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10 Best Person Trackers in 2024

The present world is full of miseries hence all want to protect their loved ones. Parents are the ones who are always concerned about the location of their children.

A person tracker is an amazing tool that provides you an opportunity to keep a check on the GPS location of the target person. The tracking information is always a source of relaxation for the ones who are anxious about their corresponding person.

The internet is full of tracking tools that claim to provide all the features of a person tracker. You must be vigilant in selecting the best tool that can fulfill all your needs.

We have a list of the 10 best person tracker tools available on the internet to provide you with a helping hand.

10 Best Person Trackers in 2024

Part 1: What Is Person Tracker and How Does It Work?

A person tracker is an amazing tool that is designed to provide the location details of a target person. It is important to mention that you must not confuse person trackers with online tracking tools.

Person Tracker

A person tracker is a tool specially designed to provide all the details of a person. If you just enlist some of the features that are needed to be present in a person tracker are:

  • A person tracker is the one that provides all the details related to geofencing. If the target person gets out of restriction then the user will be notified.
  • The status alerts are also provided as the target person would continuously get information on a real-time basis.
  • The total history of the person during its complete journey is also provided hence you can get details of the present as well as the past.
  • It would be essential that a person tracker track more than one person along with it a complete planner must be provided that shows the route of the target person.
  • Live update and transparency is an important feature that is required. The customer must have all the services with a good experience.

1. Samsung Smart things Trackers

If you are looking for a personal tracker which is compact but sleek in its size then it is the best option. It fulfills all the desires of a person tracker including the advanced features that are recently introduced.

You can easily strap it anywhere on your kids, pets, or vehicles without any hindrance. It provides amazing freedom of movement as it has a waterproof case.

If you dip it in the pool or get wet during rain you don't need to worry about it. It keeps on working and leads you towards your destination.

Samsung Smart things Trackers as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It has amazing Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It provides a live tracking facility to the users.
  • It has amazing durability and reliability.
  • It gives a unique water-resistant design.
  • It comes up with a compact and lightweight case.

2. AngelSense

It is designed to meet all the needs of people tracking autistic people. It also gives a sense of security to all the guardians as they can keep monitoring a single moment including the route of the target person.

It is an affordable device with customizable wearables according to the use of the customers. You can use the two-way voice feature to pick up the speakerphone and you can listen to the audio of your children.

It has an amazing plan to guide your parents or loved ones if they have lost the directions and get confused.

AngelSense as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It is small in size with a lightweight design.
  • It contains an SOS button.
  • It provides an opportunity for two-way calling.
  • It has a sensory-friendly feature.
  • You can also use geofencing.

3. Family1st GPS Tracker

It can get indoor tracking of a person with help of Wi-Fi connectivity at home. The tracker contains a lifetime warranty hence GPS tracker will become most reliable and credible.

You can easily install it in the vehicle of your wife or the backpack of your children. You just need to download the application and track the location directly from the website.

It has a slim design due to which it is easy to carry at any place and remains protective instead of long journeys or obstacles. You can easily create 10 geofences to protect 10 people.

Family1st GPS Tracker as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It is affordable.
  • The subscription plan of this tool is budget-friendly.
  • You don't need to indulge in the activation and deactivation costs.
  • It gives a lifetime warranty.
  • It has amazing coverage in Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

4. Tile Mate

If you are looking for a person tracker that doesn't need internet connectivity or GPS then here is an option for you.

You can locate the desired person in your life with the help of Bluetooth. If the target person is in a range of almost 150 feet then this tool is an amazing solution for tracking.

If you have lost your device then it provides you with a helping hand in finding it until it gets out of sight. It is considered one of the best portable GPS trackers on the market.

Tile Mate as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It gives amazing water resistance to the user.
  • It tracks the target thing with the help of Bluetooth.
  • It has amazing voice integration with Siri, Alexa, and Google.
  • It is a portable GPS tracker.
  • It comes with a replaceable battery.

5. SpotTrace

It is an amazing friend on a solo trip as you can remain comfortable even if your children are out of the home. You can send customized messages to your children as a source of instruction and love for a safe journey.

