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5 Best Snapchat Spying Apps and SnapChat Monitoring Review

Snapchat is a popular app for sharing real-time videos and images. It is widely used by teenagers and young adults and boasts more than 280 million daily active users worldwide who, between them, share around 18 billion videos every day.

Like other social media sites, much of Snapchat’s popularity is down to its ease of use and the ability to connect with other uses. But the simplicity of the site also brings dangers. Whilst the majority of content shared on Snapchat is harmless, with so many videos and images being posted daily, inevitably some of it is inappropriate.

Snapchat Loading on iPhone

Social media sites are also targeted by individuals with criminal intent who will seek to groom vulnerable people, including children and teenagers. It is recommended that parents ensure the safety and privacy settings offered by Snapchat are used to help prevent young people being exposed to these risks.

However, many young people are tech savvy, curious and too trusting. Which is why some parents use spy apps to monitor the Snapchat activity of their sons and daughters to make sure they are not viewing inappropriate content or being exposed to other online risks such as cyberbullying or communicating with strangers.

Spy apps are a relatively new concept and are designed to allow you to remotely monitor smartphone activity. As a parent, you may want to monitor the device in stealth mode so that your child is unaware of it. This is perfectly possible and there are numerous options when it comes to spy apps for Snapchat. But technology is a fast-paced industry in which things change constantly, so trying to keep on top of what is the best Snapchat spy app can be tricky. That’s why we have checked out the top performing spy apps for Snapchat to determine the best Snapchat spy app for 2024.

So, let’s take a look at how each performed and which is the best.

Spylix uMobix FlexiSpy ClevGuard MobiStealth
Recommendation ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★☆☆☆
What You Will Get Snapchat messages, media files, Snapchat screenshots, etc. plus 40+ monitoring features 24+ monitoring features 33+ monitoring features 24+ monitoring features 19+ monitoring features
Success Rate 99.9% 85% 80% 80% 75%
Technical Difficulty Easy Medium Medium Medium Medium

Part 1: Using Snapchat spying app – Spylix

Recommendation: 5/5

Snapchat Messages Details with Spylix

Our tests showed Spylix to be the number one spy app for Snapchat. Spylix is an extremely advanced app that supports 40 types of information and is particularly useful for monitoring social media sites – including Snapchat. In our tests, it had a 99.9% success rate.

One of the key features of Spylix is that it offers secret monitoring of Snapchat and other social media sites. Some of the alternatives either don’t offer secret monitoring or rely on you to ensure that they track activity on the device in stealth mode.

With Spylix, the app automatically hides the icon on the target phone so your loved one need not know that you are monitoring their activity. As a legal guardian, monitoring smartphone activity of a young person for the purpose of protecting them from harm is legal but do check state and federal laws before doing so.

Snapchat monitoring is one of the greatest strengths of Spylix and all messages, videos and images are tracked in real-time. Once installed on the target device, you can receive instant updates on all activity directly to your own device no matter where in the world you are. Even if you have to travel for work, you can keep an eye on what your kids are up to online and help ensure they are safe.

Spylix is easy to set up and installation takes just a few minutes. Just log on to www.spylix.com and click on ‘Sign Up for Free’. Then follow the three simple steps to set up your account, begin tracking your target device and give yourself peace of mind. Once you’re signed up, you’ll see just how easy it is to navigate.

In addition to its powerful monitoring capabilities, Spylix is also ultra-safe. There is no need to jailbreak the target device so all personal information is protected. You need not worry that any private data will be lost or accidentally shared with third parties.

Spylix is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and allows you to:

  1. Remotely view SMS, WhatsApp, Calls, Social Apps, GPS etc.
  2. Set geo-fencing or app, website, Wi-Fi-blocking on device.

And if that wasn’t enough – Spylix is also one of the most affordable spy apps of 2024.

Advantages of Spylix:

Secret Monitoring: Spylix can be set to automatically hides icons for perfect stealth monitoring.

Rich in Functions: Spylix has a wide range of functions to monitor many apps at an affordable price.

Real-time Monitoring: Remotely receive all Snapchat activity from your target device anytime from anywhere.

Simple Setup: Set up Spylix in 3 easy steps.

High Information Security: All information is kept secure.


Monthly Plan Quarterly Plan Yearly Plan
$48.99 per month $27.99 per month $11.66 per month

Part 2: Using uMobix to spy on Snapchat

Recommendation: 3/5

Umobix Homepage

uMobix is another affordable spy app for Snapchat and is slightly cheaper than Spylix. It is easy to install and does a good job in monitoring activity on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It also offers real-time monitoring and supports keylogger.

