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10 Physical Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

  • Before you clone someone's cell phone, ensure the other person is aware as this could be illegal depending on your country's laws.

How can you identify the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating? Knowing your girlfriend’s affairs can be difficult, and prove them can be even hard. Here we offer you physical signs she’s cheating that you need to look out for. Having a cheater girlfriend is hurtful, especially when you trusted her and had so many plans with her.

Man Knows His Girlfriend Cheating

In today's article, I will be introducing you to the best way to confirm your fears and monitor your girlfriend to see if she is cheating. Want to know if your girlfriend is having affairs with other men? Keep reading the article to find out if, indeed, the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating are the proof you need. Also, you can catch cheaters with online tools.

Part 1: 10 Proved Physical Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating

1.1 Change in interest and affection towards you

A good sign of infidelity is when your girlfriend suddenly becomes disinterested in you, such as pulling away from a kiss, keeping distance in bed, not wanting to cuddle, or losing intimacy towards you. If you notice such a change of habits, you need to evaluate the situation as your girlfriend is satisfied elsewhere.

Couple Sleeping Not As Close As Before and The Man Is Wondering Is She Cheating

1.2 Change in her phone behavior

If your girlfriend has a new passcode that she doesn't want to share with you, she can be hiding something from you. If you notice that she is ever excited and all smiles when using her phone but develops disinterest when it comes to you, something fishy is happening around and you need to find more sign she’s cheating.

Woman Text to Someone Secretly Is One of The Signs She's Cheating

1.3 She is avoiding eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with someone when talking is a sign of confidence and being truthful with what you are saying. However, if your girlfriend doesn't want to make eye contact with you when talking, it could be she feels guilty about her cheating behavior. Therefore, avoiding eye contact can be seen as one of the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating. It would help if you can dig deeper to see why this is so. To monitor her, use a spy app like Spylix to remotely monitor her secretive phone.

1.4 She seems distracted

Another physical sign your girlfriend is cheating is how attentive she is. If you notice she can't focus when having a conversation and instead seems preoccupied, the distraction can be due to the guilt eating her up. Alternatively, if she wants to part ways with you, she can use the distraction as a way to push you away and stick to the new 'catch.'

A Distressed Girl Who Was Caught Signs She's Cheating

1.5 Her Dress code has changed

Changing your wardrobe is a good thing, but she is probably cheating when she starts dressing differently, especially when she is going out. Her dressing differently can be a means to impress the person she is going to meet with elsewhere. If the new change is unusual, unlike her old behavior where she didn't focus on her appearance, don’t lie to yourself as that's usually one of the signs she’s cheating.

1.6 She's always working

If your girlfriend has a new suspicious working schedule, overtime, and business meetings, you need to think harder. If she is now even having weekend works that she doesn't want to explain, or even quickly gets to the shower after long 'working' hours, the chances are that this is one of the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating.

1.7 Complaints about your relationship

If your girlfriend has started blaming you about your relationship not working or keeps complaining about things that didn't bother you before, there is something fishy. Yes, having arguments is not a sign of cheating, but if she doesn't want to fix the relationship, she is definitely cheating and wants to end the relationship.

Woman Wanna Break Up Because She Is Cheating

1.8 You can't join her out with friends

Another physical sign your girlfriend is cheating is if she often wants to go out with her friends, but all your requests to join the outing are declined. She probably doesn't want you to come with them as she is going out with someone else.

1.9 She won't accept your marriage proposal

A hard no to a proposal when you thought you were both into it and had plans for marriage and the future is not normal unless something is happening behind your back. If your girlfriend is a cheater, she can't accept your proposal as it will ruin her plans with her new partner. Therefore, if you receive that no, go ahead and use the Spylix tool to find out the truth.

1.10 Physical signs such as hickeys

If you spot hickeys on your girlfriend's neck when she comes home or changes in hairstyle, lipstick, or makeup different from when she left home, she must have been somewhere cheating on you. Pay keen attention to such things, and you will eventually know if she is a cheater.

