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NexSPY Reviews 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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Tracking someone is very easy nowadays, there are a lot of online tools and spy apps that offer you a lot of monitoring and spying features. By using these features you can easily monitor all the digital activities your kids are performing on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

You can track your employees to find exactly what they do on company-provided cell phones, or can catch a cheater girlfriend/ boyfriend or spouse. This article is a NEXSPY review and describes all about this spying app along with NEXSPY reviews of customers, all you want to know before buying it.

Part 1: What is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is an efficient app that you can use to track only mobile phones. It works in stealth mode so the other person may not find that you are spying on them. You just have to install the app on the target person's mobile phone and then it collects all their data and transfers it to your account which you can easily access on your mobile phone.

It supports iOS and Android devices so whether your kids or employees use android or iPhone, it works well on both. It offers many innovative and advanced monitoring features, by using NEXSPY you can easily locate a GPS location and can view SMS, calls, and emails of the target person.

It also allows you monitoring of social media applications including WhatsApp and Facebook. It is easy to install and use on any type of version. Additionally, it is undetectable and vanishes like a ghost after installation. It also offers professional customer support to its users.

Part 2: What Can I Do with NEXSPY?

According to NEXSPY's official website, the NEXSPY app offers more than 40 monitoring features to its users. Some of its important key features are

  • Monitoring call logs - By using NEXSPY you can monitor the entire call log of the target. It covers data about incoming and outgoing calls and you can also find out the caller number, duration time of the call, and many other associated details.
  • Monitoring messages - It also allows you to all the received and sent messages on the target mobile phone. You can easily monitor text Message from instant messaging applications like WhatsApp Instagram or any other. It also covers MMS and iMessages.
  • Monitoring emails - By using your online dashboard you can monitor emails that are sent by the target person or received on the target device.
  • Tracking live location - By using this feature you can easily find out there exactly where your kids are. It offers real-time GPS tracking and exact co-ordinate of the location along with the date and time to guide you in a maximum way.
  • Recording key logs - It offers a super-easy way to record and view whatever the target person is typing on their cell phone. Along with keylogger activity, it also permits its users to get notified when a specific keyword appears on searches, emails, or messages.
  • Monitoring internet activities - By using NEXSPY you can easily find out what your kid is doing on the internet as it provides access to the browsing history and website bookmarks of the target device.

Part 3: NEXSPY's Compatibility

NEXSPY tool is compatible with 4+ Android and iOS 7 to 14 mobile phones, you can easily use it for all the popular devices that are present in the market including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, and iPhone. In the case of android devices, rooting is necessary to unlock certain features but for iOS devices, you must have to jailbreak the target phone.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about NEXSPY?

NEXSPY has gained a lot of positive reviews about its working and features but still, some of the customers have a complaint about the customer service and the other facilities. To find out more about the customer reviews read the given section

Great Reviews Great
Bad Reviews Bad
56.22% 4.56% 39.22%
Top Good Reviews Top Good Review
Top Bad Reviews
5 Stars

"I had a problem with my employee using the company mobile for private purposes. The high monthly invoice was the first signal. Using NEXSPY with the Snapchat spy app feature helps me put that worry away."

Top Bad Reviews Top Bad Review
User Profile
Jeff Hopkins
1 Star

"This app from the beginning only partially worked. I only could see some calls some texts some of the webs and one time a picture that was received from contacts apps and some Facebook logs. It was also found remotely quick also the price was less but somehow at the end, it was 169 then they said they issued a refund but it's almost been a month and still no refund it's a joke."

LikeGood Reviews Highlight

  • Smooth working. It works smoothly and efficiently to provide all the updates on time. The interface is designed very well and guided for the users.
  • Parental control. It is praised by parents who are worried about their kid's mobile phone usage. It offers all the features that help in easy Parental Control.
  • Employees monitoring. Employers use the product either to locate the company-provided devices or to keep an eye on the employees so they can work hard without wasting time on social media sites.

DisLikeBad Reviews Highlight

  • Difficulty in cancellation of plans. Most of the users have found difficulties while canceling their subscription plans. As when you request for cancellation they asked you to provide an authentic reason otherwise you are not able to cancel the plan.
  • Compatibility issues. There are some compatibility issues that are experienced. It needs rooting or jailbreaking on the devices which makes it difficult to use the product by a layman for monitoring.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?


The customer support team is not good enough as it should be. They do not reply on time. They do not guide the customers about some issues including the need for jailbreaking or rooting.

Part 5: How Much Does NEXSPY Cost?

NEXSPY offers 3 different subscription plans for its users. All the plans give you excess to all the monitoring features available for android and iPhone devices. It also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee that is not enough secure.

Subscription plan Price
1 month $39
3 months $87
1 year $228

Comments on NEXSPY Price


You can also avail of NEXSPY free trial for 3 days for $ 0.99. it also lets you cancel the plan but it has been observed that plan cancellation is quite hard and you have to prove incredibility otherwise you are not able to cancel the plan.

Part 6: NEXSPY Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  • Easy to install
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Offers many features
  • Affordable prices
  • 3-day free trial

Cons: Dislike

  • Required rooting to unlock certain Android features
  • Jailbreaking is required on iOS devices
  • Difficult to cancel the subscription plan / unsecured money-back guarantee
  • Doesn't offer a geofencing feature
  • The hidden identity of the website owner

Part 7: How to Use NEXSPY?

