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GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Reviews 2024: All You Should Know

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WhatsApp is widely used around the world for connecting and sharing thoughts, pictures, videos, and messages. Most instant apps offer all these features but there are some qualities that make GB WhatsApp an incredible choice.

Such as after creating a WhatsApp account wherever you go the account will continue to run on the same phone number regardless of your recent country.

Some of us may be bored of using WhatsApp and more features and some hacking options through which we can enjoy WhatsApp more. The given GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Review describes a WhatsApp clone that offers you all these deep monitoring features.

Part 1: What is GB WhatsApp Hacker APK?

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp owned by Facebook but it contains some extra features which you will not get by using the original WhatsApp. These features not only help you to enjoy the chatting more but also provide some monitoring features through which you can find out more about the other WhatsApp users.

GB WhatsApp was introduced for only Android users but now its iOS version is also available on the internet. It does not have any official website additionally the application is not available on app stores.

You can use GB WhatsApp hacker APK to monitor your kid's WhatsApp activities or to find out when your husband is online without opening his chat. GB WhatsApp is usually used by people who want to read text messages which are deleted for everyone.

You can also use GB WhatsApp if you want to control your privacy options as it allows you to become completely invisible to other WhatsApp users.

Part 2: What Can I Do with GB WhatsApp?

It is the additional features of GB WhatsApp that have grabbed the attention of WhatsApp users. It offers many features that the original WhatsApp is not providing.

Some of its features that can be used to spy on someone's WhatsApp are:

  • Read deleted WhatsApp messages. Original WhatsApp has a feature using which anyone can delete the text Message for everyone and then it will be permanently deleted but by using GB WhatsApp you can view all the deleted messages from your target person.
  • View deleted WhatsApp status. If your husband or your kid has uploaded a status and then delete it, by using GB WhatsApp you can also view it.
  • Hide writing and online status. GB WhatsApp offers you more privacy options as you want to use WhatsApp or to chat with someone without knowing other users then you can hide your online status or can hide your writing status easily.
  • Original WhatsApp also able you to disable the last scene status but when you are online it will show you online but GB WhatsApp will never show you online if you have enabled the option.

  • Download someone's status. If you are viewing someone's status and you like it then by using GB WhatsApp you can easily copy it to your clipboard and then either save it to your gallery or send it to anyone else.
  • Hide messages ticks. GB WhatsApp also allows you to hide message ticks of the target person so they will not know that you are online or offline or whether you have received the messages or not.
  • Updates about someone are online. This feature is a great help for parents as they do not need to open the WhatsApp chat of the kids to find out if they are online at late night or not. GB WhatsApp will show you assign on the profile picture and also send you a notification if someone of your WhatsApp contact is online.

Part 3: GB WhatsApp Hacker APK's Compatibility

GB WhatsApp APK different versions are present for Android and iOS devices on the internet. You can download it from any third-party website but it could be not safe. For its installation, it does not need to root or jailbreak the target device.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about GB WhatsApp Hacker APK?

When we have searched for GB WhatsApp hacker APK reviews on the internet then we find nothing significant. So we can say that it has not gained many customer reviews on the internet.

It is used by many people who are bored of the original WhatsApp and want more features. But most people avoid installing it because it is not secure and does not provide you enough security of your data.

Part 5: How Much Does GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Cost?

GB WhatsApp is a freely available application. You do not need to pay any type of charge to download it to your mobile phone.

Comments of GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Price


GB WhatsApp is a free app so you don't have to pay any charges to use it for spying on someone on WhatsApp. But it is not actually a spy app, it offers limited features in regards to spying which are not enough to extract any type of WhatsApp data.

Part 6: GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  • Free to download
  • Easy installation
  • View deleted WhatsApp messages
  • View deleted status
  • Offer more privacy options

Cons: Dislike

  • Not safe and secure
  • Can be hacked easily
  • Not available on Google and Apple store
  • Can ban you by WhatsApp
  • Offers very limited features for spying

Part 7: How to Install GB WhatsApp Hacker APK?

As mentioned earlier GB WhatsApp hacker APK is not available on the Google play store or Apple store but you are allowed for GB WhatsApp hacker APK free download from any third-party website. For your more guidance a step by step guideline is provided below:

Step 1

First of all, you need to create a backup of your already present WhatsApp, to do so go to the settings and create a backup here.

Step 2

Now download the GB WhatsApp hacker APK file from any third-party website. You have to grant some permissions and then downloading will start.

Step 3

When the APK file is downloaded install it on your mobile phone.