However, we found it was not as simple to navigate as Spylix, and we graded its technical difficulty as medium. In tests, its success rate was 85% and it is limited to 24 data types so is led comprehensive than some of its competitors.

Although uMobix is a good spy app for Snapchat and other social media sites, it does come up short when it comes to monitoring call history and activity. uMobix has no option for checking call logs from a particular number and does not include a call recording feature. Also call filtering based on call duration is not an option. This can mean you have to spend longer going through the data to get a full picture of the overall internet activity of the target device.


Basic plan Monthly full plan Quarterly full plan Annual full plan
$29.99 per month $$59.99 per month $99.99 per month $179.788 for 12 months

Part 3: Use FlexiSpy to track Snapchat

Recommendation: 3/5

flexispy Homepage

FlexiSpy is a nice spy app that works well for monitoring Snapchat and other social media sites. It includes options for expansive and advanced spying as well as GPS location spying. The app supports call monitoring, call recording, keylogger functionality and high quality social media spying.

FlexiSpy is compatible with old and new versions of iOS and Android devices and is generally considered to be one of the better spy apps on the market. But its price point reflects its lofty reputation and it is one of the most expensive spy apps for Snapchat.

Despite its functionality, FlexiSpy rarely features at the top of any list of the best spy apps for 2024 as it fails to justify its cost. It has 33 monitoring features – more than the 24 on offer with many alternatives, but still fewer than the 40 monitoring features available with our top performing spy solutions, Spylix.

There is a Lite Plan available which doesn’t feature the full range of options, and the full package will set you back significantly more than other spy apps with similar functionality.


Lite plan Premium plan Extreme plan
$29.99 per month $$68.00 per month $199.00 per month

Part 4: Use ClevGuard to check Snapchat

Recommendation: 3/5

Clevguard Homepage

ClevGuard has been around for a good few years and is a well-known name in the spy app industry. It performs well in terms of social media monitoring and is an affordable spy app for Snapchat. That said, the set-up process for monitoring Snapchat is a 5-step process and takes longer than others but the tracking system is no more effective than its competitors.

With more than 30 monitoring functions available, ClevGuard is easy to use, reliable and robust, and it gives you opportunity to monitor our child’s Snapchat activity remotely and secretly. But in 2020, the app was exposed as having leaked data which has brought its reputation into question.

While it could be argued that ClevGuard will now be on their guard and doubling down on efforts to secure the data it holds, for many users the few dollars a month that can be saved do not warrant the risk of choosing this spy app.


Monthly plan Quarterly plan Annual plan
$16.65 per month $$29.95 per month $8.32 per month

Part 5: Use MobiStealth to spy someone’s Snapchat

Recommendation: 2/5

Mobistealth Homepage

The last on our list and ranking lowest of the five, is MobiStealth. As with many of its competitors, the app is easy to install and simple to use. It can operate in stealth mode and can be set up to monitor Snapchat with total vigilance. Like ClevGuard, MobiStealth has a 5-step process to begin tracking Snapchat activity on the target device and offers 24/7 customers support.

When it comes to functionality, MobiStealth offers the fewest monitoring features, with just 19 available in the lowest package. Despite that, MobiStealth is one of the least affordable options, hence it coming in at 5th place overall in our rankings.


Pro plan Pro X plan
$59.99 per month $69.99 per month

Part 6: How to effectively monitor Snapchat on your target device

So, you’ve decided that you want to monitor the Snapchat activity on a loved ones’ smartphone or device. The next step is to decide on the best way to do that. You might want to see who they are connecting with, what content they are sharing or what messages are being sent and received from the device.

Snapchat App Icon

Snapchat is the best spy app for monitoring Snapchat. It is easy to use, affordable and has a comprehensive suite of features to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

To start monitoring your target device using Spylix, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account for free.

Spylix Mobile Register

Step 2: Setup the Spylix app.

Step 3: Login to the control panel to track your target device.

Use Spylix to effectively monitor Snapchat on your target device

It’s that simple!

You now have real-time access to monitor all Snapchat activity.

Part 7: Summary

There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing the best spy app for Snapchat.

With so many different Snapchat viewers with varying functions and differing price points, trying to select the best can be difficult. Some of the cheaper options lack in terms of the functions they offer and can disappoint as you are not given the access to the target phone that you had hoped you would have.

Conversely, some of the more expensive ones fail to live up to their price point and you end up paying extra for no real benefit or for functions you don’t need.

Spylix stands out as the best spy app for Snapchat as it offers the most functionality at mid-range price point. And with the free trial, you can give the app a test drive to make sure it does all that it says before you sign up for the full service.

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