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The Top Solution to Monitor Kids’ Text Messages on Android and iPhone

Undoubtedly, texting is an effective way of communicating to manage work and personal-related affairs. However, there are some unavoidable consequences to sending or receiving unfiltered messages.

Adults are normally aware of how to text safely and are clear about sharing private information with someone they do not trust. Unfortunately, children do not know of the harmful effects. For this reason, a parent must always monitor kids’ text messages in any way possible.

If you are looking to learn how to monitor kids’ text messages without them knowing, then read this guide.

Monitor kids’ text messages

Part 1: Can I Monitor My Kid’s Text Messages?

Yes, you can monitor your kid’s text messages. As a parent or guardian, you are legally responsible for their well-being, and if you feel that they are not engaging in healthy and safe activities on their phone, then you can employ means to verify your suspicion.

You can utilize a dedicated app to monitor kids’ text messages, but there are several available online, and it is vital to select the most effective one. In addition, you can check their messages directly.

Carry on reading this post, as we’ll share the best methods to check their texts without them knowing.

Part 2: What Can Kids Do with Text Messages?

Kids generally send or receive text messages to keep in touch with their friends. It is important to have an active social life and keep up with schoolwork.

However, unsupervised and frequent usage of text messages has opened a path for more sinister ways. Since the inception of social media messaging apps and services like iMessage, sending sexual texts or nudes has become more of a norm than a faux pas.

As such, while it is common nowadays for teenage kids to engage in this sort of behavior from time to time, it could be difficult to comprehend for a parent, especially when sexting regularly can impact the child’s own mental well-being. Exposure to such activities can lead to harmful outcomes. Follow the next section to learn more.

Part 3: The Necessity of Monitoring Kids’ Text Messages

As parents, we all want our children to know how to be safe and protected. Keeping the kids safe online is a challenge. However, by monitoring text messages, you can make sure they’re doing what they should as they become more involved with technology in their day-to-day lives.

Here are the reasons you should learn how to monitor your kids’ text messages:

To Prevent Cyberbullying

If the kid is involved in sexting or inappropriate behavior via text messages, they can also be exposed to cyberbullying. There is also a possibility that they could be initiating the bullying.

If you can check their texts, you can verify your suspicions and ensure that your kid is safe. Moreover, in case of any unfortunate incident, you can act appropriately to keep things in order.

Safekeeping From Unsafe and Inappropriate Content

If another person sends explicit photos or content unsuited for a minor via text messages and your kid automatically receives it, you need to keep a watch on the chats. Being exposed to such content can be harmful to the child’s personality.

Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle

More and more kids today have little involvement in outdoor activities. They prefer to stay inside playing video games and using their phones for hours instead. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that children this age need constant parental supervision when using their mobile devices.

Part 4: 4 Common Ways to Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages

We will examine the four standard ways to supervise the kids’ text messages. Read on to learn how effective these solutions are.

Way 1: Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages via iCloud

You can sync your iPhone with the kid’s iCloud account and access their backup data to check all their messages and the media files shared during the chatting sessions.


  • You must know the child’s iCloud account details.
  • iCloud backup must be enabled.
  • Messages should be toggled on to sync with iCloud.

Here is how you can restore your kid’s text messages on your iPhone via iCloud.

  1. On your child’s iPhone, access the Settings app and tap their Apple Account Name(top of the menu).
  2. Next, tap iCloud, and on the next screen, turn on Messages.
  3. Note: Now, the messages on the kid’s iPhone will be backed up to their iCloud account.

    Enable iCloud and Message backup on the kids’ iPhone

  4. Next, reset your iPhone, and on the Startup screen(Apps & Data), select Restore from iCloud Backup.
  5. Sign in using your child’s account credentials to access the messages.

