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How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing

It is quite convenient to use your iPhone to share your location with friends and family worried about you. However, if you wish to stay off the radar, you can learn how to stop sharing location without them knowing by following the top 7 techniques mentioned in this article.

Q: Can You Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing?

Location sharing is a handy utility to ensure your loved ones know about your whereabouts.

However, it can also be used as a tool for stalking. For that reason, many users wonder what if I stop sharing my location, will they know about it?

The answer to this query is that you can master the ways to disable location sharing without raising the alarm with a few slight changes in your iPhone Settings.

Read this article till the end as we will introduce the top ways to stop sharing location without notification on your Phone.

stop sharing location without notification

Part 1: 6 Free Ways to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

As stated above, by applying a few tweaks to your iPhone settings, you can stop sharing the GPS location of the device. The 6 different solutions are mentioned here:

Way 1: Turn off Share My Location Services

Once you disable the Share My Location function from your iPhone, no one will be able to learn about your location.

Moreover, this change in settings won’t alert the people trying to check your whereabouts. The guide is as follows:

  1. From iPhone Settings, tap on Privacy.
  2. Select Location Services, and then press Share My Location.
  3. Tap on Privacy to Set Location Services

  4. Finally, disable the Share My Location option. That’s it!
  5. Disable Share My Location Services

Some apps require you to share your device location to function fully.

However, these services can cause battery power issues and privacy concerns.

Still, you can disable the location sharing permission from the device settings to stop sharing location without notification.

Way 2: Close Certain Apps Permission

Some apps require you to share your device location to function fully.

However, these services can cause battery power issues and privacy concerns.

Still, you can disable the location sharing permission from the device settings to turn off location without the other person knowing.

Check out the steps below.

  • Access the Privacy menu from the iPhone Settings.
  • There, tap on Location Services, and select the app whose permission you wish to revoke.
  • Next, select the “Never” option to prevent the app from accessing the phone location.

Close Certain Apps Permission

Way 3: Hide Location on iPhone via Find My App

Apple developed an iOS app called Find My. It allows you to share your location with other phones/tablets that have the application installed, and it can also be used in conjunction with an iCloud account.

Moreover, you can hide the location feature on this platform to stop sharing location without notifying.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings, and select “Find My” from the menu.
  2. Select your iPhone or the “Me” option available on the list.
  3. Lastly, turn off Share My Location.

Hide Location Through Find My App

Way 4: Turn on Airplane Mode on iPhone

One of the most effective ways not to be distracted by app notifications or texts and other messages is to simply switch on Airplane Mode, which can be found in your iPhone’s settings.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can also use this function to hide location on iPhone.

Check out the steps below on how to turn off location without the other person knowing:

  1. Access iPhone Settings.
  2. There, location the Airplane Mode option. Just toggle it to the right to enable it!

turn location off by Turning on Airplane Mode

Way 5: Use Another iPhone to Change Your iPhone's Location

If your iPhone is added to another iOS device’s Find My app list, then you can use the specific platform to turn your location off without someone knowing.

The process mentioned below is simple, check it out:

  • Access your profile from the iPhone Settings menu.
  • There, activate the Share My Location option.
  • Now, access another iOS device. There, using the Settings app, open Find My.
  • Tap on the Me button, and select the “Use this iPhone as My Location” option.
  • Once your iPhone is chosen, the location will be replaced with the other device.

Stop Sharing Location by Using Another Phone

Way 6: Disable GPS of Your iPhone

You can stop the Location Services feature from working on your iPhone to turn off location on iPhone with anyone.

The change in settings will remain unnoticeable.

  1. Open the Privacy menu from the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Select Location Services on the list.
  3. Again, turn off the toggle in front of the Location Services button.

Disable GPS Services

Part 2: How Do I Stop Sharing My Location without Them Knowing Android?

If you need to stop sharing location on Android, do not hesitate to follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android devices.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then click on Location sharing.
  3. Choose the profile of the person you don’t want to share your location with and press the Stop button.

Tips: 4 Best Services to Share Location without Notifying

Suppose you remain unsatisfied with the iPhone Location Settings and still have doubt that people will be notified once you stop location sharing.

In that case, you can use third-party services to learn how to stop sharing locations.

Below, we have listed the 4 best platforms to complete the activity.

1. Spylix - Sharing Location without Them Knowing

If your child has applied the above solutions to stop location sharing, and you remain concerned about their safety and whereabouts, then Spylix is an excellent tool to learn their position.

The application can track both Android and iOS devices, and it does it all without your child ever knowing about it.

