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How to Hack Facebook in 2024 [6 Ways & Complete Guide]

Facebook is the commonest social app in the world. If you want to know how to hack Facebook, then continue reading the article since it has covered six solutions while answering the question. Spylix is the best of the six because it does not require jailbreaking and is highly secure.

Hack Facebook

Part 1: How to Hack Facebook with Phone Spy App (No Download & No Surveys)

1.1 Spylix

Spylix is a tool used while hacking Facebook without requiring downloads and surveys. It is cross-platform and easy to use since it requires you to follow three practical steps. Thanks to its wide range of features, it is the best Facebook hacking tool in the market. It uploads Facebook data into the Spylix dashboard secretly without the Facebook account owner realizing and you can access the data from the dashboard.

Use Spylix to Hack Facebook with Phone Spy App

1.2 Spylix Features

  1. It Monitors Facebook Messages
  2. Spylix accesses all messages in the Facebook account that you are spying on and avails them on its online dashboard for you to see. The messages contain timestamps, the real message, and the parties involved in communication.

    Spylix Monitors Facebook Messages

  3. Monitors Facebook Media Files
  4. While hacking a Facebook account, Spylix checks on media files such as videos and pictures posted or shared with other people via messenger.

  5. Views All Facebook Activities
  6. After you have set up Spylix correctly, you will automatically view all activities being carried out in the target device. You will see the friends of the target account, posts, likes, comments, settings, and Facebook groups they are in.

  7. Monitors All Social Media Messages
  8. Spylix, the most efficient and the best hacking tool, check messages on WhatsApp, KiKInstagram, Viber, Snapchat and other social apps.

    Spylix Monitors All Social Media Messages

  9. Great Keylogger
  10. Spylix monitors all keystrokes the person using the target account enters. You can therefore see all the passwords they enter from this fantastic feature.

  11. High Data Security
  12. This tool ensures a high level of security by ensuring that any other third party does not monitor the Facebook data you are accessing. This feature boosts your confidence while using this tool since you do not need to panic about your privacy.

  13. Operates in Hidden Mode
  14. Spylix monitors all Facebook activities in a hidden mode such that you can remain anonymous throughout the entire hacking process. It does not display its icon in the target device; therefore, the owner of the Facebook account you are spying on cannot even suspect it.

  15. It Works Without Needing Jailbreaking
  16. This hacking tool works without needing jailbreaking or rooting a device. Thus the security of the device remains intact.

1.3 How to Hack a Facebook Account

Follow the steps below to hack a Facebook Account with Spylix:

Step 1: Register an Account with Spylix

After opening your preferred web browser, search for the Spylix website. You will see a button bearing the name "Sign Up Free" and tap on it. Provide an email address that you can access and click on "TRY NOW." Select a subscription plan.

Register for Spylix Account to Hack Facebook

Step 2: Set-Up

Upon successful account creation, Spylix sends you detailed steps to follow while setting up your device in the form of an email. Follow the guide to the last step.

Follow the Guidances to Set up Spylix

Step 3: Hack Facebook Account

When the setup process is complete, the target Facebook account data appears in your dashboard, and you can view the data there. The Facebook data include posts, videos, images, messages, and comments.

Hack Facebook Account with Spylix

1.4 Advantages of Facebook Spy Apps

  • It is 100% Undetectable
  • The best Facebook hacking tool cannot be detected since it works in stealth mode. At any given time, Spylix notifications are not displayed. Therefore, you do not need to think about hiding your identity because the tool got you covered.

  • User-friendly
  • This tool contains a user interface that is easy to interact with. This incredible feature removes the need for a person to have computing skills to use Spylix. While hacking into a Facebook account, a simple guide containing three steps is available for you.

  • Provides Other 40+ Features
  • On top of being the best Facebook hacking tool, Spylix provides other 40+ features such as location tracking, monitoring SMS, viewing social apps messages, and keylogger. This tool provides the highest number of features compared to other hacking tools.

  • Stability
  • Spylix monitors all the activities in the target Facebook Account continuously without interruptions. Whenever there are internet connection issues, the data is stored in the device such that when the connection resumes, the data is uploaded to the dashboard right away. Therefore, you do not need to worry about missing some information while hacking with Spylix.

Part 2: How to Hack Facebook Account Using Keylogger

Keylogger is a tool that records keystrokes entered by the Facebook account user you are targeting. It records all the user's inputs and sends the data to you. With this tool, you can get to know login credentials such as the username and password of the target account.

However, you need to install the tool on the target device.

Hack Facebook Messages Using Keylogger

For Keyloggers to work effectively:

  • Search for software for keylogging that works according to your needs.
  • Install the keylogging software on the target device. Remember to activate the software before using it.
  • After activating the software, log in to the software's control panel to see credentials that have been collected from the target device. After getting the username and password of the Facebook account you want to hack, log in to it and monitor it.

Pros: Like

  • This method is free of charge since no subscription plans are required.
  • It is easy to use.

