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How to Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone – A Comprehensive Guide

How to get someone else’s iMessages on your iPhone? I suspect my husband is cheating, but I have no evidence. However, I believe his iMessages may have the proof to catch him. Is it possible to access the texts without him knowing?”

iMessages are a secure and instant way for communication under complete security and assurance of privacy by Apple. However, this high level of secrecy can be troublesome, as you may not find out what your rebellious teen or significant other does on the app.

However, fear not, as there are some potent methods that can help you learn how to see someone else’s messages on iPhone.

How to get someone else’s iMessages on your iPhone

Part 1: Can I Get Someone Else’s iMessages on My iPhone?

Apple is famous for applying strict security policies to keep user data safe. It is not surprising that iMessage is rated as the most private and safe texting app.

This can bring forth bittersweet feelings if you are a parent, especially. On the one hand, you would feel relieved that your child is in safe hands as it would be challenging for strangers, predators, and hackers to access their data.

However, on the other, you would still be worried about them, being unable to monitor their iMessage activities, ensuring they are not engaged in unsuitable conduct.

Still, the good news is that there are some effective methods that allow you to view the other person’s sent or received iMessages. Follow the next section for detailed information on the solutions.

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone?

Before learning how to get someone’s iMessages sent to your iPhone, we need to go through the circumstances that warrant such an excessive step.

Here are some valid scenarios.

Child Protection

You can not supervise your child’s phone activities in real time. However, it doesn’t mean that whatever they do on their phone, like texting via iMessage, should be left unchecked. So, it is vital for you to keep monitoring their texts to ensure they are not involved in things that are unsuited to their age.

Moreover, you can ensure that any unfavorable individual does not approach your kid via iMessage. If you find any evidence, then knowing the facts allows you to act appropriately.

To Find Evidence of Cheating

You can know a lot about your partner or spouse by looking over their iMessage data. If they have been acting strangely or giving you silent treatment, leading to suspicion that they are cheating, then you can find solid proof by checking their texts.

Employee Management

By monitoring company-owned phones, you can ensure that employees comply with the enterprise policy and regulations. Plus, this way, you can ensure that business secrets are not leaked.

Part 3: 3 Solutions on How to Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone

Top solutions to get someone else’s iMessages on your iPhone

This section explored the top three methods to understand how to get other people’s messages on iPhone.

Solution 1: Use an iPhone Monitoring App to Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone

The best way to access someone else’s iMessages without them knowing is via the Spylix app. It offers all the details on a user-friendly control panel(accessible on any modern-day web browser). Moreover, it works on all versions of iOS and Android. So, do not worry if the target user does not have an iPhone. Spylix can track all types of text messages.

Key Features of Spylix iPhone Monitoring App

Here is what you can view using the Text Monitoring feature of Spylix.

  • You can read the complete text history(sent and received) on the iPhone and even the Android device.
  • It also lets you review the timestamps when the iMessage was sent or received.
  • Also, you can learn information about the sender and receiver, such as their name, number, and profile picture
  • Another high-quality feature offered by this app is accessing the deleted iMessages.

How to Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone without Them Knowing?

There is no need to install any software to access the target iPhone’s iMessages via Spylix. The installation method is incredibly simple and takes mere minutes to complete.

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Create the New Spylix Account

On the official Spylix website, click Sign Up Free and enter your email address to make a new account.

Set up a free account

Step 2: Share The User’s iCloud Account

Enter the person’s iCloud credentials enabled on their iPhone to verify the iOS device. 

Enter the user’s iCloud info

Step 3: Get Someone Else’s iMessages on Your iPhone without Them Knowing

Visit the Spylix dashboard. Under the General Features section, click Text Messages to read the chats online.

Get someone else’s iMessages on your iPhone without them knowing

Why Choose Spylix as The Best iPhone Monitoring App?

You can quietly install this app on the target person’s phone to track their activities anonymously. As shared, the installation process is simple and requires no technical skill. If you encounter any issues, the customer service is always available. Plus, it requires no rooting or jailbreak procedure to work. The platform is also cost-effective.

Solution 2: Use iCloud Syncing to See Someone Else’s iMessages on iPhone

You can use the other person’s iCloud credentials to enable backup and sync their iMessages to the cloud platform.


  • Access to the target person’s iCloud login information

Apply the following steps to learn how to get someone’s text messages to your iPhone:

  1. Use the other person’s iCloud login details on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Device Owner name on the Settings app and select iCloud.
  3. Ensure that the Messages option is enabled under the “Apps Using iCloud” section.

