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An In-Depth Nova Spy Review [2024]

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Imagine this: a close family member or friend has suddenly gone out of touch and is not traceable through their phone. We have all been there at least once in our lives.

Such situations can cause a serious amount of anxiety. Phone tracking applications like Nova Spy are specially designed to help you track down the target phone and identify the location of your loved one.

Read on for a detailed Nova Spy review of the service and its features, what the users say about it and how it compares to Spylix.

Nova Spy Review

Part 1: What is Nova Spy?

Founded in 2021, Nova Spy is a powerful phone tracking program which can be installed on Android phones. The app allows you to keep track of the target phone’s location and phone calls. It also provides access to the phone’s camera and microphone.

It is a remarkable tool for those parents who wish to keep their children’s activities under scrutiny or for businesses who wish to keep a check on their employees.

Nova Spy is a great phone spyware application in the current market. It is specifically designed for people who wish to keep track of a loved one.

For instance, in cases where a parent might be worried about their child getting into trouble and hurting themselves or where it is important to catch a cheating spouse, Nova Spy can be a great help.

Part 2: What Can I Do with Nova Spy?

Here are some of Nova Spy’s key features that make it stand out in the business:

  • Nova Spy allows you to read messages on the target phone’s various apps, such as WhatsApp, iMessages, Kik, Snapchat, Line, Telegram and Viber. It will also show you the time and date stamp on these messages to know when they were sent or received.
  • Quickly read the target phone’s SMS messages, and keep track of their activity.
  • The GPS detection feature allows real-time identification of the phone’s location and knows the places your loved one visits.
  • The app lets you view the phone’s contacts and download the entire list within seconds.
  • Allows you to keep track of their social media app usage and monitor their social media activity without the actual user ever knowing.
  • Extract contacts, private notes and other important details from the device without revealing them to the target phone user.
  • View, download and save photos from the target phone before they are deleted or privately saved without letting the owner know anything.
  • Try all these features by Nova Spy by taking a small demo before you actually begin your journey with the app.

Nova Spy Features

Part 3: Nova Spy‘s Compatibility

The app is compatible with all Android devices. It can easily access the target phones remotely without anywhere near the phone.

The app will remain hidden, and the target phone owner will not know anything. However, it might not be compatible with a few older iPhone models.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about Nova Spy?

According to the website’s claim , Nova Spy has a user rating of 4.8. However, this is not definitive since the app is non-existent on third-party customer review platforms. There is no data available, which might raise suspicion in the minds of potential customers.

ova Spy Customer Reviews

Part 5: How Much Does Nova Spy Cost?

Here is a detailed look into Nova Spy’s three different pricing plans:

Pricing Plan Features
Basic The basic plan begins at $69.99, usable on one Android device. Provides basic Android monitoring with no rooting required. Gives access to the phone’s call logs, real-time location, browser history, photos, messages, contacts, bookmarks, videos and third-party social messaging apps.
Premium The premium plan begins from $69.99 with a one-month license. 3-month and 12-month licenses are available at $119.99 and $319.99, respectively. Provides premium iPhone monitoring with no jailbreaking required. Gives access to target phone’s call logs, real-time location, app list, browser history, sim card alert and location, photos, text messages, contacts, calendar activities, and other third-party social networking applications.
Family Kit The family kit 6-month licensed plan begins at $359.97, and the yearly plan is $479.97. Provides a family monitoring solution for up to 3 devices with no jailbreaking required. This plan includes a complete range of features with the exclusive status of a wholesale customer, significant overall savings and a preference for providing quick support service.

Which plan you should get depends on the type and number of devices you wish to track. If the target device is Android, your best bet is a basic plan.

The premium plan is recommended for an iOS device, whereas the family kit plan is best for tracking multiple devices.

Nova Spy Pros and Cons


  • Allowing you to track both Android and Ios devices
  • Allows for tracking of more than one device simultaneously
  • The app remains hidden on the target phone, giving access without the owner’s knowledge
  • No need for rooting or jailbreaking for setting up the app on the target device
  • Customer support is available round the clock, seven days a week


  • Prices are very high as compared to its competitors in the market
  • Does not include a call or video recording option

How to Use Nova Spy?

As mentioned on its official website, there are no direct installations available for iPhone and iPad users for Nova Spy. For monitoring an iPhone, iCloud credentials will be required for app installation.

