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WiFi Hack: How to Hack WiFi Password Like a Pro

The present world always demands wireless networking to facilitate the users in different ways. WiFi is the most popular method of networking among users.

The extensive use of WiFi has introduced different methods of WiFi hacking. People are always in search of different ways through which they can learn how to hack WiFi passwords like a pro.

You can find a lot of ways through which you can accomplish the process of WiFi hack. It is always encouraging to select the most authentic process so that confidential information is not damaged.

Hack WiFi Password Like a Pro

Part 1: Can Someone Hack into My Phone through WiFi?

Most people are very much dependent on WiFi and they think that it is the most secure way of using the internet.

If you came to know that any person can hack your mobile phone and get all the data with the help of WiFi hacking then it must be an astonishing thing.

There are a variety of ways present on the internet that provide you a helping hand in WiFi hacking and entering into the device of the target person.

You can use a third-party tool or select your desired spyware to get into the target device with the help of a WiFi hack.

Let's just look at some of the most popular ways of hacking mobile phones through WiFi.

Hack into My Phone through WiFi

Part 2: What Can You Get from WiFi Hack?

WiFi hacking: is an amazing way through which you can get access to various inaccessible places. The most explicit thing is that you get access to after WiFi hacking is explained here:

Access to Internet Connection: With the help of WiFi hacking you can easily get access to the internet connection of the target person. Now you can use the internet without giving any alert to the target person.

Social Monitoring: After WiFi hacking, if you get access to the IP address of that person then you can access his or her mobile. You can monitor all the social working of the person without restriction.

Calls and Messages Monitoring: Along with social monitoring you can also get access to the calls and messages detail of the target person. You can also get the usage timings of the person.

Access to Gallery and Settings: The WiFi hack also provides you an opportunity to get access to galleries and media. Along with this you can change the settings and monitor different passwords easily.

Get from WiFi Hack

Part 3: How to Hack WiFi Using the Best Spyware?

There is a lot of spyware that is providing you an opportunity to hack WiFi. If we just pick the most effective, simple, and popular spyware then it must be Spylix.

It is a marvelous tool that provides universal features to the users. You can enjoy call log monitoring along with the message monitoring features without any hindrance.

You can monitor all the activities of social media and can access the confidential settings of the device.

Use Spylix to Hack WiFi Using the Best Spyware

Customers are well satisfied by the working of Spylix as the official team gives quick responses at the time of need. The interface of Spylix is friendly hence the user experience is also enhanced.

It's time to reveal the show's topper and let you know about the procedure to use Spylix. The steps are explained here:

Step 1: Registration

Move to the official website to register for a free account.

Register an Account on Spylix

Step 2: Following Instructions

Follow the instructions for the setting of an account on Spylix.

Set up Spylix App

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Login to your account and start monitoring the target person through WiFi hacking.

Access Spylix Online Dashboard

Spylix is the most popular tool well recognized due to its simple interface. As you have seen, only three simple steps are needed to follow the WiFi hack and start monitoring the target device.

Spylix is the only tool that provides maximum features for its users. You can enjoy 40 different features on Android devices while 18 features are provided for iOS users.

There are a lot of features provided by the Spylix which are explained here:

Affordable: Spylix is a unique tool that provides a lot of features at the least price. This tool in a real sense is a budget-friendly source of WiFi hacking for the user.

GPS Tracking: With the help of Spylix you can hack WiFi and track the location of the target person. You can get to know about the live location and can work accordingly.

Geofencing: Spylix also provides an opportunity to restrict the area of the target person according to your choice and whenever the target person enters the restricted area Spylix informs you.

Real-time Update: Spylix provides an opportunity for its users that you can get real-time updates about their target person. Even a single click is updated on your screen without any delay.

Browser History: A user is allowed to look at the browser history after WiFi hacking of the target person. Not only the browser history you can get all the history of the target person, even the deleted ones.


It is one of the most popular cracking tools for WEP and WPA cracking. It uses different algorithms to get the password of the WiFi.

It contains different techniques to attack more quickly on WiFi security such as an FMS attack.

You can also get online tutorials to learn how to use this tool specifically on Linux. It has different adaptors and the work is guaranteed with live results.



It has a drawback in that you need to be professional to use this tool. Deep knowledge about Linux is needed to use it with comfort and ease. If you are not comfortable with Linux you cannot use this tool.


