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Is My Boyfriend Cheating? How Should I Do If He Is Cheating?

You're here because something has made you anxious about your relationship. It's normal for most women to wonder, "Is my boyfriend cheating?" especially when their partner starts acting unusually.

But instead of mulling over it, you can discover the truth by yourself. For instance, with an app like Spylix, you can find who your boyfriend messages, talks to, and spends time with.

Read on to learn how to find out if your partner is still faithful to you or not.

Is My Boyfriend Cheating

Part 1: Is My Boyfriend Cheating?

Before exploring whether your suspicion is true, you need to ask yourself a simple question. What is the basis of your thinking?

Put simply, not every woman in a relationship asks herself, "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" Those who do have a valid reason.

Did you overhear your boyfriend talking romantically to another person on the phone? Perhaps, you saw photos of your boyfriend with an unknown woman. Maybe you are insecure about this relationship because your partner has many ex-girlfriends.

Sometimes girls get suspicious when their boyfriends confess to having a urinary tract infection. It makes them wonder and ask themselves, "My boyfriend has a UTI. Is he cheating?" But a UTI isn't a sexually transmitted infection.

What you need to do instead is probe deeper. Have you been cheated on before? If so, you might find yourself fervently looking for proof of your boyfriend's loyalty.

It can prompt you to search for things like - 'Signs my boyfriend is cheating' on the web. Don't worry. We're here to show you how you can put an end to this seemingly never-ending suspicion.

Part 2: 10 Signs My Boyfriend Is Cheating

10 Signs My Boyfriend Is Cheating

Have you dug in and found why you are getting suspicious of your boyfriend? Now you may wonder and ask yourself, "How to tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?"

These surefire signs will help you determine if this feeling of being cheated has some ground to it.

1. He doesn't look you in the eye

Do you find yourself wistfully recollecting memories of when your partner showered his undivided attention on you? Now he doesn't even seem to be listening to you when you talk.

It is often the first sign that makes women type things like, 'I think my boyfriend is cheating on me' on the internet.

2. He has become a busy bee

Has your boyfriend become extremely busy all of a sudden? Is there always something at work or college that he needs to handle separately?

It's normal for people to become busy from time to time. But that doesn't mean you cannot reach out to them because they are always involved in an activity.

3. He doesn't invite you to work parties

Another reason that may prompt you to search, "How to find out if my boyfriend is cheating?" is when he suddenly stops inviting you to his work parties.

In fact, it's also a strong sign of infidelity. Maybe he doesn't want you to come over because he's seeing someone else at work.

4. He fights over trivial things

Bickering over various things is part and parcel of being in a healthy relationship. But is your boyfriend picking up fights over small things that he didn't care about in the past? Well, it is certainly a red flag you shouldn't ignore.

5. He seems overly interested in you

This is for those nave girls who are getting carried away by the excessive adoration their boyfriend is bestowing on them. It's highly likely that he feels guilty about having an affair and wants to patch it up.

6. He's following a new routine

You might be fully in tune with your partner's daily routines and habits. So, if you find these habits changing unexpectedly, it will naturally alarm you.

In fact, this sudden change in their partner's patterns and routines is what triggers questions like, "How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating on me?" in the minds of most women.

7. He perceives the future differently

Earlier in your relationship, both of you used to make your plans together. Remember how you loved it when he started every sentence with 'we'?

But that's no longer the case. He now talks about everything that he wants to do on his own. None of his future plans include you.

8. He spends more time under the shower

Showering is essential to maintain good hygiene. But if you frequently find your partner spending more than usual time under the shower, especially after returning from work, it's another sign. He may be doing this to eliminate the scent of a woman's perfume.

9. He has become excessively private

Healthy boundaries between couples are a hallmark of a long-lasting relationship. But what makes a woman say, "I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me" to her friends?

It's when she notices her partner becoming too private. Finding duplicate social media accounts with different names and noticing his credit statements going to an unknown email address is undoubtedly a bright red flag.

10. He barely speaks to you throughout the day

Has long periods of silence become common in your life? One of the major signs of a boyfriend cheating is them becoming distant from you.

You'll find that hours go by, and they haven't spoken a word to you. It might also feel quite insulting to you.

Part 3: How to Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me?

Now that you are sure about something wrong, you can start to take steps in the direction of finding the truth. At this time, you'll surely have many thoughts in your mind.

But one of the prominent ones will be, "How can I find out if my boyfriend is cheating?"

