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WhatsApp Sniffer Reviews 2024: Does the App Still Work?

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WhatsApp is used worldwide for connecting people or transferring media files. Its user interface and advanced features make it the best instant messenger. By just hacking WhatsApp you can easily find the true personality of any person or spy on someone's activity for security purposes.

The question is, is it really possible?. Well, the latest technology and advancement have made this possible to view anyone's WhatsApp data easily. This article is a review of the WhatsApp sniffer and spy tool to describe if this tool is reliable or not.

Part 1: What Is the WhatsApp sniffer?

On the internet, you will find different ways to spy on WhatsApp but most of the methods are paid. But this application is totally free and you don't have to pay anything to try this. WhatsApp sniffer apk is an efficient android application that helps you to view the WhatsApp data only if you and the other person are sharing the same internet connection.

There are a lot of situations in which this app could help you, for instance, if you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your kid's activities on WhatsApp then it helps you to check all the messages that they are receiving or sending on their mobile phones.

This sniffer WhatsApp is available in more than 17 different languages so anyone belonging to any region in the world can use it. Moreover, you don't need to physically excess their mobile phones so they would not find out that you are monitoring their WhatsApp.

Although it is an android app, you can also use a Whatsapp sniffer for iPhone spying or for Windows operating system.

Part 2: How to Get the WhatsApp sniffer App?

WhatsApp sniffer app is of 20 MB size and it claims that it is available in different updated versions. It also needs root access for Android devices. But there is no direct method to install it. The Whatsapp sniffer for iOS or Android is not available easily on the internet. It also doesn't have an official website.

The version of WhatsApp sniffer v1.03 apk free download is available on the internet but it actually doesn't work at all. Whenever you search on the internet many websites claim but when the link is opened it shows a " danger" status. There is no way to get it but you should not worry we have provided the best alternative for you.

Part 3: Spylix - The Best WhatsApp Spy Alternative

Spylix is an efficient spy app that permits you to monitor all the digital content of your target person remotely and secretly, including WhatsApp and many other applications. It could be the best control solution for worried parents where they can restrict some of the digital activities their kids are performing on their mobile phones.

By using this WhatsApp spy app you are allowed to record WhatsApp content including WhatsApp messages, audio, and video files. It also enables you to monitor calls, text messages, MMS, and Facebook.

Besides monitoring WhatsApp, there is a lot you can do by using Spylix. Other apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook can also be monitored by using Spylix. It also collects calls, text messages, and GPS data and transfers it to your online dashboard which you can easily access by using any type of the browser on your PC or mobile phone.

Part 4: What Can I Do with Spylix?

Spylix offers more than 40 monitoring features in the case of android devices and 18 features in the case of the ios target devices. By using this spy app you not only monitor WhatsApp but can have a lot more which makes your spying experience excellent and fruitful. Some of the key features it is offering to the public are:

  • WhatsApp monitoring - Spylix offers you to monitor all types of WhatsApp content present on target devices. You can view WhatsApp contacts, chats, videos, audios, voice notes, and other stuff that has been shared or received on WhatsApp.
  • GPS tracking - By using Spylix you can easily track the GPS location of your target person's mobile phone. It also offers a geofencing feature where you can restrict your target person to some specific areas and whenever the person enters or leaves you are notified instantly.
  • Call monitoring - It records all the calls information and you can easily know who has called and what was the duration of the calls along with other details.
  • Text messages - By using Spylix you are allowed to view all the text messages that have been received or sent on the target device. Additionally, it also helps you in viewing deleted messages.
  • Keylogger - It also contains a Keylogger feature, which saves all the data about keys pressed by the target person. By using this feature you can find out passwords that have been set by your target person.

Part 5: Spylix Compatibility

Spylix is compatible with all the available versions of Android and iOS devices. So whether the target person uses an iPhone or Android you don't need to worry as it works well on both. Additionally, it does not demand to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPhone for its work.

