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DDI Utilities Reviews 2024: All You Need to Know

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In the past physical traditional spying methods were used to access information about someone but now you don't have to do it physically. Here's the spying app that is helpful. Whether you want to spy on your kid's activities or want to track company-provided mobile phones a spying or monitoring app is helpful.

In this article, DDI Utilities reviews are provided to describe how this spy app is helpful. This review also covers authentic DDI Utilities reviews of customers.

Part 1: What is DDI Utilities Spy App?

DIDI Utilities is an efficient android and iPhone monitoring application and data recovery tool. It permits its users to monitor calls, GPS location,text message, and much more digital content of the target person without physically accessing their phone.

It also helps in monitoring social media applications including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. It is compatible with android and iOS operating systems so whether your target person uses iPhone or Android it works well on both devices.

It supports the latest iOS versions including iOS 15. It also works with iPhones and iPads. Its advanced and remote working make it a great DDI Utilities iPhone spying app.

It is the best solution for parental control and for the tracking of employees' phones. Besides this, it can recover data from unfortunate situations for instance if your device has been damaged or the data has been deleted accidentally. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to the users.

Part 2: What Can I Do with DDI Utilities?

DDI Utilities is an efficient monitoring app that provides a lot of features to Android and iPhone users. Some of its key features are described below:

  • Monitoring text messages - It collects all the information about the sent and received text message on the target device. You can also find out the date and the time and the contact number associated with the message.
  • Monitoring calls - You can access the call log history of the target person including all the outgoing and incoming calls by using DDI Utilities phone number tracking. You can also find out the date, time, and duration of each call by using your online control panel.
  • Keylogging - It also works as an efficient keylogger where you can view all the keystrokes that have been pressed by the target person on the device. It will cover all the outgoing messages and posts on social media accounts.
  • GPS tracking - It provides the GPS location of the target person within 50 feet of the actual location. The location will be displayed on Google Maps and coordinates will be updated after every 10 minutes.
  • Monitor media files - By using DDI Utilities you can access all the photos and videos that are available on the target person's mobile devices. It will also include deleted, old, and latest recorded content.
  • Calendar events - By using DDI Utilities you can view all the calendar events that are previously recorded or added recently.

Part 3: Compatibility of DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and network carriers. You can easily use it for an Android target device including LG, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, and Google pixels mobile phones. In the case of iOS devices, it supports all the versions higher than iPhone 4.

Generally, you don't need to root your Android or jailbreak your iOS devices to use this application but to unlock certain advanced features jailbreaking or rooting is required.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about DDI Utilities?

This section is going to cover all the data related to the customer reviews about this tool. All the good reviews explaining the importance of this tool and the bad reviews explaining its sickness are described:

Good Review Great
Bad Reviews Bad
37.44% 13.45% 49.11%
Top Good Review Top Good Review
Default Profile
Chris M.
5 Stars

" I purchased DDI Utilities to help back up all the important files I have saved on my iCloud. The process was quick and easy and the price was even better! "

Top Bad Review Top Bad Review
Default Profile
1 Star

"This company not only stole my money but kept me stringing along for weeks pretending they would eventually work out the kinks in my product, every day just giving me the run around until I quit falling for it. Dishonest company "

Good Reviews Highlight Good Reviews Highlight

  • Compatibility. It provides amazing compatibility for Android as well as iOS users. Now you don’t need to worry about the target device.
  • Lifetime Free Update. The most amazing thing about this tool is that it provides a lifetime free update to the user with the only 1-time payment procedure.
  • Reliability. This tool is providing marvelous reliability to the users as you can get the most authentic data in the fastest way.

Bad Reviews Highlight Bad Reviews Highlight

  • Rooting and jailbreaking. Users need to indulge in the rooting procedures. Jailbreaking is always considered bad for the device.
  • Doesn’t Provide Geofencing. If you are the one who is looking for a tool for geofencing then this tool is not going to satisfy you.
  • Bad Spying Data. The data that is provided by this tool is incomplete hence you will not be satisfied with the report due to its errors.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?


The customer support of this tool is not good enough to provide satisfaction to the users. The errors in the reports are the basic cause of bad customer reviews. If a person wants to get the money back the officials always delay in response.

Part 5: What Are Pricing and Subscription Plans of DDI Utilities?

Pricing plans for Android and iOS devices:

Basic plan Pro plan
$29.99 $69.99

Comments on DDI Utilities Price


It offers two different plans for Android and iOS devices. Basic and Pro provide different features to the users on different types of target phones. You have to pay only one time to avail of the plan and then you will be able to enjoy lifetime free upgrades, uninstall alerts, customer service, and device changes.

Part 6: DDI Utilities' Pros and Cons

Pros: Pros

  • Compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • Offers advanced monitoring features.
  • Reliable files and data backup recovery features
  • Provide accurate GPS location
  • Offers one-time payment with lifetime free upgrades.

Cons: Cons

  • Doesn't offer a geofencing feature.
  • Did not extract data from some third-party apps like Viber on iPhone
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is required to unlock certain advanced features
  • Doesn't offer 24/7 customer care service

Part 7: How to Use DDI Utilities to Spy?

The Download process of DDI Utilities is very fast and only takes a few minutes to start over. It does not require a special type of knowledge or skills to install or use this application so even a layman can use it for spying or monitoring purposes.

After setting up the application the content of the target device will be uploaded immediately which you can easily access by login into your DDI Utilities dashboard. You just have to follow three simple steps as described below:

Step 1 Register an Account

Head towards the official website of DDI Utilities and choose the "Buy now'' option. Select the type of target device and then choose the package you want to buy.

