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Facebook Tracking: All You Should Know about Facebook Track

Does Facebook track you? Can you track someone on Facebook? These are questions that pop up in the Facebook tracking topic. For both answers, the answer is yes, and we will see how to go about everything.

You will learn what you can get from Facebook and how to perform Facebook tracking. You will also know how to prevent Facebook from tracking you and staying private. Keep reading to see the best ways and apps to achieve or stop Facebook tracking.

All You Should Know about Facebook Track

Can I Run a Facebook Tracking?

People have been tracking Facebook since it started becoming a source of revenue, engagement, and other activities. That also tells us that what you track could not be the same as what others would like to track.

Those familiar with Facebook conversion pixel have already tracked a few things such as views, comments, and conversion rates from viewers to customers. They help in targeting ads and knowing where your business lies, among other things.

Marketers and business owners may be interested in Facebook conversion tracking. It gives an insight into how effective are your digital marketing techniques while on the social platform.

Run a Facebook Tracking

Others would like to track Facebook activities. There are apps for that, and they update you with real-time information updated on the targeted account. Parents taking care of young ones and employers may fall into this category.

All you need here is a solution to fetch data from the device to a remote account that you can access online. There are many apps for that, and we will discuss one of the best here.

Before we look at the Facebook tracking, let's see what you can get from it.

What Can You Get from a Facebook Tracking?

For the ones tracking conversions, the Meta Pixel can help know what the visitors are doing on your website. You can get information about the funnel conversion and the return on your investments.

It's also possible to get details that will help target ads and conduct campaigns. There are three possible ways to help you with pixel conversion tracking. They include:

  1. Standard Events
  2. This is where you check on the Facebook pixel standard events. They are defined as the visitor actions that relate to conversion-related activities. They could involve product viewing, searches, and purchases.

    When using the standard events base code, you can include additional information such as the categories, product ID, and the total number of sold products.

  3. Custom Events
  4. The custom events also refer to visitors' actions, but in this case, they are user-defined for ad campaigning and optimization. So, you can track your events based on what you are advertising or selling, which means adding your parameters to the base code.

  5. Custom Conversions
  6. This is where you get the custom tracking abilities. A good example is when you are directing customers who have purchased to subscribe to your email newsletters. If users are directed to a page that will help them subscribe, you can track the visiting frequency.

All you need is the page's URL in the events manager. When the pixel loads, it will track the page views and tell you how it's performing.

To get all of the above, you must have the base code installed on the pages you would like to track. If you are tracking information from a Facebook account, you can view the following:

  • The posts (which will include attached photos and videos)
  • Comments and anything attached to them
  • Contact details of those involved
  • The timestamps and other supporting information
  • The messages in Messenger
  • Facebook account location

How to Track Facebook Conversation Online?

If you want to know the conversations happening in a specific Facebook account, welcome the Spylix solution. This app can secretly track Facebook activities, among other social media platforms.

That is why it has many uses apart from Facebook tracking. Getting the conversations is easy if the target uses an Android or iOS phone. Spylix requires a one-time setup on the phone, and that's it.

Use Spylix to Track Facebook Conversation Online

You will be getting the conversations online without depending on the user's device. You don't need phone compromising techniques such as rooting or jailbreaking. This is a solution with cutting-edge technologies that don't need such practices.

Spylix is also known to be secret in its affairs. It uses stealth mode to hide its icon while sending the information to your dashboard. It also does not consume much space since it uses less than 2MB where installation is applicable.

The app will skip nothing from the texts to the timestamps when tracking Facebook conversations. You can also get the location of the Facebook user using the GPS location specification.

Track GPS Location Online with Spylix

This information is displayed on a user-friendly dashboard that works with all browsers. You need an internet connection to check on the progress, which updates in real-time. As we suggested, there is more from Spylix, apart from tracking Facebook.

You can set up Geofencing, view browsing history and Wi-Fi hotspots, and access the keylogger information. The latter will help you collect the Facebook credentials and access the account directly.

