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Appmia Reviews 2024: Features, Pros, Cons, and More

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With the increasing online cyber crimes and bullying it is needed to keep an eye on your kid's mobile phone activities. Or simply you must have to ensure that your kids are not watching inappropriate content or involved in inappropriate activities.

For all the issues a single solution is needed, which is an efficient tracking app. This article contains Appmia reviews which are considered the best tracking application for monitoring kids' activities. This article describes all of its positive and negative reviews and other features.

Part 1: What is Appmia?

Appmia is a tracking application that is typically designed for monitoring someone's activities without knowing them. It was typically known as the Appmia Facebook hacker app because of its efficient feature of spying on Facebook messages without the knowledge of the target person.

If you are a parent then you can use it to monitor your kid's activities and find out what they are doing on their mobile phones and can keep them safe from online dangers.

An employer can use it to track company-provided devices or to keep an eye on employees to ensure they don't contact any rival community. It can also be used to catch a cheating wife or a husband red-handed.

There are a great number of features it is offering to the public. After installing the app on the target device you just have to log in to the Appmia dashboard. You can track the GPS location of your target person, can view the call logs, SMS and browsing history, and many more. You will find more on its official website but it is no longer available on the internet.

Part 2: Features of Appmia

Although its official website is no longer available, Appmia has a reputable position among all the spy apps because of its efficient and advanced monitoring features. Some of its key features include

  • Call monitoring - Appmia allows you to view the call history of the target person and can view all the incoming and outgoing call details.
  • SMS tracking - By using Appmia you can read all the sent and received text message or your kids or employees. It also offers to monitor instant messages on different IM platforms.
  • Facebook hacking - It offers Appmia Facebook hacking tools apk to get access to the Facebook data of the target person without knowing him or her. Besides Facebook, you can hack other social media applications including Viber, Whatsapp, and Skype.
  • GPS tracking - It is an efficient feature by which you can view the exact location of your target person's mobile phone on Google Maps. It also tells you the location history describing the places which are being visited.
  • Monitoring media files - By using Appmia you can easily watch and listen to different types of media files on your online dashboard remotely. You can listen to music files, audio, and calls, you can also watch pictures and videos.
  • Blocking websites and apps - This feature is very helpful where you can block certain websites or applications for your employees or kids.

Part 3: Appmia's Compatibility

It supports two main platforms of mobile phone operating systems: Android and iOS. So whether your target person uses Android or iPhone you can easily use this app to track his or her activities. But you may have to root the target Android device or jailbreak the target iOS device.

Part 4: How Much Does Appmia Cost?

Appmia offers two subscription plans one is basic which is totally free but it offers only 4 features that are useless and its premium plan offers all the remaining features.

Basic Premium
$0 $16 / month

Comments on Appmia Price

Not expensive

Its free plan is useless as it only offers 4 features, but you can go with its premium plan. But the official website is no longer available.

Part 5: Appmia Pros and Cons

Pros: Like

  • One license can support 3 different mobile phones at the same time
  • Work hiddenly
  • Not expensive
  • Remote working

Cons: Dislike

  • Official website is removed from the internet
  • Email logs are available for iPhone and blackberry
  • Doesn't offer monitoring of Snapchat and telegram
  • Doesn't offer keyword alert feature
  • Doesn't offer geofencing feature

Part 6: How to Install Appmia?

Follow the given steps to install and use the Appmia app on the target device:

Step 1 Navigate to Sites

There are third-party sites that offer you installation on Appmia, navigate to one of these sites.

Step 2 Set up the Tool

Choose the type of target device and Download the Appmia APK file on it ( you have to physically access the target phone) by following the link and instructions provided on the screen.

After installing the app, open it and enter the activation code that you have received in the email and then complete the setup process.

Step 3 Access Online Dashboard

In the end, sign up to the Appmia dashboard and monitor whatever you want.

Comments on User Experience

Easy to Use

Appmia was very easy to install and get on the mobile phone but now its website is no longer available which has made the process very difficult. There are some third parties that claim that they let you download the Appmia apk but they are not worthy enough.

