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[Can’t Miss] What Does Cheating Say about A Person?

Even the happiest of relationships can get torn and ripped apart when cheating or infidelity comes into play.

Who wants to get cheated on?

Such a sort of commitment takes an investment of mind, body, and soul! The saddest part is that almost every individual in a relationship knows the effort it takes to make the whole thing work.

So, what does cheating say about a person? Are they bad people?

Find out everything related to this topic here!

What does cheating say about a person

Part 1: What Is Cheating in A Relationship?

An exclusive and intimate relationship signifies that two individuals have decided to share significant aspects of their lives together.

From managing finances to choosing the color of the bedroom walls, it’s a commitment that can shape many aspects of their lives.

Another key element of a well-functioning relationship is that partners commit to reserving certain intimate behaviors solely for each other unless they mutually agree to different terms.

With this pledge, a relationship can not stand, and for this reason, an act of infidelity can damage the whole foundation.

But what is cheating in a relationship, actually?

Well, it is a spiteful of not being faithful to the partner or spouse.

Normally, the person who cheats enters into a sexual affair with another individual who has no part in the relationship from the start.

It is considered breaking the commitment of exclusivity and the promise to be loyal to one another.

Part 2: What Does Cheating Say about A Person?

Follow this section as we will explore what cheating says about a person!

We’ll also discuss the psychology behind cheating and lying.

Afraid of Commitment

People who cheat often just don’t want to be tied down. Even if they say they’re committed to you, they might fear settling down or losing interest quickly.

Sometimes, they get bored and then don’t want to commit anymore. But remember, that’s on them, not you. If your relationship has been through a tough time, that’s still not a good reason for them to cheat.

Insecurity and Inferiority Complex

When you’ve been cheated on, you can feel terrible about yourself. You might think you’re not fun or attractive enough, and that’s why they cheated.

But don’t let yourself think that way. Even if the cheater tries to blame you, like saying you don’t dress up enough, remember that’s just an excuse.

The cheater is actually the one who lacks confidence. They’re looking for validation and attention from others, not just you. No matter how much you give, they want more from different people.


Knowing the basics of a relationship, like not cheating, isn’t rocket science. But impulsive people might not consider these simple rules. Cheaters often make rash decisions, immediately going after what they want without considering the consequences.

Watch out if they act without thinking about other parts of the relationship. They might not think twice about texting someone else, meeting up, or even more.


Some people are chronic liars and cheat and lie about it even when caught. Others might just love the excitement of cheating and the risk of getting caught. Either way, they’ll probably lie about it if they can.


Mature relationships need, well, maturity. If your partner can’t handle the responsibility and commitment of a relationship, cheating might be in the cards.

Cheating can feel like an easy out from the tough parts of a relationship to someone who’s not emotionally mature.

They might even enjoy the thrill of sneaking around. And they probably won’t take responsibility when caught, making things even harder.

Part 3: Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Cheating

These FAQs will further explore the mind of a cheating person and why they enter into an affair despite knowing how much it will hurt the partner.

3.1 Does cheating show a lack of respect?

Yes, a relationship is a commitment to respect each other’s needs and be exclusive, leaving no room to get into romantic bonds with any third person.

Despite knowing that if a person still cheats, they clearly show a lack of respect.

3.2 Do cheaters feel guilty?

It usually depends on the person who cheats. Not all cheaters feel guilty, and not everyone gets all giddy about being unfaithful to their partner or spouse.

3.3 Does a cheater regret hurt you?

Again, it entirely depends on the individual who cheated!

If your partner is still in love with you, they’ll definitely regret their affair and the pain it caused you in the process!

3.4 Are you a bad person if you cheat?

Though cheating is a hurtful act and is often considered evil, calling someone flawed for doing it is a bit oversimplified.

This reveals the person’s poor decision-making and weakness. Usually, through conversation, you can discern whether their overall character is good or bad.

3.5 Is it possible for someone to love you and still cheat on you?

As discussed, a person might cheat during a moment of weakness and poor decision-making, which generally doesn’t rule out that they no longer love their partner.

3.6 Is cheating a toxic behavior?

If cheating persists, then it is definitely considered toxic.

3.7 Do cheaters have a certain personality?

Persistent cheaters have personality traits such as narcissism, impulsivity, and a lack of empathy and thoroughness in common.

3.8 Why is cheating in love wrong?

When you are in love, you can not imagine hurting your partner.

So, an affair can cause a world of hurt to the person being cheated on! For this reason, this act is wrong when in love.

Part 4: What are The Big 5 Personality of Cheaters?

