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How to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages for Free

Does your girlfriend keep texting and spending most of her time on the phone? Are you suspicious of who she is texting? Do you want to check the text message she is texting to whom?

Couple with a phone

Well, I will try to answer these questions by giving you a complete guide on how to check my girlfriend's text message for free.

Over the years, we have grown fond of our phones, and the current technology offers ways through which you can check on someone's text messages remotely. In this post, we will discuss the two ways on how to check my girlfriend's text message for free. Let's get started.

Part 1: Why Check Your Girlfriend's Text Messages?

Checking on your girlfriend's phone doesn't mean you are entirely stalking her. You would sometimes want to check on your girlfriend's text messages due to the following red flags, these cheating signs may indicate that she is cheating on you.

  1. She keeps hiding the phone from your sight or reach.
  2. She suddenly changes her phone's passcode and gets worried whenever you touch or want to use her phone.
  3. She has begun to busy herself more with her phone, unlike before.
  4. She has suddenly started caring about her body fitness and her clothing style.
  5. She keeps smiling whenever she is glued to her phone chatting.
  6. She keeps her phone locked and won't disclose her passcode.
  7. She spends a lot of time chatting with an unknown person.

Woman smiling with a phone

Such indicators may be a sign that your girlfriend is cheating or hiding something from you. And if this is the case, you need a good method to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy for free.

Part 2: How to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages for Free

Borrowing or stealing your girlfriend's phone for a few minutes to go through her text messages is not as easy as it sounds. For one, if someone is hiding or cheating on you, they won't give you that access.

Therefore, if you want to learn whether my girlfriend's cheating on me for free, the best alternative is to use a spy app that you can remotely spy on your girlfriend's text messages without her discovering you.

What app can I use to check my girlfriend's text messages?

As earlier stated, spying on your girlfriend's messages can lead to mistrust and even a broken relationship when she discovers you. So, what you need is a spy app that allows you to remotely spy on your girlfriend's text messages and one that works in stealth mode. The app should also have a way to save the text messages as proof, and that's why we recommend you to use Spylix, the best spying app.

Way 1: Use Spylix to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages Remotely

Spylix is an Android and iOS compatible spy app designed to enable you to effectively check your girlfriend's text messages remotely. Spylix is well suited to remotely, secretly, and instantly spying on your girlfriend's text message on a real-time basis.

Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages Remotely with Spylix

With Spylix, you will be in a position to monitor 40 types of data if your girlfriend is using an Android phone and 18 data types if she is using an iPhone. Spylix is the best spying app to use, and some of its functionalities in spying on your girlfriend's text messages include:

  • Read her text messages:
  • Spylix has a user-friendly user interface that lets you view all the incoming and outgoing text messages from your girlfriend's phone, including iMessage. Backups of your girlfriend's phone will also be accessed and preserved on your Spylix online account, from which you can view and save the text messages. Spylix also allows you to check the sender's name and number.

  • Check her deleted messages:
  • As a habit, people tend to delete messages that they don't want someone to find out. If your girlfriend deletes text messages to ensure you don't discover her, you can use Spylix to bypass this as Spylix can retrieve deleted messages from her backup. So, even if she deletes messages to delete evidence, worry not and instead, let Spylix display all messages for you.

  • View her social media chats:
  • How to check my girlfriend's messages rely upon checking even her social media chats. Spylix can instantly display chats and even media files shared through social media apps such as Snapchat messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. If you also need to check your girlfriend's browsing history, Spylix got you covered. It will display all the search history of your girlfriend's phone. You can even block the sites that your girlfriend can access all at the comfort of your phone using Spylix.

  • Read contact information:
  • Who does your girlfriend keep texting? To answer this, use Spylix. In spying on your girlfriend's message, Spylix will display the email, name, number, pictures, among other information, of the person your girlfriend is texting.

  • Access timestamps:
  • To keep track of when your girlfriend was sending or receiving text messages, Spylix will include the time and data entry of each text sent. You can then comfortably track all the messages sent or received from the control panel and at what exact time.

Use Spylix to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages Remotely

What else can Spylix do?

At the mention of the best Girlfriend Tracker tool, Spylix comes first. In addition to it monitoring text messages, Spylix offers plenty of features to help you keep a tab on all activities happening on your girlfriend's phone. Some of the other features of Spylix include:

  1. Gaining remote control over your girlfriend's phone.
  2. Tracking keystrokes on your girlfriend's phone.
  3. GPS location monitoring.
  4. Monitoring of Screenshots, pictures, and videos.
  5. Access to all installed apps.
  6. Call tracking and call logs.

