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Is TextNow Used for Cheating? Learn The Truth Here

Is TextNow used for cheating? I found the app on my spouse’s phone but couldn’t get in due to the security lock. I don’t know why he would use this service when he already has a phone number. I strongly suspect that he’s cheating on me, but how do I know for sure?”

Smartphones have made it easier for people to conduct their cheating affairs quietly. Many cheaters used to own separate phones to communicate with others, which was inconvenient and allowed suspicious spouses/partners to catch them in the act.

Nowadays, people can use apps to set up a new number online without any new device. Despite the good intentions of platforms like TextNow, they can be used to commit infidelity without the spouses or partners finding out.

Follow this post to learn what TextNow is and how this service can be manipulated to commit misdeeds like cheating on a significant other.

Is TextNow used for cheating

Part 1: What is TextNow?

TextNow is a free phone and mobile data service that offers calling and texting features. Initially, it worked as a web-based portal, but now it offers apps for Android and iOS as well.

Moreover, you can order a TextNow SIM card to use the services provided by conventional phone carrier services like AT&T.

Once your sim is activated, you can connect to the United States’ largest 5G/4G network and utilize essential data features, including access to emails, maps, and Rideshare.

Though all services are free, if you wish to have more data options, then open TextNow’s packages webpage to utilize one of the following Data Pass plans.

Hour Pass - $0.99

60 minutes of talk, text, and mobile data

300MB of high-speed data and then unlimited 2G speeds

Day Pass - $4.99

24 hours of talk, text, and mobile data

2GB of high-speed data and then unlimited 2G speeds

Month Pass - $39.99/Month

A full month of talk, text, and mobile data

10GB of high-speed data and then unlimited 2G speeds

Part 2: Why Would Someone Use TextNow?

Despite the features and free service, you may still think, “Why would someone use TextNow?”

From a distance, TextNow will seem pretty similar to other social media messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, or Telegram, but the reality is quite different.

The popular social apps only work if the device is connected to mobile/cellular data or WiFi. Whereas, you can use TextNow both with or without any network.

So, if you ever face network connectivity issues or don’t have access to WiFi, simply switch to the TextNow sim to utilize the features of a conventional phone carrier service(available across all of the USA). Plus, it is free, so these reasons are enough to use TextNow.

Part 3: Is TextNow Used for Cheating?

Infidelity or having an affair is termed as cheating for the sole fact that the person is deceiving their spouse or partner while pretending to remain loyal.

So naturally, they would look for ways to hide their truth. However, they would need to use the phone to call or text the affair partner, which can get complicated if their significant other is nearby, arousing suspicion. Plus, it can be easy for the concerned partner to view the call log or SMS history when the cheater is not looking.

So, in such cases, TextNow can be beneficial to those who cheat, though not a fault of the platform. Its features offer calling and texting via a dedicated app, preventing anyone from accessing the call log or texting history via the regular route.

The only way the spouse/partner will learn the truth is if they have information about what TextNow has to offer or if they apply other means(discussed in this article) to collect evidence of infidelity.

Part 4: How to Know Tell If Someone is Using TextNow?

How to tell if someone is using TextNow

So, can you tell if someone is using TextNow? Well, there is no straightforward way, but you can apply the following suggestions to find the truth.

See If Someone Has TextNow App Installed

If the other person doesn’t use the TextNow sim, they can conduct their affairs (calling or texting) via the app.

So, if you have access to their phone, verify whether TextNow is enabled. Moreover, if you have a number on TextNow, you can search for the other person’s number within the app, especially if you have a clue about it.

To do so, launch TextNow and tap the Conversations option. Next, tap Compose and enter their number before sending a message. If the number is from a TextNow account, you will see the account owner’s name instead of the number.

Check via a Number Lookup Service

You can visit a third-party reverse number lookup service and enter the alleged TextNow number to know for sure if the target user has a TextNow number.

To learn the best and fastest way to check if someone is cheating over TextNow, check out the next section.

Part 5: How Can You Tell If Someone is Cheating over TextNow?

Cheaters are cautious by habit. Your spouse/partner would do whatever it takes to prevent you from finding out that they have been unfaithful and your relationship was a lie.

However, if you get even the slightest bit of suspicion or notice some signs that point to infidelity, then gather proof by employing a third-party cheater-catching app, Spylix. Once enabled, you can go to the installed apps section to check if your partner uses the TextNow app.

The best thing about Spylix is that you can perform the spying undetected, as all information related to their cheating activity on TextNow and other platforms is accessible on the dashboard.

5.1 Key Features of Spylix Cheating Catch App

It works on all versions of iOS and Android and offers a comprehensive list of features to catch a cheater in the act.