Ever wondered what kind of personality all cheaters possess?

We have highlighted the top 5 traits here!

1. Insecure

Cheaters are typically insecure about their personalities. They are continually on the lookout for approval, and even after being in a loving relationship, they will try to find validation elsewhere.

2. Selfish

Cheaters do not care about anyone else other than themselves. Even after getting caught, they won’t even show remorse.

3. Impulsive

Cheaters just can not help themselves. They are impulsive, and despite knowing how much their action would hurt their partners, they will still seek ways to engage in romantic affairs with someone else.

4. No Self-Respect

Cheating is considered immoral, and the person who does that gets ridiculed by society. Yet, they have an affair, implying they have no self-worth.

5. Liars

Cheating is simply lying to the partner that they are committed to the relationship and love them while having an affair behind their backs.

You can also notice the signs of lying and deception in their day-to-day activities.

Part 5: What Motivates Someone to Cheat?

People get into a relationship when they are in love and can not imagine a life without each other. So, the biggest reason behind having an affair is that the person has fallen out of love with their partner and spouse, leading them to seek extradyadic elsewhere.

Another reason is they get bored with their partner. As a reaction to their boredom, they look for variety in the form of other people. Some cheaters have an affair because they are just addicted to sex and can not get enough satisfaction from their partner.

Lack of intimacy and the feeling of neglect can also push the person down the pit of infidelity. Though the person being cheated on shouldn’t get the blame for this, most cheaters (almost 70%) indicated this reason causing them to seek intimacy elsewhere.

Part 6: What Type of Cheating is Worse?

What type of cheating is worse

Being in a relationship inevitably involves a constant ebb and flow of ups and downs. Navigating these circumstances together is key to making the relationship work.

However, if one person doesn’t get past the slightly negative aspects of being in a relationship, and cheats on their partner simply based on hate and anger for them, then it should be considered the worst type of cheating (even though every kind of cheating is terrible).

Part 7: How to Spot A Cheating Spouse?

Confronting cheating without any proof despite you knowing the truth is never a good idea! This act can fail. They might turn the tables and accuse you of being unfaithful.

So, we suggest being careful and smart about handling such a situation. Be calm and composed, and employ stealthy techniques to gather proof of their infidelity before hitting them with it.

Wondering how to quietly do such a thing? Well, we recommend installing the Spylix spy app on their phone!

It doesn’t matter whether they have an Android device or iPhone; this app silently works on all phones and displays real-time data on their activities on its user-friendly control panel.

Installing the Android app on the target device will tell you if your spouse/partner is a cheater within a few minutes. For iOS spying, you do not even have to install any software.

Key Features of Spylix Phone Spying App

Spylix helps you track the user’s location in real-time. You can even check their history and find out where they had been to learn if they lied about their whereabouts.

Moreover, you can check your spouse’s texts with the sender/receiver’s name and number and display pictures with timestamps.

The app also lets you look into the target user’s call records, social media messages, photos, and videos.

How to Spot A Cheating Spouse?

Just follow the steps below and learn how to quickly enable the Spylix tracker on your spouse’s phone!

Spot The Cheating Spouse’s iPhone

Step 1: Make The Spylix Account

Open the Spylix website, and click the Sign Up Free button before sharing your email address to make a new profile without cost.

Make your free account

Step 2: Enter The Spouse’s iCloud Information

Share your spouse’s Apple ID and password (iCloud login data) to verify their device and access the backup files.

Enter the spouse’s iCloud information

Step 3: Spy on The Spouse’s iPhone

Access the online control panel and choose any feature to verify whether your spouse is a cheater.

Monitor the spouse’s iPhone

Spot The Cheating Spouse’s Android Device

Step 1: Make Your New Account

Visit the Spylix website and set up a new account using a valid email address.

Set up the Spylix account

Step 2: Enable Spylix App

Follow the details on your account to learn how to install the Spylix app on the target device.

Install the spylix-app

Step 3: Spy on Your Spouse’s Android Phone to Check If He Is Cheating

Access the dashboard and select any feature to monitor your spouse’s activities.

Monitor the cheating husband’s Android device

What Else Can Spylix Do?

These features make spying on a cheating spouse effortless:

  • Keylogger
  • Screen Recorder
  • Browser History and Installed Apps Tracker
  • Websites and Apps Blocker


We hope that you now know what does cheating say about a person and the type of toxic traits they possess.

It is an incredibly hurtful thing one can do to their partner!

If you are suspicious of your spouse or partner and want to know what they have been up to, try Spylix to find out the truth.

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