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Minspy Reviews 2024: Is It Legal? Is It a Scam?

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If you're one of those parents who are in search of a reliable monitoring app, there is a chance that you may come across many apps rolling around the internet. However, you couldn't understand all the mechanics or features with just a glance, and it doesn't necessarily mean that if any app is renowned, it would be trusted.

Here is an optimum need for a deep evaluation process before handing your private data to them. Moreover, you can't even trust features with accuracy and stability. That's why we'll be doing this detailed Minspy review to let you know all about the application characteristics.

Part 1: What is Minspy?

Have you ever felt your child is a little overprotective of their smartphone? Have you seen an unknown number repetitively calling your spouse's phone? If that's the case, a monitoring tool like Minspy can resolve all your mistrusts and queries.

Minspy is a smartphone tracking app used to extract all the data from any target device to yours without even letting the owner know.

Whether you have an Android device or an iOS, the application works smoothly on both. However, unlike most monitoring tools, it doesn't have a separate mobile app; instead, you can use this web service on a browser.

There are many different features offered by Minspy through which many people are being benefited. These features include keeping track of any smartphone through call monitoring, social media tracking, GPS lookup, and much more. The developers claim that no matter what the reason for your usage, it is said to deliver every feature at its best.

Part 2: Minspy's Features

Although you can find different applications all over the web that can get you through monitoring quite quickly, still Minspy has some of the primary features that make it stand out among them all. Some of these features are listed as follows:

  • Minspy offers a call tracking option that can help you access all the accurate details about all the calls, whether it is mentioned under outgoings or incomings.
  • The app doesn't only stop at monitoring calls. However, it also helps record all the ongoing calls while getting the data about the caller.
  • Around 90% of people keep their private information on their social media accounts. You can navigate apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other mainstream apps with Minspy
  • Minspy helps you go through the last sent or received text messages through the internet or cellular data.
  • Who doesn't want to know the exact location of their loved one all the time? With Minspy, you can see the current location of the target users all the time so that you get to keep an eye on them wherever they are.
  • Minspy also helps you look through all the typed words on the target device through its keylogger feature, available for only Android devices.

Part 3: Minspy's Compatibility

Picking a tracking app that doesn't work on your phone or the targeted phone would be a bummer. So, to avoid wasting your time and money, Minspy has kept two types of solutions for iOS and Android devices.

Android Compatibility For Android

If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android OS, you must have at least the operating system version 4 or preferably above to install and run Minspy smoothly.

iOS Compatibility For iOS

When it comes to iOS devices, including iPad or iPhones, it is said that this monitoring tool can efficiently operate without jailbreaking. All you have to make sure is that you have iOS 7 or higher to ensure full compatibility.

Part 4: Customer Reviews - What Are They Saying?

Minspy has an average rating of 3.6 out of 20 total reviews. Check out this section to know what the customers have to say.

Good Reviews Great
Bad Reviews Bad
45% 10% 45%
Top Good Reviews Top Good Review
User Profile
Sebastian M Curry
5 Stars

"A sweet and neat trick to accomplish this is with spy apps. The answer is not far-fetched in this technologically–driven world. Everything in our society is connected somewhat. You must have come across the phrase “internet of things.” I know you may have not thought about this but it has a place in our discussion. The “internet of things” basically means interconnectedness of devices. So your smartphone will give your smart watch info about you, also you will be able to continue your browsing session with your iPad or even control your smart home with your smartphone...."

Top Bad Reviews Top Bad Review
User Profile
Tammy. Fox
1 Star

"Did not work as advertised. And it takes hours to update. Not all calls or messages were logged. I could see some activity on keylogger so I know there was both. Many many calls and messages on keylogger but have no information of who or what. Reported some messages on wrong dates and times. Social app reports show nothing except there is activity, just not what or with who. It was fairly easy to install on the target phone but I was disappointed. For the price, it should be better. I would not recommend this program."


LikeGood Reviews Highlight

  • Complete Phone Monitoring Solution. If you are looking for a phone monitoring solution, definitely go ahead with Minspy. It is the best phone monitoring service!
  • Preserves User Privacy. This spyapp preserves your privacy. Unlike most platforms, it won't store your personal details on a remote server.
  • Facebook Tracking. Minspy is an excellent option to the customer's queries regarding Facebook hacking.
  • Keylogger. It is the only Android Keylogger that can be said to be perfect, even though it is not the oldest.

DisLike Bad Reviews Highlight

  • Wrong Information. It reports false details on the dashboard. Wrong dates are displayed on the messages retrieved.
  • 50% Refund. iPhone tracking is falsely advertised. Minspy does not give a full refund - even though their software cannot run the software in all new iOS devices - and Apple have confirmed this!). They only give a 50% refund upon confronting.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?


Customer service responds within 48 hours and is available 24/7 .

Part 5: Is Minspy Worth The Money?

For Android: For Android

Basic Premium Family
1 Month $39.99 $49.99 $69.99
3 Month $59.99 $69.99 $99.99
12 Month $99.99 $119.99 $199.99

For iOS: For iOS

Family Premium Business
1 Month $99.99 $49.99 $399.99
3 Month $199.99 $79.99 $699.99
12 Month $399.99 $129.99 $999.99

When compared to most monitoring tools online, Minspy has moderate pricing with every subscription plan. It is quite affordable and gives you several features while ensuring Android and iOS compatibility with such a price tag.

