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Snapchat Spy

  • Read Every Sent/Received Messages and Media, including the Deleted Ones
  • View the Contact or Friend List on Snapchat
  • No Requirement to Jailbreak or Root the Device
  • Privately Monitor Snapchat Activities Due to Stealth Mode
Snapchat Spy

How to Spy on Snapchat in 3 Easy Steps?

Step 1
Step 1
Sign Up

Step 2
Step 2
Set Up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Snapchat Tracking

What Can You Monitor with Spylix Snapchat Tracker?

Snapchat has always been a private social media app where the messages, photos, and videos instantly vanish from the chat once the other user views them. It is an amazing feature to preserve one’s privacy, but online stalkers and bullies have used it to prey on children.

So to avoid any such inconvenience, what should a parent do? They only have to add Spylix Snapchat Spy App on the child’s Android or iOS phone, and check the deleted chat history through a remote control panel

Also, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then this feature of Spylix can help you collect ample evidence. In case you find nothing suspicious, then this can save your relationship. The app will allow you to do all that under Invisible Mode, meaning no one will know about the Snapchat spy.

Instructions and Help about Snapchat Monitoring

You do not have to acquire technical skills to enable Spylix’s Snapchat Spy on the target Android device or iPhone. The process is incredibly simple! Just apply the following steps to start monitoring.

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat Account for Free on Android?

Step 1: Sign Up on Spylix

Click Sign Up and enter your email address to create your free Spylix account.

Create Spylix Account for Android Device

Step 2: Set Up App on Android

Now, download the installer on the target device. For that, you only have to follow the instructions mentioned on your account.

Click on “Continue.”

Set up Spylix on Android

Step 3: Start Snapchat Tracking

Using your Spylix account, open the online control panel and click on “Social Networks” from the menu. Then select “Snapchat.”

View the DMs and contact list here!

Start Snapchat Spying on Android with Spylix

How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone & iPad?

Step 1: Create Your Spylix Account

First, make a new account with Spylix. For that, you need to enter your email address and set a strong password.

Create Spylix Account for iOS Device

Step 2: Add iCloud Account Credentials

Now, provide the user’s Apple ID and Password to access the iCloud Backup.

Once you do that, click on “Continue.”

Enter iCloud Details on Spylix

Step 3: Start Spying on Snapchat Messages

Access the online dashboard on any web browser. On the home screen, tap on the Menu button, and select “Social Networks.”

A list of social apps will be available. Simply select “Snapchat.”

Now, you can read the messages without anyone knowing!

Start Snapchat Spying on iPhone/iPad with Spylix

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat for Free?

You can create an account on Spylix for free to effortlessly spy on the intended person’s Snapchat messages and shared media files.

Is there a Free Snapchat Spy App Without a Target Phone?

Spylix enables you to check Snapchat chat history from its online dashboard. This means there is no need to access the target phone as all information will be updated on your Spylix account.

Can I Monitor Snapchat Without Root or Jailbreak?

Unlike most Snapchat spy applications, Spylix does not ask or require you to jailbreak, root, or alter the target device’s security settings. The Snapchat spy feature is instantly available for you to use.

Can I Track Snapchat Locations?

Besides Snapchat spying, Spylix is also a location tracker that sets you up with a dashboard that gives you the other person’s location at all times, with maps and all of the needed information included to assist with follow-up.

Will They Know If I Track Their Snapchat?


The handy Stealth Mode ensures that no one knows about your Snapchat spying. On Android, the app is undetectable, and in the case of iPhone, there is no need to add any app. So, there is no way the target user can learn about your activity.

The Customer Response on the Utility of Spylix Snapchat Spy Feature


"I know that Snapchat is a popular app among teens. After using Spylix on my son’s phone, I know who he is chatting with and what type of picture he shares. So far, nothing inappropriate. I feel much at ease because of Spylix."


"Snapchat has a unique message tone. Every time my daughter received a message on her Snapchat, her mood instantly changed. It got me worried, so I decided to use Spylix to read the chats and learn what was wrong. Turns out she was having relationship problems. I asked her about it, and she opened up instantly. I have Spylix to thank for that!"

San Jose

"I was concerned that my son was sexting on Snapchat as such activity was inappropriate for his age. With Spylix, I found out the truth, and it allowed me to have a detailed talk with him on the topic. "

Spylix Can Do More than You Think

There is so much you can do with Spylix that there’s simply no way to fit them all into one short list. Here are some of the prominent features that our customers love the most!

Why Choose Us?

Works in Stealth Mode Icon

Works in Stealth Mode

You can track all data types without the owner of the device knowing. Spylix remains completely undetectable.

Supports 42 Data Types Icon

Supports 42 Data Types

Track 42 data tyeps including messages, media files (photos, videos, contacts, calls, social apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook), GPS etc.

100% Secure & reliable Icon

100% Secure & reliable

Spylix is 100 safe and secure. It will not interfere with the function of the target device in any way. At the same time, it is very reliable, allowing you to keep track of the device efficiently and in real time.

Real-time Tracking Icon

Real-time Tracking

All data is tracked in real time. Your control panel will update every few minutes to make sure that you get the latest information possible.

Highly Compatible Icon

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. It is also constantly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with any new versions of Android and iOS.

24/7 Customer Service Icon

24/7 Customer Service

Get round-the-clock support in multiple languages. Our support team is available to you 24/7. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using Spylix.

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