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SMS Peeper Reviews 2024: Is the App Outdated?

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If you have doubts that your spouse or husband is cheating on you or you want to read your kid's text messages to find out with whom they talk or if someone is bullying them then these are the situations where a spy tool is helpful.

The given article contains the review of SMS Peeper which is an efficient SMS spy system. The article provides you with information on the pros and cons of the platform along with authentic customer reviews.

Part 1: What is SMS Peeper?

SMS Peeper offers an online platform to the users where they can spy on the SMS of the target person easily. It permits you to read outgoing as well as incoming text messages of the target person without knowing them.

It is considered among the earliest introduced spy solutions. This tool is helpful for the worried parents who want to keep their kids safe from online bullying and cybercrimes.

Employers can use SMS Peeper to find out their employees' loyalty towards them. You can also use this platform to catch a cheater by collecting evidence. It is different from other spy apps as you don't need to install any type of software on your target phone to spy.

By using SMS peeper you can retrieve 100 text messages among which 50 will be received messages and 50 will be the ones that have been sent. Besides reading text messages you can also find out the phone number of the senders or receivers.

Part 2: What Can I Do with SMS Peeper?

If you will be able to download the code for SMS Peeper then you will be able to extract information from its SMS database. Following are the some of the features that it is offering to the public:

  • Read the latest messages. As the name indicates SMS peeper offers to monitor text message. It allows you to read the SMS of your kids, employees, or life partner. But a negative point is that you can only access the latest 100 text messages in which 50 will be the received messages and the remaining 50 will be sent.
  • Find the name of a contact. If you are successful in getting the SMS peeper code then along with reading the latest text messages you can also find out the name of the sender or the receiver. The name will be what the target person had saved on his or her mobile phone.
  • Real-time syncing. It offers you real-time syncing which means that whenever you retrieve the data you will get the most latest information.
  • Find the contact number of the sender. This is also helpful if you want to contact the sender or the receiver. For instance, if you have read some text messages from your kid's mobile phone and now you want to contact the other person with whom they were talking then you can easily do it as SMS Peeper also shows the contact number.
  • Message timestamps. You can also find out the time and the date at which the particular text message has been received or sent.

Part 3: SMS Peeper's Compatibility

SMS peeper is not an application so you don't need to install it on the target device. It also does not have an official website, there are some third-party sites that claim that they can let you SMS Peeper login.

Part 4: Customer Reviews on SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper does not have gained enough customer reviews. On the internet you will not find authentic SMS Peeper reviews, additionally, it does not have any official website.

There are some things that people like about SMS Peeper such as it is a free tool and it does not need to be installed on the target device. But most of the users do not succeed to complete the whole process. Some users have also reported that it downloads Malware to the Device.

Part 5: How Much Does SMS Peeper Cost?

SMS Peeper provides services free of cost to the users. It will earn the money from the surveys or the programs that you need to fill out or download while getting down target messages.

Comments on SMS Peeper Price


SMS Peeper is a free tool, you don't need to pay any charges to get it. But the process to use this system is very complicated and it has less than a 20% success rate. Additionally, it only offers to monitor text messages of not more than 100.

Part 6: SMS Peeper Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  • No need to install software on the target device.
  • No need to physically access the target device.
  • Work without informing the target person.
  • Free to use.

Cons: Dislike

  • Show only 100 latest SMS.
  • Don't offer to monitor social media messages.
  • Low success rate and reported as a scam.
  • Need to complete long surveys first.
  • Websites download malware reported by some users.

Part 7: How to Use SMS Peeper?

To use SMS Peeper you do not need to SMS Peeper login or download anything on the target device. The only thing you need is the phone number of the target person and get SMS Peeper download codes. For your better guidance a step by step guideline is provided here:

Step 1

Go to SMS peeper com and on the interface provide the country and phone number of the target person and your email address, to initiate the process hit the " Get Messages" button.

Step 2

You will get the latest 100 text messages of the target person but to read the messages you need to get an SMS Peeper activation code free. To do so click on the " download code" option.

Step 3

After that, you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill out the provided survey with your authentic information. Completion of the survey is like SMS Peeper activation code generator as the code file will immediately start to download.

Step 4

When the code file is downloaded then enter the code in the box on the left side and click on the "show messages" button.

