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Telegram Spy

  • View and Download Sent and Received Messages, Photos, Videos, and Files
  • Monitor Chat Details, Telegram Contacts, and Call History
  • Track the Device's GPS Position in Real-Time
  • Invisible Mode No Root or Jailbreak Access is Required
Telegram Spy

Track Telegram in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Step 1
Sign Up

Step 2
Step 2
Set Up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Telegram Monitoring

What Can You Monitor with Spylix Telegram Tracker?

Spylix Telegram tracker simplifies the monitoring of the Telegram App. It does not need a technical expert to utilize. The following are some uses that this spying program used to monitor Telegram.

Monitor Private Messages and Group Conversations

Spylix Telegram Tracker allows you to see the real-time screen activities. The Spylix online program will let you know what your workers or children have been sending to others or what messages they have been getting on messaging applications throughout the day.

View Calls Logs

You will know not only who the users have been calling, but also the substance of the conversation. Whether it’s a video call or a voice conversation, the monitoring system will record and preserve each on the internet dashboard, from where you may obtain the recordings any time you like.

Monitor Telegram Channels

Spylix can carefully monitor Telegram conversations by collecting frequent screenshots and documenting the user's daily keystrokes. Essentially, you cannot miss anything with your eyes.

Instruction and Help about Telegram Monitoring

Telegram is used to exchange messages, photos, videos, and documents. Here is how to set up a Telegram tracker to monitor all the activities on the Telegram application using Spylix Telegram Spy.

How to Spy on Telegram Messages on Android?

On your android phone, follow the steps below to set up your Spylix account.

Step 1: Create an Account

First, you need to create a Spylix account. Click “Sign Up” and enter your email address, your account will be created.

Create Spylix Account for Android Device

Step 2: Set up Spylix on Android

After setting your account, the next step is to install Spylix on your target device.

Select “Continue” to complete setting up the process.

Set up Spylix on Android

Step 3: Start Telegram Tracking

The final step of setting up your telegram account is to start monitoring the Target Device.

Go to the main menu on the control panel, select “Social Networks” and choose “Telegram”.

Your Telegram is set and ready to Go!

Start Telegram Spying on Android with Spylix

How to Track Telegram Account on iPhone & iPad?

With Spylix, it’s straightforward to track and monitor Telegram data by following the easy steps outlined below.

Step 1: Create an Account

On the Spylix app's homepage, enter your email address and click "Sign Up" to establish a tracking account.

Create Spylix Account for iOS Device

Step 2: Enter iCloud Details

To track Telegram on an iPhone, you must supply the iCloud login credentials for the device you intend to monitor.

After entering the right login credentials, click "Continue."

Enter iCloud Details on Spylix

Step 3: Start Telegram Tracking

You can now start tracking the Telegram on the target device.

Click "Social Networks" in the menu bar to see a list of the social networks you can keep an eye on. Choose "Telegram" and you're ready to start tracking. It's that simple.

Start Telegram Spying on iPhone/iPad with Spylix

How to Spy on Telegram Messages Secretly?

Ensure that the Spylix online tool is compatible with the device you wish to monitor. As previously indicated, Spylix is an excellent solution, and it is suitable for monitoring Telegram on Android and iPhone. Once you know that Spylix supports the device, buy a subscription and download and install the program on the target smartphone.

After setting up Spylix online platform, you will need to wait a few minutes to allow the information necessary to be loaded successfully to their servers. The surveillance program can follow the messages, contacts, and even private talks.

When you register with Spylix, you establish an account that you can then use to view the data acquired. Log in to your spy software control panels using the login generated for the registration. Then you will be able to access all the words, media exchanged and much more data via Telegram.

How Can I Track Someone on Telegram?

Telegram activity logs include conversations, messages, group chats, multimedia, voice messages, voice call logs, and the ability to record telegram calls, among other things. Telegram records may be monitored using social media messaging spy software.

Using Spylix, you can view Telegram activities on Time as they take place and watch them remotely.

How to Find Someone’s Location on Telegram?

Telegram has introduced a “People Nearby” feature in the social networking app. It's one of Telegram's riskiest features. Telegram's latitude and longitude may be manipulated to reveal the particular location of other users and the exact distance between them. Track your child's whereabouts as well.

With Spylix Telegram monitoring software, you can keep an eye on your teenagers and keep them safe from strangers. It provides parents with the ability to monitor their children's whereabouts in real-time and access to their location history.

Does Spylix Work in Background?

Spylix is utterly undetectable to the phone you’re spying on, so they won't even realize they're being tracked. As a result, your child's or employee’s phone will be unable to identify this hidden solid program.

It doesn't even notify the user that it's running on their mobile device. Everything from the target device, including call records and browsing history, SMS text messages, Telegram conversations, images taken, and more, will be immediately available to you once our Spy software is installed.

Is Rooting or Jailbreak Required to Use Spylix’s Telegram Spy Features?

You don't have to root or jailbreak the target device to utilize Spylix. For Android and iOS devices, you can access all of your information with just a few simple clicks.

Our Customer Feedback about Spylix’s Telegram Tracker Spy Features


"Having the ability to check in on our children and make sure what they are doing on Telegram is welcome news for a parent like me. As a digital-age parent, I've recently discovered that Spylix online platform provides a wide range of critical functions for monitoring Telegram activities. I'm grateful for all of these great functions in one app."


"I've been using Spylix Telegram Spy features for the last year and a half without issues. I need to keep an eye on my employees to observe what they're up to throughout the workday, which helps me make better judgments regarding the firm and leadership. Additionally, I can monitor their work from any place and retrieve my data from a single spot. Thanks for making this program. It was a pleasure to use."


"Spylix is one of my all-time favorite Telegram tracking platforms. My goal as a business owner was to maintain the performance of each of my staff. It's now possible thanks to the Spylix online platform. Since I started utilizing Spylix, my company's productivity has almost quadrupled since I use it to monitor my online virtue employees. To make the most of our team and get the most done, we must observe the productivity of our virtual employees."

Spylix Can Do More than You Think

There is so much you can do with Spylix that there’s simply no way to fit them all into one short list. Here are some of the prominent features that our customers love the most!

Why Choose Us?

Works in Stealth Mode Icon

Works in Stealth Mode

You can track all data types without the owner of the device knowing. Spylix remains completely undetectable.

Supports 42 Data Types Icon

Supports 42 Data Types

Track 42 data tyeps including messages, media files (photos, videos, contacts, calls, social apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook), GPS etc.

100% Secure & reliable Icon

100% Secure & reliable

Spylix is 100 safe and secure. It will not interfere with the function of the target device in any way. At the same time, it is very reliable, allowing you to keep track of the device efficiently and in real time.

Real-time Tracking Icon

Real-time Tracking

All data is tracked in real time. Your control panel will update every few minutes to make sure that you get the latest information possible.

Highly Compatible Icon

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. It is also constantly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with any new versions of Android and iOS.

24/7 Customer Service Icon

24/7 Customer Service

Get round-the-clock support in multiple languages. Our support team is available to you 24/7. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using Spylix.

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