See someone else’s iMessages via iCloud syncing


  1. Quick method


  1. Requires access to the user’s iCloud login details
  2. Risk of getting detected spying

Solution 3: See Someone’s iMessages by Restoring iCloud Backup on Your iPhone

If the target user regularly backs his iPhone data on iCloud, then you can use their login credentials to access the messages. It is fast and simple.


  • Access to the target user’s iCloud login credentials
  • iCloud Backup must be enabled on the target iPhone

Follow the steps to learn how to see other people’s text messages on iPhone:

  1. Access the iCloud Settings on the target iPhone and enable the Messages backup.
  2. Now, log in using the other person’s account on your iPhone.
  3. Download the iCloud backup and restore the backup messages.

See someone else’s iMessages via iCloud backup


  1. Free
  2. Instant solution


  1. Depending on several prerequisites
  2. iMessage backup might not be available

Part 4: 3 Solutions on How to Get Someone Else’s iMessages (not on your iPhone) 

Apple devices are interconnected via the same ID. That means if the user has multiple devices, they can view their messages on them. It also implies that if you have the other person’s ID information, you can view the iMessages on any Apple-based gadget.

Here, we have suggested three methods.

Solution 1: Use Your Apple Watch to Check Someone’s iMessages

See someone else’s iMessages via Apple Watch

Apple Watch allows users to view their iMessages on the spot. You can sync your device using the other person’s credentials to monitor the texts. However, since the devices are paired, there is a high chance that the target user will find out someone has used their credentials to link the Apple Watch.


  • Must know the other user’s iCloud login information
  • Must pair your Apple Watch with the user’s ID


  1. Free
  2. On-the-spot access to iMessages


  1. Too risky
  2. Congested interface to read the messages

Solution 2: Get Someone Else's iMessages via iTunes Backup

iTunes backup is outdated, but people still back up their iOS data using this platform. If the target user is one of those individuals, then you can restore the files in no time via your Mac or Windows PC


  • Must install the latest version of iTunes on Windows
  • The target device must be connected to your desktop

Here are the steps.

  1. Access iTunes on the PC or launch Finder on your Mac.
  2. Connect the iPhone via a USB cable. iTunes will detect the device.
  3. On the interface, select Restore Backup.
  4. Select the backup files and tap Restore to view the iMessages.

See someone else’s iMessages via iTunes


  1. Free


  1. Complex
  2. High risk of getting detected
  3. Required physical access to the target iPhone

Solution 3: Forward iMessages to Mac or iPad

You can enable the built-in text forwarding feature on the target user’s iPhone so that the messages can be sent to you whenever they receive them.


  • You must know the user’s iCloud login information
  • Access to the user’s iPhone is needed

The steps are as follows.

  1. Use both devices and access the iMessage app.
  2. Now, sign in using the target user’s login credentials.
  3. Go to Settings app, and tap Messages.
  4. Select Text Message Forwarding and select your Mac.

See someone else’s iMessages via text forwarding


  1. Quick solution


  1. You can not view the sent messages
  2. Requires access to the person’s Apple ID and password

Part 5: What is The Best Way to Get Someone Else’s iMessages?

Methods like iCloud syncing and backing up the files yourself can be hectic, and you may end up spending countless hours trying to sift through the pile of data to check the relevant data to find out what’s been bothering the target user.

Plus, there is a high risk of getting detected, as you have to personally ensure the person backs up their file to iCloud. 

What if you do not have an Apple device? Solutions like Apple Watch and Mac text forwarding would be of no use. There is also a high chance of being spotted spying on the messages.

The official methods depend on a lengthy list of prerequisites, preventing you from reading the texts that would suggest something is up with your loved one.

For this reason, we suggest that Spylix is the best way to get someone else’s iMessages. It provides real-time information on the intuitive control panel. It is accessible on any device, no matter where you are.

Besides, the other methods only provide a limited piece of information. On the other hand, with Spylix, you can check the user’s location, call logs, and social media activities on apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, and more. Additionally, it can track browsing history and keystrokes and lets you remotely block apps and URLs.


Using the discussed methods, you can easily learn how to get someone else’s iMessages on your iPhone and Mac. However, if you wish to have an undetected phone monitoring session, then try Spylix. It also works to spy on Android devices, making it a handy solution.

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