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Who Cheats More, Men or Women? Find Out All The Facts and Figures Here

Cheating can plague a relationship. However, don’t blame yourself for being the reason your spouse committed adultery.

This issue has become a borderline epidemic, but who cheats more, men or women?

Follow this article and learn all the stats related to infidelity and which gender generally falls prey to this evil act. Read on!

Who cheats more men or women

Q: How Common is Cheating in Relationships?

Cheating has become quite common in the modern era. Maybe technology is to blame, as people have gotten easy access to meeting new people via dating sites and social media.

Also, with our lives getting busier in an instant, our need for an emotional connection has been raised. If one isn’t getting intimacy in their primary relationship, they are sure to look elsewhere, resulting in cheating.

Part 1: Statistically Who Cheats More Men or Women?

Statistically who cheats more

So, statistically who cheats more men or women? Which gender gets the blame? Are both equally responsible?

Find out the stats on who cheats more in a marriage, men or women, here.

Before the pandemic, it was reported that about 19% of men cheated on their spouses/partners. However, women were not that far behind, as 16% of them confessed to being unfaithful to their partners.

Here is what Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center determined in a survey gathered over 20 years. 

About 20-25% of men have admitted to cheating. For women, the stats were 10 to 15%. However, the percentage seemed to be lower among young couples, which was a pleasant surprise, as we mostly accustom adultery to a specific age group.

In people from the ages 18-29, only 15% of men were unfaithful versus 12% of women. What surprised us the most was that people in their 60s were more inclined to cheat.

Part 2: Who Cheats More in a Long-Term Relationship?

Relationships, specifically marriages, are meant to last a lifetime; this is their true essence, ‘Till death do us part.’

However, according to most stats and independent surveys on who cheats more in marriages, men or women, regardless of the age group, men are most likely to cheat in a long-term relationship.

Why is this the case?

The main reason is that with time, their partner or spouses get busy with children, leaving them feeling underappreciated, even though it is unintentional.

This vulnerability and lack of emotional connection in the primary relationship allow the third person to swoop in and start an affair. Sexual desire and revenge for neglect can also play a significant part.

One major factor is their fear of aging and reminiscing about the good old days. They seek one final shot at glory to feel young again, which prompts them to commit adultery.

Part 3: Who Cheats More Men or Women in Long Distance Relationships?

Who cheats in a long-distance relationship

Trust and patience are the keys when a couple is in a long-distance relationship. Obviously, neither partner is getting their physical desires met. Moreover, there is only a specific amount of emotional bonding one can do via their phones.

So, on paper, it points out the fact that long-distance relationships are more vulnerable to infidelity or cheating. Is that really the case?

Well, not necessarily.

Only 22% of people in a long-distance relationship have admitted that they cheated on their partners. This statistic is low compared to the general figures for all types of relationships.

The main reason behind the failure of long-distance companionship isn’t; it is(as stated earlier) the lack of connection and not being together in one place. Overall, only 58% of these types of relationships last.

However, women are better at dealing with the difficulties of such scenarios, so this means that men are most likely to cheat.

Part 4: What are The Signs of Cheating in Men and Women?

The stats do not imply that all men are likely to cheat; they also indicate that women are not out of the deep waters as well. This act isn’t gender specific, and generally, it doesn’t matter who cheats more in a relationship, men or women. The whole act is heinous.

However, the most important thing is to notice the small trail of breadcrumbs that cheaters leave behind that you can use to gather evidence against them before finally confronting them.

Here are some signs of a cheater, and if you notice them, the next step is to catch them in the act.

Change of Appearance – They will change their entire dressing style and wardrobe, and if you ask them, they will not give you a clear answer.

You Do Not Know Where They Are – There will be a specific time of day or night when you intend to reach your partner/spouse, but you can’t. They can potentially be with their affair partner.

Being Overly Protective Of Their Phone – Cheating is primarily done over the phone, and your unfaithful spouse will do whatever it takes to prevent you from accessing it. You will notice that they have applied new passwords and refuse to share them with you.

Extravagant Expenses – On their bank statements, you will find unaccounted expensive transactions that point to the fact that they are spending it on their lover.

Lack Of Intimacy – Your cheating spouse/partner will show no emotional intimacy with you. They will also find ways to avoid getting physical.

