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What Are the Top Emotional Affair Signs To Determine Spouse’s Loyalty?

“I think my husband is cheating on me, and I know with whom! There is no proof, but recently, at a house party, I saw some emotional affair signs between them. My intuition is telling me that something is wrong. What should I do, as I can not accuse him based on just a hunch?”

Cheating begins with emotional attachment. You are not wrong in getting suspicious. However, based on just your intuition, it is not healthy for you or the relationship to accuse your partner or spouse.

In this guide, we will discuss all the signs of an emotional affair and the cleanest(most efficient) method to catch the cheater in the act. Read on!

Emotional affair signs

Part 1: What Is An Emotional Affair?

You need emotional support and attention from your significant other to function in life. This is the true essence of an intimate relationship.

However, when the partner or spouse does not invest their emotional energy in you and instead acquires someone outside(like a lover) to do that, it is one of the warning signs of an emotional affair. It may not be as dire as physical cheating, but it is still being unfaithful.

However, there is a difference between a platonic relationship between two people and them having an emotional affair. So be very careful!

Part 2: 10 Emotional Affair Signs You Must Know

10 emotional affair signs

The following are the signs that your partner is having an emotional affair. Notice the pattern or behavioral change in them.

They are Distant

If your partner/spouse is emotionally involved with someone, then they will begin getting distant from you. You will feel the coldness from them.

They Form Suspiciously Close Friendships

Spouses generally know what type of people their significant others hang out with. However, if you have suddenly started hanging out with someone new and they refuse to tell more about them, but they are frequently discussed in your conversations, then they might be making an emotional connection.

They Keep Secrets

Why would a spouse keep secrets from their partner unless they have something nasty to hide? If they are being overly cautious around you, they might be emotionally cheating.

They are Irritable

If someone is investing emotional energy in another person outside a relationship, they will certainly feel drained and irritable when you ask them for the same comfort.

They are Untrustworthy

You will notice that your partner/spouse has been frequently lying to you, and this breach of trust is a significant red flag.

They Prioritize Their Leisure Time With Other People

Life gets busy for adults, and when they get an ounce of free time, their priority should be to spend it to the fullest with their spouses and children. If they are consuming their leisure time with someone else and aren’t open about it, they may be emotionally cheating.

They Talk More About Other People

They will randomly bring the person they are having an emotional affair with into the conversation at home, like singing their praises and whatnot.

They Lack Emotional Availability

A person spending emotional energy elsewhere will have nothing to spend on the person they are cheating on.

They Share Inappropriate Things With the Other Person

You accidentally open their phone and notice that they have been sending sexual and inappropriate texts to another person. This might be an inside jock or a platonic relationship, but it can also be a sign of an emotional affair.

They Do Unfair Comparisons

Your spouse or partner will start to make comparisons with another person out of the blue, causing you to feel uncomfortable.

Part 3: Why Would a Person Have an Emotional Affair?

This is not to blame the person being cheated on, but a cheater generally looks elsewhere if their certain needs or expectations are not met. They can feel lonely or isolated in the relationship, and knowing this vulnerability, the affair partner takes advantage.

If the primary relationship fails to meet the emotional needs and reassure the spouse/partner, and when they get all such things from a third person, then an emotional connection is formed. This leads to things getting physical, showing coldness, getting distant, and being less intimate with you.

Part 4: 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs

7 stages of emotional affairs

So, how do signs of an emotional affair co me out? These feelings or bonds outside marriage or intimate relationships are formed in seven stages.

We have highlighted them here!

A Platonic Friendship Will Be Formed

The other will start with being friends, a platonic relationship. They will notice the loneliness or emotional vulnerability your spouse/partner is showing, and they will fill the gaps.

A Line Will Be Crossed

Your spouse or partner might feel safe talking about the most sensitive things about your relationship with the other person. The affair partner will pretend to listen and give them the sort of validation they crave.

They Will Complain About You A Lot

The next stage is putting your character on a pedestal, blaming you for all the wrong in the relationship. The other person will continue to listen, leading your spouse/partner to get the impression that they agree with them.

They Will Be Fixated

The time of time will be over by now, and your spouse/partner will feel some attraction toward that person who had been feeding him emotionally in your absence.

They Will Start To Make Decisions

Next, both cheating parties will plan to make decisions about the future, involving leaving each other’s partners and starting a new life together.

They Will Find Ways To Be Irritable At Home

If one’s emotional needs are met elsewhere, why would they invest anything positive at home in their private relationship? Your spouse will show irritation and no signs of intimacy towards you. Plus, they will come up with reasons to stay outside.

The End Of The Relationship

Your spouse or partner will try to get out of the marriage or relationship with you. However, they will shift the entire blame on you for why everything fell apart.

Part 5: How Do You Know If You’re Having an Emotional Affair?

If you are spending too much time with someone, discussing all the intimate details about your primary relationship, then it can be a sign of an emotional affair.

