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PanSpy Reviews 2024: Is Panspy any Good?

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There are too many apps that will give you the service to trace the data and keep an eye on your children. Parents are very careful about their children and want to know what activities their child performs on their mobile.

You will also check your employee through this PanSpy application. Parents are always worried about their child and their company, which friends their child will meet, and how much they spend their child.

Although there are many applications provided online, PanSpy is one of the best applications to track Android devices. Check this Panspy Review to Know More!

Part 1: What is PanSpy?

There are so many spy apps that will allow you to track anyone. The PanSpy app is the simplest and most secure application to monitor and track a cell phone or tablet. So parents and owners must be careful what their children and employees talk about.

You can remotely track the phone and see the messages, iMessages, track their calls, WhatsApp, Viber skype also. You can also check the multimedia. PanSpy app is an accurate and efficient cellular track app.

PanSpy app is a secure and safe application that works remotely to monitor a person. panoply is a professional monitoring app that will allow you to track your child and see what they can see on your device, which gossip is made between their friends, and what they are watching on the internet.

PanSpy uses different tools to track its target. You can PanSpy login and check the best app for monitoring and tracking someone.

Part 2: What Are the Key Features of the PanSpy App?

The PanSpy app is the most effective and secure application that will monitor android devices.

  • Track Location
  • PanSpy app supports the real-time location track of the target device. you can also check the target past location which is about the past 30 days. There is also an option that you set the restriction parts, when the target enters you will notify at that time.

  • Track Messages
  • With the help of PanSpy, you can easily see the messages, you simply log in to PanSpy on the device and start to monitor the messages you will get the sent and received messages also, the messages displayed on the PanSpy dashboard and you will be notified about a new message.

  • Call logs and Contacts
  • You can simply log in to the PanSpy application and that will allow you to receive all incoming and outcoming calls, it will also give you the option that you are downloading the entire list of Contact List.

  • Browsing History
  • You are able to check the browsing history and also check that web history that how much time is spent on browsing and which websites are visited.

  • Web Filters
  • PanSpy gives you the service to block the website and also apply restrictions on websites.

  • Monitor Screen Time
  • If you are a parent then Panspy gives you the best features that you can check from the dashboard of PanSpy, you are able to check how many times devices are used.

  • Access to save Medis
  • With the PanSpy app you are able to access the videos and photos, it will also offer you that you will download it on your device.

  • Remote Screenshot
  • If you want that you will take a screenshot from your device on the PanSpy dashboard.

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • The PanSpy app gives you the facility to monitor social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Part 3: PanSpy's Compatibilities

You can install the PanSpy application on your Android device. It supports Android devices 4. o and later versions introduced by companies, Papular mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, LG, One plus, Huawei, HTC, and many more. PanSpy only supports Android devices; it is not supported for iOS.

Part 4: What Do Customers Say about PanSpy?

PanSpy has gained an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 which shows it is very liked by the customers. To know more about what the customers like or dislike about this product read the given section completely.

Great Reviews Great
Bad Reviews Bad
76.00% 9.00% 15.00%
Top Good Reviews Top Good Review
Top Bad Reviews
Bella W.
5 Stars

"It's great to have this app installed on a kid's device to track what I want. Thanks to the team! Today's children average 7 hours a day of screen time and they are likely to be bombarded by entertainment media if without parental control. I think too much screen time will definitely lead to a plethora of harmful effects. So it is quite necessary to have a monitoring app."

Top Bad Reviews Top Bad Review
User Profile
Jay B.
1 Star

"Don't waste your time and money using this app. Most of the advanced features aren't working as they should be. They also didn't give me my money back since I'm unsatisfied with the service also."

LikeGood Reviews Highlight

  • Parental control. It offers many useful features which are very helpful for the worried parents who always need software to keep an eye on their kids. They can find GPS locations or can track the WhatsApp account of their kids.
  • Set time limits. PanSpy offers a feature using which you can set a time limits for your kid's mobile phone and restrict them to using the mobile phones all the time. This is helpful for keeping your kids away from bad habits and concentrating on their studies during study hours.

DisLikeBad Reviews Highlight

  • High prices. If we compare PanSpy to other spy apps then its prices are quite high. It is not suitable for a person who has a low budget. You can enjoy more features at less price by using any other efficient spy app.
  • Some features don't work as advertised. Although it offers many advanced features, sometimes its features stop working or from the start, they don't work in the way that they should.
  • Don't refund. If a person is unsatisfied with their services and applies for a refund then they do not respond as they should be. The team avoids the refunding request and does not refund the person even after sending a lot of messages.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?

Quite Good!

Its customer support is quite good and responsive. The good and bad reviews about customer support service are almost equal. They do respond to the customers and resolve their issues and reply to their questions but they usually avoid refunding requests and do not refund.