Change In Hobbies – If they have changed their routine or habits and haven’t explained why upon asking, this implies that they are trying new things with someone else.

Blaming You For Everything – They will find faults in the relationship and shift the blame to you for everything that is wrong.

Part 5: What are The Causes of Cheating For Men and Women?

Many factors can contribute to cheating on one’s significant other. However, for men, it is often a feeling of insecurity and the fear of losing their youth. Men have a high testosterone level, meaning they would want to get sexually satisfied. However, if their partner or spouse declines them(continuously), they are most likely to bite the forbidden fruit.

Women, on the other hand, cheat when they feel disconnected from their partner on an emotional level. If they feel underappreciated or ignored, they will likely get all these praises elsewhere.

Boredom is another reason for both men and women, especially if they are looking for excitement and aren’t getting it in the primary relationship.

Part 6: How to Catch Cheatings in A Relationship?

Have you noticed the signs we discussed earlier with your partner? Do you think they are cheating, but you are not completely sure?

We suggest that you wait and apply a third-party spy app called Spylix on their phone to gather solid/concrete evidence before confronting them.

Don’t worry about any compatibility issues! Spylix works on all devices(Android and iOS), and you can monitor their activities anywhere you like, as long as you have access to a web browser.

6.1 Key Features of Spylix Cheater Catch App

What features can help you catch a cheating spouse? Here is what Spylix has to offer.

GPS Tracker – You can view their current whereabouts and location history to find out where they have been all this time.

Social Media Spy – With this feature, you can learn who your partner interacts with on their secret social media accounts, like Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, and more.

Browser Tracker – See what sites they visit on their phone using this feature; you can also enable the remote control feature to block those websites.

Other features like screen recording, keylogger, and access to media files will help you gather solid proof if they are cheaters.

6.2 How to Catch A Cheating Partner Without Being Noticed?

Follow this article to learn how to catch a cheating partner without being notified.

Catch A Cheating Partner on an Android Device Without Being Noticed

Step 1: Create an Account

Access the official website and share your valid email address to make a new account for free.

Set up a new free Spylix account

Step 2: Set up The Spylix App

Download and enable the Android app on your spouse’s phone by following the on-screen guidelines.

install the Spylix app

Step 3: Catch The Cheating Partner Without Being Noticed on an Android Device

Open the online control panel and select the features available to catch the cheater undetected.

Catch the cheating partner without being notified on their Android device with Spylix

Catch A Cheating Partner on an iPhone Without Being Noticed

Step 1: Create A New Account

Access the official Spylix website and enter your valid email address to set up a new account for free.

Set up a new account

Step 2: Enter the Cheating Spouse’s iCloud Details

Share their iCloud account information, such as their Apple ID and password, to verify their iOS device.

Enter the cheating spouse’s iCloud account info

Step 3: Catch The Cheating Partner Without Being Noticed on an iPhone

Launch the web-based control panel on your browser, and click any feature to monitor the cheater’s activities.

Catch the cheating partner without being notified on their iPhone with Spylix

6.3 Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheating Catch App?

There is no better option than Spylix! Here are the reasons why.

  • The app offers budget-friendly packages
  • Its customer support is accessible 24/7
  • The installation process is simple, and the dashboard interface is easy to manage
  • The app does not ask you to root or jailbreak the device

Part 7: How to Move On After Infidelity?

Finding out that you have been a victim of infidelity is a bitter pill to swallow, but being an adult, it is your duty to manage your emotions. If you still have feelings for your partner or spouse and wish to give the relationship another shot, then holding a long conversation is the key.

Moreover, it is wise to acknowledge the reasons that caused the partner to find emotional satisfaction in another person’s arms. Notice if you took your partner for granted!

However, if you feel that they are bound to repeat this mistake due to their pathological nature and lack of any guilt, then there is no use hurting yourself. It is time to move on and to do that, we recommend entrusting your friends and family with all your troubles, seeking therapy, and giving yourself time to enjoy the small things in life.


In the end, it doesn’t matter who cheats more, men or women! The act is terrible and leaves an everlasting mark on the affected person. However, keeping all the stats and signs out of the way, it is vital to collect solid evidence that your partner had cheated. Otherwise, this could all backfire on you. For that, Spylix is the best choice!

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