It is a python script specially designed for auditing the security of a wireless network. It gives you all the features of a hacking tool wirelessly.

It provides you an opportunity to eliminate all the memorizing and correctly use third-party tools by providing various features in one tool. You can get a complete rewrite of a WiFite tool which is known as WiFite2.

This tool is specifically designed for Linux users and works accordingly. You can get all the features of this tool on Linux without any restrictions.



A user needs to know about Linux's working and complexities before using this tool. It also has a restriction that you need to install optional tools along with it for the complete working.

Without optional tools, you cannot get an effective attack from this particular method.


It's a WiFi sniffer specially designed for Bluetooth, WiFi, SDR, and other protocols that work wirelessly. It collects different packets that are broadcasted along with their vicinity.

It analyzes different security restrictions and detects hidden WiFi networks. In 2020 officials have worked a lot to improve different features and enhance the performance of this tool in different fields.



It has a restriction that only works on Windows. If you are not a Windows user you cannot enjoy the different features provided by Kismet. The restriction makes it unpopular among people belonging to different devices.


It is designed to perform in the attacks specifically by exploiting associations of a firefight. You need to convince the target wireless user to connect to the access point of Rogue, which provides you with an amazing ability to attack WiFi.

Not only an attacking feature, but it also can intercept, and monitor all the wireless traffic of the target person. You can also get the opportunity of web phishing to attack the WiFi.

All the credentials are needed to be related to the WiFi network and third-party sites. It has an advanced feature through which you can write custom code to enhance the capabilities of this tool.



It has a restriction that the user must be connected with the access point of Rogue. If the user is quite far away and cannot be able to connect with the access point then hacking cannot be possible.


It is a tool for OS operating systems and Microsoft Windows. It works as a WiFi scanner for its corresponding devices without any hindrance.

It can provide different features according to the uses of the customers. You can get to know about the access point of the open WiFi and contract the strength of the signals including the GPS records and save logs.



It's a paid tool that provides all the amazing features of a paid membership. Amazing features require high prices rather simple functionalities are available for free.

Part 5: How to Hack WiFi Passwords You Have Never Signed In?

If you want to learn how to hack WiFi passwords you have never signed in then it is important to mention that it is not an easy process.

Hack WiFi Passwords You Have Never Signed In

You need to have complete information about WiFi network cracking to defeat the security of a wireless network.

It's a difficult process but everything is possible in this world. You need to follow the given procedure to know about WiFi cracking:

Step 1: A person needs to select a device for WiFi cracking. It is always encouraged to select a mobile device rather than a laptop or computer.

Step 2: You need to be closed with the WiFi router to work efficiently. If you are quite far from the router then hacking can be difficult.

Step 3: The last thing that you need to know is to get the password of the router. If you don't know the password then it is encouraged first to get access to the password and then start the cracking process.

For this procedure, you can take help from cracking software. Cain and Abel's method of cracking is explained below.

Part 6: How to Hack WiFi Password Using Cain and Abel Method?

Cain and Abel's method of WiFi tracking is specially designed to decode the WiFi password in the windows.

The decoding of the saved password is not difficult but you need to download the corresponding tool of Cain and Abel on your device.

Hack WiFi Password Using Cain and Abel Method

All the information related to the decoding of the password in the windows using the specific method is explained here.

Let's grab a cup of coffee and go through the process to hack a WiFi password like a pro.

Step 1: Download the Cain and Abel tool from the internet and install it on your device. After installation, open it up.

Step 2: Select a tab with said decoders and tap on the option of wireless passwords present in the menu.

Step 3: Click on the plus button in the above menu and different passwords would start appearing on your screen.

Step 4: The decoder will provide you with passwords, and their encryption type with SSID.

That's all you need to go through the process to hack WiFi within a few seconds.


The restriction of this tool is that it has securities and flaws with it as compared to its competitors.

Sometimes this process is not applicable due to the strong security of the networking and can be detectable by the target person.

Hack WiFi Now!

WiFi is considered the most reliable source of internet connection but it can be hacked along with your device.

A hacker can get access to your Internet connection and track all of your work without any restriction.

Some of the most popular ways of WiFi hacking are explained above along with their pros and cons.

You need to analyze the most suitable method and then start working with it.

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