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10 Best Ways to Track Location History of Mobile Number

Security is always desired by different people due to a variety of reasons. Parents always want to track the location history of mobile numbers to know the location of their children. The spouse wants to know the current as well as the location history of the partner.

If you want to track a person then the first thing is to track the location history of the specific person. After getting the location history you can easily trap the specific person.

We are going to provide you with all the details related to how to track the location history of mobile numbers through different procedures. A variety of ways along with common questions and desired features are all explained in the given article.

Find The Location Of A Mobile Number

Part 1: Top 4 Ways to Track Location History

Location tracking is done in different situations specifically to protect the person. Mobile devices are the best way of tracking a person through GPS and other functionalities.

If you want to know how to track the location of a number then we have different options for it. Some of the basic options are explained here:

Spying Tools

The spying tools have gained the attention of audiences due to their wide application and amazing functionalities. Spying tools provide secret working so you don't need to worry about permission from the target person.

Secret and secure working is always desired and if you are finding a tool with an affordable range then it is considered the best option. Spylix is one of the top tools used as a spying application for tracking a location.


Spying applications are paid hence you need to select a subscription plan. You must keep in mind that all the authentic spy apps are paid and if someone is claiming free services then you need to be careful as it may be a scam.

Google Location

Google is considered a wide platform that contains a lot of features. Google applications have always helped its users in different situations by providing a helping hand.

Google location sharing is an amazing way through which you can share your location with anyone to help you in danger. You need to share your link with the target person and the location would be monitored according to the desired time.


Google location sharing has a demerit in that it always notifies the target person that he or she is being monitored.

You cannot use this tool secretly as the target person must provide you with its permission. You need to access the target device to share the location every time.

Find Location With Mobile Number

Hiring a Spy

You can directly hire a person who provides you with all the location history of your desired person. The spy will provide your details in the form of a report after a week or two.

You need to pay monthly or annual fees to the spies which are quite out of the budget for a middle-class person. You would also be caught in a crime if anyone would find out.


Hiring a private spy to know the location history of a person is quite an expensive procedure. You need to pay a lot of fees to the spies and even though you are not confirmed about the information. Hiring a spy is always dangerous as you can be caught at any time.

Online Trackers

Due to technologies, there are a lot of tools available for the tracking of a person. Trackers are small devices that you need to keep with yourself. The tracker provides the real-time or location history of a specific person.


Trackers are small devices that are desired to be present with the target person. You cannot attach the devices to the target person at every time or any place. There are great chances of its detection by the target person or by anyone.

Compatibility Gives Notification Stealth Mode Other Tracking Features Multiple Device Tracking
Spylix Android and iOS Devices No Available Call Tracking, Messages Monitoring, Social Media Checking, Geofencing, Contact Logs, GPS Tracking, App and web blocking, etc. Supported
Google's Location History Android and iOS Devices Yes Not Available GPS Location Not Supported
FamiSafe Android and iOS Devices Yes Available GPS Location, Geofencing, App blocking. Not Supported
GeoFinder Android and iOS Devices No Not Available GPS Location Not Supported
mTracker Android Devices No Available Location Tracking Not Supported
TeenOrbit iOS Devices Yes Not Available Call details, photos information, a map view, etc. Not Supported


Spylix is the best tool to learn the mobile phone location history of a device. This tool provides you an opportunity to track the real-time location along with the location history. You can get the details of the location even though the target person has deleted it.

Mobile Phone Location History

Spylix allows you to track the location of multiple devices at a time on a single registration. You can enjoy compatibility with Android and IOS devices without any help. The interface of this tool is simple and straight forward and you don't need to take help from other sources.

You can enjoy 40 features on Android devices while 18 features are provided on iOS devices. All the features are provided at affordable prices.

You can enjoy website blocking, Wi-Fi blocking, call monitoring, messages tracking, social media monitoring, geofencing, GPS tracking, and many more. The procedure that you need to follow to use Spylix is explained here:

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the official website of Spylix and register for the free account.

Register Your Account on Spylix

Step 2: Setting

You need to follow the instructions to set up your official account.

Set Up Your Account on Spylix

Step 3: Start Tracking Location History Phone Number

Get access to the official dashboard of Spylix so that you can start tracking the target person.

Find Location Of Mobile Number

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Google's Location History

Google is the greatest platform for providing location details in the past. Even at present some of the features provided by Google location tools are absent from its competitors.

Google Location tracking can be done by using the Google Maps application by default present on different devices. The procedure that you need to follow is explained here:

Step 1: Install the Google Maps application on your device and then open it up. Enter your Google account credentials to open up your Google account.