Part 2: There Is Signs She’s Cheating, but I Have no Evidence

2.1 Use Spylix to Prove The Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating- The Best Spy App

Spylix is a professional spy app designed to help you catch a girlfriend cheating by monitoring all her phone's activities to verify if the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating are indeed true. If you need to spy on your girlfriend's phone remotely and without her knowing, use Spylix to get the evidence instead of signs.

Use Spylix to Prove The Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Spylix's Features:

1. Track her call history

Who is constantly making or receiving calls from your girlfriend? Spylix will access all the incoming and outgoing calls on your girlfriend's phone. Moreover, all the call history and durations of each call will be viewed from the Spylix dashboard

2. Track her text messages

If she is a cheater, she is definitely receiving or sending those freaky text messages. With Spylix, you can check all her text messages, the contact details of each message, and access even the deleted messages.

3. Track her social apps chat history

Now that you noted the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating, such as the smiles and joy she has when glued to her phone, you need to access her installed social apps to find out who she is texting, is texting cheating, what she is posting, what she is sending, among other things. Social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat can be monitored to prove signs she’s cheating.

4. Track your girlfriend's location and movement

If she doesn't want you to join her when going out or can't tell you where she spent her day, you need to use Spylix. With Spylix, you can track her real-time location at the comfort of your Spylix dashboard, including all her previously visited places.

Track your girlfriend's location and movement with Spylix

5. Track her Website History

Curious about what your girlfriend is browsing? Feed the curiosity using Spylix to access her browsing history, including private browsing. Moreover, Spylix can track specific keywords on her phone and display them on your dashboard.


  1. It works in a hidden mode, ensuring you remain undetected when spying on your girlfriend's phone.
  2. To use Spylix to verify the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating. No rooting or jailbreaking of her phone is needed.
  3. Spylix is safe and reliable.
  4. Spylix is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  5. To catch your cheating girlfriend using Spylix, only three steps are needed.

Catch a girlfriend cheating in three Steps:

Step 1: Create a Spylix account for free using your email ID to register

Spylix Register

Step 2: Follow the setup guide to configure Spylix on your girlfriend's phone.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Catch her cheating by monitoring all her phone's activities from the Spylix dashboard.

Use Spylix to Catch a girlfriend cheating

2.2 Take Your Time and Wait till Cheating Girlfriend Makes a Mistake

If you notice physical signs your girlfriend is cheating, you shouldn't jump to the conclusion. Instead, you first need to keep your emotions controlled, then take your time to look for more signs. If you keep a tab on her, she will eventually slip and make a mistake for you to affirm that she is a cheater entirely.

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2.3 Sit Down and Talk to Her about How You Know from Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Now that you have all the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating. The next step is to confront her. To do so, you can take her to a public place, enjoy coffee then start the topic. Ensure you keep politeness throughout the period and avoid directly confronting her. Once you hit the head on the nail, she will likely crack and tell you the truth. If she confesses to cheating, don't get angry. Instead, enquire for her reasons and try to fix the issue. You can even visit a marriage counselor for advice.

A Girlfriend Is Cheating and Hacing a Date with Her Lover

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions about How to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Cheating

3.1 How to know if my girlfriend is cheating in our long-distance relationship?

The best way to check if your partner is faithful when far away from you is by using a remote spy app. I suggest using the Spylix tool, which will access everything on your girlfriend's phone remotely.

3.2 How can I tell if she is lying about not cheating?

Your girlfriend can fail to confess that she is cheating despite all the physical signs that your girlfriend is cheating. If this happens, you need to use a spy app to monitor her activities without her knowing. Take your time, and you will eventually catch her cheating.

Girl Tries to Exain Signs She's Cheating

3.3 Why does she put her phone under the pillow during bedtime?

If she happens to do so, it's because she is hiding something on her phone that she wouldn't want you to notice. It could also be that she wants to chat while you sleep or expects a message from someone else. Either way, you need to use Spylix to spy on her phone secretly and prove signs she’s cheating.

Part 4: Conclusion Of Finding Signs She's Cheating

You can easily tell when your girlfriend is cheating, and this article introduced the 10 physical signs that shows your girlfriend’s infidelity. If you notice the signs, go ahead and use the Spylix professional spy app to remotely spy on your girlfriend and catch her cheating in only three ways. Try Spylix today to prove physical signs your girlfriend is cheating.

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