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How to Track My Boyfriend's Phone Location for Free

Well, if you are looking for a way to track your boyfriend's phone location for free, probably what first comes to mind is the internet.

Yes, the internet is a good place to search for the means or app to track the location but, the internet is full of many solutions that claim they can track your boyfriend's location.

However, most of these solutions are mediocre phone tracking apps that will just waste your time.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location for Free

In this post, I will show you how you can easily track your boyfriend's location without having to spend unnecessary time using other track solutions.

By reading this post, you will learn about three solutions that you can use to track your boyfriend's location, mainly via the Spylix tool, which will give you a control panel to efficiently and effectively monitor all your boyfriends' activities phone. Let's get started, shall we?

Various tracker apps exist in the market, but the leading one among them is Spylix. Spylix is a professional tracking app that supports both iOS and Android devices and lets you track your boyfriend's phone location in real-time.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location with Spylix Virtual Map

Moreover, Spylix secretly tracks and monitor the activities of your boyfriend's phone and displays them to you through a user-friendly control panel.

As a professional tool, Spylix has advanced features to ensure you track your boyfriend's phone location conveniently and remotely. Some of these features include:

1. Track real-time location: the best way to track someone's location is using a tracker app that gives you their exact location on a real-time basis. With Spylix, provided your boyfriend's phone has an internet connection or is within the Wi-Fi range, you will be displayed with a virtual map tracking their movement in real-time.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location with Spylix

2. Check past location: from the Spylix's control panel, you will view all the previous places your boyfriend has been to over the recent days or weeks.

3. Spylix lets you use Google Maps to track the location. Doing this enables you to view the exact streets or even building that your boyfriend has visited.

Why Should You Choose Spylix

  • Easy to Use
  • You can easily track your boyfriend's phone location through a web browser and get constant updates of their movement from the dashboard including your boyfriend’s current location.

  • Works in Stealth Mode
  • With Spylix, you don't have to be worried about being caught spying on your boyfriend. When installed on a target Android phone, the app will automatically hide its icon to avoid detection. In tracking an iOS device, you won't need to install the app but instead, use the iCloud credentials of the target and use the web-based utility to track your boyfriend's phone location remotely.

    Additionally, you won't need to jailbreak the iOS device. Therefore, you will secretly and stealthy track your boyfriend's phone location.

    In the case of Android, the Spylix app is lightweight, thus installing it won't affect the phone's performance. The app will work secretly and even hide its icon to avoid detection. You can then log in to your Spylix account and monitor your boyfriend's phone location and other activities regarding his phone without him knowing.

1.1 What Other Features Does Spylix Have Apart from Location Tracking?

My boyfriend's phone location tracker, Spylix, supports monitoring up to 42 data types in Android and 18 data types for iOS devices. Some of the other features offered by Spylix include:

  •  Spylix enables you to create geofences and get notified when your boyfriend leaves or enter the geofenced area.
  • Create Geofences to Track Boyfriend's Location with Spylix

  •  Track SMS sent or received on the target phone.
  • Track Boyfriend's SMS

  •  Supports Snapchat Spy, WhatsApp Tracking, and Instagram Spy to view the chats and media files exchanged.
  •  Tracking calls and call log including the time-stamps of the calls.
  • Track Boyfriend's Photos and Videos with Spylix

  •  Monitoring emails, contacts, and calendars.
  •  Access the web history of the device and even block the websites that the device can access.
  •  View videos and photos on the target device, including the apps installed on the device.
  • Track Boyfriend's Photos and Videos with Spylix

1.2 Easy Steps to Track My Boyfriend's Phone Location Using Spylix

So far, we have seen that with Spylix, you have an all-in-one tool to not only monitor your boyfriend's phone location but also monitor other activities. It's time that we now learned how to use the best phone location tracker. You are probably wondering or asking yourself, how do I use Spylix? Well, Spylix has three basic steps involved to start using and monitoring your boyfriend's location.

The basic requirements are a computer or a phone with a network connection. Additionally, you need your boyfriend's iCloud credentials if they are using an iOS device. If the phone is Android, you need to access it physically to install the app.

One fact is that to track any Android phone is that you need first to access it physically. If, by chance, you see any method online claiming otherwise, then that's a scam, and you need to evade it immediately.

The three simple steps to track your boyfriend's phone location using Spylix are:

Step 1: Click here to Sign up for a free Spylix account by entering your Email ID.

Create a Spylix Account to Track Boyfriend's Phone Location

Step 2: Once you sign up for an account, follow the setup instructions to get started.

Set Up Spylix Account to Track Boyfriend's Phone Location

Step 3: The last step involves logging in to your account, and from the control panel, start monitoring your boyfriend's phone location.

Use Spylix to Track My Boyfriend's Phone Location

Bravo! You can now get real-time location details of your boyfriend's phone location and other information such as their text messages and call logs from the dashboard. Spylix is that one app that will give you remote control of all your boyfriend's activities in real-time. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started using Spylix or view the Spylix demo site.

Part 2: Use GPS Mobile Tracker - AllTrails

If you are into hiking, cycling, or sports trekking, you probably know AllTrails. AllTrails is an application used to provide GPS location by providing different routes to hike or cycle. Although the app sounds more of a sporting thing, you can still use AllTrails to track your boyfriend's phone location.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location with AllTrails

With AllTrails, you can share your favourite trails with others or even keep a tab on your favourite routes. Moreover, using the app, you can track someone's location. However, the app has its shortcomings, it has very few features. Additionally, you can only track your boyfriend's location based on the trails shared with you, and you have to pay to use the app.

It would be best to use a better tracking app such as Spylix instead of AllTrails to achieve more functionality and ease of locating your boyfriend's location.

Part 3: Use Fami360 Phone Location Tracker

Fami360 is a tracking app mainly designed to achieve parental control of children by availing the children's whereabouts.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location with Fami360 Home

The app has basic functionalities limited to children control. Some of these features include being easy to use and providing a way to track the web history of the searches made by the device being tracked. Using this app, you can keep a tab on your boyfriend's location.

However, this app doesn't work in stealth mode. Therefore, you can easily be discovered by your boyfriend, and this will go against the logic of tracking them, which is to track them without them knowing. To avoid the worry of being discovered we recommend using Spylix, which works in stealth mode.

Part 4: Use Google Account Details to Track Location for Free

My boyfriend's last phone location tracker that we will discuss is using his Google Account credentials to track him.

Track Boyfriend's Phone Location with Find My Device

This method requires you to have the Google account email and password of your boyfriend. If you do, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: From your browser, click google.com/android

Step 2: Log in using your boyfriend's Google account details.

Step 3: Select your boyfriend's phone, and a map showing the phone's location will be displayed.

Despite this method being able to track your boyfriend's location for free, Spylix still stands out to be the excellent tracker app as it saves you the hassle of acquiring your boyfriend’s Google account details by making the steps to use to be very easy.

Disadvantages of using Google Account:

  •  It only works for Android devices.
  •  You must have your boyfriend's Google account details.
  •  The target Android phone has to be turned on and connected to a network.
  •  It has limited location tracking features.
  •  Using this method is difficult for long-term tracking of the device.

Part 5: Summary

Not knowing where your boyfriend is or spends most of his time may be stressful. In this post, we discussed the various options that you can use to track your boyfriend's location easily. The methods discussed offer multiple features and offer different ways of tracking the location but one stands out amongst them, Spylix.

With Spylix, you don't need to worry about your boyfriend knowing that you are tracking him since it works in stealth mode. Moreover, Spylix offers you a user-friendly interface for you to easily and comfortably track your boyfriend's location. Don't be left out. Try Spylix today.

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