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How to Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating

Evelyn Skye
Evelyn Skye May 08, 2022

Frequent conflicts are part and parcel of most relationships. However, nothing feels as unpleasant as discovering that your partner has been cheating on you up till the present.

It's a big blow, especially because you find that someone you love with all your heart is lying to you. Are you feeling suspicious about your partner doing something that's not right?

They might keep saying that they are honest. But you still cannot shake off the uncertainty you feel.

Did you know that some guaranteed signs of cheating can help you figure out what your partner is up to? Read on to know more about them.

Tell Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating or Not

5 Guaranteed Signs of Cheating

Women who aren't sure of their spouse's loyalty search for, ''How to tell if your partner is lying about cheating?'' on the web.

However, they often get overloaded with much information, most of which doesn't make sense to them. But finding whether your husband or boyfriend is cheating doesn't have to be so hard.

Here are the five definite signs your partner is cheating. If you observe them repeatedly in your partner, it's time to straighten things out.

1. They cannot maintain eye contact

Do you feel that your partner looks everywhere except at you when you bring up the topic of cheating? If so, it's a red flag.

Those who avoid eye contact do so because they are afraid that the other person may see the truth they've been hiding from their eyes. They'll never look at you despite you asking them to.

2. They become defensive

Turning defensive is one of the significant signs that tell if someone is lying about cheating. You will see that your partner avoids confrontation and then becomes defensive when you try to discuss your suspicion.

They become offensive even when you strike up a simple conversation with them. Sometimes they will even start accusing you of lying about different things.

3. They are suddenly busier than ever

An abrupt schedule change indicates a cheating partner. Do you find them arriving home late from office days in a row?

Have they stopped answering your calls when they are outside? It can also be that they avoid taking any calls when you are in front of them.

Do not ever ignore all these signs of deception in a relationship. If you overlook them today, you'll face the consequences later.

4. They speak in a very different way

You must be quite aware of how your partner speaks, their voice, pitch, and the speed at which they converse. But suppose you observe your partner suddenly talking in a different tone, slower or faster than they usually do. In that case, it's a sign you shouldn't ignore.

A cheating partner is also aware of what they are doing. So to cover it, they try to distract the other person's attention. You can see them coughing or clearing their throat for the same.

5. They hesitate in answering your questions.

Hesitation is common among everyone. However, if your partner exhibits all the signs above and also hesitates when you ask any question, it's another clear indicator of them being unfaithful.

It's because liars hesitate and think about how satisfactorily they can reply to you before answering. You can tell if someone is cheating by the amount of hesitancy they show in answering your question.

How to Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating?

Think about your partner is cheating or Not

The doubts usually begin with the intuitions about your partner being involved with another person. To save yourself from experiencing anguish later, it's natural to want to know if your partner is faithful. So, how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating and lying about it? The first is paying attention to the signs explained in the previous section.

Once you confirm all the signs of dishonesty in a relationship, you can direct your efforts to get to the root of the truth. One of the ways to catch your cheating partner is to hire private investigators or detectives. These people are trained in collecting data and surveillance. So, they can confirm the infidelity of your partner.

It's a fact that cheaters lie, and sometimes, hiring a private detective cannot exactly be how you imagine it. But you don't have to keep up with a cheating partner anymore.

You can use a third-party spying app, like Spylix, that allows you to know everything your boyfriend is currently doing online on his phone. It's an advanced remote spying app that will reveal to you the identity of every person with whom he converses, the texts he exchanges, and his location at a particular time.

How to Catch The Lying Partners?

If you are tired of repeatedly searching 'how to know if someone is cheating on you,' it's time to leverage advanced technology, like remote monitoring. Its perfect example is Spylix, which allows you to remotely view your partner's GPS, SMS, calls, social apps, and WhatsApp messages.

This app will make the process of finding whether your partner is still loyal to you or not a lot easier. It is entirely compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

You only need to install the app on your partner's device to know if they are lying about cheating. The app makes it possible for you to spy on your partner's phone without as much as touching it!

What's more, it's fully secure and reliable and does not clash with the target device's functioning in any way.

The app's user-friendly setup will enable you to begin using it within five minutes of installation. Thus, within just a few days of installing the app, you can easily tell if someone is cheating on you.

Here is an easy three-step process of installing and starting using the app.

Step 1: Enter your credentials (email address and password) to sign up and create an account for free.

Create a Spylix Account to Catch The Lying Partners

Step 2: Download and install the Spylix app on your partner's Android or iOS phone.

Set up Spylix for Android to Catch The Lying Partners

Step 3: Sign in to your account. Now you can begin monitoring to know if your partner is lying after infidelity.

Spylix is not an average spying app. There is so much that this app offers you. With it, you can find if the cheating guilt signs that your partner displayed have some meaning or not.

Spylix allows you to

  1. Get real-time updates about your partner's phone - The app takes data in real-time and provides it without a third party. When the data is gathered, it's shown on a dashboard that's only accessible by you.
  2. Discover accurate data - Spylix gives highly accurate data that it gathers from your partner's phone. The accuracy of the information supplied by the app allows you to confront your partner with concrete evidence.
  3. There is no need for jailbreaking - Jailbreaking an iOs and Android phone can turn quite intrusive. However, you can easily monitor your partner's activity with Spylix without jailbreaking or rooting their device.

Thus, Spylix is the right answer to the common question on your mind, ''How do you know if someone is cheating on you''? Tracking every single one of his activities on his phone, like messages, calls, social media, and his location, helps you to know whether your doubts are right or not.

How to Do If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating?

When you talk to him, your partner isn't looking you in the eye. You are fully sure of the signs he is lying when confronted. It might feel a bit hard to realize that the one you loved so much is actually a cheater.

Tell Your Partner Is Lying or Not

But how do you deal with it? Is there a way to move on despite the confusion you might feel? Yes, there certainly is. Here are some things you can do to move on and feel better.

  • Forgive yourself. It can feel devastating to you but remember to not feel guilty about it. It's not your fault that you trusted a cheater.
  • Do not give them the benefit of the doubt. You shouldn't start believing that your partner will be truthful to you after exposing their lies.
  • Learn the basics of detecting deception. It will help if you familiarize yourself with signs someone is cheating by learning about these people's facial expressions, behaviors, and phrases.
  • Do not feel fearful of checking things out. There's no need to feel shy or fearful about verifying the evidence of cheating. You can confidently ask about their bank account statements and other similar things without thinking that you are hurting them.

Find And Confirm All The Guaranteed Signs Of Cheating That Your Partner Shows

There are many lies cheaters tell to prevent the other person from knowing the truth. But no relationship can survive on a bed of lies.

If you are unsure of your partner's loyalty towards you, it's time to test it out. For this purpose, you can use an advanced spying app, like Spylix.

The remote monitoring tool will help you discover all that your boyfriend does on his phone, whom he talks to, chats to, and goes to meet.

Thus, you can gather the evidence you need and decide whether you want to continue or put an end to your relationship.

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