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Call Monitor: How to Monitor Someone's Call

Phone calls are considered an evergreen method of conversation with friends and family. Some conditions need a call monitor software as a person needs to have a look at the call routines of the target person.

If you are a parent, you must understand that call monitoring is important if your child is young and is getting more engaged with their friends on phone calls.

On the other hand, if you are watching a continuous engagement of your partner on phone calls with another person then you must get alert.

You must have a look at the basic information of call monitoring and select the best available option.

Monitor Someones Call

Part 1: What Is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring is considered the management of functions that are specially designed to listen to the calls of the target person. The main goals of call monitoring can be different according to the situation.

You can be a parent who wants to protect his or her children from a vulnerable environment or you are a spouse who wants to check a cheating partner. You can be a businessman who wants to monitor the call records of the employees for improving transparent relationships between workers.

Call Monitoring

On the other hand, you can also be a service provider who is listening to calls to improve customer interactions. Without restriction, the calls are monitored to work on the quality of the relationship and the improvement of the personality of the target person.

The call center agent works to provide information to those who are going to listen to the calls, the management team works to provide a better experience to the users. It is an amazing method used by all the developed call centers and contact centers as a reason for their success.

Call monitoring software is specially designed to give relaxation to the working environments of large or small business holders. The monitoring app keeps on running in the background while the user will get continuously updated about the details.

Part 2: How to Monitor Someone's Call?

Call Monitoring is sensitive work that needs to be done with great care and preciseness. For this, a tool is needed that can satisfy all the needs of a person in search of a call monitoring tool.

Use Spylix to Monitor Someones Call

Spylix is the best option to choose in such a situation of need and requirement. It is an advanced tool specially designed to monitor the call working of the user without any hindrance.

A person is allowed to look at the call logs of the target person without giving any alert to the target person. You can listen to the ongoing as well as incoming calls without creating any trouble for the caller and receiver.

A user is also allowed to look at the other functionalities of call logs and calls to work on the user experience. It is a fabulous tool if you are looking for a space of improvement and safety for yourself as well as for others.

After listening about a lot of qualities of Spylix you would be happy to know the easiest interface which is:

Step 1: Registration

Head towards the Spylix official website and register for a free account.

Register an Account on Spylix to Monitor Someones Call

Step 2: Setting Up

Follow the instructions to set up your official account on Spylix.

Set up Spylix App to Monitor Someones Call

Step 3: Start to Monitor Calls

Now you just need to log in to your account and start to call monitoring the target person.

Access Spylix Online Dashboard to Monitor Someones Call

That's it! Nothing more to follow or indulge in the complex procedures. It provides the most user-friendly features and interfaces to the customers. Let's have a look at the other features of call monitoring provided by Spylix:

  • The user is allowed to listen to the calls of the target person on a real-time basis. This provides an opportunity to take action on real grounds.
  • The user is also provided an opportunity to look at the timings and dates of incoming as well as outgoing calls.
  • You can also record calls and can use it anytime to enhance the user experience.
  • The target person is never going to know about the call monitoring unless you describe it yourself.
  • It is completely remote in its working, hence physical access is not demanding on the side of the agent.
  • Spylix is precise, quick, and accurate in call monitoring and wipes out all the doubts and errors.

Part 3: What Can You Get from Call Log Monitoring?

Different facilities are provided by the call log monitor but most of them are not well applicable. Let's have a look at the prominent features that are provided by the call monitoring:

Call Whisper

If you are a service provider you must have experience in call monitoring assistance while you are listening to customer calls.

In such a situation you can use a call whisper through which you can directly give your message to the supervisor or coaches. It is an amazing way of providing a quick response to the customer with help without letting the customer know about it.

Call Barge

It is an amazing feature that contrasts the call whisper as it is a trio of agents, customers, and the supervisor like a conference call. Now if an agent is getting trouble handling the concerns of the customer then he or she can directly link the call with the supervisor.

