them of cheating based on such menial information.

To find out whether your partner/spouse has been unfaithful to you or not, we suggest an alternative called Spylix. This incredible spy app(once installed) monitors all activities on the target user’s phone without them knowing. Moreover, it is compatible with every Android and iOS device available.

9.1 Key Features of Spylix Cheating Tracker App

Spylix is not one-dimensional like Cheaterbuster AI. It offers a wide range of features to comfortably gather evidence of infidelity(if any) undetected. We have highlighted some features here.

GPS Tracking

You can view their live location and see where they have been in the past. This feature offers location accuracy with address and map view along with complete timestamps of visited places.

Call Logs and SMS Spying

You can check your spouse’s entire call log and SMS history. With these features, it is possible to find information on the sender/receiver/caller. Timestamps are also available.

Social Media Spying

Cheaterbuster is limited to Tinder. What if your spouse is using other sites for cheating? With this feature, you can monitor all their activities on social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, Messenger, Skype, etc.

Browser History Tracking

You can spot whether they have been visiting dating sites via their browser using this feature. It also provides the URL and date/time of the visit.

Install Apps and App Blocker

Using this tool, you can find out if your spouse has dating apps like Tinder or Bumble installed on their phone. You can also remotely block them via the online control panel.

9.2 How to Catch a Cheater Without Them Knowing?

Check out how to enable the Spylix service on the target Android or iOS device quickly and undetected here.

Catch a Cheater Without Them Knowing on Android

Step 1: Sign Up on Spylix For Free

Access the Spylix website and click Sign Up Free. Next, enter your email address to set up a new account.

Make a free Spylix account

Step 2: Install The Spylix App

Follow the installation steps on your account to enable Spylix on the target Android device.

Set up the Spylix app 

Step 3: Catch The Cheater Without Them Knowing on Android

Open the Spylix control panel and click any feature to catch the cheater without them knowing.

Catch the cheater without them knowing on Android

Catch a Cheater Without Them Knowing on iPhone

Step 1: Create The Free Account on Spylix

Visit Spylix’s official site and select Sign Up Free before sharing your email address for a new and free account.

Create an account for free on Spylix

Step 2: Share The Cheater’s iCloud Login Details

Share the spouse’s iCloud account credentials to verify their iOS device.

Provide the cheater’s iCloud account details

Step 3: Catch The Cheater Without Them Knowing on iPhone

Visit the web-based dashboard and choose any feature to catch the cheater undetected.

Catch the cheater without them knowing on iPhone

9.3 Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheating Catch App?

Spylix is a must-have tool to catch the cheater for the following reasons!

  • The app offers complete and budget-friendly pricing plans.
  • Its customer service is responsive, friendly, and available 24/7.
  • Once installed, entire monitoring can be done on its intuitive online control panel.
  • You do not need to root or jailbreak the target device.

Part 10: Cheaterbuster AI VS Spylix

Are there any similarities between Spylix and Cheaterbuster AI? Here is a quick overview!

The Similarities:

  • None

The Differences:

  • Spylix offers a wide list of features to catch the cheater.
  • Spylix offers a demo mode to test the features and interface. Cheaterbuster provides no such feature!
  • Spylix is cost-effective, whereas Cheaterbuster AI is expensive.
  • Spylix isn’t limited to Tinder searching like Cheaterbuster AI.


You will not find more thorough Cheaterbuster AI reviews anywhere else online. The platform is legitimate, but its features are not nearly enough to catch the cheater and finally confront them. For that, you should use an alternative like Spylix, which offers comprehensive features to spy on the target user’s cheating activities without them knowing.

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