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Wi-Fi Monitor

  • See the Wi-Fi History: Wi-Fi Name & Password, BSSID
  • View the Date, Time, and Location
  • Track Browser History & Bookmarks
  • Monitor Wi-Fi data Remotely. Works in Stealth Mode.
Wi-Fi Monitor

Spy on Wi-Fi History with 3 Steps

Step 1
Step 1
Sign Up

Step 2
Step 2
Set Up Spylix

Step 3
Step 3
Start Wi-Fi History Monitoring

What You Can View with a Wi-Fi History Monitor?

This Wi-Fi monitor is one of the best ways you can keep track of the Wi-Fi history of any device. To use it, you just need to set up the app on the target device and you will be able to see all the Wi-Fi networks the device has been connected to complete with all the details including the Wi-Fi name, password, and even the BSSID.

You will also be able to see the date and time that the device connected to that network as well as the precise location of the Wi-Fi network in question. This is in addition to the browser history of the device and any browser bookmarks that the device may be using.

The main benefit of choosing this Wi-Fi monitor over others is that it will monitor the Wi-Fi networks in stealth mode, without the owner of the device knowing. It will also give you remote access to all this data, allowing you to monitor the Wi-Fi history of the target device on any other device.

Instructions and Help About Wi-Fi Tracking

Spylix is a very simple Wi-Fi monitor to use. Just follow these steps to set it up and start tracking the Wi-Fi history;

How to Monitor Wi-Fi Connection on Android

Step 1: Create an Account

On the main website, enter your email address and click “Sign Up” to create the account you will use to monitor the device.

Create Spylix Account for Android Device

Step 2: Set up the Video Spy App

Instructions to set up the Wi-Fi monitoring app will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions to set up the app.

When the process is done, click “Continue.”

Set up Spylix on Android

Step 3: Start Monitoring

With the app set up on the target device, you can start monitoring the Wi-Fi activity.

To do that navigate to your control panel and click on “Wi-Fi Networks” under “Key Features” to see all the details of the Wi-Fi networks the device has connected to.

You should also see all the details about that connnection including the date and time the device connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Start WiFi Monitoring on Android with Spylix

How to Monitor Wi-Fi Activity on iPhone

Step 1: Create an Account for Your iOS Device

Enter your email address in the field provided and then click on “Sign Up” to create your account.

Create Spylix Account for iOS Device

Step 2: Enter iCloud Details

To monitor the Wi-Fi networks on the iPhone, you will need to provide the iCloud login details connected to the device.

Enter the login details and click “Continue.”

Enter iCloud Details on Spylix

Step 3: Start Monitoring

To start accessing all the details about the Wi-Fi network connected to the device, go to your control panel and then click on “Wi-Fi Networks” under “Key Features.”

You should be able to see all the Wi-Fi networks the device has connected to and additional details including the date and time of the connection.

Start WiFi Monitoring on iPhone/iPad with Spylix

Why Do You Need a Wi-Fi History Viewer?

It may be necessary to have a Wi-Fi history viewer if you are concerned that your children may be connecting to suspicious Wi-Fi networks that may be unsafe for their devices.

It is also a good idea to track the Wi-Fi history of corporate-issued devices to see what networks the device is connected to. This can help to protect the device and company data from outside threats.

Is There a Way to Check Someone’s Wi-Fi Connection History?

Yes. You can very easily check someone’s Wi-Fi connection history using a Wi-Fi monitoring app like Spylix. Spylix is one of only a few solutions that gives you detailed information about the Wi-Fi network the device connects to.

Can I See Someone’s Phone Internet History?

Yes. In addition to tracking the Wi-Fi history of the device, you can also very easily see the internet history of the target device. You can see all the websites the device visited and any browser bookmarks they may have.

Do I Need to Root or Jailbreak the phone for Wi-Fi Spy?

No. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to monitor the Wi-Fi networks it is connected to. You only need to set up the spy app on the target device and log in to your control panel to get access to all the information you need.

Does Spylix Work in the Background?

Yes. Spylix will work in the background, allowing you to monitor the Wi-Fi on the device without the device’s owner knowing.

You can use a video monitoring solution like Spylix to gain access to your child’s device and track the videos they record or share. Spylix is also useful in ensuring the overall safety of your children since it can allow you to access other types of data as well.

What Our Customers Think of the Spylix Wi-Fi Monitor


"I read a news story about hackers using Wi-Fi networks to infiltrate devices and when I told my family, we all agreed to only use our Wi-Fi network at home and school or work. But my kids frequent a local coffee shop and I worried they may be using the Wi-Fi there. I needed a way to make sure so I tried Spylix and the wealth of information it delivered was amazing."

San Diego

"It is against company policy to connect company-issued devices to any other Wi-Fi networks. But after several of our employees disregarded this directive, we had to find a way to monitor Wi-Fi connections on the device. We settled on Spylix after trying a few other solutions and we’re glad to say we will never use any other monitoring solution. It has everything we need."


"My son was spending too much time online and I began to worry that he was losing himself. I know all his social media account so I wasn’t worried about social media interactions, but I was in the dark about his browser habits. Spylix helped me see the Wi-Fi networks he was using and the website he was visiting. Thanks to Spylix I was able to help him before it was too late."

Spylix Can Do More than You Think

There is so much you can do with Spylix that there’s simply no way to fit them all into one short list. Here are some of the prominent features that our customers love the most!

Why Choose Us?

Works in Stealth Mode Icon

Works in Stealth Mode

You can track all data types without the owner of the device knowing. Spylix remains completely undetectable.

Supports 42 Data Types Icon

Supports 42 Data Types

Track 42 data tyeps including messages, media files (photos, videos, contacts, calls, social apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook), GPS etc.

100% Secure & reliable Icon

100% Secure & reliable

Spylix is 100 safe and secure. It will not interfere with the function of the target device in any way. At the same time, it is very reliable, allowing you to keep track of the device efficiently and in real time.

Real-time Tracking Icon

Real-time Tracking

All data is tracked in real time. Your control panel will update every few minutes to make sure that you get the latest information possible.

Highly Compatible Icon

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. It is also constantly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with any new versions of Android and iOS.

24/7 Customer Service Icon

24/7 Customer Service

Get round-the-clock support in multiple languages. Our support team is available to you 24/7. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up and using Spylix.

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