This feature provides more satisfaction to the customer by listening to all the details and guidelines from more experienced people.

Call Recording

If you are a busy person and cannot actively listen to the calls of your agents then you can select a call recording feature. It is an effective way of evaluating the performance of your workers and identifying the uprising queries of customers.

A call monitoring tool must be functionalized to provide all the features to the users according to the above-mentioned demands.

Call Takeover

If you are the head of your company and you are feeling that your agent is not working according to the situation.

To maintain the customer relationship you can directly cut off the call from the agent and take over it. The supervisor is allowed to speak while the agent is completely unable to listen or speak.

Part 4: When and Why Do You Need to Monitor Someone's Call?

If you are curious about why a person needs to monitor calls and what are the advantages that he or she is going to enjoy. Let's dive into the questions to know about the answers:

Monitor Someone Call

Quick Feedback

It would be an amazing thing if you get real-time feedback from your customers. You don't need to wait a lot or use different analysis tools to get the customers' reviews and feedback.

Now you can monitor the feedback from the customers quickly and enhance the improvement without losing a second. Spylix provides you an opportunity to listen to calls of customers on a real-time basis for better user feedback.

Enhance Remote Working

Remote working has its advantages and disadvantages according to different situations. By monitoring calls, call centers and service providers can enhance their remote working to an exponential level.

A user experience is improved without the limitation of time, date, and complaint. Spylix is an amazing tool for providing remote working to the users without any alert.

Training the Newbies

If you have a new employee in your office then the first thing that you need to do is the training. What happens if you are provided with a tool that allows you an involvement through which you can easily train new people?

You can directly put tasks, improvements, and mistakes into the ears of the new person and can work on a real-time basis. Spylix provides the most user-friendly interface hence a fresher can also use it without any complication.


If you are not from the business community you can still use call monitoring for a variety of reasons. You can get your loved ones protected by looking at their call logs or you can confirm the cheating of your partner.

It would be an amazing solution to ensure the safety of yourself as well as the people around you. Spylix is considered one of the best tools of spying to ensure the protection of people according to your restricted rules.

Other options are also available as the best monitor for call of duty which is explained here:


It is an amazing tool that provides free call minutes of incoming calls only. It provides a free version to the users with some of the basic features for customers. A user is allowed for live call monitoring to enjoy the user experience.

FreshDesk as Top 4 Popular Call Log Monitor APK Download


  • Screen sharing is not provided to the users.
  • If you are using the mobile version then only a few features are available.
  • Small business holders are not benefited from this tool as it doesn't support their work.


It is an amazing tool to provide free calling to the domestic level and collaboration company-wide. It contains the most advanced features supported with texting, video, and team messaging.


  • The pricing plan of this tool is not well supported.
  • The prominent features are restricted to the add-ons only.
  • The report customization of this tool is quite complex for beginners.


If you are a beginner and confused about selecting a call monitoring tool then you can select this option.

The tool is providing an extended number of features even to beginners. You are allowed to use artificial intelligence features in all the subscription plans. A lot of third-party tools are also entertained.


  • It doesn't provide enough collaboration tools to the users.
  • It is expensive in its budget plans.
  • Well updated and advanced features are absent.

Zoho Desk

It is the best choice for a person who wants a call monitoring tool for the business work specifically. If you are running a huge database of a company then it is the most recommended tool by the experts to get assistance. You are allowed to work in almost 22 languages according to your own choice.


  • A user is not entertained with extensive integration.
  • The free version has limited features for the users.
  • Artificial intelligence is only provided if you have selected high subscription plans.

Run a Monitor Call Now!

A call monitor is an amazing way of getting notified about the feedback and the realities of the caller and receiver. The internet has provided a lot of options in this regard but you need to work a lot to select the most effective.

Spylix is considered one of the best tools for call monitoring while second options are present with some errors too.

Now you need to select the best option and start the call monitoring without any interruption.

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