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Hoverwatch Reviews 2024: Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing, and More

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Today we will be looking at Hoverwatch, a spying app aimed at parents who want to keep an eye on their children by installing an app on their smartphones. These apps are intended to make the spying process easier by providing a dashboard, stealth mode, easy installation, and much more, depending on the app.

This service also claims most of these features. However, in this Hoverwatch review, we’ll be going through everything this spy app has to offer and verifying whether it lives up to its claims.

Part 1: What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a spying app intended to be installed on Android phones. It can track different types of information and is quite simple to use, even for those who have little knowledge about the tech world.

Moreover, this app is also intended to be used as a standalone app. It provides everything parents need to learn about their children’s phone usage. It can let parents have a backdoor to their children’s social media activities online.

Compatibility for the top social media sites is already integrated. Parents can access apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and even Snapchat with relative ease.

Although conventional spying apps are somewhat complicated, this app is easy to use and access. You, as the user, can head over to the dashboard and read all the relevant details. Compatibility is also nice with support for Windows, Macs and Android available.

Part 2: What Can I Do with Hoverwatch?

Follow the list below to learn what functions or features Hoverwatch has to offer:

  • Stealth Mode
  • The dedicated stealth mode allows the parents to easily track the activities of their children while the app itself remains hidden.

    In addition, Hoverwatch claims that even children familiar with tech cannot locate the app, keeping the tracking process uninterrupted.

  • Text History
  • All SMS, MMS, and calls going from or to the Android device will be logged and then displayed on the online portal for viewing. Not only the text part of these messages are recorded, but parents can also track images in these MMS messages and view them when desired.

  • Social Media Tracking
  • All messages from famous social media apps are also kept track of and logged for parents to view. Records from Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Hangouts, WeChat, BBM, Line, TextMe, IMO, Tumblr, Viber, Kik, Signal, and much more through the dedicated app for parents.

  • GPS Monitoring
  • The live location of the device can also be monitored through the GPS mobile tracker module. This helps parents keep an eye on where their children are going and intervene before they venture into somewhere dangerous.

  • Browsing History Check
  • All web activities, such as the name of the websites visited and the time they were visited, will also be tracked and presented to the parents for easy access.

A feature not available on most spying apps, Hoverwatch will also keep track of calendar events set by the child and let parents know if any unknown events are approaching according to the calendar. Besides, complete access to the target device’s contact list is also provided and available to view on the user panel.

Part 3: Hoverwatch’s Compatibility

Hoverwatch is compatible with all Windows, Mac, and Android-powered devices. Unfortunately, support for iOS is missing and may or may not be included in future releases.

For Android devices, although one-time access is required for the installation of the app, the installation process is quick and simple. Moreover, it can be done without rooting the device.

However, if you wish to check some specific features, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber logs, then rooting the Android phone is essential.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about Hoverwatch?

Customers have been saying positive things about the Hoverwatch app with 105 positive responses(3.92 average ratings) out of 137. In this section, we will share what specific things the user is praising and showing concerns about regarding this app.

Great Reviews Great
Bad Reviews Bad
45% 30% 25%
Top Good Reviews Top Good Review
Default Profile
5 Stars

" I would even give it six stars. This is very impressive, Even in the features, it does store recorded calls. What's good is that the target device isn’t needed as I keep getting all messages remotely. Features explain all about that. I am more impressed about this, I strongly recommend it. "

Top Bad Review Top Bad Review
Default Profile
B. Wilder
1 Star

" This company doesn't deserve one star, they are that horrible. You have to pay before they even give you instructions on how to operate the app. When you try to chat with customer service they don't help you except direct you to some bogus site. I bought it, tried to figure out how to set it up and 2 hours later canceled just to find out 11 days later they won't refund me. "


Good Review HighlightsGood Review Highlights

  • Screen Recorder. It is really good for keeping an eye on your children. This program does exactly what it has described. It is very easy to use. Keylogger and screen recorder are the most awesome features!
  • Block Personal Messages. It is an outstanding app for companies for spying purposes, it has saved tons of money by monitoring the staff's usage of the company tablets and phones. Moreover, blocking personal messages and unproductive social media usage is really easy with this app.
  • Tracking the Spouse’s Phone. I was amazed after I spied on my wife's iPhone, never thought it was possible to do so, it felt great anyway.
  • Call Recorder. The tracker app permits you to record and keep track of all outgoing and incoming calls.

Bad Review HighlightsBad Review Highlights

  • Lack of Promised Features. Once they get your money they do not deliver the services that are promised upon purchase. You submit a request and an automatic response will get back to you in 72 hours and they never do. They promised Facebook logs and screenshots of browsing history and they never deliver waste of money and time.
  • Not Well Advertised. The product feature set is not well-advertised. Features one thinks are available, are not, and features they claim are available do not work well like they do with competing products. Despite claiming a money-back policy, they would not issue the refund despite many attempts to request it.

How Good Is Hoverwatch’s Customer Support?

Not Good.

Customer service does not work! Even after writing to them several times, Hoverwatch fails to even give a response.

Part 5: How Much Does Hoverwatch Cost?

Hoverwatch has a variety of plans for different types of users.

Period Personal Professional Business
1 month Full Subscription: $24.95 Per Device: $9.99 / Full Subscription: $49.95 Per Device: $6.00 / Full Subscription: $149.95
3 months Full Subscription: $59.95 Full Subscription: $99.95 Full Subscription: $299.95
12 months Full Subscription: $99.95 Full Subscription: $199.95 Full Subscription: $499.95

Thoughts on the Pricing Packages

Those who are sure they only have to monitor a single child who only has a single device, which is rare. They should only go for the personal package. Others should opt for the higher packages as more device tracking options.

