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Guestspy Reviews 2024: Does the App Suits Your Needs?

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The present time demands to have a spy tool for the protection of yourself as well as your loved ones. Sometimes we need to spy on our children to have a better protection circle around them or employees that are needed to monitor for better working.

We need a tool that provides us with all the features of a spying tool along with authentic results. GuestSpy is the most amazing in such a situation as it is multi-talented. All you want to know about GuestSpy, its introduction, features, compatibility, and similarities along with differences are explained in the below GuestSpy reviews.

Part 1: What is GuestSpy?

If you are in search of a reliable platform for monitoring the activities of a particular person on his cell phone then fortunately your wait is over. Today we are here with a very advantageous platform named guestSpy. It allows you to track the complete activities of any person on his cell phone by viewing them on the dashboard of the tool.

The most amazing fact about this GuestSpy app is that it also alerts us about a single click performed by the owner of the cell phone. Moreover, we can use this tool without any fear of getting caught by the targeted person. The data tracked by the tool include location, WhatsApp messages, call logs, social media activities, etc.

This tool contains such functionality that is becoming a cause of its popularity. This is because people always prefer to use such a tool that does not consume their effort and provides the results in seconds. Hence, this tool is proving to be helpful for users because of having an easy process. Moreover, the given article will resolve your all questions like is GuestSpy legit, or does GuestSpy have to be rooted, etc.

Part 2: What Can I Do with GuestSpy?

After learning about the introduction of GuestSpy you must have wanted to know what are the other features you can enjoy using this tool. Some of the main features like GuestSpy login trial, hack WhatsApp messages GuestSpy feature, etc are

  • GPS tracker:
  • In this tool, a user is allowed to track the location of the target person without any restriction. It also serves as a GPS tracker for you without any extra charges as real-time information updates are provided to you from time to time.

  • Access to Messages:
  • Now you can easily monitor all the messages as well as the conversation details of the target person. It provides access to the incoming as well as outgoing messages that are present in the device of the target person.

  • Record calls:
  • We have different tools on the internet that provide an opportunity to track incoming as well as outgoing calls. GuestSpy is a marvelous tool that provides you amazing access to record the calls of the target person and keep them in your database.

  • Tract WhatsApp data:
  • If you just talk about social media then this tool also provides a WhatsApp tracking option. WhatsApp is considered a very protected social media website but now GuestSpy Android allows you to monitor the chat, calls, and media details of WhatsApp easily.

  • Tract Facebook:
  • Facebook is considered a very advanced social media platform and is mainly used for business as well as personal purposes. Now you can easily track the work of the target person on Facebook including posts, shares, statuses, and conversations with anyone on Facebook.

  • Track Snapchat:
  • Snapchat is a quiet personal social media application that is used to share media as well as conversations with friends and family. The tool provides you access to watch the media and conversations of the target person on Snapchat without any restriction or delay.

Part 3: GuestSpy's Compatibility

It is important to mention that GuestSpy has the compatibility to only support Android devices. It is not functionally developed to support the workings of iOS devices. It doesn't need jailbreaking and rooting for the Android devices due to which it is completely designed to protect the device.

Part 4: What Does the Customer Say about GuestSpy?

This section provides all the information related to the customers' reviews. There is a variety of reviews described here. Some of the reviews are taken as encouragement for the officials while other reviews are as a source of constructive criticism.

Great Review Great
Bad Review Bad
53.8% 2.33% 43.87%
Top Good Review Top Good Review
User Profile
5 Stars

" I was just chilling out last night, scrolling through the app store for some useful app that might come in handy one day. Then I saw this GuestSpy app, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw all of the features, and I only had to pay once to enjoy all of these fantastic features. As soon as I return home from a business trip, I plan to use this monitoring app for my children and wife."

Top Bad Review Top Bad Review
Default Profile
1 Star

"I paid them before reading you had to get your hands on the other device or phone. This was impossible for me because my husband was working out of town so I never even downloaded anything. The only way to contact them is through email. There is not. Live person. They admitted to taking my money, but have been telling me for a month now that they would..."

Good Reviews Highlight Good Reviews Highlight

  • Free Trial. Most of the customer reviews are explaining the amazing feature that is provided to the users which are free trial. You can look at the details of the tool.
  • Auto Answering. You can enjoy the auto answering feature as you don't need to wait for a long time to get the answers from the officials. Auto answering will provide answers in seconds.
  • Real-time Update. A user is provided with a real-time update about the different features. You can get to know about the workings without any delay.

Bad Reviews Highlight Bad Reviews Highlight

  • Bad customer service. It offers very bad customer support service. There is no online chat option available and the offline ways are not worthy to try.
  • Lacking some features. There are many essential monitoring features that are provided by many other spy apps but they are missing in GuestSpy. One of the features among them is geofencing.
  • Compatibility issues. These are some compatibility issues that occurred. It only supports Android devices and there are still a few latest versions on which the application does not work at all.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?


Customer services are the basic thing that is the reason for the popularity of a tool. GuestSpy fails to provide amazing customer service due to which customers are not satisfied. Most of the reviews are the ones that are complaining about bad responses and services.

Part 5: Pricing and Subscription Plans of GuestSpy

Standard Plan Premium Plan Gold Plan
Prices $20.99/month $24.99/month $28.99/month

Comments on GuestSpy Price


After looking at the pricing plan of GuestSpy a person must understand that it is one of the cheapest tools on the internet. The other side of the story is that the tools do not provide many advanced features to their customers at fewer prices. If you want to enjoy some of the latest features then you must head towards some latest tools.

