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6 Ways to Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

So, your boyfriend has become secretive and protective about his phone? You keep finding him texting behind your back? You want to confront him? But it's not that simple. So you decide to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing.

Check Boyfriends Phone

You could try hacking into his line. But you're no programmer.

You could check his account or iCloud. But that takes time and you don't want to get caught snooping. And he's probably changed his password anyway.

Well, here are 6 ways to check your boyfriend's phone messages without him knowing:

  1. Set up Spylix to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing
  2. Use his network provider
  3. Check his phone directly
  4. Invite a hacker
  5. Use SIM bug
  6. Break the router

Part 1:Detailed Table of 6 Ways

Spylix Network Provider Check Directly Invite A Hacker SIM Bug Break The Router
Security Strong Medium Strong Insecure Dangerous Dangerous
Feasibility Supports 40 data types on Android and 18 on iOS. Monitors call logs, iMessage, texts, WhatsApp, KIK & LINE You need to know his password and login details. With that information, all data is available Very difficult. He probably has fingerprint recognition or a secret PIN Variable depending on the skill and experience of the hacker Illegal and likely to cause harm to the device Illegal and likely to cause harm to the device
Will the target know? No. The software is too small, takes no memory and no icons are displayed Possibly. The provider may send messages to confirm Almost certainly Unknown. You are reliant on the ability of the hacker No No
Practicality Very high Poor Poor Poor. Very expensive and you may be cheated Very poor Very poor
Rating 5/5 4/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 2/5

Ok, let's dive a little deeper into each of the methods – starting with our most highly recommended.

Part 2: Set Up Spylix to Check Your Boyfriend's Phone Without Him Knowing

Spylix is an easy-to-use spy app that allows you to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing. It is compatible with a wide range of messaging apps including:

  • iMessage
  • Call logs
  • WhatsApp
  • KIK
  • LINE
  • Text messaging

Spylix covers almost all phones on the market and is considered the best way to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing.

Spylix Android Functions

Advantages of Spylix spy app

  • Stealth mode: With Spylix you can track the activity on your boyfriend's phone safe in the knowledge he won't catch you doing it
  • No jailbreak: You won't need to jailbreak your boyfriend's phone so you will not make his device vulnerable
  • Fully encrypted: Spylix is fully encrypted so the company has no access to the data you view and cannot store it or use it for any other purpose
  • Easy installation: Set up Spylix in 3 simple steps
  • Affordable: Spylix has a range of pricing options to suit your circumstances and your pocket

Spy apps are the safest and most practical method of checking your boyfriend's phone without him knowing. Spylix is the number one spy app due its vast array of features and its affordability.

By signing up to a longer subscription you can make it even cheaper, as shown here:

  • $48.99 per month for the monthly plan
  • $27.99 per month for the quarterly plan
  • $11.66 per month for the annual plan

You can sign up for Spylix right now and start checking your boyfriend's phone without him knowing.

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Still not convinced that Spylix is the best way to secretly monitor your boyfriend's phone? Then let's take a closer look at some of your other options.

Part 3: Check Through His Network Provider

This requires knowledge of your boyfriend's password or login details. It is a risky method of checking his phone as there is a high probability that he will be notified of the attempt to check on his details. 

Objective analysis of this way

Many cheating spouse text readers will send texts or emails to confirm ID before disclosing any information. You most likely know information such as his date of birth and address, but if you don't know his password or secret answer, you may be exposed. There is also the additional risk that he will see the text message or email and discover that you have been spying on him. The risk of being caught, weighed up against the amount of information you will acquire this way makes it a poor method trying to track activity on your boyfriend's phone.

Part 4: Check Directly

As discussed earlier, this is a high risk strategy and runs the risk of exposing your intentions to spy on your boyfriend's phone. Even if you can get a few minutes alone with his phone, the chances are you will only get a quick glimpse of its contents and it will not be enough to confirm whether your suspicions are correct.

A Fight between A Couple

This method also requires you to continually gain access to your boyfriend's phone for up to date messages and images which further increases the chances of being caught.

Feasibility of this way

There are some obvious problems with this method. First and foremost, if he is acting suspicious and messaging other girls, he is almost certainly wary of leaving his phone unattended.

The other problem with checking his phone directly is that he might catch you doing it. Remember, at this stage you don't know that he is cheating. He could be planning a special surprise or a proposal.

If he sees you going through his phone it could be damaging to your relationship. It's better to be sure so that you secretly check your boyfriends phone and then confront him with evidence if you discover he is cheating and messaging other girls.

When you choose Spylix spy app to check on your boyfriend's phone without him knowing, you remain in control of your spying activity and how you use the data.

When using a hacker, you run the risk that they may leak data or images from the phone. They can do this maliciously or for profit, but in either event you lose control of any information they leak and it can be passed around the internet thousands of times before you even become aware of the breach of trust.

Part 5: Invite A Hacker

This method requires no technical knowledge on your part. However, it is expensive and requires bringing a third party into the mix. Computer hackers are experts and will be able to access the information without being discovered.

But you will have no control over what they do with the data and images they uncover.

A Hacker

Cons of this way

You will need to pay the hacker and cannot be certain of their level of ability or how trustworthy they are with the information they capture. This is a risky strategy as it places valuable personal data in the hands of someone you don't know very well.

Of the six methods in the table above, only two can be described as ways to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing for free. Both come with a high risk of getting caught and a low value in terms of the amount of data you will receive and be able to check.

Part 6: Use SIM Bug

SIM bug works by sending a text containing a specific type of spyware code to the target device. This spyware can then be used to remotely access the phone. Once the spyware is installed, you will have control over the SIM and can access the data wherever and whenever you want to.


Things you should know about this way

SIM Bug is secret and it's unlikely that your boyfriend will discover that you are checking his phone. But it is not secure and can cause issues on the target device. It also requires a reasonable level of technical expertise to manage when compared with the simpler dashboard and ease of use offered by Spylix.

Part 7: Break the Router

Most routers are designed with a back door entry method' which you can use to get into the management interface. While this is a straightforward job for someone with technical knowledge, it is not something that most people can do safely and securely.

How do you like this way to check your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

You could try simply logging into the router interface using the default security settings, but this will take time and technical knowledge too.

If you are not a computer expert, this is an impractical way of checking your boyfriend's phone without him knowing.

If you do have the knowledge, it can still be a time-consuming method.

Part 8: Conclusion

There are many ways to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing. Some are simple but come with a high risk of being caught. Others are illegal or require significant time, technical knowledge or cash.

The best solution to secretly check your boyfriend's phone is to use Spylix. Spy apps are the best affordable method of remotely checking a phone, and Spylix is the best spy app on the market. Spylix is packed with features and is available at a range of price points to suit all requirements and all budgets.

If you feel the need to check your boyfriend's phone without him knowing, sign up to Spylix for the most secure, easy to use and affordable method.

  • Before going ahead and secretly checking your boyfriend's phone, be sure to check that what you are doing is legal. You will need to check all local, state and federal regulations to ensure you are not carrying out illegal activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that using a spy app does not breach any laws.
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