Part 6: How to Get Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step 1
Step 1
Sign up

Step 2
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 7: WhatsApp Sniffer VS Spylix

1. The similarities: Star

  1. Both apps offer to monitor WhatsApp messages and media content
  2. Both applications can be used on iOS and Android devices.
  3. Both work remotely so you don't need to physically access mobile phones.

2. The Differences: Star

  1. You need to root the target device to use the WhatsApp sniffer spy tool but Spylix doesn't demand rooting or jailbreaking.
  2. It is necessary that you and the target person share the same WiFi connection for the working of the WhatsApp sniffer app but Spylix doesn't need this.
  3. Spylix is much more secure and reliable but WhatsApp sniffer & spy tool 2016 needs to enable some unknown resources on target devices.

Part 8. Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than WhatsApp sniffer?

As mentioned earlier there is no direct way to download the WhatsApp sniffer & spy tool as it doesn't have any official website and the WhatsApp sniffer apk file is also not available on the play store. Besides this, there are a lot of reasons why you should go with Spylix rather than WhatsApp sniffer. Some of the reasons are described below:

  1. Spylix is compatible with all types of android and ios devices so you don't need to worry whether the target person uses iPhone or Android you can spy by using Spylix. but it has been observed in the case of WhatsApp sniffer that it works only on the latest versions.
  2. Rooting or jailbreaking mobile devices is totally illegal and it can damage the target device also. If you use Spylix then you should not need to root your target Android or jailbreak your iPhone. But WhatsApp sniffer works only on rooted devices so you must take this risk if you want to use it.
  3. To use WhatsApp sniffer you have to install a helping hand app named as busy box app from the play store on your target device. But Spylix doesn't ask you to install any other app.
  4. Spylix app is of 2 MB size so it will not take much space on target device memory but WhatsApp sniffer is of 20MB so it will take significant space. Because of this, it can be easily noticeable.
  5. Spylix needs only 5 minutes to set up and install and then you can easily monitor WhatsApp content by just logging in to your account but installing WhatsApp sniffer can take a lot of time as the app is not available on app stores and it is very difficult to find it.
  6. By using WhatsApp sniffer you are only allowed to monitor WhatsApp but Spylix offers more than 40 different monitoring features which make it an incredible spying app.
  7. Besides its exceptional features, it also offers more detail of everything, most spying apps only let you view the last message but by using Spylix you can view the whole conversation.
  8. Spylix is a very budget-friendly app among all the available options. Its subscription plans are very cheap and offer you a lot of features.

Part 9: FAQs on WhatsApp Sniffer

Can I see someone else WhatsApp messages?

Yes, the latest advancement has made this possible to easily see someone's WhatsApp messages even without having hacking skills. There are a lot of options available on the internet. You can go with Spylix which does not let you view someone's WhatsApp messages but audios, videos, pictures, contacts, and many more also.

How do you secretly read WhatsApp messages?

If you want to read someone's WhatsApp messages without knowing them then you should use a spy app. Spylix is an efficient spy app that works in stealth mode, it hides its icon, does not drain the battery, and is of only 2MB size so the target person will not find out that you are spying on them.

How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

There is no exact way but there are some tips that can help you in figuring out whether you are being monitored or not. Most spy apps hide their icon but they drain the battery and consume data and may take up a lot of space on your mobile phone memory.

Is there a free WhatsApp spy app?

WhatsApp sniffer is a free WhatsApp spy app, it offers all of its features free of cost. The only problem with this app is that it is not available on app stores and it also doesn't have an official website. Some websites offer its apk file to download but when it is open it shows a "danger" alert. As an alternative you can use Spylix which offers all the WhatsApp Monitoring features Along with many others.

WhatsApp sniffer Review Ending Remarks

WhatsApp sniffer and spy tool is a free WhatsApp spy app available for Android, iOS, and Windows systems. But it has a huge drawback as the WhatsApp sniffer apk is not available on any app store and if try to search it, neither website is able to provide the apk file.

But you can go with Spylix which is easy to access and use and offers you many other features including WhatsApp spying.

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