Step 2: Swipe the screen to the left side and different options will appear on the screen. Select the “timeline” option and head towards the desired date to which location history you want to monitor.

Step 3: The application will immediately work and display all the activities of that day.

Track and Confirm Mobile


FamiSafe is an amazing parental application used to track the location of children. Now you can check the history of Android and IOS devices in real-time.

You can look at the working of your child with your smartphone. Now you can block websites, and applications, and restrict a specific area for your children. The procedure is explained here:

Step 1: Sign up at the official website of FamiSafe to get your official account.

Step 2: You need to set up the official account by following a procedure.

Step 3: Log in to the official dashboard to start tracking the working of your children.

Location Track By Mobile Number


GeoFinder is an amazing way of tracking the location of a specific phone number. You can directly look at the current location of a specific person by entering the phone number.

You can also enjoy compatibility with Android and IOS devices without any hurdles. The procedure that you need to follow is explained here:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Geofinder to track a specific location.

Step 2: Enter the number in the given box and select the “find” option to start searching.

Step 3: All the information detail of the specific person will appear on the screen within a few seconds.

Google Location History Of Mobile Number


mTracker is specially designed for Android devices to track location details. You can track your device or someone else device without any permission.

It is designed for friends, children, family members, or for business purposes. The procedure that you need to follow is explained here:

Step 1: Download the application to the target device and enter the important credentials.

Step 2: Sign up and set up your official profile by following the procedure described.

Step 3: Log in to the dashboard and enter the phone number of the target person. All the details will appear on the screen hence you can start tracking.

Track Phone History


TeenOrbit is an application that is designed to give peace of mind to anxious parents related to their children. You need to enter the Apple ID credentials of the target person to get all the details of the location.

You can also enjoy a map view on this tool. TeenOrbit provides contacts and website information of the target person.

Step 1: Download the application on the target device and create an account using a free trial.

Step 2: Enter the iCloud credentials of the child's Apple device. It is important to enabling the iCloud backup settings in the device.

Step 3: Log in to the dashboard and after that, you can look at all the details.

Find Location By Mobile Number

Part 3: Tips about Location History

1. How to see if you have Location History Enabled?

If you enabled the location history and want to know how to track a location then the answer is simple. First, you need to check the location details and after that, you can look at it.

You can directly navigate towards the Google Maps application and turn on the phone location. After turning on the location, you can share it with anyone for the desired period.

2. How to see the location history of kids?

Most parents are anxious about the location of their kids every time they are out. To track the location of kids you need to take help from a tracking tool.

Spylix is considered the best option as you can get the real-time update immediately. All the information would be secret hence the target person would never know about its working.

3. How to turn off or delete your Google location history data?

If you want to turn off or delete the Google location history then it can be easily done. You just need to open up the Google application and navigate toward the settings of this tool.

When you enter the "personal content" you would find an option that says "location history". You can directly turn off the location history or delete it if you want. The system would ask you for confirmation and after that, the history would be deleted.

Part 4: How to Choose the Best Phone Tracker?

If you are in search of a tool that provides you with all the history phone numbers possess then you need to be very careful. It is always suggested to keep an eye on certain features that must be present in the best phone tracker.

Spylix is the top tool considered for the tracking of a device. The best features are explained here:

GPS Tracker

Spylix provides real-time as well as the location history of the target person. You also need a tool that provides you with minor as well as major details related to the location. Even if the target person has deleted the history you can also view it.

Real-Time Update

Different tools provide GPS tracking yet the information is provided quite late. It is encouraging to find a tool that works like Spylix in providing immediate information on a real-time basis. It is the best way of protecting your desired person from danger.


Authentic results are always needed especially for the ones who want a tracking tool for official work. Always choose a tool that gives authentic results so that there would not be space for doubt. Spylix is always famous for providing doubtless results.


Whenever you indulge in tracking procedures you always feel insecure about security. Spylix has a confirmation that the information would be between you and the officials. It is an amazing way of relaxing the users related to their security.

Stealth Mode

There are very few tools on the Internet that provide stealth mode during phone tracking. Spylix stealth mode is a secret working feature as it occupies less space and hides. This feature must be present in a tracking tool.


Sometimes it is also required to restrict the specific area for the target person for their safety. Spylix comes up with an advanced feature in which you always get notified if the target person exceeds the limit. Such features are always desired for a tracking tool.

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Start Tracking Phone History of Mobile Number!

Due to security, it has become very important to track the phone history of a phone. You need to look for the location history of the mobile number to protect yourself from dangerous situations.

If you want to know all the details of the mobile including the current and history of working then we have explained different tools for you. You can look at the features, explanations, working, and other details.

Everything is explained above now What are you waiting for?

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