It also provides opportunities for the SOS button in case of an emergency. If you have entered an uncharted area then this tool is going to guide you through the whole journey.

The SOS button is so amazing in its working that, as in desperate situations, it directly links the emergency coordination center to the target person without any delay.

SpotTrace as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It is extremely compact.
  • It provides an opportunity for online tracking.
  • It automatically sends you instant alerts in the form of mail.
  • It has a large number of uses in different situations.
  • You can easily share the GPS location to almost 10 contacts that can reach you in your hour of need.

6. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7

The person tracker of BrickHouse security is filled with all the features of a person tracker device. It is small in its size hence you can easily fit it in your palm and carry it effortlessly everywhere.

Your pet is not going to feel uncomfortable because of its size and the companions of your children are not going to tease them because of its modern design.

You can get the location of the target thing on a real-time basis along with the geofencing. It gives an alert whenever your children enter the customized area.

BrickHouse security as one of six Popular Personal GPS Trackers

Features of Spylix

  • It has an amazing magnetic case that is waterproof.
  • A panic button for the tracking of children.
  • An opportunity to switch to the rapid tracking speed.
  • It provides 4G coverage to a user.
  • It has an amazingly compact design.

Part 3: 4 Best Person Trackers in 2024

1. Hidden GPS Tracker for Person: Spylix

To track the location of a target person, Spylix is designed to provide GPS location. It is useful for those people who want to know about the activities and the current location of the target person.

The most prominent advantage of Spylix is that the target person will not know about tracking. It works hiddenly and never leaves any clue of its working. You don't need to ask for permission as sometimes it's difficult to ask.

Spylix as one of four Best Person Trackers in 2024

Spylix is one of the best spy platforms to use as it works as an invisible app. The target person always remains unaware of what is going on his or her mobile phone.

You don't have to worry if your target person uses an android or iPhone. Spylix works on both Android as well as iPhones.

Spylix contains the most well-known GPS tracking features. Let's just have a look at the important features of GPS tracking that are especially present in Spylix:

  • Spylix provides an opportunity for geofencing to its users. Now you can restrict specific areas for the target person.
  • Spylix always gives a real-time update of the location of the target device. All the details are provided in front of you within seconds.
  • Location history is also visible to the user and you can easily get the previous information.
  • The user is also entertained with the map's direction logs, which is a helping hand in assisting the user.

You must be thinking why do users need to use Spylix instead of a lot of options in its competition. Here is the answer to your confusion:

Simple Interface. The interface of Spylix is straightforward hence complexity is absent. You just need to follow the three magical steps and everything will be done.

Multiple Compatibility. It has amazing compatibility for Android as well as iOS devices. You don't need to worry about the device type of the target person.

No Jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is always an injurious process for devices. Spylix doesn't require jailbreaking or rooting to protect the device from working.

Budget-Friendly. Spylix never wants to burden the budget of the user. You can enjoy different features at the most affordable prices.

Customer Services. TheSpylix team works to respond most efficiently. There is a complete absence of bugs and errors and it improves user experience.

2. Tracker for Person With Dementia

Dementia is a pathetic problem in which a person suddenly becomes unaware of surroundings, children, family, friends, or even itself. If you are having a person with dementia you need to keep a keen eye on them to protect them from the miseries.

Dementia as one of four Best Person Trackers in 2024

Tile Mate is an amazing tool that provides you an opportunity of tracking a person even outside the house. You can easily use this tool as a personal tracker for your old-age parents so that if they forget the way home you can track them back.

Pros: Like

  1. The opportunity of Bluetooth tracking.
  2. Water-resistant.
  3. Voice integration with Siri, Alexa, and Google.

Cons: Dislike

  • Only works within a range of 150 feet.
  • Cannot be used for a stolen thing.
  • Has restrictions on location and distance.

3. Tracker for Person on Google PlayStore

Google also provides different tools by using which we can enjoy GPS tracker for a person. Person tracking available on the Google Play store works within seconds.

