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How to Know If Your Wife Has Cheated in The Past?

The thought of a partner cheating can create a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty.

If you’re questioning whether your wife has cheated in the past, it’s important to approach the situation with compassion and understanding.

In this article, we’ll explore some signs and behaviors that may indicate past infidelity, as well as ways to address the issue with your partner in a healthy and constructive manner.

So, read on and learn how to know if your wife has cheated in the past.

How to know if your wife has cheated in the past

Part 1: Why Do I Feel Like My Wife Cheated on Me in The Past?

Have you ever felt that gut-wrenching sensation in the pit of your stomach, that persistent nagging feeling that something just isn’t right in your relationship?

Have you ever felt that gut-wrenching sensation in the pit of your stomach, that persistent nagging feeling that something just isn’t right in your relationship?

Maybe you’ve been wracking your brain, trying to figure out why you feel like your wife has cheated on you in the past.

Perhaps you’ve noticed subtle changes in her behavior or caught a fleeting glance or moment that sparked suspicion.

These feelings can be incredibly difficult to navigate, and it’s natural to feel a range of emotions, from anger and hurt to confusion and sadness.

Next, we will discuss the signs she cheated in the past!

Part 2: How to Tell If Your Wife Is Lying about Her Past - 10 Signs Your Wife Has Cheated in The Past

Signs of cheating in the past

If your wife has ever cheated on you, the clues aren’t hard to miss, especially if you look hard enough.

Following can be the telltale signs that will show you how it feels to be with someone who has cheated in the past.

  1. She’s less interested in family events
  2. She suddenly is less interested in spending time with your family or attending family events; it could be a sign that she’s avoiding being in situations that could reveal her infidelity.

  3. She’s constantly checking her phone
  4. She always checks her phone, even when you’re spending quality time together. Perhaps, she’s communicating with someone she’s trying to hide from you.

  5. She’s more guarded with her communication
  6. She is now more secretive and guarded about her communication with you.

  7. She’s not sharing her thoughts and feelings
  8. If she has stopped sharing her thoughts and feelings with you or is suddenly more closed off, indicating that she’s trying to distance herself emotionally from the relationship.

  9. She’s accusing you of cheating
  10. If she accuses you of cheating without any evidence, it could be a sign that she’s projecting her guilt onto you.

  11. She’s become more adventurous in the bedroom
  12. Your not-so-adventurous wife has suddenly become more adventurous in the bedroom. It could signify she’s learned new things from someone else.

  13. She’s less interested in social activities
  14. If your wife has become less interested in going out with friends or engaging in social activities, it could be a sign that she’s trying to avoid situations where her infidelity could be discovered.

  15. She’s not interested in reconciling after a fight
  16. If your wife doesn’t seem interested in reconciling after a disagreement, then this means she’s emotionally detached or looking for a way out of the relationship.

  17. She’s less interested in physical touch
  18. All of a sudden, she is less interested in physical touch or intimacy; it could be a sign that she’s pulling away emotionally or has found physical intimacy elsewhere.

  19. She’s more defensive about her schedule
  20. She has become defensive or evasive when you ask about her schedule. Perhaps, she is trying to avoid being caught in a lie.

Part 3: How Do I Know If My Wife Is Lying about Her Past?

The signs that she cheated in the past are a bit hard to notice, especially if you have a busy routine related to your work and handling your kids.

However, what if we told you there is a fast way to collect proof of infidelity against your wife without doing much?

It may seem too good to be true, but it really is. Simply enable Spylix on her phone(Android or iOS), and check her activities no matter where you are, using any web browser.

This spy app is easy to use and offers a remote dashboard where all of its features are instantly accessible.

Key Features of Spylix Cheaters Spy App

With Spylix, you can view your wife’s social media chat history on the top apps, such as

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • WeChat and more

You can also look into her SMS conversations and learn about the sender and receiver

Location tracking is also available with Spylix

How to Check If My Wife Is Lying About Her Past?

Follow the Spylix installation steps below to quickly understand how to know if your wife has cheated in the past.

Check Your Wife’s iPhone

Step 1: Create an Account

Set up a Spylix account by visiting the official website. Enter your email address and click “Sign Up”.

Set up a new account with Spylix

Step 2: Enter iCloud Login Details

Share your wife’s iCloud credentials to verify her iPhone or iPad. Click on “Continue” before proceeding further.

Enter iCloud account info

Step 3: Start Tracking Your Wife

You are all set! Now simply head over to the control panel, and from there, select any feature.

Track your wife with Spylix

Check Your Wife’s Android

Step 1: Create a New Account

Make a new profile on Spylix’s website for free by only entering your email address.

Make a new account on Spylix

Step 2: Set Up the App

Enable the spy app on her phone by following the on-screen instructions. Once done, sign in using your Spylix credentials.

Install the Spylix app on her phone

Step 3: Track your Wife’s Android Activities

All done! Navigate to the online control panel, and select any feature to view the information on her infidelity.

Spy on wife with Spylix

What Else Can Spylix Do?

With the help of Spylix, you can also learn

  • Your wife’s call log
  • Her browsing history
  • Her phone passwords using the keylogger
  • The installed apps on her phone
  • Her contact list

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheaters Spy App?

Spylix offers a quick and fast solution to track the cheater’s activities remotely without her ever knowing.

Customer support is always ready to assist, and the app offers budget-friendly plans for Android and iOS spying.

Moreover, no technical skill is needed to manage the app, and there is no requirement to root or jailbreak your wife’s phone.

Part 4: What to Do If My Wife Has Cheated in The Past?

If you have solid proof and a confession that your wife has cheated in the past, then here are some tips you should follow to manage the situation calmly:

  • Take Time Apart

It may be helpful to take some time apart to reflect on your relationship and the future of your marriage. This time can allow you to process your emotions and consider what you want from the relationship moving forward.

  • Work on Building Trust

Rebuilding trust after infidelity takes time and effort from both partners. Consider working on building trust by being transparent with each other and following through on your commitments.

  • Focus on the Present

While it’s important to address infidelity and work to rebuild trust, it’s also important to focus on the present moment and the positive aspects of your relationship. Try to find ways to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Explore New Experiences

Consider exploring new experiences or activities together to help create a fresh start in your relationship. This can help to create new memories and strengthen your bond.

Part 5: How to Trust My Wife Who Has Cheated in The Past?

So, how to move past cheating and start trusting your wife again?

These tips can help:

Healing takes time and patience, and it’s important to allow yourself and your wife time to work through any emotional pain caused by infidelity. Don’t rush the process; be prepared to be patient with yourself and your wife.

Moreover, forgiveness is a personal choice, and it’s up to you to decide if you can forgive your wife and work to rebuild your relationship. If you choose to forgive, work on actively forgiving her and letting go of resentment or anger.

Remember that trust is built over time, and it will take effort from both you and your wife to rebuild it.


This ends our detailed discussion on “how to know if your wife has cheated in the past”.

Calmly follow the tips, don’t lose your cool, try Spylix to collect proof before confronting her, and listen to her side of the story.

Best of luck!

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