Part 6: GuestSpy Pros and Cons

Pros: Pros

  • Provide online live panel service
  • Provide auto answering feature
  • Provide a free trial of 48 hours
  • Compact UI
  • Allow users to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms

Cons: Cons

  • Voice call interception
  • Online chat is not available
  • Don't provide many features as compared to other spying apps.
  • The Geo-fencing feature is not available
  • Only compatible with android devices

Part 7: How to Use GuestSpy?

Once you are satisfied with the working of GuestSpy, it's time to have a look at the GuestSpy login process that a person has to follow to track one's device. These simple steps are given below:

Step 1 Install the app

The first step of using the GuestSpy tool is to install the app on our device. But it is advisable to disable the package verifier and enable sources. We also have to install the app on the targeted device that we want to track.

Step 2 Register an Account

The next step is setting the account on the app. For this, we have to move to the app and then look for the sign-up option. We will be asked to provide some information to create our account on the app.

Step 3 Set up the Tool

Now we are at the most important step of this entire process. This step is linking the app with the device. As discussed above, we have to install the same app on the targeted device. As soon as the device is installed, we have to hide the app after logging in to it.

Step 4 Access Online Dashboard

Finally, we are at the last stage of our work. We can now track every activity performed on the targeted device. We are also allowed to use any GuestSpy free feature.

If you just look at the complete procedure to use this tool then it completely shows that GuestSpy has a quite lengthy procedure. It doesn't have a straightforward process due to which it becomes quite hectic for the customer to follow the steps easily. It is also not providing a good experience to the customers along with the quite low in its working speed.

Comments on User Experience

Not Easy

If you just look at the complete procedure to use this tool then it completely shows that GuestSpy has a quite lengthy procedure. It doesn't have a straightforward process due to which it becomes quite hectic for the customer to follow the steps easily. It is also not providing a good experience to the customers along with the quite low in its working speed.

Part 8: GuestSpy VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  • Both tools are untrackable which means these tools can not be detected easily
  • Both tools are compatible with Android devices
  • We can track the location of the target device by using Spylix as well as GuestSpy.

2. The Difference: Difference

  • Spylix provides its users with more features compared to GuestSpy.
  • Spylix provides a Geo-fencing feature but GuestSpy doesn't.
  • GuestSpy provides a live control panel service

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Choice Than Guestspy?

We all know that Spylix is one of the top tools present on the internet when it comes to talking about spying applications. If you just compare Spylix with GuestSpy and contrast that why Spylix is a better option than complete detail is:

Advance features:

Spylix is an amazing tool that provides advanced features to its customers at very budget-friendly prices. Not only Android users but rather iOS users can also enjoy the latest features as 40 features are available for Android and 18 features are available for iOS devices.

Cost-effective Interface:

We have seen different tools in the market that claim to provide spying features at fewer prices. It is important to mention that Spylix can be expensive as compared to GuestSpy in prices but its features are cost-effective as you can enjoy more features at less prices.

Customer service:

Customer services provided to Spylix users are considered the most popular on the internet. You must look at the reviews of this tool as customers always praise and want to work with this tool again. GuestSpy contains some bugs and errors in its customer services.

Real-time update feature:

Spying tools are considered the best tools which provide present information with complete update features. Spylix is the only tool that provides present as well as deleted information to its customers for a better working experience. GuestSpy only tends to provide the saved information.


If you just look at the interface of Spylix then it is quite explicit that the functionality is amazing. A user doesn't need to indulge in complex procedures to use this tool as simple procedures with quick responses are provided. GuestSpy requires slow and long procedures to follow.

4. How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Sign up
Step 1
Sign up

Set up Spylix
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Start Tracking
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 9: What Should You Know about GuestSpy?

Can GuestSpy be Detected?

Yes, GuestSpy is an undetectable tool as you can easily make it disappear in the device of the target person after installation. After the disappearance, it becomes undetectable by the target person even with the anti-virus programs. If we talk about Spylix then it is the most famous undetectable tool as it automatically disappears after installation and won't get noticed at any cost.

Is GuestSpy for Free?

No, GuestSpy is not completely free in its working rather users need to pay a subscription fee to avail of this tool. We can say that this tool is the most inexpensive on its competitor's list but provides fewer features to the customers. On the other hand, Spylix is quite expensive but provides the most advanced features in a budget-friendly manner.

Can you see WhatsApp Messages with GuestSpy?

Yes, GuestSpy is an amazing tool that provides an opportunity for its customers to monitor WhatsApp messages along with the complete details. Not only the messages, but a user can also monitor calls details and media information on WhatsApp. Spylix is one of the best tools that provide all the information related to social media without any restriction along with the deleted media information.

Can I use GuestSpy without the target phone?

No, GuestSpy cannot be used without physical access to the target phone. A person needs to install the application on the device of the target person after that it can work remotely. If you want a tool that can work without a target phone then Spylix is the best option for it. It works remotely to track the target person by using its user-friendly interface.

Can GuestSpy see deleted messages?

No, GuestSpy software for windows pc doesn't provide an opportunity for its users to see the deleted media as well as messages. Only real-time messages and details are provided to the users. Spylix is the most advanced tool hence it can provide this facility that you and you can watch deleted messages of the target person.

Which Spy App is the best?

If a person is asked to make a list of the best spying applications present on the internet then the list wouldn't be very long. You must understand that Spylix must be at the top of the list while GuestSpy would also be present due to its features and functionalities.

GuestSpy Review Conclusion

If you also want to keep check and balance on your child then GuestSpy is a perfect platform. GuestSpy software is working to provide ease to its users so that they can view the working on the target device.

All this article is about GuestSpy Review, moreover, Spylix is the most popular tool and its features are explained. Now you need to find the best option for you among them.

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