Google PlayStore as one of four Best Person Trackers in 2024

You can easily learn who is contacting you from which area. You can get to know the GPS location of the target person and can take action according to your need and desire.

Along with this, you can easily locate the exact location with the help of a phone number.

Pros: Like

  • The contact details of the target person are also available.
  • You can track a person by phone number.
  • It also helps as an address finder.

Cons: Dislike

  • It contains a lot of bugs and errors which are problematic.
  • It is not an authentic tool.
  • It suddenly stops working.

4. Person Tracker Live Tracker

It is an amazing tool through which you can track the location of your desired person in real-time. If you are in quarantine then you can use this to keep a check on your children, family, and business without moving out.

Live Tracker as one of four Best Person Trackers in 2024

You can make smart fences around your desired people and always get alert whenever the corresponding person has got out of the fence.

You can also give directions to the target person and you feel that you are always with your family.

Pros: Like

  • It provides smart fences.
  • You can get the exact location with Google Street view.
  • You can check the history of the location.

Cons: Dislike

  • It is unable to gain good customer reviews.
  • It doesn't seem good for tracking long distances.
  • The coverage of this tool is not desirable.

Part 4: How to Use a Hidden GPS Tracker for Person?

If you just want to know the best GPS tracker for a person that works secretly then it is none other than Spylix.

Spylix contains stealth mode which allows you to work without giving an alert. It allows a user to remote work with desirable features and regulations.

Spylix provides you an opportunity to monitor the entire working without draining the battery of the target device.

After learning about the qualities of Spylix you must be in search of its complete procedure. Let's just go through the complete procedure that is needed to follow to use a person tracker on Spylix:

Step 1: Register your Account

Go to the official website of Spylix and for a free account register yourself.

Register an Account on Spylix

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

For the setting of an official account on Spylix, you need to follow the instructions.

Set up Spylix App

Step 1: Start Monitoring

Start tracking the target person.

Access Spylix Online Dashboard

Let's proceed with more information about Spylix. Some of the most amazing features that are provided on Spylix other than person tracking are:

  • Spylix provides you with an opportunity to monitor the call logs of the target person. You can look at the call duration along with the incoming and outgoing call details.
  • You can get all the details related to messages on social media accounts along with the inbox. You can also look at the deleted messages and media information of the target person.
  • You can access all the settings in the device of a corresponding person including Wi-Fi blocking.
  • You can view the bookmarks and the web history of the target device. You can also restrict specific sites for the user.
  • All the working on social media including posts, shares, status, and emails or also available to the user.

Part 5: Why Do We Need Person Tracker Live Tracker?

The most important question that we need to clear is why a person needs to use a personal tracker.

The basic reasons that become the cause to use person tracker are:

Safety of children. If you want to keep checking the location of your children for safety then it is the best option. You can also use this tool if you are sending your children on a trip and still feeling anxious about them.

Doubts on Spouse. If you are feeling that your spouse is not telling you her right location. You can directly check whether she is at the exact place or cheating on you.

Finding Lost Phone. If you have lost your device or doubt that someone has stolen it. You can track the location of your device using a person tracker.

Monitoring Elders. If you are living with your old parents and you feel worried about them when you are out. You can directly check their location and can feel relaxed that they are safe at home or outside.

Person Tracker Live Tracker

Tracking Employees. If you have remote workers for your firm, they always keep on cheating you. You can directly check the location and can take action according to it.

Catching Criminals. Most of the time officials are unaware of the real criminal. In such situations, it is important to keep tracking all the suspicious people to catch the real criminal.

Surprising Friends. If you have set up a surprise party for your friend and you don't want to ruin it with the sudden presence of your friend in the middle. You can track the location of your friend and relax.

Use Tracker Person Now!

A person tracker has become a basic need for a user without the distinction of a field or profession. A tracker must have such qualities which can wipe out all the confusion from the mind of a person.

If you want to have a person tracker to locate the exact location of your spouse, children, parents, employees, friends, or anyone. Different options are provided for you in the above guideline.

It's time for you to use a personal tracker to wipe out all the miseries in your life.

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