Restore kids’ text messages via iCloud


  1. Free and accessible


  1. Risk of detection
  2. Requires access to your kid’s iCloud credentials
  3. Requires you to reset your iOS device

Way 2: Check Your Kid’s Text Messages by Forwarding

If your kid is using an iPhone/iPad, then you can enable the built-in text forwarding feature to your Apple device to check their messages remotely.

If they have an Android device, you can set up a third-party app on their phone to activate text forwarding since there is no built-in feature to manage such.


  • Access the child’s iPhone or iPad to add your device to the list for text forwarding.
  • Install a third-party app from the Play Store on their Android device and set it up to activate message forwarding.

The steps for iPhone text forwarding are as follows.

  1. On your kid’s iPhone, open the Settings menu.
  2. Next, tap Messages.
  3. Access the Text Message Forwarding option.
  4. Select your Apple device, and you will receive their texts in real time.

Set up text forwarding on your kids’ iPhone


  1. Mostly free
  2. Remote access to messages


  1. Time-consuming
  2. No feature for Android devices
  3. May not include media files(sent or received)

Way 3: Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages via Google Family Link

Google has now introduced its Parental Control tool called Family Link, similar to Screen Time by Apple for iOS devices, to monitor children’s activities and to ensure they engage in safe and healthy content online. Once activated, it allows you to check the target user’s text messages remotely.


  • You must have access to the kid’s phone.
  • You must install the kid’s version on your child’s phone.

Check out the steps to use Google Family Link to monitor kids’ text messages.

  1. First, install the Family Link Parent app on your phone and the kid’s version on your child’s device.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to get a code on your account, and then enter it on the kid’s phone.
  3. Finally, customize the app settings on your device to check your kid’s text messages effectively.

Monitor your kids’ text messages via Google Family Link


  1. Compatible with both Android and iOS
  2. Free service
  3. Reliable


  1. Requires physical access to the target device
  2. Time-consuming

Way 4: See Your Kid’s Text Messages via Backups

If your kid regularly backs up data on their cloud account, then you can restore it on your phone using just their account credentials.


  • You are required access to your kid’s Google Account or iCloud credentials.
  • Data backup must be enabled on the iPhone or Android device.

The steps are listed below.


  1. On your kid’s iPhone, open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap the Device Owner option and select
  3. There, tap iCloud and select Manage Storage.
  4. There, tap Backup to access the text messages.

Google Drive

  1. Access your kid’s Android device and open the Settings app.
  2. There, tap System and select Back up to access the files.
  3. Finally, choose the Backup option to restore their text messages.

Access backup to monitor kids’ text-messages


  1. Free and built-in option
  2. Data safety
  3. Reliable


  1. Time-consuming
  2. Risk of detection
  3. Depending on too many prerequisites
  4. It may require physical access to the target device

Part 5: Top 3 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Text Messages 

Standard options are handy, but they require physical access to kids’ phones and knowledge of their cloud accounts, and there is always a risk of getting detected. If you wish to do it quietly without anyone noticing, then try dedicated spy apps to monitor text messages.

These apps offer remote access to all data, information on all types of messages, and details on the sender and receiver. In addition, you can utilize additional parental control features provided by these apps to keep your children safe.

Here, we will share the top three services.

5.1 Spylix Text Messages Monitoring App

The first app in our recommendation is Spylix, which works under stealth mode on all versions of Android and iOS to provide text message details without the target user knowing. Its control panel is readily available on any web browser, and all information is uploaded on it in real time. It doesn’t

Key Features of Spylix Text Messages Monitoring App

Spylix’s text message spy lets you know the following details about the child’s chatting patterns.

  • You can view all sent and received messages on their phone.
  • It also lets you access the deleted messages.
  • You can also review the information on the sender or receiver, including their name, number, and picture.
  • Spylix also shares the timestamps of all sent and received texts.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

The app is easy to install. For Android, you need to manually install the app, but it takes about two minutes, and for iPhone, the process is even simpler, no software installation is required. Here are the steps.

Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing On Their Android Device

Step 1: Sign Up With Spylix For Free

On the website, click Sign Up Free and enter your email address to make a new account.

make a new account

Step 2: Install the Spylix App

Set up the Spylix app on your kids’ Android phones by following the guidelines on the newly created Spylix account.

Install the Spylix app

Step 3: Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages without Them Knowing On Android

Access the Spylix dashboard. Go to the General Features section and click Text Messages to read your children’s text messages.

Monitor the kids’ Android text messages without them knowing

Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing On Their iPhone

Step 1: Create A New Spylix Account

Access the Spylix website and make a new account using just your email address.

Set up a free account

Step 2: Share The iCloud Account

Enter your children’s iCloud credentials on their iPhone or iPad.

Enter the child’s iCloud account details

Step 3: Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages without Them Knowing On iPhone

Open the Spylix dashboard and go to the General Features section. Next, select Text Messages to read everything.

Monitor the kid’s iPhone text messages without them knowing

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Text Messages Monitoring App?

With Spylix, you can also enable phone monitoring features to ensure your kid is safe and sound. Here is why this app tops the list.

  • Location Tracking and Geofencing
  • URL and Apps Blocker
  • Screen Recording
  • Call Logs Tracker
  • Social Media Monitoring On WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, and more.

In addition to that, you can enable the Keylogger to track their keystrokes and act appropriately if any unsuited words are exchanged.

5.2 SaferKid Text Monitoring App

Saferkid app

It is a dedicated parental control app that can let you check the kid’s text messages. In addition, it automatically blocks adult content from the target phone. You can set up the parameters for the type of data the child can view, and if the parameters are crossed, the app will prevent them from accessing it.


  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android 4.4 and up


  1. Cross-platform compatibility


  1. Expensive
  2. Limited features compared to other services

5.3 Parentaler

Parentaler app

As the name suggests, Parentaler is another useful tool to keep an eye on the child’s phone activities, including what they text to others. The app also shares the media files exchanged in their messages. Moreover, it can track texts on top social media apps, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, etc.


  • iOS 7 – 13+
  • Android 4 and up


  1. Extensive parental control tool


  1. Costly
  2. It may require jailbreak or rooting

Part 6: Signs Your Kids Are Hiding Their Text Messages

If your kid seems anxious while using the phone in front of you, and this keeps on happening frequently, then there is a high chance that they are hiding something.

For example, if they are involved in sexting or cyberbullying, then their first instinct would be to prevent anyone else from catching them in the act.

They will leave the room upon receiving any text or try their hardest to remain in the same space as you to avoid any slip-up on their part.

Part 7: What Do I Do If I Find Inappropriate Texts on My Child’s Phone?

If you find evidence of inappropriate texts they exchange, then it is your duty as a parent to let your kid know about the consequences of such activities.

You must educate them about how to deal with their data and let them know that engaging in such conduct may result in messages or files reaching the wrong hands, which may end up blackmailing or cyberbullying them.

Getting angry or instantly blaming the child for any wrongdoings is counterproductive. It is best to hold an honest conversation, share your expectations, and tell them the benefits of not engaging in such behavior.

Part 8: How to Protect Your Kid’s Safety on Text Messages?

You can start by employing parental control tools on the kid’s phone. If you are actively supervising their text messaging, then it is possible to avoid any inconvenience and ensure that they are safe.

Additionally, you must let them know that you trust their judgment and believe that they would never resort to inappropriate conduct via text or any other way. An honest and open conversation goes a long way.

Part 9: When Should Parents Stop Monitoring Their Kids’ Texts?

Once kids reach the legal adult age, then parents should stop monitoring their text messages. Supervising their activities beyond that might be considered unethical and illegal in some states unless you have their consent.


With the right tools, it is possible to monitor kids’ text messages, which ensures that parents are not engaging in unsafe and inappropriate behavior. This article shares several solutions for accessing the child’s texts. Still, the best method is Spylix, which prevents detection and updates the information in real time.

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