You can easily use and install NEXSPY on any type of Android and iOS device. It takes only 5 minutes to install the application on the target device. After installation, you can easily access all the data by using your cloud portal.

Its interface is also very user-friendly and anyone can easily use it even without having any professional experience or knowledge. Follow the given steps to get the NEXSPY app on the target device:

Step 1 Register an Account

Go to the official website of NEXSPY and purchase a subscription plan according to your budget and you will get all of your license details.

Step 2 Set up the Tool

After subscribing to a particular plan, you need the NEXSPY application download and install on the target device and log into it by following the instructions given on-screen.

Step 3 Access Online Dashboard

After installing the application on the target device you just have to log in to your cloud portal and start the tracking target device.

Although purchasing a plan and NEXSPY login is very easy but if you need to cancel the subscription then you must have a solid reason otherwise you cannot do it.

Comments on User Experience


You can easily use and install NEXSPY on any type of Android and iOS device. It takes only 5 minutes to install the application on the target device. After installation, you can easily access all the data by using your cloud portal.

Part 8: NEXSPY VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both spy apps can be used for Android and iPhone devices.
  2. Both offer you many monitoring features.
  3. Both applications are easy to install and use

2. The Difference : Difference

  1. Although NEXSPY offers a lot of features for monitoring target devices still there are a few that it doesn't offer like geofencing but Spylix offers it.
  2. Spylix does not require jailbreaking iOS devices but you have to jailbreak to use NEXSPY.
  3. Spylix offers all of its features without any restrictions but you need to root Android devices to unlock some features.

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than NEXSPY?

Spylix is an efficient platform in terms of quality, reliability, and features. Following are the reasons describing why it is considered a better option than NEXSPY:

  1. Spylix offers a lot of features and there are a few important features that NEXSPY is not offering. One of them is geofencing, By using the geofencing feature of Spylix you can set boundaries for your kids, and when they enter or leaves you will get an instant notification. This feature is very helpful in location tracking.
  2. Spylix and NEXSPY both are compatible with iOS devices but Spylix doesn't demand to jailbreak your iOS device. It is risky for the mobile phone as it can damage the device. Additionally, according to Apple policy, it is illegal to do. But you must have to jailbreak your iPhone in case you want to use NEXSPY on it.
  3. Spylix offers you all of its features without any restrictions but in the case of NEXSPY, you need to root your target Android device to unlock certain features on it.
  4. You can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Gmail without rooting but to use features of taking screenshots, monitoring messaging apps, and web activities require rooting an Android phone.

  5. It is very easy to install and purchase a subscription plan but if you want to cancel the plan then you must need a valid reason to prove its incredibility otherwise you will be considered ineligible.
  6. It has also been reported by some customers that they don't get their money back although they claim that they offer a money-back guarantee. As compared to NEXSPY Spylix is more reliable and authentic and offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  7. On the official website of NEXSPY, the owner details are totally hidden which makes its reliability questionable. But Spylix is a safe and reliable platform from all sides.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQs about NEXSPY

Is NEXSPY Legit?

The legitimacy of any spy app is very important to know before trying it. NEXSPY is a legitimate app and trust organizations have approved it. It is reliable and safe to use by the parents of children under 18 and by employers for employees.

But it is necessary to talk to any legal advisor before using it. Spylix is also a legitimate app that can be used for security purposes where your concern is not to harm anyone.


No, NEXSPY doesn't offer its features free of cost. You have to purchase a bundle to start over but it provides a NEXSPY free trial for 3 days. This trial costs only $0.99 dollars.

After 3 days you have to pay or can cancel the plan. But cancellation is hard to do because of its policy.

Does NEXSPY Work?

NEXSPY is an app that can remotely monitor anyone's activities they are performing on their personal mobile. It is designed for the parents to keep an eye on the kids and for the employers as a functional tool in business.

It can be downloaded on Android or iPhone. Spylix is also a monitoring app that offers a lot of features and lets you monitor anyone's digital activities without informing them.

How Good Is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is a great choice if you are a parent and want to provide safety to your kids from online danger and threats. It offers many monitoring features which let you find out exactly what your kids are doing on their mobile phones.

It can also be used by employers to track their employees or track company-provided mobile phones. Spylix is an efficient app that can also be used by parents, employers or even you can use it for yourself.

Is It Safe to Use the NEXSPY App?

Yes, it is totally safe to use this application on your kid's or your company's devices. It provides an encrypted way of transforming the data so all the details of your target person will be safe. Spylix also offers an encryption method and the only person who can view the data, is you?

How Does NEXSPY Work?

After purchasing the plan you have to download and install it on the target device. Then you will be able to access calls, text messages, location, and social media details of the target person. It runs in the background and collects all the details and then safe to the cloud portal.

To access the information you have to log in to your cloud portal. Spylix also works remotely and collects all the information related to the monitoring features it is offering and then transfer it to your Spylix dashboard which you can access by using your mobile phone or computer.

NEXSPY Review Conclusion

This NEXSPY review is helpful for parents and for employers who want to buy this monitoring application.

NEXSPY app is compatible with Android and iOS devices but you have to jailbreak the iOS and root Android device to get some features, it also offers many features but you can not go back easily as it is difficult to cancel a plan (many NEXSPY reviews show that some customers don't get back their money), in these situations Spylix is another alternative you can go with.

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