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WhatsApp Monitor: How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online

In the present world of technology, you don't need to work a lot just to find WhatsApp online monitor tool.

The only hurdle that you will face is the rooting or jailbreaking due to which most of the tools are not providing the desired results.

WhatsApp monitor is the most popular spying idea to get all the information about the target person. There are different tools that offer WhatsApp conversations or advanced features but sometimes they only have weak claims.

Let's have a look at the most popular ways to get a free WhatsApp chat monitor.

Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online

What Is WhatsApp Monitor and What Can You Get from It?

WhatsApp monitor is an online tool that provides you an opportunity to watch the WhatsApp screens of the target person. Now you can monitor the complete working of the target person without any restriction.

Different experts have declared different features that are provided by the best WhatsApp monitor tools. Let's have a look at the most prominent features that are provided by WhatsApp monitoring:

Conversation Monitoring:

If you are looking for an application to monitor someone's WhatsApp text then WhatsApp monitoring will help you. You can look at the old as well as present conversation of the target person. The deleted conversation would also be provided to the user by authentic tools.

Call Monitoring:

You must want to know how to monitor WhatsApp calls on your laptop then this could be done by using the inbuilt feature of WhatsApp monitoring. You can easily look at the call duration and its timing just by logging in to WhatsApp on the laptop and every information would be in front of you.

Media Monitoring:

Everyone wants to know ways to free monitor WhatsApp, specifically the media that is shared. Sometimes we are doubtful about a specific person and want to know the media sender and its details. WhatsApp monitoring will also provide you an opportunity to look at the send and receive media.

It Allows You To Receive Media

Access to Groups and individual Chats:

By using a WhatsApp monitoring tool you can easily access the group conversations and individual chats of the target person. Due to this, you can add/remove any person from the group or share any data from the group or individual conversation quickly.

Access to Settings:

If you want to learn everything about accessing the device of any person and wonder how police monitors WhatsApp conversations. WhatsApp monitoring provides an opportunity no matter if you are an official or not to monitor and access all the settings according to your own choices.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online?

As we have discussed, spying tools are the best source of learning how to monitor WhatsApp messages remotely without any interruption.

One of the best spying tools on the internet is Spylix. It is the most popular tool when it comes to WhatsApp spying.

Spylix is the best tool that works with the authentic results and privacy of the user. Users of different fields are always recommended to use this tool due to its interface and privacy protection.

Use Spylix to Monitor WhatsApp Activity

Spylix provides geofencing to restrict the area for the target person as you will get an alert whenever the target person comes close to the restricted area.

A recording feature is also entertained as you can record any call or work of the target person as proof.

Most of the tools don't provide deleted media information but Spylix provides this facility and much more information about the target person along with the WhatsApp monitoring. You must be wondering what is the basic method that is used to get this tool on your device then it is explained here:

Step 1: Free Registration

Head towards the official website of Spylix and try to register for the free account.

Create a Spylix Account to Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online

Step 2: Setting an account

Follow the instructions to set up an official account on the device.

Set Up an Account to Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online

Step 3: Login and start monitoring

The last step is to log in to your official account and start monitoring the WhatsApp of the target person.

Login to Monitor WhatsApp Activity Online

We have discussed a lot about Spylix best mobile monitoring: SMS WhatsApp monitoring but it's time to know about the features that are provided by Spylix. The most prominent features that are provided to the user are:

  • Spylix provides an amazing opportunity to look at the WhatsApp messages along with their timing, date, sender, or receiver information.
  • You can also get the complete details about the incoming or outgoing call using Spylix. The call duration details and the details of the sender/receiver are also provided.
  • You can get the real-time update on WhatsApp along with the deleted information on WhatsApp.
  • You can easily add or remove any person in the group chat. In addition to this, you can send or receive any information on WhatsApp without any hurdle.
  • A person can also get access to the settings of the device by using Spylix. as you can block any person or change the settings of the device according to your choice.

Why Should We Monitor WhatsApp?

Let's have a look at the target users and their reasons:

For Monitoring Children:

Parents are always worried about the working of their children on the internet. Most parents don't know how to monitor kids' WhatsApp chat. The parents need to look at the WhatsApp conversation to know about the friends circle of the children.

For Monitoring Partner:

The present world demands strong tools for monitoring the working of partners. If you are facing a doubt of disloyalty from your husband or want to know how I can monitor my wife's WhatsApp? Then WhatsApp monitoring will allow you to keep attracting information about his/her work on WhatsApp.

For Monitoring Employees:

A company's officials are never sure about the loyalty of their employees hence use company wifi to monitor WhatsApp messages.

Nobody is confirmed whether the employees are not sharing their private information with the other competitors. WhatsApp monitoring provides an opportunity to monitor the working of employees on WhatsApp so that you may feel relaxed.

For Monitoring Victims:

Most government officials want to know how to monitor and hack a WhatsApp account with the victim's phone? WhatsApp monitoring would be an amazing tool to monitor the activities of the victims and collect strong proof of their innocence or crime.

Monitor The Activities Of The Victims

How to Choose a WhatsApp Monitoring App?

If you are the one who is in search of an application for WhatsApp monitoring. You don't need to worry as we are going to provide you with all the important monitoring information.

You just need to have a look at the important features that must be present in the WhatsApp monitoring application:


The reliability of the spying tool must be high so that you can easily work on it. A credible tool will provide a 100% guarantee about the protection of your data as well as the date of the target person.


The spying tool must have a simple interface so that a beginner will never feel uncomfortable during its usage. If the interface is difficult then the beginners can't use it which is a disadvantage.

Stealth Mode:

Best spying tools always provide stealth mode to their users to have better tracking.

In the stealth mode, the tool automatically becomes invisible after installation and the target person is not going to find it.

Maximum Features:

There are a lot of tools available on the internet that claim to provide different features. You must consider such tools which provide the maximum features at the least price.

Spylix is providing 40 different features for Android users and 18 features for iOS users.

Customer Supportive:

A tool that you are going to choose must have customer support services.

Whenever you are having any trouble then customer services will provide you with quick help. It is also important that fewer bugs and errors are present in the tool for the smooth flow of data.


Affordable prices must be checked before choosing the WhatsApp spying tool. If a tool is quite high in its budget then the common person would never use it.

You must consider a tool like Spylix that provides maximum features at the most affordable prices.

Start WhatsApp Monitoring Now!

WhatsApp is the best online tool for conversation as well as business purposes.

If you have a doubt about your partner, children, employee, or any other person whom you want to monitor.

Monitoring apps are available in which Spylix is regarded as one of the top WhatsApp monitoring tools with the maximum features, a simple interface, and customers supportive interface.

Then what are you waiting for?

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