Part 7: Appmia VS Spylix

1. The Similarity: Similarity

  1. Both are compatible with Android and iPhone
  2. Both offer easy installation
  3. Both work remotely and hiddenly

2. The Difference: Difference

  1. Spylix offers more monitoring features as compared to Appmia
  2. Appmia doesn't support the monitoring of Snapchat and Telegram but Spylix does.
  3. Spylix offers better customer support service

3. Why Is Spylix a Better Choice Than Appmia?

Following are some of the reasons that describe why Spylix is considered a better option over Appmia:

  1. First thing first, whenever you select a monitoring or tracking application then you must go with who provides the maximum number of monitoring features. Spylix provides more monitoring features as compared to Appmia. You can monitor more than 40 different files of the target device.
  2. There are a lot of advanced monitoring features that are totally missing in Appmia. One of them is geofencing, which you can easily get by using Spylix. Geofencing is a very useful feature, especially for efficient Parental Control.
  3. Another main feature that is missing in the case of Appmia and you can find it by using Spylix is the keyword alert feature. This feature is very helpful in monitoring kids and ensuring that they are not searching for inappropriate content or are using inappropriate words as an alarm will be on when they type the specific words that you have set.
  4. Appmia offers Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and some other social media sites monitoring but you are only allowed to view the messages by using Spylix you can monitor the whole of the social media account activity. Additionally, Appmia does not offer Snapchat and telegram monitoring which you can get by using Spylix.
  5. Spylix Offers 24/7 customer care service to the users, whenever you are stuck at a point or find any difficulty you will be instructed immediately by the team. But Appmia doesn't offer good customer service, additionally, its website has been removed from the internet.

4.How to use Spylix?

3 Easy Steps to Use Spylix

Step Sign
Step 1
Sign up

Step Install
Step 2
Set up Spylix

Step Start
Step 3
Start Tracking

Part 8: What Should You Know about Appmia?

Is Appmia Legit?

Appmia is a legit application and you can use it to keep an eye on your under 18 kid but if you want to use it for your employees then you must have to take some legal advice. Spylix is also a legit platform that can be used for the safety of families and businesses.

Is Appmia a Scam?

Appmia was used by many users around the world but now recently its official website has been removed from the internet so it seems maybe it is a scam. Some third-party tools are claimed to let you install the Appmia application but these are not trustworthy enough.

You should go with Spylix which is an authentic and real tracking application that is available for all versions of Android and iOS operating systems. It works remotely and secretly and the app offers very budget-friendly plans.

Is Appmia Truly Hidden?

Appmia claims that it works hiddenly after installation it's icon disappears automatically and this is the setting you can do while installing it on the target device. Spylix also works in the stealth mode and does not leave any type of clue that makes that target percent suspicious.

The app takes only 2 MB of space in the target device and does not affect the battery drainage of mobile phones so the user will never find out that you are monitoring him or her.

Does Appmia have a free trial or demo version?

Yes, you have Appmia free trial option to use where you don't have to pay a single penny but the features that are available in the free trial are very minimal and they are not very useful as well. Spylix does not offer a free trial but all its basic plans are budget-friendly and offer all of its monitoring features to the users.

Is Appmia Compatible with iPhones & Androids?

Appmia app is compatible with Android as well as iPhone mobile. But it is reported by some users that you may have to root or jailbreak some specific types of the target devices. Spylix is also compatible with android and iPhone. Additionally, it does not require rooting a jailbreaking the target device which makes its use very easy.

Can Appmia Monitor Multiple Devices?

The main advantage of using Appmia is that after buying a subscription you can use the license for up to 3 mobile phones at the same time. You can also use Spylix on more than one device by buying the family package.

Appmia Review Conclusion

The given Appmia review describes an efficient mobile phone tracking application compatible with android and iPhone. Although it offers many useful features to the users still there are some advanced features that are not available including keywords alert, geofencing, and Snapchat monitoring. Moreover, recently the official website of Appmia is removed from the internet.

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