Cons: Dislike

  • Most free tools harm the target device together with yours.

Part 3: Hack Facebook Account Manually

While hacking into a Facebook account manually, you do not need to download any third-party app on the target device. This minimizes the risk of installing viruses in the target device. The method is legitimate and straightforward.

While hacking into a Facebook Account:

  • Acquire the email address used while creating the target account.
  • On the target device, launch Facebook and tap on the option for Forgot password. Follow the steps that pop up next.
  • A request to send a password reset link will be sent to you by Facebook. Since you do not have access to the email used while signing up, click "No longer have access to these?"
  • Hack Facebook Account Manually

  • You will be prompted to enter another email account. Make sure you provide an email that is not linked to the Facebook account you are trying to monitor.
  • Facebook will ask you some recovery questions to ensure that you are the legitimate owner of the Facebook account that you are resetting its password. This step will be more straightforward if you know the user well.
  • In case you get the recovery questions wrong, you can use other people to help you reset the password. While using friends, you will be expected to create three Facebooks accounts that are fake, bearing their names. The step above will be evaded since Facebook will contact those third-party friends to answer the recovery questions, not you.
  • When the steps above are successful, a password reset link will be sent to the email you provided. After resetting the password, use your preferred password to log into the Facebook account and spy on it.

Pros: Like

  • It does not involve installing a third-party application which minimizes the risk of downloading and installing viruses.

Cons: Dislike

  • You need to have an email account used while creating the account.

Part 4: How to Hack Into Someone's Facebook Account with Password Cracking Techniques

While cracking someone's Facebook password, you can use the following methods:

  • Guessing
  • This is a technique where one tries to enter a word as a password. The passwords are based on names of pets, family, or hobbies. When the correct password is entered, you can access the

    Facebook account.

  • Dictionary Attack
  • This technique involves an automatic process of entering words and phrases that are commonly used as passwords. Most dictionaries consist of credentials gained in previous hacking attacks. This method takes advantage of the fact that most people tend to use memorable words as passwords.

  • Social Engineering
  • It involves tricking the target Facebook account owner into believing that you are a legitimate agent. You can pretend to provide customer support and then request for a password. If they fall into your trick, use the password gained to access the Facebook account. 

  • Phishing
  • It involves tricking a user into clicking a link or downloading an attached file, and instead of being provided with a resource that can help them, a malicious file is installed in the target device. These files can hack into Facebook accounts, enabling you to access their data.

    Crack Someone's Facebook Password by Phishing

  • Shoulder Surfing
  • Here, one stays close to the person using the Facebook account you want to hack and then observe their passwords as they enter. After seeing the password and username, you can now login into their account and observe their data.

Part 5: Facebook Hacks with Local Hackers

In this technique, you can apply to become a hacker on websites, and then you request the login credentials of the Facebook account you want to hack. However, this method is risky because its security is not as high as that of spy apps; hence you can easily get caught. 

Facebook Hacker

Part 6: How to Hack Facebook Account Via Cookies

Cookies are used to store people's information on their storage location and access it later. They store sensitive data associated with that device, such as their browsing history. Therefore, you can hack and use them if you are using the same Wi-Fi as the target device.

Hack Facebook Using Cookies Hijacking

You can also clone the cookies and then fool Facebook that the web browser is legit and already legit. In return, Facebook will allow you to log in to the account and access data. This method works without any suspicion, and it is therefore difficult for you to be noticed.

Pros: Like

  • It isn't easy to be noticed because Facebook is fooled to believe that it is the legitimate browser requesting to log in.
  • It does not involve the installation of third-party applications.

Cons: Dislike

  • Cookies of another device cannot be accessed if you are using the same internet connection as the target device.
  • It requires one to have technical skills since cloning cookies of another device is not easy.

Part 7: Things You Should Do If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

If you notice that someone else has logged in to your account for Facebook, carry out the following things:

  • Change Password
  • If the person who got into your Facebook account has not changed the password, please do so immediately. When the password is updated successfully, you can log out. If the hacker has already changed your Facebook password, you can reset it and choose a new one.

    Change Password If Your Facebook Was Hacked

  • Report to Facebook That Your Account Has Been Hacked
  • When your account has been hacked, and you have lost access to it, you should report the incident to Facebook, and the company will help you regain access to the account.

    Report Compromised Account to Facebook

  • Uninstall Suspicious Apps
  • When you notice that your account has been hacked and there are applications that you suspect are not legitimate, delete them quickly before they cause significant harm.

  • Control Damage
  • After you have gotten back your account, inform your friends what happened and tell them to ignore any messages if the attacker sent them.

Part 8: How to Protect Your Facebook Account

First, ensure that you do not install any apps that you suspect that may be harmful to protect your account. This reduces the threat of hackers using third-party apps to access your account. Also, keep learning other tactics hackers use.


If you did not know how to hack Facebook, the article has outlined how you can do that. I highly recommend Spylix for this task because it contains 40+ features, tracks many social apps, and works in stealth mode. Try this tool; it is worth your time.

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