Part 5: How Much Does PanSpy Cost?

For Android users: For Android

The PanSpy app provides a 3-day free trial and it is also a price package plan, which shows its cost. You can choose from these plans and subscribe to PanSpy.

Premium Monthly $24.95
Ultimate Monthly $34.95
Ultimate Quarterly $21.65
Ultimate Annual $8.33

Comments on Price


Its price is comparatively expensive as compared to other spy apps. It also does not offer a lot of features that you can get by using any other budget-friendly spy app.

Part 6: Pros and Cons of PanSpy Application

Pros: Like

  • PanSpy do not need root access and setting up this app is quite very easy.
  • PanSpy comes with extremely advanced features.
  • You can also remotely screenshot the device.
  • Registering on the PanSpy app offers you a 3-day free trial for its users.
  • PanSpy is a reliable app.
  • Easy to install
  • Gives 24/7 support

Cons: Dislike

  • PanSpy can run only on Android devices and does not support iOS.
  • A couple of advanced features of PanSpy. it still does not work properly.
  • If you buy the application then it will offer you just 7 days to refund the amount
  • It is expensive.

Part 7: How to Install PanSpy Online?

Follow the below steps to install the PanSpy app.

Step 1 First Create your PanSpy account

You will need to visit the PanSpy website and set up your account. Now you can enter your email ID and set a Strong password.

You can also select the device which you want to monitor and buy the plans.

Register an Account on panspy

Step 2 Now install the PanSpy app into the device

Now you need to access the target android device, and make sure that the third-party installation is enabled.

Now you can visit any website to download the PanSpy APK and complete its installation process.

If you installed the PanSpy application then grants all the permissions just like access to location, contact, messages, etc. you can also hide the application and make it invisible.

Step 3 Now you can start to monitor the Device

After you complete the installation of the PanSpy app you can go to its web-based dashboard, log in there and start searching and monitoring the device.

Access panspy Online Dashboard

Comments on User Experience:

Easy to use

PanSpy is a simple and easy-to-use application, you can install it very easily into your Android device and start monitoring.

Part 8: PanSpy VS Spylix

Spylix is another best parental application that will allow you to monitor as you can use over the PanSy app. A brief comparison of both applications is provided in the following.

1.The Similarity: Similarity

  • From using this application you did not need to root your target device for using this application.
  • Both are easy and simple to use and way to install or the process is also very easy and monitor the device

2. The Difference: Difference

  • Spylix offers more features compared to the PanSpy app.
  • Spylix compatibilities with both devices Android and iOs but the PanSpy can monitor just Android devices.

3. Why Splix is a Better Option Than PanSpy App?

Spylix is an efficient platform to provide a quality monitoring application. Spylix is better than the PanSpy because of its good features. Spylix is a wonderful application to monitor the device android and iOS.

  • Safe and secure
  • When anyone uses the spy app there is always a threat that anyone can steal your information but the Spylix app is 100% secure and safe to use this application. so the more customers rely on this spy application.

  • More features
  • There are so many features that are provided by the Spylix app and not provided by PanSpy. It is almost offered to its users 42 best features that are so cool and amazing.

  • Access to Delete Data
  • Spylix offers to see the deleted data by the target you can also access it and PanSpy does not offer that type of any features.

  • The Advanced
  • Spylix app is more advanced services provided to its users as compared to the PanSpy, so you can easily choose the spylix app to monitor and track a person's activities.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Spylix offers you budget-friendly plans as compared to other spy applications, you can easily choose from these plans.

4. How to Use Spylix

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQ About the PanSpy

Is PanSpy Legit?

PanSpy app has a consumer rationing 5 stats from 3, reviews indicating the customer is satisfied with this application.

Is PanSpy a good app?

Yes, the PanSpy is efficient and reliable and will give you the best Parental control software.

How to Install the PanSpy app?

The process to install the PanSpy is very easy. You can go to its website, register on it, download the APK app on the target device, and start monitoring all the activities.

What devices supported the PanSpy?

PanSpy Application supported the Android devices 5 +, and very soon they introduced the iOS.

Can I trust the PanSy app?

Yes, you can trust the PanSpy application as it uncovers the information related to your target and you can monitor it.

Is PanSpy Truly hidden?

PanSpy does not alert the target that you are monitoring it, so it is a truly hidden application and you can watch all the activities of the target.

Conclusion for Panspy Reviews

From this Panspy Reviews, we can know that PanSpy allows the parents to track down the activities of their children by using this app, even when you can not see them around them. It is very easy to control and with high performance, this app is one of the best apps for parents to control their children.

PanSpy will allow you to clear out all the inappropriate data from the device, blocking the website and remote apps without letting your child know. It does not mean that if your child accesses the net to access the whole internet. You can also track the calls and messages also with PanSpy.

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