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Why Do Cheating Husbands Stay Married? Find The Reasons Now

Ever wondered, "why do cheating husbands stay married"?

You're not alone in seeking answers to why someone would stay married after being unfaithful.

Each situation is different, but various factors can influence a man's choice to remain married even after cheating.

So, read this post, and learn the vital details.

Why do cheating husbands stay married

Q 1: How Common Is It for Married Men to Cheat?

Though cheating in a relationship is pretty common among both men and women, research indicates that 20% of married men eventually commit infidelity.

This is an alarming stat. However, it is important to understand that every relationship is unique and there may be several factors contributing to such actions.

Q 2: Why Do Cheating Husbands Stay Married?

This is a tough question to answer!

However, some common motives include the fear of loneliness, viewing the affair as a one-time mistake, or receiving disinterest from the other woman.

Moreover, they might feel guilty, be concerned about the financial consequences of divorce, or hope to convince themselves and others that they'll change or never get caught. In some instances, cheating husbands could be narcissists, while in others, they may genuinely want to resolve their marital issues.

Q 3: Can A Marriage Survive A Cheating Husband?

Right type of support, effort, and the willingness to commit is required for a marriage to survive a cheating husband.

The only way out is through proper discussing, understanding, and also seeking therapy.

Part 1: 10 Signs Cheating Husband Wants to Reconcile

Signs your husband wants to reconcile

If your husband has been unfaithful, you may be wondering if he wants to reconcile and work on the relationship.

Here are ten signs to look out for that may indicate that he is open to reconciling:

  1. He is transparent and honest. A cheating husband looking for reconciliation will be open and honest about what happened and his actions to make things right.
  2. He is patient and understanding. He would want to reconcile, be patient and understanding, knowing that healing takes time.
  3. He is willing to go to therapy. He will be willing to go to couples therapy or seek individual counseling to work through the issues that led to the infidelity.
  4. He is attentive and supportive. A husband who wants to reconcile will be attentive and supportive, showing his commitment to making things right.
  5. He is willing to be vulnerable. He will be willing to be vulnerable and open up about his feelings, showing that he is willing to put in the work to save the relationship.
  6. He wishes to take responsibility for his actions. The husband will be willing to take responsibility for his infidelity and try to repair the damage done.
  7. He is willing to answer questions. He will answer any questions you have and provide reassurance when needed.
  8. He is committed to rebuilding trust. A husband who wants to reconcile will be committed to rebuilding trust and restoring the relationship.
  9. He is willing to do whatever it takes. He will reconcile by doing whatever it takes to make things right and save the relationship, whether that means going to therapy, being more attentive, or making other changes.
  10. He is making changes. He would try to change his behavior and work on the issues that led to the infidelity.

Part 2: How to Confirm Whether Your Husband Is Still Cheating on You?

Simply having a hunch that your husband has been committing infidelity isn’t enough.

A complete proof of cheating is needed for confirmation before you have the final talk with him.

It can easily backfire if you fail to collect solid proof and confront him unprepared.

So, what is the best way to detect evidence of infidelity without your husband knowing?

The answer is Spylix!

This tracking app works undetected on the target phone, offering details on the activities on the remote control panel (accessible on any computer or phone).

What’s more! It is extremely easy to use, so do not worry if you have no technical background.

Key Features of Spylix Cheaters Spy App

With Spylix, you can readily track your husband’s

  • SMS chat history (sent and received messages), including the sender’s or receiver’s details and the time when texts were exchanged.
  • Chats on his social accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, and more.
  • Browsing history and bookmarks.

How to Confirm Whether Your Husband Is Still Cheating?

Spylix helps catch husbands who cheat on their wives instantly.

Here is how:

Confirm Cheating on Husband’s iPhone

Step 1: Sign Up With Spylix

Open the website via any browser! Click Sign Up Free and enter your email account to make a new account.

Create account on Spylix

Step 2: Share Info About the iCloud Account

Provide your husband’s iCloud ID and password to verify his device and keep track of the backup data.

Provide his iCloud account

Step 3: Monitor the Cheating Husband

From your web browser, open the control panel to run the control panel. Now, open the text, location, or any other relevant feature to track his cheating.

Spy on your husband

Confirm Cheating on Husband’s Android Device

Step 1: Make a New/Free Spylix Account

To begin, navigate to Spylix’s website before clicking on Sign Up Free and entering your email address for account creation.

Sign up

Step 2: Install the App

Follow the guidelines onscreen to quickly download and install the Spylix app on your husband’s phone or tablet.

Install the Spylix Android app

Step 3: Track the Cheating Partner

Visit the dashboard to manage all the handy features offered by Spylix to record any act of infidelity.

Monitor the husband

What Else Can Spylix Do?

Besides the features mentioned earlier to catch married man cheating, Spylix lets you

  • Block apps and websites remotely
  • View all the installed apps, especially dating applications
  • Track keystrokes on the Android and iOS device
  • Record the screen activities

Why Choose Spylix as The Best Cheaters Spy App?

Consider Spylix as the top choice for catching a cheating husband. Here’s why:

  • No need to root or jailbreak the device.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick results
  • Undetectable tracking
  • Affordable price

Part 3: How Do You Treat A Cheating Husband?

Dealing with a cheating husband is a difficult task that can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to accept your feelings but avoid seeking revenge.

Taking care of yourself, avoiding the blame game, and keeping your kids out of it are crucial steps to dealing with a cheating spouse.

We understand that coping with infidelity can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Make sure to take time for self-care, whether it’s getting a massage, practicing yoga, taking a relaxing bath, or simply taking a few minutes to meditate each day

Seeking counseling from a neutral couple’s counselor can also help you gain insight and communicate better with your partner.

Finally, getting practical and preparing for what is ahead is essential. Remember, it’s best to take it one day at a time and work through the aftermath to determine how to move forward, either together or apart.


There isn’t one reason why do cheating husbands stay married!

Remorse, guilt, and love for their wife can be contributing factors. Ultimately, the decision to remain in the relationship should be made by the person who has endured the pain of infidelity.

However, if the husband isn’t forthcoming and you are suspicious of his unfaithful behavior, the Spylix app can provide the necessary assistance to find evidence, making it possible to have a fruitful confrontation.

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