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How to View Instagram Stories without Them Knowing

Any user instantly knows who is viewing their stories. This throws the privacy or anonymity element out of the window.

What if you wish to check out the stories undetected?

Well, there are six different ways to learn how to view Instagram stories without them knowing , and we’ll discuss them all in this guide.

So, read on!

How to view Instagram stories

Q: Can You View Someone’s Instagram Story without Them Knowing?

Instagram Stories are a great way to keep up with your friends and favorite celebrities.

But what if you don’t want the person to know you’ve viewed their story?

The good news is there are ways to view Insta stories without them knowing. This may come in handy if you’re trying to avoid someone or just want to be a little bit more discreet.

Follow to learn what those techniques are!

Full Reviews of The Following 6 Methods to View Someone’s Instagram Story without Them Knowing

Here’s a quick overview of all the six solutions we’ve listed in the next section of this article:

Method Ease of Use Risk Time-consuming Other Spying Options
Spylix Easy Low No Yes
Online Websites Easy High No No
Chrome Extension Easy Medium No No
Ghost Profile Medium High Yes No
Airplane Mode Easy High Yes No
Swipe Method Medium High Yes No

Spylix is the best choice to view Instagram stories undetected as no risk is involved, and all the monitoring activity can be done remotely. Also, the method is quick and easy compared to the other five.

Method 1: Depend on A Professional Third-Party App

Are you curious whether you can view an IG story without them knowing?

Look no further than Spylix.

Using this social tracking app, you’ll have access to a constantly updated web-based dashboard to track iOS and Android devices.

Key Features of Spylix Instagram Viewer

The Spylix Instagram spy is a powerful tool that offers a range of features for monitoring the activity of a target device on Instagram.

With this app, you can easily access and view chat messages with photos/videos, call logs, contact information, and the time of the conversations.

These features allow you to closely monitor your loved ones or employees, ensuring their safety and well-being.

How to View Instagram Stories without Them Knowing?

So, how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing with Spylix?

We have you covered. Just follow the steps below:

View Someone’s iPhone Instagram Stories

Step 1: Set Up Your Spylix Account

On the Spylix website, sign up for free by only entering your email address.

Create an account on Spylix

Step 2: Verify the iCloud Account

Share the target Instagram user’s iCloud credentials to verify their iOS device.

Enter iCloud account on Spylix

Step 3: Track the Instagram Stories

Open the web-based Spylix control panel, and tap on the Social Networks section. Finally, click on Instagram to view the required information without anyone knowing.

View the Instagram stories iPhone

View Someone’s Android Instagram Stories

Step 1: Create a Spylix account

Visit the Spylix official website, and click on Sign Up Free. Next, set up your new/free account using a valid email address.

Sign up for free on Spylix

Step 2: Install the Spylix Application

Apply each guideline on your Spylix account to set up the secret Android app on the target phone.

Install the Spylix Android app

Step 3: Start Tracking Instagram Stories

Open the Spylix control panel using any browser. Next, click the Social Networks tab and select Instagram to view the stories.

View the Instagram stories Android

What Else Can Spylix Do?

Other than covering Instagram stories for you privately, Spylix has plenty to offer. We have listed some handy features here:

  • Tracking the device’s real-time location
  • Setting up geofences across specific zones
  • Spying on other popular social apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.
  • Viewing the other user’s browsing history on their phone
  • Blocking apps and websites from the Android or iOS device remotely

Method 2: Try Some Online Websites

When it comes to viewing someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, there are a few third-party apps and websites that you can use.

You can visit storiesig.net and search for the user. You can view and download their current stories if their profile is public.

Use websites to view Instagram stories


It’s important to note that using these apps and websites comes with potential risks, as they violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Moreover, resorting to such platforms can cause privacy issues and can put your account at risk and should be used cautiously.

Moreover, the target account shouldn’t be Private.

Method 3: Install The Chrome Extension

If you want to view someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing, you can use a Chrome Extension such as Hiddengram.

Here’s how:

Install the extension.

Log in to your Instagram account and navigate to the profile of the user whose stories you want to view.

The extension will allow you to see their stories without triggering the “seen by” feature, so the user won’t know that you viewed them.

View Instagram stories using the Chrome extension


It’s important to note that using a Chrome extension to view someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing is not foolproof and may not always work.

Instagram can update its algorithms or take steps to prevent this method from working, and the extension may not be updated to keep up with these changes.

Additionally, using a third-party extension can potentially put your personal information at risk,

Method 4: Create A Ghost Profile

To view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously, you can create a ghost account without associating your real identity.

If the user’s profile is public, watching their stories without detection using your other account is easy. However, for private accounts, you’ll need to follow them and be accepted first to view their stories.


Creating and managing a second Instagram account can be time-consuming and complicated.

If the person you’re viewing has a small number of followers, they may notice the unknown ghost account and may block or report it, which can lead to the exposure of your identity.

Method 5: Use Airplane Mode

If you want to view someone’s Instagram story without letting them know, using the Airplane Mode method is another handy option.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Turn on Airplane Mode on your Android or iOS device.

Open the Instagram app and view the desired story.

Once you have finished viewing the story, exit the app and turn off Airplane Mode.

Use Airplane Mode to view Instagram stories


If the story is saved as a highlight, the user can see who viewed their highlight.

Instagram has been known to update its algorithm, so the Airplane Mode method may no longer work.

Caution is necessary for this method to work!

Method 6: Use The Swipe Method

An effective way to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing is through the method of half-swiping.

To half-swipe, you swipe right from the previous story to the next story without lifting your fingers.

This allows you to see the desired story while remaining on the previous one.


Only works if the story is related to a photo. If the user has shared a video, then this method won’t work.

Also, it requires a lot of practice, and there is always a risk of failing, leading to the target user knowing that you have viewed their story.


This concludes our article on how to view Instagram stories without them knowing. If you are confused about which method to pick, check out our comparison table to weigh the pros and cons.

However, for a hassle-free solution that ensures anonymity and the best results, go for Spylix!

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