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Instagram Online Tracker

These days, you can track almost anything online. So, acquiring an Instagram activity tracker is not a problem. The main issue may lie in the usability and delivery of information. In the current age, Instagram has grown to include more numbers.

For some of us, being tracked is inevitable since someone needs to know whether you are safe or not, causing havoc by posting things you shouldn't post. If the ones tracking, if you are looking for an Instagram checker, we have more information about the best one in the market.

You'll learn everything you should expect from an Instagram online checker and how the recommendable works, among other options.

Instagram Online Tracker

What is Instagram Online Tracker?

If the topic here is still new to you, we will explain more about it. An Instagram online checker or tracker is an app or web-based platform that simply tracks a targeted account's activities.

Whether the user has one account or many, you can track them all since these solutions are designed to get hold of the activity among other operations. They are called Instagram online checkers since you can view the targeted account's activity via the browser.

All you need is an account and a way to get the information synced on the account's dashboard. Depending on the solution, you can get an Instagram checker that solely checks on social media activities or has more functions.

These functions assist you in getting more information from the phone apart from social media activity. A quality Instagram tracker online will show you the following:

  • All the posts: Instagram is a place for the camera. So, an Instagram online checker should get hold of all the photos and videos posted on the page and stories.
  • Reels: These days, we have the reels and IGTV. People post all manner of videos using these features, which means they are worth checking.
  • Comments: What people say on the posts should not pass you. You should get hold of the conversations and the names of the participants and timestamps.
  • Messages: Who is in the target's DM, and what are they saying? The chosen Instagram checker should get hold of the internal conversations, not on the feed.
  • Account Details: Apart from what's going on in the account, you can also check for Instagram details. These include the followers, online activity, and what else the account holds. If possible, there should be a way to get hold of the password.

Why Should I Choose Spylix As My Top 1 Instagram Online Tracker?

If an application does what is expected regarding Instagram checking, it's worthy of knowing. Spylix is a top-notch Instagram activity tracker app that gives you more than Instagram activities.

Spylix As My Top 1 Instagram Online Tracker

If you want to use it as the Instagram checker, then be ready to see more. It will show the posts, stories, videos, comments, and supporting information. The best part is that it does that swiftly without anyone noticing.

To know Spylix better, you need to know why you should choose it over the rest.

Stealth Mode Operation

Spylix will never let the target user know that it's present and snooping on the information. It will be quiet all through with the icon hidden. It also doesn't consume a lot of space that may make the phone's user suspicious.

You Get Everything from the Target Account

Spylix will get hold of the posts, stories, videos, direct messages, and comments. It also has the keylogger feature to tell you what was typed on the Instagram account. You can get the username and password used to log into the account.

Superb Dashboard Display

It's possible to locate the Instagram checking feature and others as well. The dashboard is clean, and everything is well-labeled. So, it's just clicking on what you want to view and letting Spylix do the rest. It also works with all browsers.

So, you can use it to check on Instagram activity and other details anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Safe to Use

Spylix does not require phone compromising practices such as rooting or jailbreaking the phone. After the setup, the phone will remain the same all through. An uninstallation button also allows you to get rid of it remotely.

How to Track Someone's Instagram Online?

Step 1: Sign up with Spylix and choose the targeted phone's operating system. Proceed to get a plan that suits you, and then check for more instructions on the wizard page.

Create a Spylix Account to Track Someone’s Instagram Online

Step 2: For Android, use the link displayed to install Spylix on the target phone. In iOS, use the iCloud ID to verify online and wait for the syncing.

Enter iCloud Credentials with Spylix to Track Someone’s Instagram Online

Step 3: Access your dashboard using another device or your own and navigate to social networks. Click on 'Instagram' from the dropdown to see the activity.

Track Someone’s Instagram Online with Spylix

If you want to see the password, check via the keylogger option.

What Else Can You Get from Spylix?

Spylix is more than an Instagram online checker. It will also check on the following:

  • GPS location and Geofencing: Spylix can also show you where the targeted device is and past locations. In Geofencing, you can set up perimeters and get notifications whenever the target crosses the line.
  • Messages: You will also see all the sent and received messages from the phone. They will include the contact details and timestamps too.
  • Other social media activities: Apart from Instagram, you will also check on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, and other third-party installed social apps.
  • Contacts and call log: You will view all the saved contacts on the phone together with the call log history. The display will have the names and the phone numbers, among other details.
  • Browsing Activity: All the visited URLs will be available on the Spylix dashboard. They will also have timestamps. Spylix can also help you block it if you see any inappropriate content.

What Can I Do with an Instagram Online Tracker?

You have an idea of what you can do with an Instagram checker. The example above shows you the information you can check using such a solution online. A quality Instagram activity online checker should show you all the information available on the account.

Everything from the posts to the internal conversations should be available. The supporting information should also be there, including the names and the timestamps. An IG activity status checker such as Spylix also captures the login credentials.

You can use them to log into the account directly and view more information first-hand. We cannot forget that you have to allow it to access your gallery for you to use Instagram.

Therefore, if you need more information about the photos and videos posted, you can use the media files features to check them out. We have also learned that you can get more features that will help you spy on the phone.

An Instagram online tracker can assist you in getting more information from the targeted device remotely.

Alternatives for Instagram Online Tracker

Are there other solutions that can assist in checking on the Instagram activity? Here are some of the alternatives you can try out.

InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker

If you want to know how the targeted Instagram account operates, you can use the InstaOnline last Seen Activity tracker. It's an Android and iOS compatible application that allows you to view how much time is spent on the account.

It fits the parents and employers who would like to analyze their juniors' accounts. Whenever the user is on the account, you will get a notification on the app. You will also see the last seen notifications, social media usage analysis, usage tracker, and offline/online time control.

There are weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions if you want to access the premium features. However the application is free to use, but the free version is quite limited.

Pros: Like

  • You can view Instagram usage statistics
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS devices
  • Alerts are available when the user is on Instagram

Cons: Dislike

  • You cannot use it to view other phone activities
  • It cannot get the Instagram username and password


This platform can tell you more about Instagram accounts and how people behave while on Instagram. That means you can use it to see what your targets like and their hobbies.

The best part about Snoopreport is that you don't need to download it on the targeted phone. You can set up and view the activity you need online. That includes whom the account user follows and the photos and videos posted by the followers.

Those with brands will also find it useful since they can check on influential people's posts and stories. You will also tell if the user is active on Instagram or not. Parents will also find it beneficial since it assists in knowing what the children are up to and what they have been posting, liking, and commenting on.

Pros: Like

  • You can view detailed Instagram activity
  • No need for installation
  • Suitable for analysis

Cons: Dislike

  • You cannot view Instagram login details
  • It does not have more features for other social accounts or phone activities


Using an Instagram activity checker online comes with several advantages. You have learned about them and how you can use one of the best in the market - Spylix. Other options are also okay if all you need is to check on the Instagram activity.

Proceed to check on Spylix and see what else it can do as you get a chance to download it for free.

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