Spylix GPS locations list view

That's not all. Spylix offers over 40 types of key data for users, and the above is just a shortlist of all the features you will access by using Spylix. How to check my girlfriend's text messages using Spylix leaves no room for them to cheat or deny sending or receiving a text message as Spylix will record all the activities of your girlfriend's phone.

Advantages of using Spylix:

  • Multifunctional: Spylix is not restricted to just spying on text messages. It can also monitor chats and media files from other social apps such as WhatsApp and Twitter.
  • Remote spying: For safe spying on your girlfriend's text messages, Spylix works remotely once you've successfully set it up.
  • Ease to use: Spylix has a user-friendly control panel from which you can easily monitor your girlfriend's phone and access all her text messages in real-time.
  • No need to root or jailbreak: Most spy apps require rooting or jailbreaking of the target phone, but for Spylix, this is not required. Only three simple setup procedures are involved.

Spylix's three-step setup process

Step 1: Click the button below to create a free Spylix account.

Spylix register

Step 2: Follow the setup guide on the webpage.

Spylix guidance

Step 3: Start spying on your girlfriend's text messages.

Spylix texting page

Way 2: Read Your Girlfriend's Text Messages from Backup Files for Free

How to check my girlfriend's text messages for free can also be achieved by using backup files. This method requires no spy app to access your girlfriend's messages. If Your girlfriend's phone runs Android, you can access her backup files, sent and received.

iCloud Backup

Most Android devices use SMS backup tools that store SMS data in an encoded format, and when you access these files, you can view her messages from a computer.

This method is, however, disadvantageous in the following ways:

  1. It only works for Android devices.
  2. The steps are complex; to access someone's backup files requires some technical skills.
  3. Incomplete SMS; using this method doesn't give you access to all your girlfriend's phone messages.
  4. Easily detected; your girlfriend will easily notice when you access her backup files.
  5. Short-lived; this method doesn't let you remotely monitor your girlfriend's text for a long-time.
  6. Inconvenient; you need a computer to use this method, additionally, more computer power is needed, and you can't access the backup using your phone.

Comparison with Spylix:

  • Only text messages can be viewed, while Spylix gives you complete control of all data and activities.
  • Spylix gives you long-term access. Using backup files is short-lived.
  • Spylix works in stealth mode. While using backup files, you are easily detected.
  • Spylix is not limited to Android. It supports iOS and Android devices.
  • No professional or technical skills are needed to use Spylix.

How to access my girlfriend's text messages for free using backup files:

  1. On your computer, open the XML backup files in MS Excel.
  2. Select (*.xml) as the file type.
  3. Selecting xml files

  4. Allow all permissions.
  5. In a new column, please enter the value: =([@date]/86400000) +25569, then copy it to all other rows.
  6. For the new column, format it as a date.

This process of spying on your girlfriend's text messages is tedious and not the most suitable to use. Moreover, you must access your girlfriend's phone to transfer the XML backup files to your computer. For a simple and better method, use Spylix.

Part 3: FAQs Regarding How to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages for Free

Couple looking at each other

Can I View My Girlfriend's Deleted Text Messages?

Yes, by using Spylix, you will access all your girlfriend's text messages, including the deleted ones.

Can I Spy on My Girlfriend's Text Messages Without Accessing Her Phone?

Of course, provided you have a spy app that supports remote spying, you won't need to access her phone once you set it up for monitoring using Spylix.

Can I Secretly Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages?

To avoid being caught, using an app like Spylix, you can secretly spy on your girlfriend's text messages. Additionally, the Spylix icon will automatically hide.

Which Spy App is the Best to Check My Girlfriend's Text Messages?

Without a second thought, Spylix is the best spy app to check your girlfriend's text messages.

Part 4: Final Thoughts

Cheating on a relationship is uncalled for, and nobody would love such. However, if it happens, you need a spy app that will allow you to check your girlfriend's text message with ease. The perfect app for this is Spylix. We discussed two ways of checking your girlfriend's text messages in this post, but using Spylix is the recommended approach. With Spylix, you will instantly check all the activities on your girlfriend's phone and on a real-time basis. Clear the doubts you have about your girlfriend by using the best spy app, Spylix.

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