Register an Account on ddi Utilities

Step 2 Set up the Tool

After purchasing the subscription plan you are allowed to download the app by using the OTA link and following the on-screen prompts. It will take less than a minute to download the application and then you have to provide the license key to activate it.

Set up ddi Utilities App

Step 3 Access Online Dashboard

Now everything is set up, you just have to log in to your DDI Utilities dashboard where you can access all the data and can download the content if you want.

Comments on User Experience


The Download process of DDI Utilities is very fast and only takes a few minutes to start over. It does not require a special type of knowledge or skills to install or use this application so even a layman can use it for spying or monitoring purposes

Part 8: DDI Utilities VS Spylix

Spylix is an efficient spying and monitoring app with 96% positive reviews. A comparison between DDI Utilities and Spylix is given below

1. Similarities: Similarities

Following similarities are exhibited by DDI Utilities and Spylix:

  • DDI Utilities and Spylix are compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Both platforms offer advanced and accurate monitoring data
  • 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by DDI Utilities and Spylix

2. Differences: The Differences:

Following differences are present between DDI Utilities and Spylix:

  • Spylix offers more monitoring features as compared to DDI Utilities
  • Spylix provides all of its features without restriction but you need to root/jailbreak your target device to unlock certain features on DDI Utilities.
  • Spylix offers 24/7 efficient and reliable customer service which is way better than DDI Utilities

3. Why Is Spylix A Better Option Than DDI Utilities?

Whether your purpose of monitoring is spying on your kids or you are an employer who wants to track company-provided devices, Spylix is a preferable choice for you. Its user-friendly interface, ease of use, and advanced features make it the best of all. some of the reasons behind its success are given below:

  1. Spylix offers a lot of monitoring features to its users which no other spy app is providing. For instance, you can get 40 monitoring features for Android devices and 18 monitoring features for iOS devices but by using DDI Utilities you are only allowed to use 29 monitoring features in case of android devices and 9 monitoring features for iOS devices.
  2. By using Spylix you can find a lot of associated information about the data. For instance, if you are monitoring Facebook then you can not only view the private messages and posts but also find out other associated information.
  3. Spylix provides a Geofencing feature that enables you to set certain boundaries for your target person and whenever the target person leaves or enters those specific areas Spylix sends an alert instantly to your account. DDI Utilities does not offer a geofencing feature.
  4. Whatever Spy app you use it is necessary that it offers reliable, fast, and 24/7 available customer care service. DDI Utilities do not offer 24/7 customer care service while Spylix not only offers the services 24/7 but responds quickly as soon as possible.
  5. Besides the above-described facts, there are many other reasons like Spylix offers different flexible subscription plans to the users and all the plans are very budget-friendly. While DDI Utilities offers only two plans. DDI Utilities doesn't support certain third-party applications like Viber for iOS devices but Spylix offers to monitor all the applications that are installed on the target device. Spylix also offers other general monitoring like viewing alarms settings, note entries, etc.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Sign up
Step 1
Sign up

Set up Spylix
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Start Tracking
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQs about DDI Utilities

Do DDI Utilities Work in reality?

Yes, Like other spy apps DDI Utilities also works great. But before purchasing any spy app it is necessary to do some search and check for the customer reviews to find out the pros and cons of the app. It works for the features it is providing and also let you access the data online. Spylix also works remotely and after collecting all the information transfer it to your online dashboard.

Is DDI Utilities Truly Hidden?

It is a program that is designed in such a way that it does not affect the target phone's functionality at all. However, it can be detectable so to use it legally it is necessary that you inform the target person about the spying app and they know that you are monitoring their activities whether they are your employees or kids. Spylix is the best alternative to DDI Utilities which offers more features and works in the secret mode without informing the target person.

Do DDI Utilities have a free trial?

DDI Utilities offers a free trial plan where you can enjoy certain monitoring features including monitoring of calls and text, finding GPS location, and monitoring social media accounts, photos and videos present on target devices. You have to pay one-time setup free which is about 25.13 CNY to avail of it. Spylix allows users to register themselves without spending a single penny and it also offers a demo version.

How does DDI Utilities work?

Its mode of working is quite similar to Spylix. Firstly you have to buy the package and then after following the instructions you will install and set up the app on the target device. It collects all the information from the target device and then transfers it to your online dashboard which you can access by logging into your DDI Utilities dashboard.

How do I install DDI Utilities on the target phone?

DDI Utilities offers a very easy and straightforward process to download and install the application on the target phone. You can download the application by using the OTA link which you will get after purchasing their subscription plan. After that, you just have to log in to your control panel to start the monitoring or spying process. Spylix is also very easy to install after purchasing and choosing the device you just have to follow the instructions provided in the welcome email.

Is DDI utilities Compatible with iPhones & Androids?

Yes, DDI Utilities is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices but the features that it is providing on both these devices may vary depending upon the operating system. You may have to root or jailbreak your target device to unlock certain features. Spylix is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones and also offers all of its features to both platforms without demanding rooting or jailbreaking.

Ending Remarks of DDI Utilities review

This DDI Utilities review describes a phone monitoring application that also permits its users to recover their data. DDI Utilities spy app is very easy to download and install on the respective target device. DDI Utilities iPhone and android compatibility is its exceptional feature.

It can be used for monitoring your kid's mobile phone activities or tracking the company-provided mobile phone location of employees. Although it does not provide a lot of monitoring features like Spylix is providing, still it could be a good option to relay.

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