Comments on User Experience

Lengthy and complicated

Although the process to initiate the SMS peeper is not very difficult, to read the messages you have to provide a code for SMS Peeper which is very difficult to get and most of the users don't succeed at that point.

When you try to download SMS peeper codes then the website asks you to fill out a survey or to download some other program. Even after downloading the program or filling out the survey, the downloaded code may not work.

Part 8: SMS Peeper VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both platforms offer SMS spy.
  2. By using Spylix and SMS Peeper you will find the latest real-time updates.
  3. Both platforms work hiddenly and the target person will not find out about them.

2. The Difference: Difference

  1. Spylix offers to monitor all the digital activities while SMS Peeper supports only SMS monitoring.
  2. SMS Peeper allows you to read only 100 latest SMS but by using Spylix you have unlimited access to messages.
  3. SMS Peeper does not support iMessages and social media message monitoring but Spylix does.

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than SMS Peeper?

Spylix is a way better option than SMS Peeper whether we compare the installation process, the number of features, or the qualities. Some of the reasons that describe why a person should prefer Spylix over SMS peeper are described below:

  1. SMS Peeper allows you to monitor only the text messages of the target person but if you use Spylix then you can monitor almost all types of digital activities that your target person is performing on his or her mobile phone.
  2. Spylix offers you 40 different monitoring features where you can track the GPS location of the target person. You can also monitor call logs and social media accounts including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other things.

  3. SMS Peeper only tracks the text messages that have been shared by using the contact number and it does not offer monitoring of iMessages or the instant messages on different platforms. But by using Spylix you cannot only read the text messages but you can also access the text messages that have been sent on different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  4. Spylix offers you to monitor unlimited chats on different platforms but SMS Peeper only supports monitoring of the latest 100 messages among which 50 will be the received and the other 50 will be the sent messages.
  5. Spylix offers 24/7 customer care support service which SMS Peeper does not have. Additionally, Spylix has gained 96% positive reviews while SMS Peeper has gained a lot of negative reviews showing it as a scam.
  6. To use SMS Peeper you have to fill out a survey or download some programs to get free SMS Peeper code which is a complicated and time-consuming process and most people are stuck here. But Spylix offers a user-friendly interface and an easy and straightforward process to install and get the application on the target device.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQs about SMS Peeper

Is SMS Peeper a Scam?

Some of the users have reported SMS Peeper as a scam as even after filling the surveys or downloading the programs they don't get the SMS Peeper activation code or if they get it, the downloaded code did not work. Spylix is an authentic platform that has gained 96% positive reviews which is enough to show its efficiency and credibility.

Is SMS Peeper Legit?

SMS Peeper is an online spying platform that is legal to use only if you are using it for good purposes. You can use it to read SMS of your kids who are under 18 but to use it for any adult person you should first take advice from your legal advisor.

Spylix is also a legit platform that is legal to use only if you are using it to monitor your under 18 kids or if you are using it to track your employees while you have informed them in your business policy.

Does SMS Peeper Work?

SMS Peeper has less than a 20% success rate and most of the customers have reported that it downloads malware on the computer or the mobile phone. So instead of getting risk, it is recommended to try Spylix where you can enjoy more monitoring features with a 100% success rate.

Is SMS Peeper Truly Hidden?

SMS Peeper claims that it works hiddenly without informing the target person. Spylix also works hiddenly and remotely. It hides its icon and does not leave any type of clue so the target person will never find out that you are monitoring him or her.

Is SMS Peeper Free?

Yes, SMS Peeper is a free platform, it does not demand any type of charges from the user. But it earns the money from the surveys that it asks to fill to get the SMS Peeper codes. It only offers you tracking sms but Spylix offers you more than 40 monitoring features at very reasonable prices.

How Safe Is SMS Peeper?

SMS Peeper is not a safe platform and it is reported as malware that can damage your mobile phone or computer. Additionally, some users have complained that it downloads some malware on the target device.

Spylix is a reliable and safe tool to use. It uses an encryption method to transfer the data from the target device to your online dashboard so the only person who can access the data is you.

SMS Peeper Review Conclusion

This SMS Peeper review describes one of the SMS tracking online platforms. You don't need to install any app on the target device but to read the messages you have to fill out a lengthy survey or download a program to get sms Peeper code. You can access only the latest 100 messages and it also doesn't offer iMessage or IM messages monitoring.

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