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Hangouts Tracker

  • Read all Incoming and Outgoing Messages on Hangouts, Including Deleted Ones
  • View Photos, Videos, Audio Files, Keystrokes, and Contacts
  • Get the Hangouts Locations, Date & Time Stamp
  • Track in Stealth Mode. No Need to Root
Hangouts Tracker

How to Spy on Hangouts Chats in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Step 1
Sign Up

Step 2
Step 2
Set Up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Hangouts Spy

What You Can Monitor with the Best Hangouts Tracker

This Hangouts tracker allows you to read all incoming and outgoing messages on Hangouts. This includes the messages that the target device owner may have deleted. In addition to the content of the messages, you can also see any media files that are attached to the messages including photos, videos, and audio files.

You will also see the contact information of the contacts the target device owner is communicating with on Hangouts. This tracker also allows you to see the date and time of each message, all without rooting the target device. You can also set up the app to track the device in invisible mode, without the owner of the target device knowing.

Instructions and Help Abou Hangouts Monitoring

To effectively monitor Hangouts using this app, you must first set up the spy app on the target device. This is a very simple process, just use the simple steps below to do it.

How to Monitor Hangouts Activities on Android

Step 1: Create Your Account

The first thing you need to do before you can begin tracking Hangouts activities on Android is to create your user account.

To do that, enter your email address in the field provided on the main website and click “Sign Up.”

Create Spylix Account for Android Device

Step 2: Set up Spylix on the Device

You will then receive instructions to set up the app on the target device. Follow the instructions to ensure that the setup process is completed as effectively as possible. Then click “Continue” to move on.

Set up Spylix on Android

Step 3: Start Monitoring Hangouts

With the setup process complete, go to your control panel to begin monitoring Hangouts.

Click on “Hangouts” under “Social Networks” and you should see all incoming and outgoing Hangouts messages.

You can also click on the “Contacts” icon to see all Hangouts contacts.

Start Hangouts Spying on Android with Spylix

Why is a Hangouts Tracker Useful?

If your family or company uses Google, then there is a good chance that they are also using Hangouts to communicate. Being able to track your child’s activities on Hangouts can be a great way to keep them safe from online threats and make sure they are not interacting with inappropriate content on the app.

In the same way, you can use a Hangouts tracker like Spylix to ensure that employees are not using the app to share sensitive company information with unauthorized persons.

Do Hackers Use Hangouts?

Yes. There have been reports that hackers have been able to use Hangouts to infiltrate Android devices. Vulnerabilities in the Android OS can make it easy for hackers to use Hangouts or any other app to gain access to the device. The best way to protect against this threat is to always ensure that your Android device is updated to the latest version.

Can I Track Hangouts without Them Knowing?

Yes. Spylix can be set up to function in hidden mode, allowing you to track both incoming and outgoing Hangouts messages on the target device without the owner of the device knowing.

How to Spy on Someone’s Hangouts without Root or Jailbreak?

You can easily spy on someone’s Hangouts without needing to root or jailbreak the target device if you choose Spylix as the monitoring app to use. This is one of the very few monitoring tools that will not require you to root or jailbreak the target device before you can monitor hangouts.

What Else can you Track with Spylix Phone Tracker?

Spylix is a comprehensive monitoring app that can be used to track just about any type of data including calls, messages, photos, videos, and social media apps including WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Snapchat, Instagram, and Skype. It is also one of the few solutions that will provide a lot of information on the type of data you’re tracking.

What Our Customers Say About Spylix’s Hangouts Spy Feature


"We chose to use Hangouts to discuss the plans of an upcoming app release. But almost as soon as the project began, there was a major leak and we had to rethink the design. We didn’t want to stop using Hangouts, so we had to find a way to track each employee’s Hangouts for any information leaks. The best way we found to do that is Spylix. It is simply the best monitoring tool we have ever used."

Mexico City

"To keep in touch with each other, our large family uses Hangouts. But I didn’t want the kids to start chatting with people outside the family, especially strangers they met online. So, I got Spylix and now I trust the kids, but I can also make sure they are safe."


"I forbade WhatsApp from my household but only realized that I had the same problem when my kids started using Hangouts. I realized there was little I could do to keep them from accessing the internet, but I wanted to make sure they were safe. Spylix helps me do that."

Spylix Can Do More than You Think

There is so much you can do with Spylix that there’s simply no way to fit them all into one short list. Here are some of the prominent features that our customers love the most!

Why Choose Us?

Works in Stealth Mode Icon

Works in Stealth Mode

You can track all data types without the owner of the device knowing. Spylix remains completely undetectable.

Supports 42 Data Types Icon

Supports 42 Data Types

Track 42 data tyeps including messages, media files (photos, videos, contacts, calls, social apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook), GPS etc.

100% Secure & reliable Icon

100% Secure & reliable

Spylix is 100 safe and secure. It will not interfere with the function of the target device in any way. At the same time, it is very reliable, allowing you to keep track of the device efficiently and in real time.

Real-time Tracking Icon

Real-time Tracking

All data is tracked in real time. Your control panel will update every few minutes to make sure that you get the latest information possible.

Highly Compatible Icon

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. It is also constantly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with any new versions of Android and iOS.

24/7 Customer Service Icon

24/7 Customer Service

Get round-the-clock support in multiple languages. Our support team is available to you 24/7. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using Spylix.

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