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Skype Tracker

  • Read All New & Deleted Texts(Sent/Received)
  • Download or View Media Files and Keystrokes
  • Check the Entire Call Logs and Contact Information
  • Perform Skype Tracking Under Stealth Mode - Completely Hidden
Skype Tracker

How to Track Skype in 3 Simple Steps?

Step 1
Step 1
Sign Up

Step 2
Step 2
Set Up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Skype Spy

What Can You Monitor with Spylix Skype Track Feature?

Skype was perhaps the pioneer of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Since then, this platform has become a complete texting and video conferencing service as well. So, naturally, people of all ages consume it to fulfill their personal and professional needs.

There is also a negative side to this platform as well. It can be used as a tool for stalking, cheating on spouses, and cyberbullying children. If any of such issues concern you about the safety of your loved ones, then it is where Spylix’s Skype Tracker can help.

The app lets you access any user’s chats, the media files they share(videos, photos, and audio), who called them, and their contact list.

What is unique about it is that the app offers you to do all that with the Invisible Mode so that no one can know about the activity. There is also no requirement to root/jailbreak the other person’s device to activate Spylix’s Skype Tracker.

Instructions and Help about Skype Monitoring

It does not take more than 3 minutes to install or add the Spylix app on the target Android phone or iOS device. Check out the following steps to understand the complete process:

How to Spy on Skype for Android?

Step 1: Make a New Account With Spylix

First, click the Sign Up button to create your account on Spylix. Simply add your email address and select Android as the device.

Create Spylix Account for Android Device

Step 2: Set Up Spylix’s App on Android

Next, read the guidelines on your Spylix account carefully on how to download the installer on the Android phone.

Once done, click on “Continue.”

Set up Spylix on Android

Step 3: Start Tracking Skype

Now, using your device, open the Spylix account, and go to the online control panel.

After that, click “Social Networks” and select “Skype.”

Finally, you can view the messages and other info here!

Start Skype Spying on Android with Spylix

How to Track Skype on iPhone & iPad?

Step 1: Create Your Spylix Account

Make an account for free on Spylix by entering an email address and setting a strong password.

Create Spylix Account for iOS Device

Step 2: Insert the iCloud Account Info

Afterward, provide the other person’s iCloud account data(Apple ID/Password) to verify the iOS device.

Next, click on the “Continue” button.

Enter iCloud Details on Spylix

Step 3: Start Spying on Skype Texts

Go to the online dashboard using any web browser, and tap on the Menu button. Once you see a list, select “Social Networks,” and click on “Skype.”

Read every text and call details there!

Start Skype Spying on iPhone/iPad with Spylix

Can You Track Someone on Skype?

Yes. You can track your loved ones’ Skype messages and additional information with Spylix. You can enable the app on Android and iOS.

Can I Monitor an Employee’s Skype?

If your employee uses their company phone, then you can use Spylix to monitor their activities. However, watching an employee’s Skype account on their personal phone is illegal without consent.

Can I Find Someone’s Location from Skype?

The Spylix Skype tracker also offers a GPS Location feature that enables you to check the other user’s real-time location with high accuracy.

Can I Track Someone’s Skype Without Them Knowing?

The Stealth Mode offered by Spylix has the power to keep the app invisible on the Android phone. Moreover, there is no need to install the application on the iPhone. So, there is no way any person can learn about getting tracked on Skype.

So, Yes! You can track someone’s Skype without them knowing.

Do I Need to Root or Jailbreak the Device to Spy on Skype?

Generally, spy apps require from its users to alter the device settings to fully enable social media monitoring.

However, Spylix is one exception.

The Skype Tracker offered by Spylix works fine even if the target device is not rooted or jailbroken.

Also, this advantage is not limited to just Skype tracking as Spylix can monitor all social apps without changing the phone settings.

What is the Customer’s Response to Spylix’s Skype Tracker?


“Skype has been an integral part of our business for over a decade. However, keeping up with the information the clients share with the employees on Skype is challenging. For this reason, I added Spylix on their phones to quickly read all-important Skype details, thus improving efficiency.”

Kansas City

“My son has been using Skype a lot lately to group chat with his friends. And I did not know what type of people he was hanging out with online. So, I used Spylix’s Skype tracker to find out his chat history. So far, it is all okay!”


“I have been using Spylix to track all of my kids’ social media activities, no matter if they are using Instagram, Snapchat, or Skype. This way, I always know if they are safe or not online.”

Spylix Can Do More than You Think

There is so much you can do with Spylix that there’s simply no way to fit them all into one short list. Here are some of the prominent features that our customers love the most!

Why Choose Us?

Works in Stealth Mode Icon

Works in Stealth Mode

You can track all data types without the owner of the device knowing. Spylix remains completely undetectable.

Supports 42 Data Types Icon

Supports 42 Data Types

Track 42 data tyeps including messages, media files (photos, videos, contacts, calls, social apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook), GPS etc.

100% Secure & reliable Icon

100% Secure & reliable

Spylix is 100 safe and secure. It will not interfere with the function of the target device in any way. At the same time, it is very reliable, allowing you to keep track of the device efficiently and in real time.

Real-time Tracking Icon

Real-time Tracking

All data is tracked in real time. Your control panel will update every few minutes to make sure that you get the latest information possible.

Highly Compatible Icon

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. It is also constantly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with any new versions of Android and iOS.

24/7 Customer Service Icon

24/7 Customer Service

Get round-the-clock support in multiple languages. Our support team is available to you 24/7. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using Spylix.

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