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How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number (100% Works)

Ben Patterson
Ben Patterson January 29, 2022

Many users want to learn how to track someone’s location with phone number but do not know where to begin. Thanks to advancing tech, it is very much possible to perform said task without anyone knowing.

However, understanding which method is reliable and effective to complete the job can be a daunting endeavor. Fortunately, this article will assist you in knowing how to find someone’s location by cell phone number by introducing 5 top solutions.

Part 1: How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number With Phone Tracker App?

When it comes to tracking someone by phone number, the best possible platform is through a tracker app, and no service is more potent than Spylix. With this service, you only have to type in the phone number and find the location for free. In addition, it can monitor the whereabouts of all modern Android and iOS devices.

Use Spylix Dashboard to track Target Device Location

1.1 Spylix Features for Location Tracking and Phone Tracker

Any app or platform is only as good as the amount and quality of features it offers, and it is where Spylix stands out. The tracking application offers several effective functions to monitor the activities performed on the target device. 

Check out the list below to know what type of features Spylix provides:

a. Track Location of Cell Phone

The app will automatically record the other person’s phone whereabouts with location tracking enabled. In addition, the app will enable you to keep track of a variety of information, including real-time address, city name, and coordinates, with the help of third-party Map applications.

Spylix Can Display Detailed GPS Information of Target Devices

b. SIM Card Tracking

Its SIM Card monitoring function can keep a complete record of the phone number associated with the target Android or iOS device. Additionally, the app sends out an alert, primarily when the other person changes their SIM Card or phone number. The location tracking utility is available with this function, sharing information that is available to it via the cell towers/GPS satellites linked to the number.

Spylix Offers SIM Card Tracking Service

c. Geofencing

With Spylix’s Geofence feature, you can set up “Trusted Zones” around specific locations. For example, if the target device enters or leaves any entered zone, you will receive an alert instantly.

Spylix Offers Geofence Feature

d. WiFi Connection Activity

You can check the information of all the signed-in WiFi networks on the target device, including their SSID’s and names. Moreover, it displays the last time the device was connected to a specific WiFi connection.

Spylix Can Trace WiFi Connection Activity

e. Call Logs

The app allows you to review, track and analyze all the calls made and received on the other individual’s device, assisting you to learn whether they are interacting without someone suspicious or not.

Spylix Allows Call Logs Tracking

f. Browser History

One’s browser history can reveal what activities one is involved in. With Spylix, you can check the websites accessed, the time of visit, and bookmarks. Additionally, you can block harmful sites from getting opened on the target device.

Spylix Allows Browser History Tracking

g. Text Messages & Social App Messages

Social Media platforms are highly popular to chat and exchange conversations nowadays, replacing text messages. Spylix can display every chat history on such apps and SIM texts.

Spylix Allows Text and Social App Messages Tracking

1.2 Step by Step Guide to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

Here’s how you can start monitoring or locating someone by phone number with Spylix:

For Android:

Step 1: Head over to the Spylix website, and click on Sign Up Free to create a new account. Next, enter a valid email address, and select Android. Now, choose any of the three available subscription plans.

Register for Spylix Account to Track Someone's Phone with Phone Number

Step 2: Pick the target user’s Android phone, and install the APK version of the Spylix app on it. Launch the application, and log in with the same email address used to create the account in the previous step.

Follow the Guidances to Set up Spylix

Step 3: To conclude, access your account on Spylix’s website and tap on Start Monitoring to open the control panel/dashboard to catch cheating spouse text messages for free.

Enter Spylix Dashboard to Start Tracking

For iPhone:

Step 1: To locate someone by phone number using their iPhone is easy. First, make a new account with an email address and password. Then, select the iOS option, and choose a pricing plan that best fits you.

Step 2: Now, sync the target person’s iCloud account with your Spylix app. Enable the iCloud Sync option, and enter the iCloud login information to complete the verification.

Enter the Apple ID of the Target Device to Get Start

Step 3: To end, tap on Start Monitoring to access your Spylix account’s dashboard. There, you can select the GPS Locations option under the Location section to view the other person’s whereabouts.

Spylix Can Display Detailed GPS Information of Target Devices

Part 2: How To Find Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number with Phone Lookup Service?

Phone Lookup services, such as CocoFinder, are another handy way to learn where the target person lives. The app displays the current address of the phone number’s owner under a secure connection. In addition, the platform is entirely online, which means you do not have to install any app or software on your device.

CocoFinder Phone Lookup Service to Track Someone's Location with Phone Number


CocoFinder offers plenty of utilities to learn the past and present of a specific individual. A few of them are stated here:

  • People Search
  • If you know the target person’s First and Last Name, then using CocoFinder, you can obtain information about their age, phone number, social media presence, and past endeavors.

  • Address Lookup
  • Just enter your neighbor’s address and learn who has recently moved into your area with this feature. This way, you can remain at ease that your loved ones are safe.

