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5 Best Free Cheating Spouse Text Readers You Can't Miss in 2024

A relationship is bound by love and trust. The trust is that you are the most important person in your spouse's life. When this trust is broken, or you get signs of your partner cheating on you, this can be heartbreaking, especially when you have no way of proving it.

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To help you catch your cheating spouse, this article will discuss five free cheating spouse text readers to help you find the truth by keep track of your spouse's messages. It's time you caught your cheating spouse most simply and effectively, especially by using the best cheating spouse text reader app, Spylix.

Part 1: Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Knowing whether or not your spouse is cheating on you is not an obvious thing. However, there are various cheating signs that you should pay attention to.

Significant signs indicating your spouse cheating

  1. A spike in the phone bills.
  2. Increased chatting rate.
  3. Being nervous whenever you come in touch with their phone.
  4. Changing their phone passcode and failing to disclose it to you.
  5. Often smiling when texting.
  6. A change in the fashion style when going out.

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The above are some of indicators that your spouse is cheating on you. The only way to verify if the indicators are correct is by using a free cheating spouse text reader to view the messages and other media files that your spouse is receiving or sending.

To easily help you view your spouse's text messages without being caught, the section below will introduce you to the best text reader apps to catch your cheating spouse.

Part 2: Free Cheating Spouse Text Reader

Catching your cheating spouse is easy using a text reader app, and we will show you that in a while. But to be clear, no fully functional free cheating spouse text reader exists. Most of these spy apps claim to be free and help you catch your cheating spouse, but in reality, they don't actually work.

There is no point in wasting your time and energy trying insecure and unreliable spy apps that claim to read someone's text messages. Alternatively, I recommend using secure, reliable and working text reader apps to easily monitor and catch your cheating spouse. One text reader app that I recommend is Spylix, the best spy app on the market.

2.1 Spylix - The Best Text Reader to Catch a Cheating Spouse

In terms of the best text reader, Spylix is undoubtedly the number 1 app. Spylix is an Android and iOS text reader app designed to monitor your spouse's activities easily and displaying them on the dashboard for you to catch them cheating easily.

Spylix Dashboard

Spylix enables you to monitor your spouse's text messages, including:

1. Sent and Received Texts

Spylix can intercept and view all the messages sent to and by your spouse, including iMessages. All the messages will be displayed on your Spylix control panel to help you easily track your spouse's messages.

Spylix Text Messages Details

2. Deleted Messages

If your spouse is cheating on you, they can easily cover traces by deleting messages. With Spylix, you will view even the deleted messages to ensure you keep track of all your spouse's messages.

3. Track Social Media Activities

Spylix can access the social apps installed on your spouse's phone, such as WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, and Instagram, and view the messages and media files shared.

4. Contact Information

Knowing who your spouse is chatting with every time they are smiling is crucial. Spylix can access your spouse's contact list and get their information, including emails.

5. Keylogger

Every keystroke on your spouse's phone will be recorded by Spylix and displayed on your Spylix dashboard. Thus, knowing their hidden acts will be easy.

 Why Use Spylix over Other Apps?

Spylix offers you over 40 data types that you can track, and this way, catching your cheating spouse will be effortless.

Spylix offers many benefits:

1. It provides the most features

Regarding the features offered, no text reader app has so many features for iOS and Android devices as Spylix.

2. Spylix is easy to use

To use Spylix to catch your cheating spouse, only three steps are needed regardless of whether your spouse uses an iOS or Android device. You will effortlessly start monitoring them.

3. Spylix works secretly

Monitoring and reading your spouse's texts will be done remotely if they are using an iOS device. If they are using an Android, Spylix will hide its icon and let you secretly catch your cheating spouse.

4. No rooting or jailbreak

To read your spouse's texts, you won't need to root or jailbreak their phone to spy on them. Spylix works regardless.

5. Spylix is secure

Your data or that of your spouse will not be leaked out as you monitor them. All this will be done securely and safely.

