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MamaBear Reviews 2024: Is It Worth Your Money?

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If you are a parent then you will be fully aware of the worries that parents have to face regarding their children. To resolve this issue, parental control apps are introduced that let users view specific activities performed by their children on their devices.

Moreover, they can also keep a check and balance the posts uploaded by their children. In short, there will be no overstatement in saying that parental control apps like the MamaBear app have parents' life tranquil and peaceful. Let us have a thorough look at the MamaBear app review.

Part 1: What is MamaBear App?

Every parent 's priority is the protection of their children. MamaBear is considered the best choice if you want to have details about your child's activities on his/her device. This app allows users to set specific locations on the targeted device.

Then they will be alerted as soon as the targeted device reached the selected location. This app is especially assistive for the parents who are far from their children and hence can keep eye on them in this way. This app also allowed parents to visit the social media world viewed by their children.

Moreover, there are also some other interesting facts about MamaBear that you must know before using it. Users can set a speed limit and will be notified as soon as their child 's vehicle goes beyond the set limit.

MamaBear legal app has such amazing features that are becoming a cause of its popularity among the users. Summing up, people especially parents are having great advantage from this parental control app.

Part 2: What Can I Do with MamaBear App?

MamaBear offers its users a lot of amazing features like MamaBear forms and MamaBear apologetics that grab users' attention towards itself. Let us have a look at them:


The most common and essential feature of MamaBear is its versatility. Users can use it for almost every purpose. This app allows them not only to monitor their child's activities but also to create legal forms and MamaBear-only fans.

Emergency features:

The other most amazing and unique feature of MamaBear is that it offers users with few emergency features that help users to do quick responses at the time of any emergency.

This app contains a panic button as well as a one-touch calling 911 that allows users to call 911 immediately just by clicking a single button

Integration with brands:

MamaBear app allows users to interact with major brands like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google maps. This feature is helpful for the user, especially for the mothers so that they don't have to close the app to search for a resource nearby or to share anything.

Baby item checklist:

Now, let us talk about an amazing feature of this app and that is the Baby items checklist. This MamaBear shop checklist contains content like MamaBear sweatshirts, MamaBear babywear, and MamaBear slippers.

Creation of legal forms:

MamaBear legal form is another basic feature that lets users create all types of legal forms without consuming much money and time. If you want to gain more info related to MamaBear legal forms review then you have a great advantage to visit MamaBear legal forms.com.

Part 3: MamaBear's Compatibility

We have a great facility to use MamaBear on Android as well as iOS devices. That means Android and iOS both devices can install and work with this app. Moreover, users don't have to consume their lots of time jailbreaking and rooting the particular device for using the MamaBear app.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about MamaBear?

This section has to provide information on the MamaBear reviews of customers so you can find out what customers say about the SMS tracking product. But it does not gain enough reviews from users on the internet.

Great Reviews Great
Bad Reviews Bad
76.49% 16.53% 6.98%
Top Good Reviews Top Good Review
Top Bad Reviews
Jeanne Erdman Pursiano
5 Stars

"I used Mama Bear for my daughter two years ago as she was starting her first year in college. Just did the same for my son who will be a freshman in the fall. The website is so easy to use. Walks you through the process quickly and without being at all confusing. Highly recommend."

Top Bad Reviews Top Bad Review
User Profile
Adam Toungette .
2 stars

"Very limited options and very simple with very little room to customize. Also within two hours of purchase, the junk emails were already pouring in. Very infuriating to pay a company for a product and have them immediately start blasting you with sales emails. Avoid."


LikeGood Reviews Highlight

  • Customer service. Most of the users have praised the customer support service of MamaBears. The team is very kind and supportive. Whatever issue you face you will be guided and responded to instantly.
  • Efficient monitoring. Its features make it a good choice, especially for Parental Control. You are allowed to access secret conversations and collect evidence of affairs.

DisLikeBad Reviews Highlight

  • Don't work. For some of the users, MamaBears products don't work at all. Even after contacting the customer support service, the tracking app does not work on some devices.
  • Limited features. As compared to other tracking apps it offers very limited features and the prices are also more as compared to other available options.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?


It offers good customer service and they replied to most of the queries asked from the customer's side.

Part 5: MamaBear App Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  1. Free to use and download.
  2. Friendly interface.
  3. Advantageous for parents.
  4. Alert, when target reached, set location.
  5. Allow parents to have control over their child 's social media account.

Cons: Dislike

  1. The app must be installed on both the device, monitoring, and targeted device.
  2. The location tracking feature is having few complaints from users.
  3. It will not be swiped out of the target device's memory.
  4. MamaBear will use a battery but only for the target device.

Part 6: How to Install MamaBear App?