You can also block Wi-Fi and websites if they are inappropriate. For more information, visit the main website as you get a chance to sign up for free.

Use Spylix to Block WiFi and Websites

How to Track Facebook Conversations Using Spylix

Step 1: Create an account with Spylix and select the targeted phone's OS.

Create a Spylix Account to Track Facebook Conversations

Step 2: Subscribe to one of the plans and then check the wizard page for more instructions.

Set up Spylix for Android to Track Facebook Conversations

Step 3: After the setup, log into your account and click on the 'Social Networks' tab to access the dropdown. Locate 'Facebook' and click to see the conversations.

Track Facebook Conversations with Spylix

How Does Facebook Track You?

It's crucial to note that Facebook tracks you just like Google. That is why the social platform has received fines from countries and world organizations. Before we look at how you can stop Facebook from tracking you, let's see how they do it.

The Share and Like Plugin on Websites

You can find the share and like buttons on almost every website. They help in optimizing, but they also fetch information. The details go to the Facebook adverts algorithm and what they do with it is up to them.

Including the like and share, buttons mean Facebook will get the data even when you don't have an account. The EU can hold website owners responsible for transmitting the data to Facebook, but the social company will never be liable for the same.

What Facebook may do later is allow users to opt out of the tracking.


Once you establish an account with Facebook, they send a cookie to the account and your device too. You will also get cookies if you use any Facebook products, including other applications, as we will see in the next point.

Whether you have an account or just using a website with the FB services, the cookies will collect your information and take it back to Facebook.

Tracking via WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook also owns IG and WhatsApp. They are all giant applications that have employed millions of people directly and indirectly. For Instagram, Facebook can track your data directly, and that's why they have the Facebook login option on Instagram.

In WhatsApp, there is end-to-end encryption. While Facebook may not reach the private conversations, it can connect your WhatsApp with your Facebook account to learn more about your friends.

Later, you will see friends' suggestions on your Facebook account a few days after including their contact details on WhatsApp.

How to Prevent Facebook from Tracking You?

Is there a way to keep Facebook's prying eye away from your activities? We will share some of the things you can do. You, however, need to remember that they only apply to apps and websites attached to Facebook.

Any activity you perform in the application will be recorded unless you decide to delete the account.

Change the Privacy Settings

There are default privacy settings that Facebook imposes on you the moment you have an account there. You can change most of them, but you can switch off the 'Off-Facebook Activity' setting for tracking purposes.

When you access this setting, it will show you all the websites and applications connected to Facebook. Those are the ones Facebook is using to track your activities. To stop it, go to more options and then manage future activity.

Once you are there, switch the 'Future Off-Facebook Activity' setting to off. You can also change the settings that connect Facebook to other applications. The only issue with this one is that you may never log into apps that use Facebook credentials.

Prevent Facebook from Tracking

Hide Your True Email

Facebook can learn more about you if there are companies that can send your email address to them. Facebook will collect the information by matching the email with your social account.

The best way to get rid of such a technique is to give Facebook and other companies a throw-away email. If there is nothing important you will be getting from the companies, then a burner email will do.

The iPhone users are in a better place since Apple gives a burner email every time you use the system to subscribe or join other platforms.

Quit Facebook (and Instagram)

These are two social platforms that Facebook will use to get more information from you. You can delete your accounts if you no longer need them. If you later wish to rejoin, use new credentials that Facebook cannot use to track you or the real you.

The problem with deleting is that they will beg you to stay. That's how you get an option to deactivate the account temporarily, but you can show them the determination to exit.


Facebook tracking is quite common, and there are ways you can do it while Facebook has its ways, as we have seen. While the data collection may not be harmful, others can use it to conduct illegal agendas or send you things you don't need, such as annoying ads.

Use the prevention ways above to get rid of Facebook tracking. If you would like to track conversations, then consider Spylix as the solution to get you the content remotely.

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