Overall, this app is an excellent product that allows parents to have peace of mind knowing where their children may be or what they could possibly be getting up to.

Spylix: The Best Way to Sharing Locations

The method to use Spylix on the target iPhone or Android is as follows:

Step 1: Sign in

  • Start with creating an account on Spylix by providing your email address and setting a strong password.
  • Next, choose which platform you wish to monitor(Android or iOS).
  • Afterward, select the subscription plan that best suits your requirements.

Create a Spylix Account

Step 2: Enable the App on the Device

The installation step is a bit different for Android and iPhone.

If you are targeting an iOS device, there is no need to install any app.

Simply enter the other person’s iCloud credential into the interface, verify the account, and you are done!

Choose Devices and Install Spylix to Activate the Hide Mode

For Android, you have to install the Spylix app on the device manually.

  1. First, enable the “Unknown Apps'' option from settings, and add the app.
  2. After launching it, enter your Spylix account details to activate the Hidden Mode.

Step 3: Track the Location

Now, from your PC or smartphone, access the Spylix Control Panel.

Then open the Location feature to learn where the target user is located quickly.

Track the Location with Spylix

Why Should I Choose Spylix?

There are several other features and advantages to using Spylix to track any person’s location. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Spylix presents a simple dashboard interface, enabling the users with little or no technical know-how to access the feature they want to monitor the other person accurately.

    The installation process is simple and only takes a few minutes of your time to finish.

  3. Secure
  4. Spylix offers high-level encryption that prevents any entity from accessing your data or personal information.

    The tracking details available on the control panel will remain for your eyes only, and not even the employees at Spylix have the authority to access it.

  5. Stealth
  6. Additionally, the Stealth or Hidden Mode prevents the target users from knowing that the app is installed on their phone, ensuring complete anonymity.

2. Life360 Hack - Sharing Location with Family Members

If you want to know where your family members are, then Life360 is a useful choice.

This app can track the locations of your loved ones in real-time.

However, an essential aspect of privacy is choosing when to share your location with certain people in your family circle.

This way, you can enjoy your privacy in certain situations, like when you’re somewhere, you’re not ready to tell others about it.

You can disable the Location Services feature on your iPhone Settings or completely delete Life360 from the device to stop location sharing without anyone noticing.

3. SpyBubble - Track Location Quickly

If you wish to track only your child’s Android device location, then SpyBubble is another handy third-party service.

With this platform, you can easily check the real-time position of the user and even the history of the places they have visited.

Additionally, you can use this application to check call and SMS records and learn what type of websites they have accessed on their Android phone.

Moreover, SpyBubble remains undetectable throughout the monitoring process.

Use TheSpyBubble to share Location

4. Spyzie - A Renowed Cell Phone Location Tracker

Spyzie is a renowned cell phone location tracker with more features than you can imagine.

It provides the current coordinates of your target Android or iOS device securely from time to time, too. The control panel it offers is user-friendly, offering quality features such as social media tracking, call logs, and browsing history.

FAQs about Hiding Location on Phone

If you want to know more about how to stop sharing locations on your Phones, then this thorough FAQ section will assist you.

1. How to Stop Sharing Location with Someone Whom You Previously Shared with?

There are multiple ways you can stop sharing location with another user with whom you had previously shared the information.

Here is how you can complete the process:

  1. Family Sharing
  2. You can remove your profile from the Family Sharing feature. Simply go to iPhone Settings, and tap on your name. If you are included as a family member, you will be able to see all other users. There, you can remove yourself.

  3. Find My App
  4. If you had formerly shared your location without someone using the Find My app, then you can put an end to it by disabling the Share My Location option on iPhone’s Find My Settings.

2. How Do You Know If Someone Turned off Their Location?

If one of your contacts went off the grid and temporarily disabled their location services, you would get a message directly under their name that tells you so.

3. Can Someone Know If I Track Their Location and Messages?

If one of your contacts went off the grid and temporarily disabled their Location Services, you would be able to see the Location Paused message next to their profile in the Find My App.

4. Can Your Phone Be Tracked If Location Services Are off?

There are many who may wish to track your phone down using various methods. The good news is that by taking steps to disable GPS, you can prevent others from tracking down your iPhone location.


We hope you enjoyed this article about the ways to hide location remotely. The truth is, there are many ways you can protect your information, and we hope that this article has helped you understand how to stop sharing location without them knowing.

However, if your loved one has disabled their GPS for some undisclosed reason, then you can use Spylix to learn their whereabouts with complete accuracy.

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