The entire procedure of the MamaBear app is very simple just like an open book. You don't have to waste your time, effort, or money using MamaBear but the complete procedure revolves around three steps. These steps are mentioned below:

Step 1 Register an Account

Let the app install on your device and then register for a family account there.

Step 2 Set up the Tool

For customization of permissions and the monitoring process, parents can log in to their child's account.

Step 3 Access Online Dashboard

The app can also be installed on the devices of other children or guardians of the family. By using the password, they can add to their previous family account.

Comments on User Experience

Easy to use

The above-mentioned steps simplify how easy and simple the use of the MamaBear is! The steps are not only easy but are also elementary.

These are beneficial for the parents who are not interested in social media but want to have complete details about their kid's work and activities on social media. In short, we can say that the MamaBear app is not only for professional use but a layman can also take advantage of it.

Part 7: MamaBear VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  • Both can be used on android devices.
  • There are lots of advanced and latest features that are common in both apps.
  • Both apps are easy to install and use.

2. The Difference: Difference

  • Spylix is cheaper than MamaBear.
  • Spylix contains more features compared to MamaBear.
  • Spylix doesn't offer platforms like baby item checklists or integration with other brands.

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than MamaBear?

There are lots of reasons that contribute to making Spylix better than MamaBear. These reasons are mentioned below:

  • The most amazing reason that makes Spylix better is its unlimited features. There are lots of features that are only available in Spylix and we cannot gain them by using MamaBear or any other third-party app. Hence, users prefer to use Spylix due to the existence of unlimited features in it.
  • By comparing Spylix and MamaBear, we will come to know that there is a great difference between the pricing plans of both the services. Spylix is cheaper than MamaBear and users don't have to consume lots of money just to monitor their child's activities.
  • The other reason that makes Spylix the best choice is that users will never face any kind of error or bug while monitoring a target device. But MamaBear can sometimes act wrongly and some features stop working. Hence, Spylix is considered best in this regard.
  • Moreover, Spylix provides us with a great facility of 30 days refund policy. That means by using Spylix we are allowed to have our funds back at any time. But it is not allowed in the case of MamaBear.
  • The last but not least reason that makes Spylix better is its best customer care services. Although MamaBear also provides the same feature, the customer care service of Spylix is considered way better than MamaBear.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 8: What Should You Know about MamaBear App?

How Safe is the MamaBear app?

Lots of people are very concerned about their privacy and want to know whether the MamaBear app is safe or not. The answer to this query is pretty simple and is clear from the above-mentioned article that this app provides full security of data and will never fail to provide full safeguard to its users.

Spylix is also a very reliable and safest app that never lets an unauthorized person access the data of its users. Hence, you can easily use it without being afraid of security measures.

How to install the MamaBear app?

The installation process of MamaBear is quite simple and easy. We just have to install the app on our device and then register for a free family account. The people joining a family account can easily talk to each other and can also control social media profiles.

Spylix is also installed the same way, after registration of the account user has to follow some instructions appearing on the screen. At the last, users are allowed to monitor the targeted device after login into the online dashboard.

Does MamaBear have a demo version?

Lots of people are in confusion whether the MamaBear app provides them with a demo version or not. By using this app we have a great advantage to have a complete demo version of the app before paying the fund.

Similarly, Spylix also provides its user a free trial and demo version so that they can decide whether the app is fulfilling their requirements or not. Hence, it makes decisions easy and reliable.

Is MamaBear Compatible with iPhones & Androids?

The other most important question that appears after having information about MamaBear is whether is it possible to use it on both Android devices as well as iOS devices. Users are allowed to have the advantage to use this app on iOS devices as well as Android.

Spylix also has compatibility to use on both Android and iPhone devices. Hence users don't have to be worried about their selected device or the targeted device. Moreover, jailbreaking and rooting are also not required in the case of Spylix.

How does the MamaBear app work?

If we talk about the working of MamaBear then we will come to know that this app is very helpful for monitoring your child or controlling specific settings on your child's device. Moreover, this app will only work if your child's device is on and it will come to sleep when the device goes off.

Spylix provides its user great interface to monitor that architect device just by installing it. After complete installation, you can easily monitor every data on the target device and the user will never be able to know about this act.

Will MamaBear app drain my battery?

Lots of people think a parental controlling app like MamaBear consumes lots of battery and hence has a bad impact on the battery of the device. But it's not true, MamaBear will only drain the battery of the targeted device and your device will remain safe.

If you talk about the Spylix then you will come to know that this app also has no bad effect on the battery of the target device. It will work simply and the battery will drain in the normal range.

MamaBear App Conclusion

The above article concludes every type of data that a person must know about the MamaBear app. Its features include MamaBear legal forms and baby item checklists like MamaBear diapers, MamaBear soap, or MamaBear necklaces are discussed in detail. In short, the complete discussion like MamaBear legal forms promo code about this app is mentioned above.

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