Part 6: Minspy Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  1. Minspy is very simple to install and even easier to operate.
  2. You won't be required to get into the hassle of rooting or jailbreaking the device.
  3. With Minspy, you can track any device using stealth mode so that you can see their activities while being undetected.
  4. For iOS devices, you won't even need the target device to complete installation. Instead, you can work with the Apple ID.

Cons: Dislike

  1. You can't test all the features with the demo version.
  2. Minspy doesn't have any free trial plan for understanding the mechanics of the app before buying.
  3. As you switch between the operating systems, you'll find different features in each one.
  4. Minspy doesn't have a broad spectrum of features.

Part 7: How to Use Minspy?

Installing Minspy on your targeted phone and yours is pretty easy; all you have to do is follow the procedure mentioned below:

Step 1 Creating Account

The process starts with going to Minspy official website and registering yourself by creating an account. It is vital to choose a valid email address for registration.

Once you register, you can select the type of subscription plan you want to choose depending on the devices you’ll be tracking and the features you want to use.

Register an Account on minspy

Step 2 Installing in Targeted Phone

You’ll also have to install the device on the target Android phone only once, and the app will work in stealth mode so that the user can’t even see the icon. For iPhone, only enter the device’s iCloud account info to access the data.

Set up minspy App

Step 3 Start Tracking with Minspy

Open the online control panel and remotely track the target device.

Access minspy Online Dashboard

Comments on the Procedure:

Minspy is relatively easier to install on both devices. It has a user-friendly interface as it doesn't need jailbreak for installation. You will need physical access to install the app on targeted phones. The app doesn't take much time to install.

Part 8: Minspy VS Spylix

The Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both Minspy and Spylix offer location tracking to get to know about the exact location of the target phone
  2. These apps can easily track calls on targeted devices and even record the phone calls.
  3. Minspy and Spylix can show the text messages and chat heads with which the user has recently communicated.
  4. You can easily track the social media applications of the target user with the ease of your phone.

The Difference: Difference

  1. Minspy doesn't have any trial version, so you can't check the mechanics before buying, while Spylix offers a complete 7-day trial.
  2. With Spylix, you can even set restricted areas so that if the phone enters its range, you'll get a notification. You can't find this feature on Minspy
  3. Minspy can give you details about the unknown caller or frequent callers, but Spylix doesn't offer that.
  4. With Spylix, you can track and monitor emails on your target's device, which isn't available on Minspy.

Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than Minspy?

  1. Wide Range of Tracking Features
  2. When you're investing money in a certain app, all you care about is the number of features they're offering. In this case, Spylix offers 42 functions that work without any error. While Minspy believes in quality, not quantity, thus only delivering 10 features.

  3. Displays Complete Data
  4. Spylix helps you look through every data available on the target device in detail. So, you can read the entire conversation or track the entire month's call log. However, Minspy only shows recent texts, calls, or chats.

  5. Customer Service
  6. Minspy has poor customer service as you don't get the responses to your queries on time. Meanwhile, representatives at Spylix are prompt and ensure that your issues are resolved entirely.

  7. Pricing Difference
  8. Although Minspy has moderate pricing. Still, Spylix leans on the cheaper side that doesn't impose any burden on your pocket.

  9. Convenient
  10. Spylix lets its users assess the controls and mechanics of the app by giving them a trial version, while Minspy only allows a demo version which isn't very helpful.

  11. Better Parental Control Options
  12. Spylix goes the extra mile to block explicit and inappropriate content and websites for safer browsing. Meanwhile, Minspy doesn't provide you with filtering options.

    How to use Spylix?

    3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

    Step Sign
    Step 1
    Sign up

    Step Install
    Step 2
    Set up Spylix

    Step Start
    Step 3
    Start Tracking

    Part 9: FAQs on Minspy

    1. How much is Minspy a month?

    Minspy offers three monthly pricing plans, starting as low as $39.99. Basic packages offer a single Android device and take it to $199.99 for three Android devices.

    Also, for iOS, the app provides monthly plans starting at $49.99 for one device to $999.99 for three. However, Spylix has similar categories with cheaper pricing.

    2. What does the Minspy app do?

    Minspy app is designed to track or monitor any Android and iOS device to extract all the data from the phone without letting the target user know. You can also perform some features using the app. Spylix also works in the same pattern with a more strict background mode.

    3. Can Minspy be detected?

    As Minspy has a special stealth mode, the app would hide so that nobody can detect it in the app palette. Moreover, Spylix also offers a strict background mode that lets it hide behind the shadows while you navigate through the phone.

    4. Is Minspy free to use?

    No, Minspy doesn't have any version that is free to use. It only offers a demo version through which you can see some features. While Spylix offers a trial plan through which you can completely configure the mechanics in seven days.

    5. How can I use Minspy on a cellphone?

    You can use Minspy on any browser just like you would use Facebook online. In comparison, Spylix has a dedicated mobile app to skip the hassle.

    6. Do I have to root or jailbreak the target phone to start Minspy?

    You don't need any jailbreak or root your device for running the Minspy app efficiently. It can start operating smoothly without making any such changes to your phone.

    Minspy Review - Bottom Line

    In this detailed Minspy reviews, we aim to show every detail about the app so that you can decide whether or not you'll be trying it out. It is a monitoring tool that works through a web app with less features than many other similar apps. Its prominent capabilities are working in stealth mode, recording calls, and navigating through deleted messages.

    When it comes to pricing, it is moderate with Android subscriptions compared to iOS plans. So, if you're able to afford the app and are satisfied with its limited features, then you can give it a try.

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