The personal package allows the tracking of only a single device. As a result, it will be missing some core functionalities wrapped up in a module called the “Mobile Viewer.”

“Mobile Viewer” allows the user to download messages and logs from all tracked devices and then keep these messages stored in the app for viewing later entirely offline.

Professional and Business packages not only allow for the tracking of more devices but will also enable users to download the app “Mobile Viewer,” which will allow easy offline access to logged messages.

Part 6: Hoverwatch Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Hoverwatch app are described below:

Pros: Like

  1. Extensive features
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Excellent for parental control

Cons: DisLike

  1. Physical access is required for a one-time installation
  2. No iOS support

Part 7: How to Install Hoverwatch?

We have mentioned the guidelines to enable Hoverwatch on the target device quickly.

Step 1 Make an Account

You will need an account on the Hoverwatch website to subscribe to a package. You will get a free 3-day subscription package where you can test out the app’s services and then decide which package to choose when the 3-day subscription ends.

Step 2 Enable the App on Android

Before any tracking can be done, physical access to the target’s device will be required for a small amount of time. Hoverwatch will provide a small APK to be installed on the target’s device. This installation will not take more than a minute. Once the APK is installed, follow the onscreen instructions to set up Hoverwatch.

Make sure that Google’s Play Protect has been disabled.

Step 3 Access Online Dashboard

Now to see the recorded information, you will need to login into your account. Your account will have all the information sorted out into different tabs. Navigate into these tabs to view the relevant information.

If you have chosen either the ‘Business’ or ‘Professional’ package, a ‘Mobile Viewer’ app will also be provided, which enables you to not only view but also download messages from all tracked devices and view them offline later.

Overall User Experience

The app has a simple, minimal yet attractive design that helps the app maintain a modern look while making no compromise on user-friendliness. UI experience has been focused on, and most users, regardless of their experience with tech devices, will find no problems navigating and using the app’s features.

Part 8: Hoverwatch VS Spylix

Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both can record Whatsapp and network calls, messages, and other details.
  2. Both have Geo-fencing and allow the user to track the target device’s location.
  3. WI-Fi can be blocked on both apps, and access to the internet can also be restricted.
  4. The android root is not a requirement on either of the apps.
  5. Physical access is a requirement when installing both apps on Android phones.

Difference: Difference

  1. Spylix has better service and customer support.
  2. Howerwatch does not support iOS devices. However, Spylix allows installation on IOS devices and without physical access.

3. Why Is Spylix A Better Option Than Hoverwatch?

Support for both Android and iOS-based devices

Most competitors offer to track mobile devices, but their tracking is limited to only Android users. iPhone users are often cut off from spying apps as their support is not included by these competitors. Spylix supports both Android and iOS devices, which is extremely convenient for the user.

A more developed app with a broader range of functions

Spylix is a much more mature app and has been in the spying industry for a long time now. The developers have taken this time to learn and perfect their app. This has led to Spylix having almost 42 functions, which is a lot more than what any of its competitors have to offer.

Get more from listed features

Although most competitors have several features listed on their website, most of these features are limited in what they can provide. For example, many of these competitors claim to fetch the messages of the target device. However, most can only see the last available message, whereas Spylix provides access to the entire conversation.

Affordable Prices

Despite being superior in several of its features, Spylix has maintained its prices and made itself affordable for its users. Unfortunately, apart from some competitors with the same prices, most are priced extremely high, cutting off a huge user base from using these apps due to ridiculous prices.

How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Monitor
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQs about Hoverwatch

Is Hoverwatch legit?

Hoverwatch is a legit app and can be used to record various content of tracked devices. The app works and does what it claims to say as data is indeed recorded and then displayed to the user. Yet, there are some limitations as to what the app can do, and it is not as feature-rich as one expects it to be, considering it’s a spying app.

On the other hand, Spylix gives its users access to almost 42 functions, more than Hoverwatch.

Does Hoverwatch really Work?

Hoverwatch works as it’s intended to. Users can purchase a subscription from their website and then need to access the target devices for a small amount of time. This time will be used to install an app on the target device, which will track all the required information in return. This app is then hidden from the eyes of the user.

Is Hoverwatch completely free?

Howerwatch does offer a 3-day free subscription for users when they first join to make an account. However, after the subscription period, users will have to choose one from the three offered packages. The packages are pretty priced, but those concerned about the value they are getting for their money can try Spylix, which also offers affordable prices for their users.

Is Hoverwatch truly hidden?

Hoverwatch requires an app to be installed on the target device. For this, users will need physical access to the device for some time and set up Hoverwatch for spying. After the app is installed and set up, it hides and is not visible to the target device’s user.

Users who want to track iOS devices can instead opt for Spylix, as it allows installation without the need for physical access when it comes to IOS devices.

Is Hoverwatch a scam?

Howewatch is not a scam and works according to its description. It allows the user to track the target device and obtain records such as call logs, messages, social media details, etc.

Does Hoverwatch work on both iOS and Android?

One big disadvantage that users of Hoverwatch will have is the ability to track IOS-based devices. There are several iOS devices amongst us nowadays, and not having the ability to track them can be a letdown for many.

For those who want to track these iOS devices, Spylix is the better option as it not only allows for the tracking of these devices, it allows them to be set up on the target devices without having physical access to the device. This enables the user to record data through a smooth process without handling the target device.

Part 10: Hoverwatch Review Conclusion

Hoverwatch is good for what it offers. Users can easily track logged messages, calls, social media updates, etc. The added mobile viewer on more expensive packages also helps the user in accessing the data from a dedicated app and then downloading the said data for offline access.

However, iPhone support will still be a wanted feature for many and can be a deciding factor when choosing Hoverwatch.

So this concludes our Hoverwatch review. We hope that this review will help you decide whether purchasing Hoverwach will be a worthwhile investment.

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