Location Tracking – Check the cheater’s live location and history of visited places with timestamps and map view.

Geofencing – Set restrictions around areas where you think your spouse goes to cheat. Get alerts whenever they visit them.

Social Media Spying – Track the cheater’s messaging history on all popular apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, Kik, Skype, Tinder, etc.

Browser History Tracking – See what they browse on the internet. There is a chance you will find sessions on dating sites like Tinder or Bumble.

Call Logs and Text Message Tracking – Track all the calls and SMS histories via their TextNow sim.

App and URL Blocker – Block TextNow app and website remotely.

5.2 How Can You Tell If Someone is Cheating over TextNow?

Before following the installation guide, learn what is needed to enable this app on the target device.

Android – App installation is required, which takes a few minutes to finish. The app’s Stealth Mode makes it undetectable.

iOS – No app installation is needed, just share the cheating spouse’s iCloud credentials.

How to Tell If Someone is Cheating over TextNow Via Android

Step 1: Sign Up for Free

Access the Spylix website and enter your email address to create a free account.

Create your free Spylix account

Step 2: Set up The Spylix Android App

Download and install the Android app on the device by following the instructions.

Install the Spylix Android app

Step 3: Tell If Someone is Cheating Over TextNow Via Android

Open the online dashboard using any browser; under the General Features section, click Installed Apps to view TextNow.

Check if they are cheating using TextNow on Android device

How to Tell If Someone is Cheating over TextNow Via iPhone

Step 1: Create The Spylix Account

On the website, click Sign Up Free, and enter your email address to make a new account.

Make a free Spylix account

Step 2: Enter The iCloud Account Information

Enter the cheating spouse’s iCloud account credentials to access their backup and verify the iOS device.

Enter the iCloud credentials

Step 3: Tell If Someone is Cheating over TextNow Via iPhone

Visit the Spylix control panel. Tap the General Features section and select the Installed Apps option to check the existence of TextNow.

Check if they are cheating using TextNow on iPhone

5.3 Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheating Catch App?

Spylix is completely undetectable, making it the top solution to catch the cheater in the act. Thanks to various spying tools, you can gather evidence and present them when you finally decide to confront them.

It doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting and offers cost-effective plans for users from all backgrounds. Spylix is easy to install, and its customer service is available 24/7 to provide assistance.

Part 6: How to Prevent Someone from Cheating on You through TextNow?

Relationships face ups and downs on the regular, and what makes it work is evolving through the experiences that prevent even the thought of cheating from happening.

Remain Involved in the Relationship

Keep the flair alive in your marriage or relationship. Plan the future, go out on weekly dates, and take vacations regularly. This will allow both of you to remain invested in your bond and prevent your spouse from seeking outside distractions.

Remain Concerned About What’s Bothering Your Spouse

Most people seek the support of an affair partner when their concerns are not addressed. There could be a possibility that your spouse might have been facing difficulties in the workplace, and they would want to seek comfort around you at home to sway away all their worries.

However, if their feelings are shrugged off, they will surely find such reassurances from another person.

Share Your Concerns As Well

It is also vital to share what worries you about the significant other’s behavior. If they are interested in your well-being and wish to keep the relationship fresh, they will address such concerns.

Part 7: FAQs about TextNow?

This section has explored everything related to TextNow, including its functionalities.

7.1 Is TextNow down?

TextNow is up and running, but if you encounter such an issue, there could be a system overload. It is best to wait a few minutes and try accessing the site/app again.

7.2 Is TextNow safe to use?

Yes, it is safe, but the platform doesn’t offer any parental control tools for parents to check what their child is doing on it. The only way to access the information is to use their account credentials.

7.3 Can you track someone through TextNow?

No. If you want to track a TextNow-based device in real time, then try Spylix’s GPS Location feature.

7.4 Can you retrieve deleted messages from TextNow?

Unfortunately, once the text is removed from the TextNow account, it can not be recovered. However, if the target user has texted using the SIM, then you can enable Spylix’s Text Messages Spy tool to retrieve deleted chats.

7.5 Does TextNow show your name?

No, Textnow does not show your real name to other users.

7.6 How to know if someone blocked you on TextNow?

There is no direct way to determine if someone blocked you on TextNow. However, try calling them at different hours, and if your call goes straight to voicemail without ringing, then there is a chance you have been blocked.

7.7 Is a TextNow number a real phone number?

Yes, TextNow offers a real phone number that you can purchase.

7.8 How can I view my TextNow messages online?

Just log in using your TextNow account via the app or website, and head over to the Messages section to view your chat history.


You can not convincingly give a verdict on “Is TextNow used for cheating?” However, with spy apps like Spylix, you can detect the account’s presence and utilize the other features to gather information about the spouse or partner’s cheating activities.

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