You can do so easily with Spylix, one of the best remote spying apps online. It gives you the ability to monitor all that your boyfriend does on his phone.

Essentially, you can find with whom he converses and for how long, the texts he receives, and where he is at a specific time.

Here's how you can set up the app and start tracking.

Step 1: Create an account.

Create a Spylix Account to Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me

Step 2: Set it on the target phone.

Set up Spylix for Android to Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me

Step 3: Start tracking remotely.

Start tracking remotely with Spylix to Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me

With Spylix, you can:

  • Read every single incoming, outgoing, and deleted message of your boyfriend.
  • See all his WhatsApp chats and contacts. You can also gain access to his WhatsApp multimedia.
  • Monitor and read all his chats on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the like.
  • Track the location he is currently at through GPS tracking. You can even get hold of your partner's location history.
  • Monitor and view every single incoming and outgoing call. Get data about who contacted him, how much time, and the timestamp.
  • Find every key your boyfriend pressed on his phone with the keylogger feature.
  • View every media file your partner has saved or shared on his device. Whether it's photos, music, videos, or anything else, you can access them all.

By getting so much information, you'll certainly find a definite answer to your question 'How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating', right?

Once you have evidence by your side, you can confront your boyfriend head-on. He won't be able to deny your claims in any situation.

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Part 4: Check this Quiz to Know Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me

Do you find all signs of a cheating partner reflected in your boyfriend? You can be more certain of it by taking this Is my boyfriend cheating on me quiz.

  • Does your boyfriend fight with you without any apparent reason?
    1. Yes
    2. Most of the time
    3. Yes, occasionally
    4. Never
  • Does your partner tries to keep his phone hidden from you?
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe
    3. No
  • Do you find your boyfriend lying to you often?
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe or not
    3. No
  • Does your boyfriend cancels the plan you make most of the time?
    1. Yes
    2. Sometimes
    3. No
  • Do you trust your boyfriend with all your heart?
    1. Not now
    2. Not all the time
    3. Yes
  • Does your boyfriend refuses to answer easy questions?
    1. Yes
    2. Sometimes
    3. No
  • Is your boyfriend being extra attentive to you?
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe
    3. No
  • Have you recently found your boyfriend's profile on a dating app?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Not today, a long time before
  • Have you found any item that you don't think belongs to him in his bag?
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe
    3. No
  • Did you ever catch your boyfriend being disloyal to you before?
    1. Yes
    2. He once almost cheated you
    3. No

If you ticked Yes for 7-8 questions, you should be careful. But if you ticked No for most of them, there's no reason to doubt your boyfriend.

Whenever you catch yourself asking 'How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating' to yourself or your friends, you can come back to this quiz.

Part 5: How Should I Do If He Is Cheating?

How Should I Do If He Is Cheating

Discovering that your boyfriend is cheating or two-timing feels awful. By now, you must have realized that there was actually a basis to the question, "Why do I always think my boyfriend is cheating?'' popping in your mind.

You cannot continue living life with a cheater. But you need to take further steps. Here's what you can do next.

1. Be clear about what you will say to him.

This conversation can be hard. So, it's best to prepare for it. It will help you not get carried away by your emotions and convey your feelings about the whole situation to your partner.

2. Talk to your partner only when you feel ready.

You might not feel ready to talk instantly after discovering the harsh truth. So, give yourself sufficient time to process your emotions. Then, only when you feel ready for the talk should you start it.

3. Communicate how his behavior has made you feel

Your partner should be aware of the pain his infidelity has caused you. So, explain to him clearly how hurt you are. You can say as much as you want here. No need to hesitate in describing what you are going through.

4. Remind yourself that you're not the one to be blamed for what he did.

Many women think that there's something they did wrong which caused their boyfriend to cheat. You may introspect with questions like, "Why do I think my boyfriend is cheating?"

But remember that you don't have any control over his behavior. It was his decision to cheat and his fault, not yours.

5. Spend time with your friends or support network

At such a time, you'll feel too overwhelmed and lonely. So, the best solution is to spend time with those who genuinely love you. Expressing how you feel to them helps lighten the burden and make you feel better.

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Find The Answer To Your Question "Is My Boyfriend Cheating" Today!

Now you know pretty much everything you should do. From the time doubts arise in your mind to actually finding out the truth about if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

A spying app can prove to be highly useful in helping you navigate through the confusion in your mind. The steps in the article will help you get through both these stages.

Remember that cheaters never confess. But that doesn't mean that you should remain in the dark. So, become proactive at the moment a doubt creeps into your mind.

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