Things can turn ugly when the other person seems equally invested in what you have to say, and they are all but ears. Moreover, if you are constantly complaining about your spouse or partner with that person and reveal to them that your emotional needs are not met, then this implies that you are finding ways to end the relationship.

Why on earth would you entrust some outside entity with intimate details about your relationship when you can easily talk with your spouse/partner about what’s been bothering you?

It is because you are having sort of an emotional affair!

Part 6: How Do You Tell If Your Spouse Have an Emotional Affair?

There is a fine line between having an emotional affair and being in a platonic relationship. For that reason, it is advised not to get emotional and blatantly accuse your spouse or partner of cheating.

It would help if you calm down and think things through. The important thing is to gather evidence of cheating, which can be made possible using a spy app like Spylix.

You can silently enable this app on the spouse’s iPhone or Android device, monitor their interaction with the person you think they have made an emotional bond with, and collect evidence that could help you when you finally confront them.

6.1 Key Features of Spylix Cheating Catch App

With Spylix, the following features can help you gather solid proof of cheating(if any).

  • Check their live location and history of visited areas
  • View what type of sites they visit
  • Read all their SMS (sent/received/deleted) and learn the identity of the sender/receiver
  • Monitor all the keystrokes made on the device using the keylogger
  • Spy on their photos and videos
  • Track their call logs and contact list
  • Spy on all their social media text exchanges on top apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Skype, and more

6.2 How to Tell If Your Spouse Has an Emotional Affair?

Follow Spylix’s step-by-step guide on how to tell if your partner is having an emotional affair.

Tell If Your Spouse Has an Emotional Affair on Their iPhone

Step 1: Make A New Account on Spylix

On the Spylix website, click the Sign Up Free button. Next, share your email address to create a free account.

Make a free Spylix account

Step 2: Use Your Spouse’s iCloud Details

Enter your spouse’s iCloud account details to access their cloud backup data and verify the iOS device.

Enter the man’s iCloud information

Step 3: Tell If Your Spouse Has An Emotional Affair on Their iPhone

Access the control panel and click any feature to see if they are cheating on you.

Tell if your spouse has an emotional affair on their iPhone

Tell If Your Spouse Has An Emotional Affair on Their Android Phone

Step 1: Make A Free Account

Open the Spylix website and provide your email address to set up a new account for free.

Set up a free Spylix account

Step 2: Set Up The Android App

Follow the step-by-step instructions on your Spylix account to install the Spylix app on the targeted Android device.

Install the Spylix app

Step 3: Tell If Your Spouse Has An Emotional Affair on Their Android

Access the online control panel via any browser and select any feature to check whether they are showing any signs of an emotional affair.

Tell if your spouse has an emotional affair on their Android

6.3 Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheating Catch App?

Spylix offers complete stealth, making it the safest option to secretly monitor the spouse’s cheating activities. Plus, it is cost-effective and takes mere minutes to install. In addition, it doesn’t require root/jailbreak, and if you encounter any feature or service-related issues, customer service is available 24/7 to assist you.

Part 7: How to Deal With an Emotional Affair?

If the affair hasn’t gotten physical and it is still in the emotional bonding phase, then it is not too late to redeem your relationship. You need to come to terms with all that has happened, and instead of aggressively confronting the spouse, hold a conversation with them.

Ask why they resorted to this and whether they see any future in the relationship. If it is vital, honestly share your thoughts and give them the room to explain their side of the story.

Part 8: How to Prevent Emotional Cheating?

Now that you have held an emotional conversation with your spouse and decided to forgo the past, you should be vigilant in stopping such an inconvenience from happening again. Ensure that you are emotionally available to your spouse, and let them replicate the feeling.

Moreover, you should both commit to work on things together and frequently discuss the future, involving things like finances, children, etc. Dedicate time for intimacy, which can either be physical or just a stroll in the park(your choice).

Part 9: FAQs about Emotional Affairs

Here is some more additional info about emotional affairs and how they affect the primary relationship.

9.1 How does an emotional affair start?

An emotional affair begins with a platonic friendship, the other person providing space and room for your spouse to express their feelings and to share an emotional bond.

9.2 How do most emotional affairs end?

Most emotional affairs end in things getting physical and people ending their primary relationship to fully commit to adultery.

9.3 How long do emotional affairs usually last?

It varies from person to person and how emotionally balanced the people involved in the affair are. Generally, they last for a few months up to a year.

9.4 What is emotional cheating texting?

Emotional texting involves flirting with the affair partner, sharing dirty jokes, or sending/receiving lewd photos/videos.

9.5 What percentage of emotional affairs turn physical?

According to various surveys, about 50-70% of emotional affairs turn into something physical.


Now that you are aware of all the emotional affair signs, do you see your partner or spouse showing them? If yes, then do not get hasty! Employ solutions like Spylix on their phone to gather implicating evidence of infidelity. Once you have enough proof, then confront them and ask for an explanation.

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