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xMobi Reviews – Is It Trustworthy? How Does It Work?

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Phone tracking apps have become a kind of necessity, especially for parents, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep an eye on their kids.

Since most children’s activities have shifted to digital mediums such as smartphones, parents generally have no idea what content they consume or are exposed to. Similarly, if a partner or spouse has started behaving strangely and shares no explanation, then suspicion of infidelity can not be discarded; it is where these apps can come in handy to find the truth.

However, with so many apps available on the market, purchasing the one that is trustworthy and feature-rich can become much more challenging than one would expect.

Today, we will explore one such service called xMobi. Is it worth the purchase, or is it just another platform that offers empty promises?

Follow our xMobi reviews now!

xMobi reviews

Part 1: What is xMobi?

xMobi is a phone tracking service that allows you to monitor Android and iOS devices once it is enabled. Much like all the top-rated platforms like Spylix, this claims to support the necessary features to spy on the target user’s activities without them knowing at a reasonable price.

Keep following this xMobi review to learn more about its features and price range.

Part 2: How Does xMobi Work?

There is no hidden fact that most spying apps, even though convenient, do not have a straightforward installation process. This becomes increasingly hard for parents (with limited technical skills) and worried spouses/partners to decide which app to pick for monitoring.

So, how does xMobi work? Does it offer a quick and easy way to enable the app on the target device?

Find out here!

Step 1: Go to the xMobi website and click the TRY IT NOW button. Next, share your email address.

Afterward, if you want to track Android devices, then click the “Android phone or tablet” option. Otherwise, tap “iOS, iPhone, iPad” to monitor iOS.

Now, choose the subscription plan that best suits your budget and requirements. Click TRY NOW once you have decided.

Step 2: Next, it is time to enable xMobi on the target device. For Android, you need to manually access the device to install the application. Make sure Play Protect is disabled on the Google Play Store.

The spying process on iOS devices is much simpler because you only need to enter the other user’s iCloud information for verification.

Step 3: Open your xMobi account using any browser to track the target user’s phone activities in real time.

xMobi dashboard

Part 3: The Compatibility of xMobi

This is a major area of concern for many customers. A spy app should be able to track all Android and iOS versions. If it can only monitor a select few, then there is no reason for people to waste their money, probably because the target user uses a phone not supported by such a spy application.

Fortunately, xMobi is compatible with most Android and iOS phones. Per the website, it supports all Android 4 or higher phones and tablets.

Since iPhone/iPad monitoring requires no app installation, there is no compatibility issue. However, not all features are accessible to track iOS devices that are available for Android.

Follow the next section to learn more.

Part 4: The Key Features of xMobi

xMobi has all the essential features to track the target user’s activities, but are those features accessible across the board or only limited to Android? Find out here.

GPS Location

xMobi provides real-time updates on the user’s location and access to the history of all visited places with timestamps and map view. However, this feature is only available for Android devices.

Browser Tracking

It allows customers to view what content the target users browse on their phones, the site name, URL, and time/date of each visit. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable for iOS devices.

Social Media Monitoring

Though it offers to monitor all social media messengers and app activities, there is a huge downside. Not all features are accessible to track iOS devices. Currently, xMobi only allows WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram tracking. Moreover, it doesn’t track Snapchat for both.

Other must-have features like remote control of the target device, access to deleted messages, and viewing whether the target person is using dating apps are limited to Android.

Part 5: What is the Cost of xMobi?

Per the list, the prices are on the higher side. Users who intend to use such apps for one time Since the feature coverage was a letdown, does xMobi make it up with its prices? Find out here!

  • 1-Month: $49.99 Per Month
  • 3-Months: $29.99 Per Month($89.97 to be paid upfront)
  • 12-Months: $12.49 Per Month($149.88 to be paid upfront)

would hesitate to spend that much money on the monthly plan. The 12 months is a bit reasonable but still pricey.

xMobi prices

Part 6: The Pros and Cons of xMobi

Here are the positives and negatives of xMobi we have noticed and experienced.


  • Extensive features for Android monitoring
  • Gives real-time updates on the user activities
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Intrusive chat pop-up
  • Non-existent customer support
  • A handful of features to track iOS activities
  • No live demo mode
  • Expensive
  • Lack of controlling features

Part 7: User Reviews on xMobi

xMobi has a poor rating of 2.2 on Trustpilot, which should be enough for a potential customer to go the other way instead of purchasing it. Here are some views of people who have used this app.

Xmobi are nothing more than low life – Matt Boykin, US

“xMobi are nothing more than low-life bottom feeders. They are thieves and will try to trick you out of your money in any way they can. Don’t bother asking them to refund your money, even if you never used their service once, they will not return it. Buyer Beware! Stay away from this shady site. I wish I would have.”