To use Nova Spy on an Android device, you must begin installing the app on the target device. This procedure is fairly simple and easy. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Buy the relevant plan from Nova Spy’s official website.

Step 2: Once purchased and downloaded, begin by signing up for free on the Nova Spy app on your own personal phone. Create an account for monitoring the target Android device.

Step 3: Now download and install the Nova Spy app on the target device.

Step 4: Log in to the private dashboard available on your personal phone’s nova spy app and monitor all activities happening on the target phone.

How to Use Nova Spy app

Nova Spy VS Spylix

The Common:

  1. Both apps track all types of data on Android and iPhone devices.
  2. No jailbreaking or rooting is required to monitor the target device.
  3. The app remains hidden in the background without letting the owner know anything.

The Difference:

  1. A wider range of data support supports up to 42 data types in the Spylix app.
  2. Spylix provides screen recordings in all its plans compared to Nova Spy, which provides none.
  3. Spylix prices are way lower as compared to Nova Spy, with the premium one-month plan available for as low as $49.99 and the yearly family plan available for $199.99.
  4. Spylix’s family plan offers tracking for up to 5 devices compared to Nova Spy, which only supports 3 devices.

Why Is Spylix Better Than Nova Spy?

When it comes to functionality and features, Spylix is definitely better than Nova Spy and other competitors. Here is why:

  1. Spylix has 42 functions supporting up to 42 data types. No other competitor can beat this number of functional support for data types.
  2. Can see the most content details, such as some competitors can only see the last message, while Spylix can see all conversation messages with their date and time stamp.
  3. It has the most reasonably priced plans available in the market. Most competitors, like Nova Spy, offer nominal services at extremely high prices.
  4. Spylix provides much better customer support regardless of your plan. A few competitors’ customer support varies depending on the plans their users have purchased.
  5. Spylix includes many features that are not offered by any of its competitors. These features include geo-fencing, website blocking, app blocking, screen recordings and monitoring of multiple devices simultaneously.

How to Use Spylix?

Using Spylix is extremely easy and does not require much work. Here is a step-by-step guide to ease you into the process smoothly.

Step 1: Go to the official website and sign up for free by creating your account. Next, Select the device that you wish to monitor (Android or iOS) and click on OK.

Sign up Spylix

Step 2: For iPhone, you will need to enter the iCloud credentials.

Enter the iCloud account credentials

For Android, app installation is needed. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process quickly.

install Spylix on Android devices

Step 3: Access the online dashboard, and now you can monitor the target device and use the app’s different features.

Access the Spylix Control Panel

FAQs on Nova Spy

Is Nova Spy Legit?

The Nova Spy app is a legit app with legitimate credentials. Similarly, Spylix is also a legitimate phone tracking application which provides its users with remarkable access to advanced tracking features.

Its legit status can be determined by its feature of letting its users get a demo so that they would know what to expect from Spylix before they actually buy it.

Is Nova Spy Truly Hidden?

Nova Spy remains completely hidden on the target phone, just like Spylix, which works in the background in stealth mode. The original phone owner will never know the app is working on the phone.

How Safe Is Nova Spy?

Nova Spy is safe to use and can be set up on Android and Ios phones. This means it can be used by almost everyone. Similarly, Spylix also is extremely safe to use on both Android and iOS devices. It needs no jailbreaking or rooting, which maintains the safety of the devices throughout the tracking journey.

Is Nova Spy compatible with iPhones & Androids?

Nova Spy is compatible with iPhones and Androids, just like Spylix, which has zero compatibility issues. Nova Spy may remain incompatible with a few older iPhone models.

Will Nova Spy Work Anywhere in the World?

It doesn’t matter where you are and where your target phone is located. You can track the target phone remotely from anywhere worldwide once either the Spylix or Nova Spy application has been downloaded and installed on the target phone. Spylix is a worldwide-known application and is usable from anywhere in the world.

How Often Is the Data in My Dashboard Updated?

The dashboard updates can be a little slow when it comes to Nova Spy. However, Spylix updates are quick and immediate, ensuring you receive immediate information on your target phone’s location.

Nova Spy Review - Conclusion

As indicated by our detailed Nova Spy review, this app is a good phone tracking app that provides different features to its users.

While its features are reasonably impressive, it seems lacking in a few areas. This means that Nova Spy will need to cover these gaps if it wishes to compete with other apps in the market.

For this reason, Spylix is a much more reliable platform to track the whereabouts and online safety of your loved ones!

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