Simple Steps to catch your cheating spouse:

Step 1: Register with Spylix

Click the Try now button below, then enter your email ID to register for a free Spylix account.

Spylix Register

Step 2: Set up Spylix

Follow the step-by-step guide to set up Spylix.

Spylix Guidance

Step 3: Start Monitoring your spouse

Once you've successfully set up Spylix, log in to your account and start monitoring your spouse's activities to catch them cheating from the dashboard.

Spylix Android Social Networks

Spylix User Reviews

"I choose it to monitor my wife. I've tried many apps, but most of them are not compatible with my phone. Fortunately, Spylix goes well on my phone. Its customer support is also great".

"The app always works smoothly. The whole experience with this service and support is reliable and great".

"Spylix exceeded my expectations. It enabled me to see everything on other's phone.With all these outstanding features and advantages, we will say Spylix is indeed the best choice for you to catch a cheating spouse".

2.2 Cocospy - Cheating spouse text reader

Cocospy is a text reader app that allows you to monitor the received and sent messages from your spouse's phone.

Cocospy Web Page

Cocospy also allows accessing browser history, and it's easy to work with. However, in most countries, the app has restrictions which is a blow to many potential users. Alternatively, you can use globally-accepted spy apps like Spylix.

Cocospy vs. Spylix, Which is Better?

  • Cocospy has limited features compared to Spylix. For instance, Spylix supports keylogger in iOS and Android, but for CocoSpy, keylogger only works for Android devices.
  • Unlike Cocospy, Spylix monitors over 19 social apps.
  • Spylix has no restriction in any country, implying that you can use it wherever you are, but for Cocospy, it's restricted in most countries.

If you are looking for a free cheating spouse text reader, then Spylix is the tool you are looking for.

2.3 SpyBubble – Catch your Cheating Spouse

SpyBubble is a nice free cheating spouse text reader app that allows you to monitor your spouse with just basic spying features.


SpyBubble has limited features, but other features can be unlocked by rooting or jailbreaking your spouse's phone. It can easily be detected as a text reader app as it has no way to hide its icon on the target device.

SpyBubble vs. Spylix, Which is Better?

  • SpyBubble offers basic spying features, while Spylix provides more features.
  • Rooting or jailbreak of your spouse's phone is required for advanced SpyBubble's features but, Spylix offers all its features with no jailbreak or rooting needed.
  • Spylix works in stealth mode while SpyBubble can easily be detected, and your spouse can catch you.

2.4 FamiSafe — Read Your Spouse's texts

FamiSafe is a text reader app designed to be used mainly by parents in monitoring their kids. You can still use the app to catch your cheating spouse by reading their text messages.


However, most of the features offered by FamiSafe mainly work in monitoring kids, and it may not be the most desirable free cheating spouse text reader app to use.

FamiSafe vs. Spylix, which is better?

  • Spylix offers more features to help catch your cheating spouse than FamiSafe, which is designed to monitor children's activities mainly.
  • FamiSafe has no support for computers, but Spylix is compatible with most devices, including computers.

2.5 FlexiSpy — Read Cheating Spouse's Text Freely

FlexiSpy is a text reader that can monitor your spouse's phone activities, such as phone calls, messages, social apps, and keyloggers.

Flexispy Web Page

However, not all of its features work on all Android devices, plus it has no support for iOS devices. So, unless you are an Android user, then this text reader does not apply to you.

FlexiSpy vs. Spylix, which is better?

  • Spylix offers more features compared to FlexiSpy.
  • Spylix supports both iOS and Android. FlexiSpy only works for Android.
  • FlexiSpy is very costly, making it unaffordable, but Spylix is cost-friendly.

Part 3: Final Thoughts

Being cheated by your spouse is heartbreaking. But what's more painful is when you have no way to prove that they are cheating on you. This post presented various ways you can catch your cheating spouse using free cheating spouse text reader apps.

Among the presented text reader apps, one stands out, Spylix. With Spylix, you will have an easy time knowing the truth about your spouse. Try Spylix today to easily and instantly catch your cheating spouse.

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