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Why Do People Cheat? Find out All The Reasons

Have you ever been cheated on or wondered why do people cheat? Infidelity is a complex and emotional issue that affects millions of people in relationships.

From infatuation to boredom, there are many reasons why people cheat. It’s a painful experience for the one who is cheated on and the cheater themselves.

But understanding why it happens can help us prevent it from happening again in the future.

Why do people cheat

Part 1: Why Do People Cheat – 10 Reasons!

There’s no doubt that cheating is a difficult topic to tackle, but why people cheat can be even more perplexing.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why people cheat to give you a better understanding of the topic.

  1. “The heart wants what it wants”. Sometimes, despite being in a committed relationship, people develop feelings for someone else, leading to cheating.
  2. “The thrill of the chase”. For some, the excitement of the chase and the feeling of getting away with something can be tempting.
  3. “Neglect in the relationship”. When a partner feels neglected or unfulfilled in a relationship, they may seek attention and affection elsewhere.
  4. “The grass is greener syndrome”. People may cheat because they feel they are missing out on something they perceive as better or more exciting.
  5. “Insecurity”. Some people may cheat due to deep-rooted insecurities or low self-esteem that cause them to seek validation from others.
  6. “Revenge.” Cheating may be an act of revenge in response to a partner’s past infidelity or another perceived wrong.
  7. “Power and control”. In some cases, cheating may allow one partner to exert power and control over another.
  8. “Addiction”. Cheating can become addictive, with some individuals unable to stop it despite the potential consequences.
  9. “Opportunity”. Some people may cheat simply because the opportunity presented itself without any preconceived intention.
  10. “Fear of commitment”. For those who struggle with the idea of commitment, cheating may be a way to avoid the pressures and expectations of a long-term relationship.

Part 2: What Are The 2 Types of Cheating?

Types of cheating

Cheating is generally defined as engaging in romantic or sexual activities with someone outside of your current relationship. But did you know that cheating can be categorized into two types?

The first type is physical cheating, the more commonly recognized form. This type involves engaging in physical intimacy with someone other than your partner. Physical cheating can range from kissing, to sexual intercourse, to everything in between.

The second type of cheating is emotional cheating, often called an “affair of the heart”.

This type involves forming a deep emotional connection with someone outside your relationship, which can often be as devastating as physical cheating.

Emotional cheating can include intimate conversations, sharing personal information, and confiding in someone other than your partner.

Both physical and emotional cheating can be equally damaging to a relationship, and both can lead to the breakdown of trust and communication between partners. It’s important to be aware of the signs of both types of cheating to protect your relationship’s health.

Part 3: How to Catch A Cheater in Minutes

Whatever the reasons, cheating is a misdeed!

However, it is wise to gather evidence against the cheating people before confronting them to fulfill your suspicion.

So, how can you catch people who cheat in the act?

Well, the answer is pretty simple!

Enable Spylix, a third-party spy app on their phone, and keep track of their whereabouts, texting history, and browsing history.

Once you have enough proof, confront them, and let all of your emotions out.

Key Features of Spylix Cheaters Spy App

Using the GPS tracker, you can learn

  • The real-time position of the cheater on the map with latitude and longitude
  • Their entire location history, including when they visited the specific place

How to Catch Cheaters on the Phone?

Follow the installation guide below to learn how to catch cheating people with Spylix:

Spy on Cheater’s iPhone

Step 1: Make Your Account

Visit the Spylix website, click Sign Up Free and enter your email ID to create a new account.

Create your account on Spylix

Step 2: Share iCloud Account Details

Provide the cheater’s iCloud details for verification before clicking on continue.

Enter the iCloud account credentials

Step 3: Track the Cheating Person

On the dashboard, click General Features, and select GPS locations to locate the cheater.


Spy on Cheater’s Android Device

Step 1: Make a Free Account

Navigate to the Spylix site. Next, click Sign Up Free, and enter your email address to set up a new account.

Set up your Spylix account for free

Step 2: Enable the Android App

Follow the provided instructions to install Spylix on your intended device.

Enable the Spylix Android app

Step 3: Check the Cheating Person

Open the dashboard, and tap the GPS Locations option to view their whereabouts.

Track the cheater’s Android phone

What Else Can Spylix Do?

With Spylix, you can also quickly track the user’s social app activities.

Moreover, if they use a dating app, scroll to the Install App section to locate such apps.

Similarly, block dating apps and URLs on their phone remotely.

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheaters Spy App?

No matter which features you use, you can easily track the cheater’s activities without suspicion, as there is no requirement to root or jailbreak their device.

Spylix is that easy to use!

Also, if any issue ever occurs, customer support offers quick and effective service 24/7.

Part 4: What to Do If You Find Your Spouse is Cheating?

Discovering that your spouse has been cheating can be a devastating experience. You may feel mixed emotions, from anger to betrayal and confusion. Taking a deep breath and determining the next steps is essential to avoid making hasty decisions.

  • Collect Conclusive Evidence
  • First, try to gather concrete evidence to confirm your suspicions. Confusing your spouse about their infidelity can be challenging without evidence to support your claims.

    Keep a log of any suspicious activities, such as late-night phone calls or sudden changes in behavior. You can also use Spylix to gather information quickly and effectively.

  • Have a Conversation
  • Once you have collected ample proof of infidelity, it’s time to confront your spouse and have “The Talk”!

    We suggest choosing a time and place where you can both speak privately and calmly. Just be honest about your feelings and ask your spouse to explain their actions. Please keep an open mind and listen to their perspective without being confrontational, as arguments can only bring hurt to you both.

  • Seek Help
  • Ultimately, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being. Reach out to trusted friends and family for support, and remember that healing is a process that takes time.

    If you have trouble getting past this act of unfaithfulness, seek counseling, which could provide the necessary guidance and support to help you work through your feelings and make decisions about the future of your relationship.

Part 5: FAQs about Cheating

If you have ever been involved in a relationship, you must have asked yourself about cheating at some point.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about cheating to provide some answers.

5.1 Is it normal to cheat in a relationship?

Cheating is not a normal behavior in a healthy relationship. However, it’s common for people to be tempted to cheat or have thoughts of cheating. Establishing healthy boundaries with your partner is crucial to avoid cheating in the relationship.

5.2 Can someone truly love you and cheat?

It is possible for someone to love you and still cheat on you. However, cheating doesn’t necessarily mean the cheater has stopped loving their partner. Cheating is a bad choice and a wrong way of dealing with relationship problems.

If your partner cheats on you, it is vital to have an open and honest conversation to determine the reason behind the cheating.

5.3 How common is cheating?

Cheating is more common than you might think.

According to studies, it is estimated that about 25% of married couples have experienced cheating at some point in their relationship. However, the numbers vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and cultural background.

5.4 How many people cheat on their spouse

Cheating statistics vary depending on different factors, such as gender, age, and cultural background.

However, studies have shown that approximately 20-25% of men and 10-15% of women admit to cheating on their spouses at some point in their marriage. These numbers can fluctuate due to various social factors and cannot be considered definitive.


In conclusion, cheating is a complex issue with a multitude of potential causes. It is important to remember that cheating is never justified and can have severe consequences.

By understanding why do people cheat, we can work towards preventing it and fostering stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Still, if you are heavily suspicious and wish to gather some proof, then we recommend Spylix for the job, which ensures complete anonymity!

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