  • Background Check

CocoFinder’s Background Check can help you track the entire history of the target individual, which can be a valuable asset when it comes to conducting business and saving time. For example, you can use this feature to find out about one’s address history, phone numbers, and criminal records.

  • Online
  • Clean Interface
  • Doesn’t provide the real-time location of other individuals
Step by Step Guide

Here are the instructions to track a phone number with CocoFinder:

Step 1: Open the website of CocoFinder and click on the Phone Lookup option on the Home Screen.

Step 2: Now, enter the person’s phone number whose location you want to find and click on Start Search.

Step 3: Using the report provided by CocoFinder, note down the current address of the phone number’s owner, along with other details that can help.

Part 3: Find Location By Phone Number Via Google Maps

There are many apps that help you keep track of your friends and loved ones in real-time. One of them is called Geofinder.mobi, a useful service that lets you track the location of smartphones without the direct assistance of Google Maps. Moreover, it does not require you to access the target phone to complete the task.

GEOfinder Phone Lookup Service to Track Someone's Location with Phone Number


Check out the list below to learn what kind of features the Geofinde platform offers:

  • Supports all Phone Networks
  • The phone location search isn’t limited to one network as this service can track down any phone number, no matter the mobile network.

  • Database of All Countries

You can enter the phone number of any world country into Geofinder’s interface, and it will share its real-time location instantly.

  • Accurate
  • Compatible with all phone models
  • Blocked in some countries
  • Expensive
Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the Geofinder.mobi website, and create a new account.

Step 2: Next, enter the target person’s phone number, and the service will send a text message to the phone. It will request them to update location services on the phone.

Step 3: Using Geofinder’s dashboard, you will be able to track the phone’s position.

Part 4: Track Someone By Phone Number with Location Tracking Website

You can use the Google Maps platform to search the position of any other person by enabling the app’s built-in Location Sharing function. However, this method isn’t as potent as other options, such as Spylix. The biggest flaw of this Google Maps technique is that you have to ask for the permission of the target person to check their location.

Google Maps Helps You Track Phone Location

  • Powered by Google(Reliable)
  • Lacks anonymity
  • One-dimensional
Step by Step Guide

The guide to using of using Google Map to track a phone number is as follows:

Step 1: Enable the GPS on the target phone, and open Google Maps. Next, tap on the Profile Picture and select the Location Sharing option.

Track with Google Maps Location Sharing

Step 2: Now, press Share Location and choose the “Until you turn this off” button.

Track with Google Maps Real Time Location Sharing Settings

Step 3: Finally, share the location with your number using the target phone. A link will be sent to your number via text. Open the link using Google Maps and learn the other person’s current position.

Track with Google Maps Location Sharing Share with A Link

Part 5: Track Location of Cell Phone Using Default Phone Locator App

Whether the target device is Android or iOS-based, both platforms offer a built-in phone locator function: Find My Device and Find iPhone. The device only has to be connected to an active internet connection for these services to do their job efficiently.

  • Free
  • Straightforward
  • Accurate
  • Access to the target user’s login credential is needed for this method to work
  • The function needs to be enabled manually
Step by Step Guide

To learn how to find someone location by phone number with the Default Locator App, read the steps stated below:

For Android:

Step 1: To track the other person’s Android, enable GPS on it.

Step 2: Next, access your browser, and open the target user’s Google Account.

Step 3: Lastly, enter Find My Device on Google, and the search engine will display the device’s real-time location.

Track with Find My Device on Google for Android

For iPhone:

Step 1: The Find My utility should be enabled on the target iOS device. For that, access the phone and open Find My from the Settings menu. There, enable Find My iPhone.

Track with Find My Device on Google for iOS

Step 2: Now, from your browser, open iCloud.com, and enter the target user’s iCloud login details. Next, enter icloud.com/find, and press All Devices.

Login to iCloud Account

Step 3: If the iPhone is connected to a network, then the interface will display its location without any delay.

Tap A Device in Find My Phone Results to Track

Part 6: Reasons Why People Need to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

We all experience different mysteries in our lives. For some, there are situations that we feel compelled to figure out where someone is currently doing or what places they are visiting. Not only that but also the intentions do not necessarily have to be negative for tracking another person’s location through the phone number. It is for one’s own peace of mind to know whether the loved one is safe or not.

Here are some reasons why it is sometimes essential to track someone’s location by phone number:

  • For a parent, it is their duty to know whether their child is protected or not. To ensure it, they can use apps like Spylix to learn their location and act appropriately if they visit a suspicious area.
  • Suppose you are a spouse and have recently noticed a slight change in your partner’s behavior. In that case, you can check their location and learn what type of places they are visiting when they are not at home or the workplace.


Now you know how to track someone location with phone number with the five effective techniques stated in this tutorial. However, the Spylix mobile number tracker is the best way around to view the phone activity of someone you are suspicious of, such as their location, call logs, and social media messages.

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