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How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

Text messages and social media make cheating easier for people in relationships. However, if you know whos texting my girlfriend, you can protect your heart and save your relationship when she starts cheating.

You may suddenly notice that your girlfriend is trying to keep her phone out of your reach. She may also get mad or anxious when you touch her phone. When you start experiencing these scenarios, it may be that she’s cheating on you.

In this post, I will show you how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy.

To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guy

Part 1: 5 Common Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Now, I need to point this out. The fact that your girlfriend is talking to other guys doesn’t mean that she likes them.

It may just be a platonic friendship with no strings attached (I’m sure you have girlfriends with whom you have no romantic relationship, right?).

However, if you are worried, here are common signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

She Spends a Lot of Time with Her Phone

Except your girlfriend has always been stuck to social media, spending more time than usual on her phone should raise suspicion.

For instance, if she has never been a phone addict and suddenly starts chatting away or fiddling with her phone, someone may be texting my girlfriend.

She Starts to Lock Her Phone Suddenly

Everyone likes their privacy. However, if your girlfriend has never been someone who cares about that and suddenly starts locking her phone, it should get you suspicious.

Maybe she doesn’t want you to know about her cheating escapades.

She Keeps Her Phone from You

If you both have a history of checking each others’ phones without any complaint and she starts getting clingy to her phone, it may mean you have a cause to be worried.

If your partner is cheating on you, she surely would not want you to know her secret, which would most likely be on her phone.

She Changes Her Body Language

Lovers feel a kind of loss when their partner is not around them. If in your case, your girlfriend doesn’t bother whether you are with her or not, then something is possibly wrong.

If she gives you attitude when you’re with her, you may want to confirm if your wife is texting another guy and hiding it.

She Starts Lying

If your girlfriend is chatting with another guy, she surely would not tell you so when you ask her. She would probably tell lies about the person texting her.

If you catch her lying, it is one of the signs she’s talking to someone else and her affection is being taken away from you.

Part 2: How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

Of course, being suspicious of your partner without proof can be draining. It affects your relationship and everything about you.

Before doing anything, you should first establish if she’s texting another guy. Let me show you how to tell if your girlfriend is flirting with another guy and exchanging text messages with them.

You Notice She Deletes Her Messages

When you open your girlfriend’s phone and you notice that she deletes her messages, it is a sure sign of infidelity.

If someone doesn’t have something to hide, they don’t continually delete their messages. Check their messenger apps to see the dialogue windows.

If the window contains deleted messages or it is empty, it is surely a cause for concern.

She Gets a High Volume of Notifications

Another sign that shows that my girlfriend is talking to another guy a lot behind your back is the volume of text notifications she gets when she’s with you.

When you pick up her phone and see message notifications from strange contact names, especially those with emojis, you should pay attention.

She Has Passwords for Her Messenger Apps

If your girlfriend uses passwords to protect her messenger apps, then it is a cause for worry. It means she’s hiding something from you.

Locking her phone can be explained as a way to protect her privacy. However, if she takes it a step further to use passwords on her messenger apps, then it is highly likely that she’s texting another guy.

Part 3: How to Know What Your Girlfriend Is Texting with Others

Every guy wants to know what their girlfriend does on their phone. They want to know if my girlfriend is talking to another guy behind my back and the content of the discussion.

Thankfully, Spylix Text Messages Spy App lets you view your girlfriend’s SMS and messages from other messaging apps remotely and discreetly.

It is a 100% reliable and secure spy app compatible with all versions of the iOS and Android operating systems.

Text Messages Spy Features in Spylix

  • Spylix lets you read all incoming and outgoing messages, including all deleted messages on your target device remotely
  • It tracks all WhatsApp chats and lets you see the thread of conversations with contacts on your target device. You can also see all shared WhatsApp photos, voice notes, video clips, and other media files
  • Spylix lets you monitor and read chats from all popular social media apps, such as Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, and more.

So, if you are always worried and asking – who is she texting? Spylix is the solution you need.

Step-by-step Guide to See Who's Texting Your Girlfriend

1. For iPhone Users

Step 1: Create an account using a valid email ID.

Create a Spylix Account to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Step 2: Enter the iCloud Credentials of your target device.

Enter iCloud Credentials with Spylix to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Step 3: Log in to your Spylix control panel to start seeing who she’s texting.

Use Spylix to See Who Your Girlfriend is Texting

2. For Android Users

Step 1: Sign up for an account with Spylix.

Create a Spylix Account to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Step 2: Install and set up Spylix on your target Android device.

Set up Spylix for Android to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Step 3: Log in to your control panel and see the person your girlfriend is texting.

Log in to Spylix to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Part 4: What Can You Do If Your Girlfriend Is Flirting with Someone?

That your girlfriend is flirting with someone doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. If you want to save your relationship and restore your love, here are things you can do.

Don’t Take Irrational Decision

If you suspect that your girlfriend is flirting or cheating, it is not a smart move to escalate the matter. Talk it through with her to understand what is happening.

It may not be what you think and if it is, let her be honest about her feelings for you. Then, you can make the right decision.

Upgrade Your Appearance

The reason your girlfriend is flirting or cheating with others may be because she doesn’t find you attractive anymore.

So, it is time to upgrade your appearance and become the real version of yourself that she first fell in love with.

Beyond appearance, work on your social skills and romantic skills. Every girl wants a romantic boyfriend.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you notice that anything is amiss, take steps to know what it is. When you see your girlfriend flirting with someone, do a background check to see who the person is.

Using a spy app like Spylix will give you the information you need to know if your girlfriend is into another guy.

Part 5: Situations You Shouldn’t Worry If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Someone Else

It is normal to get suspicious when something is off in your partner’s behavior. However, taking irrational steps based on your suspicion can destroy your relationship.

So, instead of acting blindly, you should get proof. Interestingly, there are many times we get apprehensive about nothing.

Sometimes, your doubts have nothing to do with the fact that my girlfriend talks to other guys behind my back. It is more of you getting paranoid unnecessarily.

If you have this doubt " Is texting another guy cheating?", here are some signs that tell you have nothing to worry about and you are just being paranoid.

You Judge Your Girlfriend Based on Your Behavior

When you cheat, you are likely to think that your girlfriend is doing the same. If you are keeping secrets on your phone and you get suspicious every time she picks up her phone, then the problem may be you. You are likely judging her based on your cheating status.

She Maintains a Straight Face When Texting

Girls’ facial expression changes when texting with potential lovers. One way you can detect that you are unnecessarily getting paranoid is if her expression doesn’t change while texting.

Even if she gets more messages than you think is not normal, that still doesn’t mean she’s exchanging romantic messages with another guy.

She Gives You Freedom to Access Her Phone

When your girlfriend leaves her phone to you or doesn’t use a password, then your suspicion about her is ungrounded.

If a girlfriend is talking to another guy behind my back, then she would not give you the freedom to explore her phone.

She Spends Time Out

Your girlfriend spending time out doesn’t mean she’s flirting or cheating. She may have meetings or official events to attend.

Instead of getting doubtful about her movement, you can easily bring it up with her and let her explain the reasons she is out of the home often. Most times, it has nothing to do with infidelity.

Tell If Your Girlfriend is Talking to Another Guy for Free Now!

If you want to know how to see who your girlfriend is texting for free, Spylix is the app to use.

We have looked at how to use the app and the chatting features you can explore when using the app.

Remember, do not jump the gun when you suspect your girlfriend is cheating. Get your proof first before taking any action.

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