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FoneWatcher Review - Is it Worth it in 2024?

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Monitoring the phone of a loved one or person of interest isn’t as bad as it is made to be. It is especially efficient in situations where you are doing it for the betterment of someone, like your children. However, not all monitoring apps are created equal.

Monitoring a phone online

Let’s dive into our comprehensive FoneWatcher Review, where we look at this tool's functions and determine whether it's as authentic as it claims to be. Not only will we look at the pros and cons of using it, but we will also determine whether there are better alternatives as well.

What Is FoneWatcher?

FoneWatcher is a device monitoring app made especially for iOS and Android devices. It primarily focuses on monitoring phones but also specializes in iCloud and WhatsApp monitoring for those of you with specific interests.

It has great features that give you an overview of all the activity in a target device. You can use it to learn more about a cheating partner, keep an eye on your kids, or even check if someone you know is involved in dangerous activity.

Fonewatcher homepage review

The app has so many uses because it comes equipped with stealth mode, making it difficult to be discovered. That means you can learn more without worrying about getting caught. With its easy-log-in systems, you can access the target device’s information from anywhere, limiting restrictions on the user.

FoneWatcher’s Top Features

The features of FoneWatcher’s monitoring tools are what set it apart from the competition. You can easily tell for yourself once you find out what they are.

  1. Multiple Monitoring Tools - Unlike other apps or services with a specific function, FoneWatcher offers multiple monitoring tools depending on your needs. You can monitor iOS and Android devices and even complete iCloud or WhatsApp databases. This helps you get each and every detail you’re looking for.
  2. Stealth Mode - The tool is not discovered on the target phone because of its stealth mode. You install it, and it goes into hiding. This ensures that the target phone's owner never finds out and can’t uninstall it either.
  3. Comprehensive Spying - With over 30+ tracking and spying features, FoneWatcher gives you comprehensive spying coverage on a device. You can access anything from a notes entry to the last caller. No matter how minute the detail, this tool catches it all.
  4. Remote Control - The remote control feature allows you to manage data and information from the target device seamlessly. Everything you need is available in one place, and you choose what to do with it. Not only does it make management easy, but it saves you time.
  5. Location Tracking - Lastly, FoneWatcher offers location tracking services that allow you to always check where the target phone is. You are notified of any changes in location along with a history of routes and visit patterns.

Compatibility With iOS and Android

FoneWatcher is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting since it works perfectly with any device’s existing software. It’s just one download away.

FoneWatcher Customer Reviews

FoneWatcer only has a handful of reviews on its website, where users give it a score between 4.5-5 stars and claim that it is everything they seek. It also claims that certain media companies like TechTimes, XDA Developers, Hipertextual, and Apple Fans have reviewed it and loved the experience.

Good Review Highlights

  • This tool helped parents keep a check on what their children were doing and enabled them to get a look into their lives. It helped them see if they were in communication with any dangerous people.
  • Companies have used this tool to track employee performance on company devices while on the job and make sure they aren’t slacking off. It helped many managers identify who is loyal to the business and who isn’t.

Bad Reviews Highlights

  • It is a hassle to download separate tools for iOS and iCloud monitoring and pay for them separately since managing dual packages and keeping up with the pricing is hard.

How is FoneWatcher’s Customer Support Service?

Although FoneWatcher has a customer support service, their existence is questionable as trying to reach out to them has been stated not to reap anything. This is a major setback for the App as customer service is one of the most important aspects of such an industry, leading me to give a negative score regarding FoneWatcher customer support.

Is FoneWatcher Worth the Money?

Pricing for Android:

Type of Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan
Price Per Month $29.99 $16.65 $8.32
Billing $29.99 billed every month $49.99 billed every 3 months $99.99 billed every year

Pricing for iOS:

Type of Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan
Price Per Month $39.99 $19.98 $9.16
Billing $39.99 billed every month $59.99 billed every 3 months $109.99 billed every year

Pricing for iCloud:

Type of Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan
Price Per Month $29.99 $16.65 $8.32
Billing $29.99 billed every month $49.99 billed every 3 months $99.99 billed every year

Pricing for WhatsApp:

Type of Plan 1-Month Plan 3-Month Plan 1-Year Plan
Price Per Month $19.99 $13.32 $7.49
Billing $19.99 billed every month $39.99 billed every 3 months $99.99 billed every year

The 3-month plan is the most beneficial of all the payment plans as it isn’t a long-term commitment and gives you enough time to get the proof you need. However, opt for the yearly plan if you are trying to track the target device in the long run. The monthly plans should be for small or one-time instances where you need to confirm your doubts.

FoneWatcher Pros and Cons


  • It has multiple tracking and spying features
  • Easy and convenient payment methods
  • Works for both iOS and Android


  • It is not a free tool to use
  • iOS, Android, iCloud, and WhatsApp tracking is charged separately
  • The demo version link takes you to another app
  • It doesn’t provide an entire log of transactions

Installing FoneWatcher

Step-by-Step Guide

For Android:

  1. Create a FoneWatcher account and get the package of your choice.
  2. Fonewatcher account registration

  3. Follow the setup guide provided on the website for your target device.
  4. Setting up FoneWatcher on Android

  5. Verify the setup and begin monitoring your person of interest.
  6. Monitoring the targeted Android device on Fonewatcher dashboard

For iOS:

  1. Create a FoneWatcher account and get the package of your choice.
  2. Fonewatcher account registration

  3. Follow the setup guide provided on the website for your target iOS device.
  4. Setting up Fonewatcher on iOS

  5. Verify the setup and begin monitoring your person of interest.
  6. Monitoring iOS device with Fonewatcher

For iCloud:

  1. Create a FoneWatcher account and get the package of your choice.
  2. Register an account on Fonewatcher website

  3. Go to the setup guide and enter the Apple ID credentials of the target phone.
  4. Enter the Apple ID on FoneWatcher setup guide

  5. Follow the setup guide to make changes in settings.
  6. Changing the two-factor authentication settings on iPhone

  7. Verify the setup and monitor the iCloud.
  8. Monitoring iCloud online using FoneWatcher

For WhatsApp:

  1. Create a FoneWatcher account and get the package of your choice.
  2. Register an account on FoneWatcher

  3. Follow the setup guide provided on the website for your target device.
  4. Follow the WhatsApp monitoring setup process

  5. Verify the setup and begin monitoring your person of interest.
  6. Monitor WhatsApp online using FoneWatcher

    Was it easy? Well, we found the setup process to be very simple and straightforward. Plus, the user interface was very friendly as well.

FoneWatcher vs. Spylix

What Do They Have in Common?

  1. Both apps have a wide range of features that aid in spying and tracking a target phone. These features include messages and call tracking, live location, app access, and even keylogger access.
  2. The security feature on both apps is of top quality. They use encryption and ensure the data you’re accessing is not stolen or leaked. Similarly, they have safe and authentic payment methods.
  3. They both work on iOS and Android devices. Both apps are compatible with the latest versions of the operating systems and perform seamlessly to provide life updates, easy access, and no data delay.

What Sets Them Apart?

  1. FoneWatcher provides around 30+ monitoring features that include different apps and tools on the phone but restrict some to create a difference between iOS/Android tracking and iCloud and WhatsApp. Spylix offers over 40+ services and has no such divisions, giving you access to all spy and tracking tools in one package.
  2. Between the two of them, FoneWatcher’s rates are costly in the long run, and the division of features often causes users to buy at least two packages at a time. People who use Spylix don't face that issue since it is economical and gives you everything you need.
  3. Although FoneWatcher has customer care services on its website, they aren’t as efficient and readily available as the ones Spylix has. Spylix customer care is based on ensuring a seamless customer experience.

What Makes Spylix Better Than FoneWatcher?

Spylix offers up to 42 features, and FoneWatcher offers only 30 features. Another thing to note is that Spylix offers better utility as its features let you record calls and texts and extract information more easily.

FoneWatcher gives updates on new interactions like phone calls and texts but does not provide an entire log or history of them. On the other hand, Spylix lets you see entire conversations, making it easier to gather evidence.

Even on a paid version, Spylix offers better utility with unique premium features like location tracking, full call and message details, and even access to the notes app. Unlike FoneWatcher, you don’t have to buy a new package just to see WhatsApp archives.

The Spylix customer support team is available 24/7 with instant support to make usage easier. It helps users make timely decisions, and the existing online resources help create awareness about the tool. In comparison to this, FoneWatcher has virtually no online presence.

Spylix supports all 42 data types, making storing information in any shape and form easier. This all is saved in its cloud storage which is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Even though FoneWatcher has access to the storage, it’s not as fast or efficient.

Start tracking with Spylix in 3 easy steps

Spylix Step-By-Step Guide

Spylix is a great tool to use to monitor someone’s phone usage. Here’s how you can do it in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the Spylix website and click the Sign Up Free button. Enter your email address to make a new account.

Create an account on Spylix website

Step 2: Verify the other user’s profile by entering their iCloud credentials, such as the Apple ID and password.

Verify the Apple ID of the targeted iOS device

For Android, follow the instructions to set up the Spylix app on the targeted device.

Installing Spylix on Android

Step 3: Access the online dashboard. On the left, under the General Features section, click on whatever app/feature you want to monitor.

Monitor the targeted phone online using Spylix

What Should You Know About FoneWatcher?

Is FoneWatcher Legit?

Yes, FoneWatcher is a legit tool that lets you monitor a target device and check who it's been in contact with and what is stored on it. However, it does not have a lot of online presence or reviews to back it up. Spylix, on the other hand, is completely authentic and safe to use.

Is FoneWatcher Truly Hidden?

The FoneWatcher tool claims to have a stealth mode that helps it hide the icon from the target device once verified. However, changes to the device, like GPS spoofing, can set it off. Spylix remains completely hidden on the target device regardless of its changes.

Does FoneWatcher Have a Free Trial or Demo Version?

Both FoneWater and Spylix have demo versions. The only difference is that the FoneWatcher demo takes you to a third-party website and a completely different tool. The Spulix demo is safe to use and helps you understand the tool better.

Is FoneWatcher Compatible With iPhones & Androids?

Yes, FoneWatcer is compatible with iPhones and Androids, just like Spylix.

Can FoneWatcher Monitor Multiple Devices?

No, FoneWatcher does not allow you to monitor multiple devices. Although Spylix doesn’t let you monitor multiple devices, it allows unlimited device changes for the same account.

Which Devices Can You Use FoneWatcher With?

You can use FoneWatcher on any iOS and Android device, but it won’t work with watches. Spylix works with any iOS device and most Android-based ones.

FoneWatcher Review Conclusion

If you’ve made it to the end of our FoneWatcher Review, we know you’re having some mixed feelings about the app. Although it has certain merits, like an impressive list of features, good dashboard updates, and great compatibility, there are also some issues. The lack of reviews and online presence makes it harder for someone to believe its claims. So, if you’re uncertain, Spylix is the app for you. With its authentic software, great range of features, and secure data storage, what more could you need?

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