Step 4

Now the next method is the same as we have to follow in the original WhatsApp. Accept the terms and conditions then provide your contact number and you will receive the OTP code. Enter it and you get the GB WhatsApp.

Comments on User Experience

Easy to use

Downloading GB WhatsApp is not a difficult task as there are many websites present on the internet that offers you to download the APK file.

It is also very easy to use and does not take a lot of time to complete the whole procedure. But there are chances you will lose all of your old data and can be a future threat.

Part 8: GB WhatsApp Hacker APK VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both are available for android as well as ios users
  2. Both offer monitoring of WhatsApp deleted messages
  3. Both are easy to install and use.

2. The Difference: Difference

  1. GB WhatsApp offers you very few monitoring features as compared to Spylix
  2. GB WhatsApp is not a secured platform and can be harmful but Spylix is a secure and safe tool
  3. GB WhatsApp does not have any official website and customer support service but Spylix has.

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Option Than GB WhatsApp Hacker APK?

Whether the concern is monitoring features or the security of your data Spylix is the best available option. Following are some of the reasons that describe why a person should prefer Spylix over GB WhatsApp:

  • GB WhatsApp offers you very limited monitoring features that are not helpful in spying on someone secretly but by using Spylix you can monitor the whole WhatsApp account of your target person.
  • By using GB WhatsApp you can only read the text messages that your sender has deleted but you will not read all of his other chats, Spylix offers you to read all the individual and group chats of your target person without him knowing.
  • One of the main disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp is that most people have reported it as a threat to your data privacy. Even WhatsApp has also made use of GB WhatsApp as an illegal activity and can block your WhatsApp account.
  • But Spylix is a secure and authentic platform that is legal to you use and offers you maximum privacy and security of your data.

  • If you are using GB WhatsApp then you can only keep an eye on your kid's WhatsApp usage but by using Spylix you can monitor all the digital activities of your kids including the GPS location, calls, text messages, and browser history.
  • Spylix is a hidden way of monitoring your kid's activities as it will hide its icon on your target device and does not leave any type of clue so that the target person will never find out that you are monitoring him or her but GB WhatsApp offers you limited hidden features.
  • Spylix offers you 24/7 customer care service so if you are stuck at any point then you will be guided and your issue will be resolved as soon as possible but GB WhatsApp does not offer any type of customer care service.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: FAQs about GB WhatsApp Hacker APK

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

No, we cannot say that GB WhatsApp is a safe application to use. There are many threats that are associated with this platform. It can be hacked and it is also illegal to use according to the original WhatsApp owners and your WhatsApp account can be banned if you are using GB WhatsApp.

Spylix is a safe platform that is legal to use for monitoring kids' and employees' WhatsApp activities.

Can GBWhatsApp See Hidden Status?

Yes, by using GB WhatsApp you can see the hidden status and the statuses that are deleted by the target person. you are also allowed to save a status if you like it. Spylix also offers you to monitor the whole of the WhatsApp content of your target person.

Is GB WhatsApp Legit?

GB WhatsApp is not a legitimate platform. It is basically a clone of the original WhatsApp which is not legal to use that is why it is not available on the Google play store and Apple store.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has also declared the use of any clone WhatsApp including GB WhatsApp illegal. Spylix is a legend tool that is allowed to use for monitoring under 18 kids.

Does GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Really Work?

Yes, GB WhatsApp works well and a lot of people use it because of its additional and exceptional features. But it is not a safe tool and does not offer you a lot of monitoring features also if you want to spy on someone.

Spylix offers you a lot of monitoring features as you are allowed to monitor GPS location, calls, and messages of other instant applications along with WhatsApp.

Is GB WhatsApp Hacker APK a Scam?

It is not obviously clear whether it is a scam or not. the GB WhatsApp APK file works for many users and it offers the features that it has advertised but there are many future threats that are associated with it.

Spylix is not a scam and is widely used by a lot of people to monitor WhatsApp and other digital activities of the target person. Spylix has gained 96% positive reviews which is enough to describe its credibility.

Will GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Work Anywhere in the World?

Yes, you can install and use the GB WhatsApp anywhere in the world. it is not available on the app store but you can download it from any website available on the internet. Spylix also works everywhere and after installation wherever your target person goes you will get all the updates on your online dashboard.

GB WhatsApp Hacker APK Review Conclusion

The given GB WhatsApp hacker APK reviews describe one of the clone apps of Facebook-owned WhatsApp. A lot of people use GB WhatsApp because of its additional and interesting features but it can be a threat to the user privacy and data.

Additionally, it offers only 2 or 3 spying features which are not enough to monitor someone on WhatsApp deeply.

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