Total scammers Exactly the same experience as others – Jane, AU

“Exactly the same experience as other bad reviews. At no point when purchasing the software did it say you needed the other device to be able to access WhatsApp? Total scammers and should be shut down
Customer service was useless and sent me terms and conditions of returns, but at no point did this information become available before purchasing.”

More than 90% of reviews have claimed that the website is a scam and should not be trusted.

Part 8: FAQs about xMobi

Are you concerned about reading all those negative reviews, and now you have questions? Don’t worry; we have answered all of those questions here.

8.1 Is xMobi legit?

Sites like Scamdoc and Scamadvisor give it a reasonable 70%+ score, as they did not find an SSL certificate and couldn’t analyze the site’s content. However, per independent reviewers, even though the site lacks features and customer support, it is definitely legit.

8.2 Is xMobi safe?

Though the scores on review and scam alert sites say otherwise, it is still safe to use.

8.3 Does xMobi work?

Yes, it works on all compatible Android and iOS devices once installed.

8.4 Is xMobi real?

Yes, it is real with a working website.

8.5 What is xMobi coupon?

xMobi coupon is a way to get a discount on its prices. Simply head over to Google and search xMobi coupons. From the search results, you will find several platforms offering up to 25% discount on xMobi.

Part 9: The Best Alternative for xMobi – Spylix Mobile Monitoring App

Unfortunately, the whole xMobi experience turned out to be underwhelming. Still, it doesn’t mean all spy apps are like this. There are worthy alternatives like Spylix that offer complete features across the board with an intuitive control panel to manage them with ease.

Plus, there are no compatibility issues with Spylix, and it doesn’t ask you to root or jailbreak the target devices.

So, if you are a parent worried about the child’s exposure to illicit content or a spouse concerned that your significant other has become unfaithful, Spylix is your ally in keeping your loved ones safe and finding out the truth instantly.

9.1 Key Features of Spylix Mobile Monitoring App

Some of the key features offered by this excellent app include the following.

Call Tracking – It offers to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls with extra info like call duration, date, time, and user details.

GPS Tracking – With Spylix, you can access the location of other persons and the entire history with time and date.

Geofencing – This feature lets you set up barriers on the map, and when the target user steps foot on those places, you will get an instant notification to act appropriately to the situation.

Social Media Spying – Using this app, you can track social media activities on all popular apps, including Snapchat, Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Kik, LINE, and more.

Browser History Tracking – You can view what sites the user visits in real time, no matter the browser.

Remote Controlling – Spylix lets you block apps and websites remotely on the target device without the other person knowing. It also offers access to the list of installed apps.

9.2 How to Monitor Someone’s Mobile Without Them Knowing?

Here is how you can set up Spylix on the target device.

Monitor Someone’s Android Device Without Them Knowing

Step 1: Register On Spylix

Go to the official website and sign up for free by entering your email account.

Sign up on Spylix

Step 2: Install the Android App

For Android, app installation is needed. You only need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process quickly within minutes.

Add the Spylix app

Step 3: Monitor Someone’s Android Device Without Them Knowing

Open the online dashboard and tap any feature. Now, you can monitor the target device in real time.

Monitor someone’s Android device without them knowing

Monitor Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

Step 1: Create Your Free Spylix Account

Go to the official website and share your email address to set up a new Spylix account.

Create a new account on Spylix

Step 2: Enter The User’s iCloud Information

Share the target person’s iCloud account credentials to complete the device verification.

Enter the user’s iCloud account details

Step 3: Monitor Someone's iPhone without Them Knowing

Access the web-based control panel and click any feature to track the iPhone/iPad undetected.

Monitor someone’s iPhone without them knowing

9.3 Why Choose Spylix as The Best Mobile Monitoring App?

Here is why Spylix is a must-have!

  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent customer service
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Features available for all devices
  • No requirement for rooting or jailbreak to function

Part 10: xMobi VS Spylix

What are the major similarities and differences between these two apps? We have highlighted them here.


  • Both offer a remote dashboard to track user activities
  • Both have a similar setup process


  • Spylix offers all advanced features without any limitations. Whereas xMobi doesn’t.
  • Spylix is budget-friendly compared to xMobi.
  • Spylix offers remote-controlling tools.
  • Spylix also offers a live demo mode. xMobi’s demo is a package of screenshots.


It is evident from our detailed xMobi reviews that this app does not offer the best user experience.

There are issues regarding compatibility, and with high prices and no option to track social media apps for iOS devices, there is no point in spending hard-earned money on this service.

That is the reason why Spylix is a much better alternative, covering all loose ends and offering all the features needed for effective phone tracking to keep loved ones safe.

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